Boy I am slipping with this; I tell you Persona 5 is taken my time but it hasn’t stopped my fan-boying for Once Upon A Time.


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This episode see’s the conclusion of the curse that Charming and Snow were put under by Evil Regi in the earlier in the season.  During this we are offered a trip to the past before Emma arrived to break the curse as Snow and David actually are able to break out of their cursed selves which is sort of a retcon from season one or at least an added piece of the puzzle in this story.

We are offered an explanation how that happened due to a “Pixie Flower” a rare kind of plant that only blossoms due to true love and given Charming and Snow are destined lovers and their feelings have defied curses, distance and enemies it’s not surprising. Though I was intrigued with this special deus ex machina.

Mary Margaret actually finds it on her trip to the hospital to see “John Doe” and as we are all aware, Mary Magaret was a meek person during the curse and didn’t know how to stand up for herself when it came to Regina being mean and cruel due to her good hearted nature.

Finding the plant could be destiny as she soon arrives and places it near David until the petals break off and awake Jon Doe as Charming, with all his memories intact and the last moment is when he placed baby Emma in the cupboard and trying to fend off the black knights.

At first Mary Margaret (or MM we’ll just call her) wondered if he was sipping on the sauce since he just got out of his coma and declaring all these statments out of of a fictional child book until true loves touch breaks the curse or due to the the lingering effects of the spores on David, MM remembers everything and the power of their love is restored.

Of course just because the curse is lifted for them doesn’t mean it is for their friends and associatees as they are still under the curse. Snow and Charming soon see Regina in all her divine rage with the former telling the latter to get to Mr. Gold’s shop aka Rumplestilkien.

Througout the course of the episode Snow is able to bybass Regina over her memories coming back but the crafty woman still has her suspciions. Gold’s memories return thanks to David muttering Emma’s name and that is what triggers his memories to return. Snow, Charming and Gold soon reconvene as the former dark one explains that yes, Emma is supposed to return but they awoke to soon, it’s supposed to be when Emma is 28 and this is still the earlier part of the curse.

As that is explained Snow and Charming decide to go get to Emma and the Pixie Flower comes in handy as it forms a doorway and the parents see their beatfiul daugher. They are about to go and scoop up Emma before Snow remembers what Regina told her when they had a confrontation, that Snow would do anything for the people and never be selfish (more or less) and stops David.

Snow soon explains that they can’t be selifish, that even though they could do that, take Emma and make a brand new destiny as a family, the people they also know would pay the price for their selfishness of taken Emma and not breaking the curse. David is hesitant as he wants to go to their daughter but soon sees Snow’s logic and with a heavy heart they close the door.

Little Emma turns and only hears the faint noise of a door closing.

As they return Gold finds them and has a potion for them to go back under the curse and wait for the day Emma becomes an adult and breaks them free from the dark curse. Snow and Charming take the potion with heartfelt yearning before the slate is made clean. Mary Magaret is alone with David’s body with no memory.

In the present Snow and David are trying to find a way to break the curse that Evil Regina put them under in order to be there for Emma so they rally with asking Regina and Zelena to use their magic to break it. It’s a no go as the curse seems to have been expideted and by the end of the day they both would be asleep.

All hope looks lost until David remembers something about that flower that helped them in the past and he knows this due to a video message left by Snow when she was about to go to sleep. Regina and Z explain that A Pixe Flower only comes up when there is a great evil present and with the Dark Fairy running rampant or lurking as it were they should be able to find some.

Snow and Ems soon do that as they need the former’s tracking abilies and they find it with Gideon and the Black Fairy as the she has her “son” or Grandson destroy it. All hope is lost (not really) as there is a one left that Gideon left for them.

So as the evening comes Regina readies the potion with the Pixie flower as Snow is about to go under until a shadow appears and it’s Hook’s! The shadow doesn’t say anything but gives them a clue and his hook.

Emma is surprised and wonders what has happened to him. Snow than decides for her to use the potion for her love and her parents! Emma doesn’t want that but Snow convinces her as any good mother should do.

Emma soon uses a doorway created by the potion and gets Hook back! But the price is big as David and MM are locked in sleep. Until Regina has an idea and gatehers the residence of Storybrooke. She explains that Snow and Charming have done a lot for this town for years along with sacrifice their family for bringing Emma to save them all. Regin than says she has extracted the curse in a gobblet for them to drink. It’s a gamble that if the curse it’s split that means the effects will lessen.

The residence, Emma, Hook and Henry get behind the idea and take a sip. Soon David and Snow awake and embrace after episodes of being apart but look on as everyone is asleep until they start waking up one by one.

The curse of sleep is finally lifted and the parents can join their daughter in the final battle.

For the B plot portion of this episode Hook is on Neverland trying to outrun the Lost Boys but is met up with unexpected help from Tiger Lily!

It seems the little princess from Peter Pan finally shows up in this continunity but with some altered history; she used to be a fairy but lost her wings. She also holds a grudge with Hook but is willing to put it aside as she informs Hook of the upcoming final battle that savior must do and has a piece of a wand to banish the Dark Fairy.

