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“So give me something to sing about; I need something to sing about! Life’s a show you don’t get to rehearse and after every single verse can make it that much worst.” Those lyrics were sung by Buffy Summers in the episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Once More with Feeling” in season 6, one of the shows highlights (if you don’t count that silent episode in season 4) and where am I going with a show that’s been gone for almost 20 years?

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Well Once Upon A Time had it’s own musical episode, “A Song in your Heart” being episode 20 of season 6 and it was a wonder to behold!!

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This episode mixes the typical formula with certain songs for each character as the story interlocks with the past and present. So the reason for the singing?

Snow White made a wish and it came true the next day with her and Charming doing a duet called “Powerful Magic” and it’s their belief that love is the most powerful magic there is as Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas got some good pipes on them and had nice sound. It’s also about Emma in a way as Snow notes how she’s pregnant.

Evil Queen Regina learns of this and is just shocked that everyone in the Enchanted forest is singing up a storm. I guess she would have liked if they busted into flames just like in “Once More with Feeling”? I think she’d enjoy that. Regi goes into her own song “Love Doesn’t Stand A Chance” as it has a rockish kind of vibe and as Laura Parali put’s it “channeling her David Bowie” in an interview (may he rest in peace).  The song is just as it sounds like; love will not best her in the end as she has the conviction to go on without it and shows at one point her heartbreak over her lost love.

Hook also gets involved as Snow and Charming try to find safe passage to get to the queen’s castle at a pub as he busts into his song called “Revenge is Gonna be Mine” which is like a rock song on broadway with his pirate crew backing him up. You know that when it comes to Captain Hook he just has to show his hate boner for the Dark One and that is what this one is about.

Zelena also gets involved as she being a major creeper and checking out what’s the deal with all this singing and decides to give her sister a hand with her own song “Wicked Always Wins” as it explores her inner jealousy and even excitement that she could one up Regina. It’s a ballad kind of song which sticks with you and you can sing along or use it as a theme when you are having a rouge day at work and school! Yeah sing it Z!

She creates a spell/curse and teleports it to Regina’s hands, which the latter doesn’t know who gave it to her.

Soon The Charmings come and confront Evil Regina s they go into their songs until Regina uses the box to sap away their voices like Ursula getting Ariel’s voice in “The Little Mermaid (animated one from 1989).

Snow tries to sing but comes out all “blah” as the song in everyone’s hearts have gone thanks to Regina trapping it. Snow and Charming escape just in the nick of time but soon Snow wonders what could have gone wrong.

Introducing the explanation courtesy of Blue. Is it just me or is she getting a lot of leg work this season?

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She explains that she granted the wish but it wasn’t for them to defeat the Evil Queen but for Emma as it will be needed. Blue also states that this was a single day thing so everyone will forget what happened. Which means Snow meeting Hook or Z helping Regina will be null and void and keep the status quo we’ve saw throughout the seasons explaining how they are all linked and all that jazz.

Snow wonders if they won’t remember then how will their daughter be able too but BLue just says to have hope. And hope is the definition of Emma don’tcha know!

In the present though as Emma and Hooks nuptials are coming Fauna is skulking about threatening them with a curse that will make the Dark Curse a child thing as the crew see a large orb filled powered by dark fairy dust or what not.

Everyone is shocked by this and soon Hook goes to confront Gold as he had lied about taken his mother’s hearts and actually one up’s him with squid ink until his mother comes to the rescue and captures Hook, David, Snow, Regina and Zelena and keeping them in a state of frozen time.

Emma tries to go and save them but her own fear and doubt stop her magic from working and has no choice but to flee. Her only hope is her son, Henry, who becomes her anchor to believe in everything she has accomplished.

Granted I’m paraphrasing and Henry also gets upset that he can’t figure out what’s stopping Emma from tapping into her magic or just being useless until the book offers out a page which he soon understands and rushes to Emma’s side as she’s about to confront the dark fae again.

He soon confirms the whole “musical episode” is within Emma and that everyone’s feelings are with her and that even if her family are frozen in place, she is not alone.

Now we get Emma’s song called simply “Emma’s Theme” and it’s about, well, pretty much her own experience of her loneliness but the belief she has in her loved ones, which actually activates her magic with every verse she sings until the curse is broken over the others and the dark fairy peace’s out quick.

Soon Emma and Hook have their wedding with everyone singing for the climatic part “A New Beginning” and just as the happiness hits the crescendo the curse breaks free with Grumpy announcing it.

As the curse spreads about them, which will separate everyone, Emma is not worried, that no matter what they will all find each other. The Final battle will begin in the next episode which will be a 2 hour season finale.

The Song in your heart can be Once Upon A Time’s best episode in the series as it has very good songs and I can’t really begin to say which one is my favorite as each of the characters that sang had a good tone, even Henry though it was a minor part in the ending song (thank goodness, stick to writing dude).

Some news, as mentioned the Two Hour season finale will happen on Sunday with episodes 21 and 22 being combined but it’s still up in the air if Once will get another season.

Along with Jennifer Morrison will not be reprising her role for Emma if the show get’s picked up. That’s right Emma will not be in the next season as her story will be finished upon the Final Battle. Whether she wins or loses, this is a big thing for me who is an Emma fan.

I also believe that Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas will also not be returning…so this is it. Not saying it will be the end even if the show will get canned but damn, that’s a lot of heavy hitters.

I did read that the show does leave it in some kind of open ending so we will see come Sunday. I’m not sure how it will go but I am saddened by the news but I will keep some hope alive and if this is the end I will make sure to write it down on this blog of the wonderful years I’ve had with this show.

9 out of 10 for this episode.

Let’s prepare for the final battle of hope and despair everyone!

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*Believe in love is the strongest magic there is*

Till next time!

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*For the Swan fans*