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Greetings fellow OUAT fans, sorry for the delay with this, it’s time for my review of this episode called “Murder Most Foul”.

This is mostly a David centric story with the B-plot following around Regina and “wish” Robin’s situation of integrating him into Storybrooke.

Episode begins in the past of when David and James were just new born babes. Their parents are happy as can be but due to their living situation the twins probably won’t make it through the winter as food is low and the like.

It really must suck to live in the “ye-olden times” before electricity and the like. I’d probably only last a day now that I’m thinking about it. Horses, wood cabins in the forest or farm, worrying about wolves attacking cows, pigs, sheep and the crops, my gosh that would be a pain in the butt!

Just as matters are bleak who appears but Rumplestiltskin. That’s right we are seeing the Dark one make the deal that started the separation of David and his twin sons. Given that the king of the land needs an heir, Rumple will give him one. The price result of given up one of the babies is enough food for the other while chosen baby gets to live a life of luxury but not of his true parentage.

It takes a coin toss to see which one would go and of course it’s James. Look at that little dude your luck proved stronger than David’s. May you have a happy life.

Of course if you know the story James doesn’t. Sure he gets anything he fancies but grows up to be an asshole.

But that’s a different tale for anyone to watch in the first and second seasons o the show.  This is mostly about David’s father, the drunk. Some years pass as the dad is wallowing in self-pity, or over his circumstances of falling off the wagon or keeping things afloat. That doesn’t really matter as soon destiny comes forth in the form of King Gideon.

Dang, haven’t seen him lately!!

He’s at the down trodden bar asking for assistance of locating his son, James that has ran away. Hearing what’s happened to his son, Robert decides to go and locate him. Explaining to his wife, Ruth, he decides that he’s going to make James his officially upon finding him. It seems breaking up the family had bogged him down it seems.

We see little David come downstairs and wonder where he’s going. Robert just tells him that he will be going on a job but will be back in two weeks time. Dave believes him (of course, why would a dad lie to his son?) and gives him his lucky coin.

Robert accepts and we see how that coin with the hole in the middle came about.  The only easy but hard way to find James is to go to the guy that started this in the first place.

You know who it is.

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Rumple is not all surprised to see Robert along with not drunk. He has the feeling (or just knows since he is overpowered) that he is looking for James but dismisses him as claiming not to have time for him.

Robert grows a spine and stands up to Rumple on that he owed him for giving up James. The imp actually is impressed and uses magic to tell him where that is. Of course magic always comes with a price and the price for this is a piece of Robert’s hair.

Is it just me or does Rumple have a fetish for hair?

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He soon states that James went to “Pleasure Island”. And does that place seem familiar? It should, you or anyone saw or heard of it from Pinocchio! Or as it’s called in the movie “Prankster’s Paradise”.

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I prefer Isle of Temptation but that ALSO sounds lewd. Crap, let’s just say “Prankster’s Paradise” instead.

Robert emerges there with a ticket, as the only way to get there, and he is stunned at the amount of kids there running amuck of eating candy, causing mischief and doing things they want to do since this is a kids paradise. Minus no jackasses.

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Seeing this as an adult I have to wonder why the kids feel the need to want to do anything they want? It’s not like they are oppressed. I mean it’s not like they live in old styled homes, milk the cows everyday or travel two days to get some medicine for fledgling mother dear!

Wait they do probably do that. Ok, I can see why. But all honesty they probably are just assholes just because.

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Anyway Robert is wandering around lost until he meets something that amazes him; a wooden boy. It’s good old Pinocchio! He offers a suggestion that his song could be in the “sugar pit”. Robert ask if he’s seen anyone that looks like a prince which wooden boy says nope.

And low and behold his nose starts growing. It take s a few moments to realize that Pinocchio is lying and winds up kind of roughing him up but not really but whatever. He proves true in the end and soon finds James, drunk off sugar.

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Little James is terrified of going back to the castle due to his dad wants him to be trained as a knight but doesn’t want to as they are big and scary. Along with having to kill a living thing.

Wow, who’d have thunk it that James was a scaredy cat? But he is a kid plus David’s twin so it’s understandable.

