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The past of The Black Fairy is revealed in this episode as we are (finally) given insight on Rumplestiltskin mother after 6 years of wondering.

Finding out his dad played the role of Peter Pan in season 3 was something, seeing that his mother had just as much story to go into Rumple’s character progression is something you can sink your teeth into.

Rumple’s mother’s name is Fiona and if you know your fairy tales that name comes from Sleeping Beauty so that’s a nice fun fact. Fiona gave birth to Rumple in the winter where Blue and Tiger Lily appear to the surprise of the new blessed couple.

Fiona is bewildered but amazed at the appearance but soon it’s stated that Tiger Lily is Rumple’s fairy godmother and as we all know that’s pretty big. It’s revealed that Rumple is destined to be the Savior!

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*Sheesh I remember that; nothing but a fever dream!*

The flipping savior! So season 4’s finale of showing Gold and the rest in that alternate space where he was a savior proved true after all! That blew my mind and I had no snide remarks to give.

But if he was destined to be a savior than what could have happened? As the episode progresses it’s learned that Fiona became fearful that her son would wind up dead due to a predetermined path as the rule states “a savior is always fated to die” and that follows into the earlier part of the season where Emma was dealing with the morality and heavy burden. Unseen at some point Tiger Lily showed Fiona the “Book of Prophecies” and that is also a throwback to season 3’s B plot with Zelena learning about her “fate” of being wicked but I digress.

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*Let it seep in your soul!*

Fiona became obsessed with gathering as much info on who will kill her son as the book stated that a great evil will be born on the eve of winter with a crescent moon.

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*Fall in love with the new moon despite it being crescent*

Tiger Lily seeing Fiona’s obsession over trying to protect her son reiterates that as she is human the one thing she should be doing is raising him as it is her job (Tiger Lily) a fairy, to protect Rumple as she is a being of magic and has powers.

Due to some sly trickery Fiona is able to get Tiger Lily to lay her wand down and grab it as she is holding Rumple. To Tiger Lily’s shock Fiona says some ancient language, which sounds celtic and changes herself into a fairy!

That’s one part of the mystery out of the way.

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*One down*

Fiona and Tiger Lily soon scour the land looking at all the babies born in winter and their such comes up nil; none of them bore the mark. Tiger Lily tries to convince her to let it go but Fiona is ever adamant of continuing as she is a mother and won’t allow her son to die due to being the savior!!

Soon they go to the Court of Fairies or something (I forget what it’s called but feel free to check online to get the info) where Fiona is cooking something up. No not Sunday night dinner but a spell or is it?

It’s shown that she is using two powerful artifacts to enact a curse…a dark curse. This is the birth of the dark curse; she will use it to send her son away from this place to “a world without magic”.

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*Good quotes*

You know I am tired of these fairy tale characters using our world as some garage for babies coming in trees and ice queens coming through doors and learning our culture! I mean we aren’t some service. Sure we have electricity but they live the fantasy life (in cottages and what appears to be the England in ye olden times) but I digress.

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*Had to, sorry*

Keep your family together!

Anyway Tiger Lily tries to stop her with reason but Fiona is not listening, she wants again gives a spiel of being a mother to save her son but it falls on deaf ears as the mother in waiting goes all wicked and takes Tiger Lily’s heart in a “if you won’t join me, I’ll kill you” moment which triggers an unexpected transformation.

She turned her heart dark by doing this; opening up to the negative emotions of rage, sorrow and hopelessness as it’s discovered Fiona is the destined evil to fight her only son which will wipe each other out!

It’s true by the quote that is usually heard by Regina and Gold, “Evil isn’t born, it’s made.”

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Fiona is shocked beyond recognition and who can blame her. I mean what kind of God/deity/upper level being bequeath such a fate unto a mother and son?

I’m looking at you writers.

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*Yeah stop looking!*

Soon before anything can be done Blue appears, uses magic to get TL’s heart back and place it back in her and warns Fiona to stop her obsession over this! Fiona states she won’t. TL soon has another way to settle this and grabs something from a drawer; the golden shears that can cut one’s destiny.

Well you seeing where this is headed?

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TL soon tells the rogue fairy to give up her powers that she learned and return to being human, that alone can negate the fate in store for the savior. Which I presume another evil will take his mother’s place.

Like mother like son, Fiona can’t give up the taste of power and continues spouting that she can’t give this up, that she needs this power to protect her son and like everyone with teleportation magic, she conjures the shears into her hands and hangs them over the baby’s head as a white line can be seen.

Blue tries to tell her otherwise that her baby is destined to be one of the strongest saviors of white magic but Fiona ignores her and uses the shears. And with the snipping and sound of the shears, Rumple’s destiny as a savior is cut. Literally.

In a fit of righteous anger Blue uses the wand to seal Fiona away into the dark dimension before the queen of dark fae exclaims “I’ll come back for you my son, nothing will keep me away from you” and vanishes.