At first hearing the final battle doesn’t sway Hook as he isn’t interested and realizes upon hearing “savior” that it’s Emma and the duo join forces to get him back to Storybrooke. They break into one of Peter Pan’s old camping grounds to get some sap from a tree to use Hook’s shadow to get him out of there but the lost boys are a motely crew and prevent him but is able to give a piece of the wand to his shadow along with unexpectedly his hoook as well.

He is eventually able to come back thanks to Emma using the pixie flower potion to find him and they reunite. Tiger Lily also makes an escape and I have the strangest feeling we will see her in the fight to come (hoepully).

Awake was another good episode I felt. Even though we went backwards and doing some ret-con with adding that Snow and Charming did break the curse albeit earlier along with Gold getting his memories back felt forced I could let it slide.

Black Fairy being a troll as usual is a nice touch and the breaking of the curse was ingenious even though I wonder if there was another way to go about it. Finding that Tiger Lily being a fairy was a bewildering surprise but cool.

I give this episode a 7 out of 10.

Where Blue Birds Fly

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Speed blitz mod activate!!!

Zelena centered as the Black Fairy starts focusing on Z to use her magic to power the fairy mines with black magic making them dark only because Z has an unbalanced heart which was only stroked when the dark fairy was able to get her hands on baby Robin and we all know Z loves her daughter very much.

Z tells her sister and the others and they try to come up with a plan with dealing with her but Zelena, trying to make it all about her and keep the lime light boasts that she will be the one to deal with the Black Fairy.

Regina knowing a thing or two about going in half cocked follows her sister to the mines trying to talk her out of it until she realizes that Z has her own issues; to be the best and showing it too boot.

The episode also goes into another aspect of Zelena’s past as the Wicked Witch during her time in Oz after she dealt with turning the all powerful Oz into a monkey. Surprising I always wondered why Once never went the James Franco Oz movie route…

She’s bored. That’s it bored and bored until an old friend comes to inform her of needing her help. The Tin Man or who will become the tin man from the story due to being put under a curse that will turn him into metal.

Zelena met him as a child when he protected her from some scalliwags of being prejudice of her magic.

Tin Man or whatever his name (sorry I just don’t pay attention to their normal life names) soon try to search for something that can prevent the curse from spreading. A special kind of heart and it’s a throwback to the Wizard of Oz story and movie(s).

Low and behold the Zelena soon finds the black fairy in the pit of the mines and feigns being hurt by Z’s magic until the ruse breaks and laughs it off. She soon reveals that Zelena’s magic is the key to making all the mined fairy crystals that will be mined turned to dark for her nefarious schemes. And it happens which, understandably, makes Regina mad at her sister and tells her one-two of “needing to show she’s tough and better than everyone else!”

In the past Z and Tin Man talk as the latter knows that she’s just bored and needs a friend, she denies this and is about to say something snide until a lion tackles Tin Man. Yup, Cowardly lion enters and attacks them until he is frightened off by a fire ball and an axe throw.

Than they find the heart until Zelena touches it and realizes something is wrong and soon figures out that the heart would suck all the magic she possesses. She cries foul on her friend for wanting to do that to her but he’s innocent that he didn’t even know that would occur but she let’s the curse turn him into a tin man for the rest of his days.  She returns to her palace alone.

Back to the present Regina and the rest are about to release the angles of the gates until Z comes back and admits her folly and has a way to make things right; her magic is tethered to the crystals and if she were to get rid of them they would go back to their original state.

She, Regina and Emma go to Regina’s vault where Zelena pulls out the make shift heart crystal and gives her speech that she wants her sister to watch over her daugher should anything happen.

Regina is shocked but states she will be fine but promises along with Emma who pulls a “The Walking Dead” moment by quoting Rick with “She’s one of us”. Of course not sure if that is MY view on it but who knows if the creators or writers are fans of a zombie killing show. Probably are.

Soon the heart absorbs her magi and explodes in the process which causes the crystals to go back to normal, foiling the Black Fairy’s plan.

As the episode ends Z, Regina and Emma go to Gold’s shop due to Zelena going there earlier to ask Belle to looking after her daughter came across Blue; someone who has been in a coma since the episode Gold absorbed her magic.

With the crystal Emma uses it which starts up Blue’s body again. Outside though Black Fairy worries that if Blue is revived she will tell Gold a secret that will shape the foundation of what’s to occur with the the Final Battle.

This was another good episode where Zelena showed a lot of character growth along with giving up the one thing she thought that made her special, her magic. I’ll say this not every character can give up the convenience of it and I’m actually happy with how Zelena’s come along way right with Emma and Regina.

I do apologize for the lack of review blogs but I did finish Persona 5 recently so I should have more time to get out the next couple of ones at an easier pace…hopefully.

With tonight’s episode thought it was awesome and I will be happy doing a short review on that this week and get it out before Sunday (fingers crossed).

I give this episode an 8 out of 10.

Till next time!

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