Greetings everyone, I’m here with not one but two episodes of Once Upon A Time.

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A Wondrous Place

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Namely a Hook centered episode with Jasmine, Aladdin and even Ariel being the main crew for this episode as the truth behind what happened to Agrabah is revealed and hook’s desire to get back with Emma due to Gideon’s interference.

It was cool seeing Jasmine and Aladdin again as I was afraid that their story would be left untold and only said through a reference by some other characters as Once Upon A Time is known for letting some stories drop or forgetting to do anything with a hanging storyline.

Hook is very hot and cold this time around being he’s away from Emma as they left on rocky terms and their future looking bleak over his past actions. It’s something I’m used to seeing when it comes with Killian however I think that even with adding “killing David’s father” angle weak as I feel he’s outgrown his past to be the kind of person you can respect. He fought against his own darkness or weakness of heart to be the man for Emma. Seeing him be surly also feels unbalanced but I’m happy he worked through it and even got a message to Emma thanks to some “mermaid magic” in courtesy of Ariel.

Ariel makes another appearance in the show and it’s always good to see her despite her not being the “true little mermaid” since that goes to Ursula in this iteration. She brings her naive but truthful ways to this episode and winds up being a supporting player for Jasmine as the latter helped her while in the former’s time in Agrabah, which is surprising as I thought she would prefer a cooler climate. The two hit it off and Jasmine offers her advice in getting her prince. Now I can’t remember but I thought she already found Prince Eric in a previous season when Emma looked in on her? Well even if it got retconned it’s still a good viewing. She winds up giving Hook a seashell to contact Emma, which she has in a box that so happens to be in the living room.

To the main point of this episode is Princess Jasmine and her resolve to get to Agrabah and save it from it’s fate. Through flashbacks it’s discovered that Jafar was more of her enemy than Aladdin. Being a princess Jasmine experienced one of the typical situations when born into royalty, being married to someone of a higher standing for benefit, be it in soldiers or land.

She realizes this but is a romanticist when it comes for marrying for love and not just for bureaucratic or political purposes. Jafar however in typical bad guy fashion scares off her suitors or would be princes with his magic due to wanting Agrabah for himself and gives the princess until the evening. Through the course of the episode Jasmine discovers her own worth with being a “hero” as she worried that she wasn’t one due to bringing Agrabah to ruin. And the reason she thinks that is due to Jafar placing a curse over the city and sending it to another dimension or pocket space or just made it a mirage that kept traveling?

In the finality though of her story arc Jasmine is the one to defeat Jafar after he places some sleeping curse over Hook, Ariel and Aladdin when they confront him after he is freed from his own lamp. How that occurred is beyond my knowledge since I didn’t really watch Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. But he winds up freed to terrorize Jasmine. Jafar also informs her of the wish to go to Agrabah did work but not in the way she expected; around the early part of the episode Jasmine found a ring in her pocket upon returning to the Enchanted Forest and thought the wish didn’t work but it did. Agrabah was shrunk down to be inside the ring!

With remembering what she’s learned throughout her own journey however the princess of Agrabah is able to put an end to Jafar with using some dust she swiped to turn him into  cane. With Jafar defeated the curse the city was under is broken and Agrabah returns to it’s rightful place along with the benefit that Aladdin is no longer a genie and free to pursue Jasmine.

That is the happy ending with those two along with Hook getting what he needed from Ariel to contact Emma.

Speaking of the broken hearted savior this episode showed a “girl’s night” with her, Regina and Snow as the former evil queen is worried about Ems over the stuff with Hook. It takes some time but eventually she does open up about it more or less but to the owner of the bar. In an impressive showing Snow shows her wild side challenging some vikings to a dart’s match with the loser paying the round of drinks. And we all know Snow has superior archery skills and trumps them.

By the end of the episode though Ems finds out what happened to Hook and is surprised that the person she bore her soul too turned out to be Gideon and asks for her help!

