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Hello Oncer fans, I’m back for the latest review for Once Upon A Time! But this one will be shorter due to how the episode was.

What I’m getting at, no full in-depth version I’m so used to. I want to try and just get to the meat of the matter as it were so bear with me.

For this episode it’s called “Page 23” and it’s a Regina/Evil Regina centric episode where the conclusion to this side plot which began when Regina made the choice to split from her darker half which set the stage for the earlier part of the season where Evil Regi causing mayhem in the lives of those she still feels anger and resentment for.

The episode as a whole kept me entertained with the themes behind the plot more than last week’s; forgiveness.

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*The hardest thing*

Yes, it might seem generic and important but the thing with Regina is she is a strong character and that can’t be denied. From the mental abuse her mother gave her to falling to the dark ways of magic that go into revenge and hate, Regina has indeed come further in that respect then even Emma when it comes to growth.

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*I feel for you*

And I am a major Emma Swan supporter in her being the one central point however I can’t refute that Regina’s character also intrigues me (more so in the latter seasons than the earlier ones).

Regina learning to just forgive herself from her past actions by accepting herself was the only thing needed to quell her darker side in the long run given Evil Regina is the manifestation of all her darkness or hidden emotions. She showed far more jealousy when it came to not understanding the power of bonds, either those of friendship or family or ones we think of as family when it comes to the ones we hold dear.

We also learn in the long quest of Regina’s time as the Evil Queen in the past where she was still looking for Snow White that she came across Cupid’ Bow, the object which Cupid makes people fall in love via an arrow. She alters the bow to strike the one she hates most, which is Snow or is that really the case?

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*Cupid or Eros, the son of Ares and Aphrodite*

Upon using the arrow it flies back to her castle and assumes (which makes an ass out of you) Snow is hiding there. Low and behold Regina is soon met by seeing herself in the mirror meaning one thing; she hates herself the most.

She hates the fact she can’t either forgive herself due to how far she’s fallen from grace, that she can’t have the capacity to have happiness when she could have taken the step when she saw Robin at the bar those many moons ago.

Tinkerbell also makes an appearance as she further explains that the fairy dust she used isn’t what dictates the fate of finding love but only as a possibility of it; it’s the person that needs to take the step to their own happiness and not something from an inanimate object or tool.

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*Blasted convenience*

Forgiveness is the hardest thing to do when we come across a situation that has burned us, either from a friend or even needing to own up to past wrong doings, no matter what the consequences insure.

Regina and Evil Regina eventually do come to blows as the latter “kidnapped” Wish-Robin but even that wasn’t the case as Evil Regal returns him to his world without a simple goodbye to Regina, which is good.

After the dust settles or in this matter the glass on the floor, Regina is able to one up her evil self and about to lay down the finishing blow until she sees herself and relents. She then realizes that she needs to forgive and she does.

Taken out her heart and the evil Regi, Regina combines them together and splits the darkness and the light between themselves effectively balancing out their hearts as that is what humans are between in a symbolic sense. We have the choice to be good or bad, even if choices beyond our measure has dictated by a fate we can’t comprehend.

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*My point is light and darkness via Kingdom Hearts*

Ahem, sorry for my deep thoughts.

After that Evil Regina feels for the first time, regret on what she’s done. It comes to head when it’s decided that Regina wants her other self to have a fresh start of life with a clearer head with the heart she’s gotten.

Henry is able to do that by writing her a new start and she vanishes, not before apologizing to Snow for the curse she put her and David under. Regina also states that she could figure a way to break that curse eventually.

Zelena, who also made some appearances in this episode was apathetic and cynical over the new leaf her other sister made but is able to make some peace; she can only deal with one annoying younger sister.

Evil Regi also makes amends with Henry who also believed in her despite waning about her dark impulses and she vanishes.

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*It works that forgiving*

She winds up in the wish world where she meets up with Robin as they drink. Whether they wind up together is a story for another day.

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*Someday, somewhere they are happy*

Emma and Hook also play the B plot of this episode where the former learns of what he did to David’s father and is more angry with him not just telling her. Emma then returns the ring.

Cue the sound of glass breaking as Hook-Swan shippers cry in lament.

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Hook then wants to flee with Captain Nemo but eventually learns to forgive himself and is about to leave the submarine, with Nemo approving that he should go back to have his happily ever after given he gave Hook some sage wisdom about either telling her and forgiving himself or just learn to deal with it in silence and forgive.

The submarine however begins to decent and it’s all because of Gideon, who needs the pirate gone to hurt Emma as his plans for her is just beginning.

Page 23 is by far one of the better episodes especially if you love Regina. She’s come full circle and I’m curious to see what will happen for her next.

Emma and Hook’s relationship hit a snag which is disappointing but I get it that love shouldn’t be easy and you need to fight like hell to maintain it. Hook still has some growth to do when it comes to believing in his love for Emma and especially in her.

For goodness sake they have both sacrificed life for each other so I’m not sure how they got to this point of disbelief. It felt like the last season of Emma GOING INTO ONE PART OF HELL to save her love didn’t mean anything. Hook came back to her via divine intervention by the name of Zeus, the all father of the Greek Gods!!

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*They will find each other*

And I still standby the candidate for “mythological/folklore” figures (Deities) in the Once universe is a title not just one person.

For the plot, characters and resolution I give Page 23 an 8 out of 10 with an entertainment value of 8.5 out of 10.

Sunday’s episode will be Hook centered with him desperately getting back to Emma and look who swings by, Aladdin, Jasmine and Ariel!! Going to be good!

Later days!