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The first Ogre War that has always been mentioned and alluded to is revealed in this week’s episode of Once Upon A Time, episode 13 “Ill-Boding Patterns”.

Episode is mostly about Gold and what he will do to make sure that his son that has aged into an adult, Gideon, does not fall into the sway of darkness by killing Emma to obtain her powers to kill the Dark Fairy whom is his grandmother.

Like any episode we are shown what happened in the first Ogre War where we are introduced to Beowulf, the Scandinavian legend from old English Literature and the long poem.

Personally I’ve never heard of him except reading only a quick outline but he’s a warrior that has battled many monsters in folklore before meeting his end by a dragon.

This is Once’s version of him and he and his troops are about to take on the ogres. He uses a special sword as an edge and I don’t mean that as a pun I swear. His troops are valiant but wind up dead and he’s the last man standing. Even with the sword he has to deal with the big bad ogre leader that knocks away his sword, which should just be called “Lightbringer” but that’s my nerdy mind going into overtime.

Before he meets his maker through the ogre is destroyed and all thanks to The Dark One, Rumple. That’s right Rumple is the one to end the scourge of the first war with his new powers.

Rumple is herald as a hero, which is the most irony of twists as if this were Grimm’s fairy tales, and Beowulf is not that impressed. He is aware that the dark one is trouble and it will be soon until he ensnares them with lies and half-promises all for his end.

Pretty much Beowulf is holding a grudge by being rescued by a former coward, which is understandable since Rumple did leave the front lines and run like a coward. Of course even if Beowulf’s intuition about the Dark one is accurate it will be his unfortunate end however.

We see a young Baelfire be Rumple’s consciousness for believing in him and when word gets out that some monster is slaying them the townsfolk go to Rumple. He however says he did his task but Bae convinces him otherwise and goes to deal with this monster.

Somehow Bae goes with him and they discuss how Rumple can’t let the dagger go and can’t wane himself. Bae or jut Neal, is adamant that he can. They arrive at the cave where Beowulf is and tells them the only monster in here was Rumple; it was a trap.

Beowulf can’t fathom why the townsfolk think him a hero when he’s just evil and will explain that he (Rumple) was the one to kill them with Neal saying that won’t happen as his father is a hero. BeoWulf is able to get the dagger and leaves with Neal following him who than steals it back and calls forth his father to protect him.

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Neal, consumed with his anger over how a hero would go to the lengths to prove that his dad is a monster, decides to have his dad kill him with vengeance. Rumple is aghast by this as he didn’t want his son to do this but it happens. With a look of evil intent on his face Neal states that “with this, we will never have to fear anyone”.

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Back at the house Rumple gives his son some tea with memory potion to make him forget this incident as he wouldn’t allow his son to go down the path of darkness, effectively taken the blame of the death of Beowulf on himself and sparing Neal his actions of vengeance.

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In the present Gideon is on the warpath trying to locate the handle of the broken sword Emma used in the last season with Gold stopping him and explaining his past to him about his eldest son.

Gideon is dismissive of it but Gold eventually helps Gideon by making sure he won’t dirty his hands. There is some other stuff with talking but it pretty much noise so getting to the meat of this, in order for the sword handle to be whole and get a blade, a being of powerful magic is needed.

Contacting Blue.

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During the course Blue is aiding Belle and Gold find their son as she is his fairy godmother. Later she is put in a trap with all her magic getting drained but not by Gideon but Gold; he’s taken the responsibility of making sure another son does not go into the darkness.

Blue is effectively in a coma with her magic being drained and since she’s a fairy I guess it’s a kind of mechanism?

Later Belle is appalled about what occurred with Blue but only for a moment as he explains his reasons. Belle is soon okay with it as Gold states that he can give the magic back to her after this is settled but with not him ending the savior’s life.

Part B’s plot is with Robin, Zelena and Regina. Robin goes into contact with Z overtaken some magical wares to make a dispel potion so he can leave this place with Z going along with it as she has also had it with Storybrooke.

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Long story short Regina finds out the goings on as she is very potent with making sure all her magickal wares are in place and connects the dots given there is only one that could steal and it’s wish- world Robin Hood, to her regret.

He explains that he can’t live with the expectation of his previous-self sacrifice for her in the last season which surprises her that she was doing it. Keep in mind I did make some link to it in one of my previous reviews and it seemed that to be the case.

Regina then decides to help Robin gain his freedom by leaving this place after he uses the potion that Zelena made for him. It didn’t work which caused a backlash that bounced off him.

After the declaration Regina and Z go back to her vault to have a small discussion and Regina admits that the whole meeting Robin again could have been a test for her to move on, in a personal movement and not some fatalism one. Regina also comes to the conclusion of the whole “splitting herself to get rid of her darkness” which was a big thing in the beginning of this season.

Speaking the Dark Queen she also made her slithering return and escaped her cage by the end of the episode. She winds up returning to human form by biting Robin Hood who had some of the potion on him during the backlash.

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She tells him that Storybrooke is a treasure trove and that if he sticks with her, everything his heart’s desire he can have before the episode ends.

Ill-Boding Patterns was an okay episode overall. It felt somewhat slow as it was development and character driven with Gideon explaining his circumstances and Gold.

In a surprising way I was left stunned by Gold’s sacrifice. He’s not my favorite character due to his sneaky ways but I get he makes the show with being one of the few big bads in the series.

Here I thought he was selfish but seeing what he did for Neal in the past by protecting him from his sin and being blamed for killing Beowulf is what a parent would do for their child along with doing the same with Gideon.

Beowulf being part of Rumple’s storyline felt correct though this iteration of him was more valiant solider than the legends spoke of and forgettable in the grand scheme of things.

We also know now that Neal wasn’t always the martyr he proclaimed due to having his father kill the not Scandinavian legend and have vengeance in his heart. It’s thanks to his father that Neal was than given a second chance at being good and not succumbing to the darkness as his dad which ironically he never knew about, even after dying.

If that’s the case it would have been better for the enchantment to have been lifted upon dying in season 4’s B plot but that’s just me. He’s in a better place now so I guess no need to cause any drama for the dead.

Belle abiding by what Gold did to Blue as acceptable. I get she’s doing everything she can but when it comes to this Belle showing she has some darkness in her or rationalizes that this is for her son.

Damn, I feel that Belle just needs a chance to be a mother again and this time not with Gold. She just needs to find someone else deserving of her and avoid all this drama.

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The wish-world Robin part was uninteresting however I do like seeing how Zelena is doing. She’s been put on the backburner as of late and I’m guessing they have nothing for her character.

All she does is take care of her baby and lash out at Robin or Regina in proclaiming that no one will take her from her. Green NO ONE is taking any interest in the baby due to she’s just that, a baby that eats and needs diaper changing.

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I don’t mean to knock Zelena but Once Upon A Time is infamous for dropping storylines or characters at points for the convenience of plot.

The return of Evil Regina will be something though and could be the spice it needs. On another note Hook was going to tell Emma about his past with her grandfather but Ems thought he was going to propose due to finding his ring.

So it’s offical, Captain Swan is engaged! Start prepping the rum and set the sails!!

Until next week, peace Oncers!