This episode was another strong holder and I’m happy that Jasmine and Aladdin story reached a good conclusion and seeing Ariel once again, nice treat.

I give this episode an 8 out of 10, worth the watch.

Mother’s Little Helper

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This past episode continues with Gideon confronting Emma and telling/asking for her help. Gideon’s past is explored with what happened in his time with the Black Fairy, Gold’s mother and his grandmother and the source of the darkness surrounding this story.

Through the episode it’s finally said that the Black Fairy’s powers is what originated the Dark Curse to start everything along with being the true evil that the savior, Emma must defeat.

Gideon’s character is shown to have inherited his father’s cowardice when he was younger by not standing up for a friend of his and being taken. The Dark Fairy is a good foil for the younger boy’s hopes and dreams and I have to say, she stands out more than I realize.

Gideon is a conflicted character due to the upbringing and emotional abuse which shows in his wanting freedom from her but along with wanting to be acknowledged due to, unfortunately, she did raise him. He rose through the ranks and in the course of the episode which had ups and downs of not knowing what he wanted it’s discovered that he did have faith that the savior would end her reign and Black Fairy took his heart to control him.

Another piece of info besides finding out from Gold that the Black Fairy is the cause of everything in the show with the curse is Belle’s belief that her son is good and in the end it’s found out by the audience that her words ring true but Emma being betrayed by Gideon in the episode with going to the Sorcerer’s mansion, a prop that hasn’t been used since season 4, goes there to do something for Gideon, is bum rushed by a giant spider.

Emma shows impressive use of her powers but soon almost meets her end and is surprised that Gideon is the one to summon it and not be an accident; he wants her powers to put in the sword and free the Black Fairy due to constraints. Emma almost dies by being converted in web but is saved by Gold.

This was all that was needed as Emma reaffirms she can’t trust Gideon and is evil and if he were to attack her again she wouldn’t hesitate to off him which is a problem as now we know Gideon is under the enthrallment of the Black Fairy but also still helping her due to their shared history.

Gold also reaffirms he will protect his son from Emma and a line is drawn in the sand. By the end of the episode however Black Fairy is able to come to this world thanks to that small tear in reality (Emma’s powers were linked to the sword and went into it due to her almost dying) and she has plans in stored.

Henry also get’s added into the mix as his author powers come to the forefront with him being in a trance and writing strange runes in the storybook. Regina has no clue why that occurred and soon decides that only one person could give them the answers; the former author from season 5 which we haven’t seen since the season 4 finale!

He’s still the same and winds up making a reference to “wanting to see Hamilton” if he is freed and gives the answers they want as an exchange. That was shocking as Hamilton is a show that came about around 2016.

One of the creators of the show came up on Twitter and said that in the Once universe Hamilton was already a thing in their timeline so like 2 years ahead. Yeah kind of iffy on that time frame but whatever works.

The old author soon explains why Henry’s going into trances; the book is about to come to an end. The final chapter is approaching and as the author Henry must write it no matter what the outcome and when it comes to the ending it will be a clash that will be etched in the book.

For the B plot we are shown Hook trying to get back to Emma and winds up playing a game of cards with Black Beard, who makes a shocking appearance as he has a magic bean. Hook does get it but it’s found out he can’t get back to Emma due to whatever spell Gideon placed on him and he and Blackbeard, wind up in Neverland when Hook uses the bean.

Apparently there are far worse “Lost Boys” compared to what we witnessed in Season 3 as Hook explains “These are the ones that were left behind and are far worse than Pan.”

Blackbeard is able to get away by stealing a boat and leaving Hook behind to tend with a group of angry lost boys.

Mother’s Little Helper proves that when Once Upon A Time has gotten into stride and is pulling out all the stop to hype up how this tale will go. No one knows what will occur and I anticipate it will be something satisfying for the fans, no matter what happens even if it should be a troll ending or give us a 7th season.

I give this episode a solid 8.5 out of 10.

Kind of sketchy this time around with my review, sorry. I just wanted to get through this and need to make this only  one blog per episode.

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