Of course she’ll be doing a lot of kidnapping for years to come so…yay?

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*My head*

Returning the baby to his home (and I forgot to mention Gold hasn’t even been named yet) the fairies explain what occurred and old peter pan which isn’t his name laments the love of his life’s fate. He didn’t want to raise a child alone as she was the one that wanted this and he needed her.

Looking at his son we can see some contempt in his eyes as he bequeaths the name to a wailing baby who’s probably crying over his lost fate or mother (who knows) and (curses him) with the name Rumplestiltskin.

So what have we learned? Fiona was a human who made herself a fairy to try and stop whatever evil was coming for her son who was destined to be a savior but let obsession of her newly awakened knowledge and power consume her which led her down to a self prophesied event where she is the evil that will kill her son and vise versa.

To avoid that makes the dark curse and uses the shears to cut her son’s fate, negating anything possible to someone who will be a force for good.

In the present Gold is still trying to get Blue awake to get the info on trying to deal with his mother but Fiona and Gidon, disgusied as Snow and David get to Blue first who awoke due to some smelling bad dragon egg farts (the baby died in the egg) and vanishes but Gold is able to use the black bracelet to seal his magic befor he can go.

Soon he uses dream sand to put Gideon asleep along with him and Emma, who is trying to find the Black Fairy and go inside his son’s dream to see him and tell where his heart is.

During this we get some one on one with Emma and Gold as he goes on about hating his mom, her trying to give him advice that the hardest thing to do is know the reason why and having conflicting emotions, come across Gold’s old home where he was born where the flashbacks started on Fiona’s past, Gideon appearing and telling his father to learn the truth over the past and he does.

Back in Storybrooke Regina and Zelena talk as the former explains that just because she doesn’t have magic doesn’t mean she’s useless and teaches her how to drive. The reason, to give Z and her daughter a chance due to when it comes to fighting there is always causulities.

Funny moment of Zelena crashing into trash cans but soon turn serious as Regina reveals that she wants Z to take Henry with her when it comes to the final battle occuring.

Soon Regi gets a call to action to try and look for the heart of Storybrooke due to exposition on the other part of the wand is in the heart of it and they go to Granny’s where she, Snow, David and Hook find it in the jukebox.

You remember the thing with music playing on it?

Soon Fiona appears, tries to heckle them and Regina stepping up to fight her. After some good banter the two go at it or start as Fiona get’s a good magic blow on her before a green cadillac (okay some other car but I’ll go with that) rams into her and it’s Z.

Sister combo works.

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As Fiona retreats Regina decides to find Emma and goes to Gold’s shop.

The trio awaken from their slumber as Emma reveals that Gold was supposed to be the savior and Belle is just happy and gushing as can be that “I always knew there was a good man behind the beast and this just proves it!”

Honey your sweet but how many times has he broken your heart as he chose magic over you?

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*I love you sugar but…*

Gold doesn’t know what to think with the revelation of his past but decides to settle things with his mother once and for all.

Mother and son meet after years of seperaton and Fiona decides to show him what really happend as in the dream world it was incomplete or something. After seeing it Gold is perplex and we don’t know if he will use the wand…

Back at the pawn shop though Gold returns with heart in hand and restoresit to Gideon. Belle is ecstastic over this, she got her son back and Emma actually gives him praise.

But by the end of the episode Gold tricked them. AGAIN! And it’s shown his mom is alive and dandy and they have a plan (of course) as we wind down to the musical episode on Sunday which we might see Fiona’s plans for Emma begin…

This episode had lot’s of yes moments for me; from destiny to linking up together the varirous quirks one might note; that emotions within Gold’s family run deep, a link to magic which eventually becomes obssession with power and having the mentality of “want my cake and eat it too”.

Fiona is a good character and even though she is the big bad of this season I do not dislike her. Her actress gets a standing ovation for me.

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*Dazzling smile*

Belle once again setting herself up for failure due to this hope she has for Gold to be a better man. I get it but Gold always has an end game. Even though his fate as a savior was denied and being dark might have been a new destiny the thing about it is that it’s not all his fault.

I mean sure, he CHOSE to embrace the darkness due to his cowardly nature due to his father raising him but it’s him mother that denied him the choice to ever embrace the light.

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If that’s true then Fiona is the true cause of this to a large extent and not just the dark curse. Of course we have no info regarding Snow’s mother and Regina’s mother’s rivalry and only got snippets of those years ago and nothing’s ever been done with that but still.

The Black Fairy was entertaining and this is Once Upon A Time at it’s best. I have no complaints on this episode and I might see them later after my fanboy boner goes down but for now it’s some good stuff.

I give this episode an 8.5 out of 10.

Remember it’s the singing episode for Sunday so get pumped and the nuptials of Hook and Emma (hopefully nothing happens) but this is a drama so be prepared.

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Till next time Oncers!!

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*Emma/Hook 4 eva!*