Robert assures him that won’t be the case and informs him that he (Robert) is his father along with having a twin brother. They can be a family again which the little tyke agrees too.

Not long after that the guards notice an old guy being in a seas of kids but Pinocchio gives a warning to get out of there. The father and son make it back to their world. Robert soon takes him to King Gideon who is happy to see his son again.

Robert makes the bold declaration that he is the boy’s father. It looks like one of them “he is my son” scenario but G has guards to take him away to be off with him.

Sadly that will be James last time seeing the man as his dad.

Flash forward to the present where David sees his dad’s ghost and pretty much re-starts up his own quest to figure out what happened. He’s a madman on a mission while taking Hook with him as he needs a pirate for his revenge and discovering the truth.

Killian is hesitant as he has changed and tries time and again to tell David but the latter is being a jerk about it. For his part Killian is trying to get David’s permission to propose and mary Emma.

This goes into the story of David out for revenge after he discovers the truth of his father of wanting to bring the family together and Hook helping David from making a bad choice of killing Gideon due to the story points that the king killed his dad on his orders after bringing back James.

For the most part (yes I’m getting this along) Hook is able to help David make the right choice and we soon revealed that David is afraid of losing his own family and not being strong enough like his dad.

It’s a reflection kind of deal I guess. Hook is able to talk him out of it that strength isn’t just killing someone out of rage and hate that letting go of the emotion is just as strong. Or at least how I interpret it.

Hook is able to get David’s permission for the proposal. Doesn’t it seem weird that those two are the same age and will be father/son in law? And Hook is chronologically over 200 years old due to traveling weird dimensions and the like.

August also played a role in David’s little arc with giving him pages from the story book with explaining his dad’s innocence of him being a drunk to the end. August was ashamed of that part of his life and didn’t want little Henry (at the time) to be a wanton delinquent like he was.

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We also get a funny moment between the pirate and prince when it came to casting a spell that David snuck out of Emma’s place. Regina gave her a goodies magic basket of stuff so we get a glimpse that Emma is practicing off screen once a week.

In twist the viewer is given some info on the matter of who really killed Robert. And the lucky winner is Kilin. Yup, Hook was the one to kill him and drop his ditch in some cavern and that tale got back to Ruth and David, cementing the latter to think his father died a drunk.

I personally think the show could have made it that Gideon did do it with his guards instead of giving another thing for him to lie to Emma about for killing David’s father. It’s really disappointing as Killian has worked hard to change into the man he is now to be Emma’s (hopefully) future husband and family.

Now about wish Robin Hood. Regina is doing her best trying to explain stuff like an alarm clock and the like but there seems to be some distance. Snow, who happens to be up in this part of the story while David sleeps, offers her own part that just because he looks like Robin doesn’t mean he is her (Regina’s) one though.

During the course of the episode Robin finds out about having a daughter with Zelena and a son but of course he has not emotional obligation other than surprise of the news. Z makes her appearance for a scene telling Regina that he will not see her daughter and flies away on her broom stick.

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Robin goes to kill the Sheriff of Nottingham as…you know what you know the gist. All you really need to know Regina stops it, takes him to the vault for healing, he bumps into something that Regina places in a chest explaining “it’s something dangerous” and the two kiss after experiencing a moment.

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Well the kiss goes south as Regina didn’t feel it as in it wasn’t like her Robin’s kiss, cementing that they are indeed different people and the hope of a Robin/Regina coupling returning is now dashed (for now).

Regina and Snow talk by the end of this and wonder that if the reason he came into this world isn’t Regina then what is the reason behind it? We are soon taken to the vault where Robin takes the chest he bumped into.

That’s where the episode ends.

Murder Most Foul lived up to the title as it was foul what Hook did and what David could have done. This shows that David isn’t always “charming” and saves the day along with making him understand that Hook isn’t just a pirate that thrives off stealing and the like.

The two bond which is a good thing since they will be in-laws. The Robin Hood b-plot was okay. Pretty much got the gist he isn’t the one we grew to like in the previous seasons and seeing Regina get her hopes up is disappointing.

For the episode I give this one a 6.5 out of 10 with an entertainment value of 7 out of 10.

Here’s to the next episode!

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