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Today’s blog will be about recent comics I’ve read and my thoughts on them.

IVX (Inhumans vs. X-men) Issues 1-2

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After a pseudo-tense relationship between the Inhumans and X-men that has been going along for a year now as it suddenly comes to a screeching halt.

Due to the terrigen cloud running rampant for awhile it is discovered by Hank McCoy, aka Beast, that it has integrated itself into the structure of the environment, the very world would be uninhabitable for mutants. With a ticking time clock saying when the sanction period will be permanent without hope of reversal the X-men have to make the choice to leave earth all together or destroy the mist cloud, the very thing that gives anyone with Inhuman DNA their powers.

They go with the latter, with far too many deaths hanging over their heads along with being moved to Limbo as a way to save mutants from M-pox via Storm, to Magneto’s campaign to save mutants by any means necessary with his own faction of X-men, the mutants decide that the only way to save their dying species is to deny the Inhumans their birth right.

Issue one goes into detail over some key X-men taking down the heavy hitters of the Royal Inhumans; from Crystal and Gorgon to an impressive takedown of Black Bolt by Emma Frost and Dazzler before Storm and the rest of the X-men begin to attack New Attilan.

Issue two sees Medusa, queen of the Inhumans, take up arms to fend off the X-men with Human Torch taken her side, since he is her boyfriend and booty call. Storm makes sure to tell her team to not attack the innocent bystanders that are in the camps and comes to the realization that, in an ironic twist, that they are bad guys by doing this.

Remaining part is that the X-men are able to seal Medusa, Torch and some of the rest inside limbo but two of the Nu-humans were able to get away but while running to get some help they come across old man Logan.


IVX is the inevitable comic event that was bound to happen. With the mysterious death of Cyclops for the past year, until his fate was revealed in Death of X, along with the X-men’s fall from grace in this instance of starting all out war with the Inhumans, this could go either way.

Granted I’m an X-men fan through and through and would like to see them return to prominence due to lame stories as of late that don’t really link up to anything major happening in Marvel comics right now.

I standby my view that Medusa is a snake and is fake with her “I’ll help the mutants but not the expense of my people who have the Inhuman spark to become one of us in our ever growing family” and another race is dying off? And to be honest who cares about expanding the Inhumans?

The only reason they are so out there is dude to a little show called “Agents of SHIELD”.

There are also tie-ins that are told through the X-men and Inhuman titles as a way to show this is affecting the books during the course of the event.

I recommend checking this one out if you are an X-men or even (dare I say) Inhuman fan. Be warned, butt-hurt will be going around at all parties of fandoms.

Afterlife with Archie

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Jeepers creepers a zombie apocalypse has hit good old Riverdale? Say it ain’t so!!

That’s right the zombie fad has hit Archie Andrews and the gang in a different continuity where the characters are fundamentally the same but have a more “in the now” quality about them.

How does the end come for the residence of this happy-go-lucky town of  red-head guy with two beautiful girls and the ever constant love triangle with other friends and associates being somewhat in orbit?

Not to go into too much spoiler territory it begins with Jughead going to Sabrina Spellman, The teenage witch, house in Greendale and begs her to help him due to someone he cared about is dead.

I can’t give away the “who” of this but I can say this, when humans or even witches dive into the fabrics of life and death, consequences are sure to follow in unexpected ways.

This series is under “Archie Horror” and not “Archie comics” to show that it’s in a different genre and age group. It goes for “Teen +” readers so that is a warning righter there.

I actually chanced upon this series when I started reading the brand new Archie series some weeks ago and I have become hooked with this fresh appearance for the characters that were always categorized as “for kids” due to the way they are drawn and the typical hijinks that insues.

With the writing and artistic way and updating them I can see myself caring for them in a level that just isn’t rudimentary or typical in these circumstances.

The story is just that good and I can’t express in words how mature the content is! Archie Comics have come a long way since they broke free from CCA (Comic Code Authority) and as a big fuck you, they decided to give Archie and the crew a makeover for the current pop culture phenomenon. Along with it’s not just about zombies, there are lots of mythological/demonic beings in the story that are peppered out, from Sabrina and her aunts being part of the story but in the back half, demons and even vampires (and you’ll be surprised who are the vamps in this story) along with allusions to the creepy obsessive love between the characters of Cheryl Blossom and her brother, Jason and the twist in that is something shocking.

The characters aren’t the squeaky clean gang you grew up with or have liked for years and years. They each have a raw feel to them which in all honesty, I like seeing. This is for the mature and not for kids.

If you are into The Walking Dead or the genre of the rising dead in general than Afterlife with Archie is the way to go! I was left shocked, intrigued and wanting more as the elements mixed well with the Archie-medium.

The love triangle is still apparent but that might have hit a reef when Archie makes a big choice that will have consequences for everyone along with what the heck is going on with Reggie?

Take a read and enjoy the ride!

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

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What’s this, another Archie comics recommendation? And an “Archie Horror” one to boot? That’s right I also got into Sabrina the Teenage Witch stories, more of the contemporary ones nowadays compared to her ones from the 60s through 90’s.

This one also takes place in a different continuity away from the main book (along with Afterlife of Archie) as this one is focused on Sabrina. The story is revamped to take place in the 60’s with everything that you might know about the teenage witch takes a more darker tone.

Sabrina goes to a normal school, goes steady with Harvey Kinkle, who does not know she’s a witch, lives with her aunts Hilda and Zelda along with her familiar, Salem and a cousin that moves in with them, named Ambrose.

Being a witch in this continuity comes with some hinges as witches worship and give their lives to Satan and on the cusp of Sabrina’s sixteenth birthday she has to decide to live in the light (as a human to age normally and die) or to travel in the dark (be a witch with all the perks of a slowed aging process which goes for a few centuries more or less).

Of course she is in love with her one true love Harvey, who is cool and nice along with pressuring her for sex however she must be pure (which is ironic since I thought evil worshipped that kind of stuff of impurity).

If that isn’t enough and unknown to Sabrina, an old lover of her father’s, Edward Spellman who has mysteriously vanished, is soon resurrected by a couple of Riverdale witches (a certain blonde and ivory haired duo) by accident.

The desecrated witch named Iola now known as Madam Satan will do everything in her power to sweep revenge against the one that betrayed her in love and keeping an eye out on Sabrina.

What’s a teenage witch to do? You’d think magic would be happy and good but this series shows that magic has a darkside along with the ones linked to it and occultism plays heavy as well so this is more for the ones that have an “open mind” but it’s still Sabrina at the end of the day. Except more angsty-emo.

This series horror with maccabe and sly dark humor and no happily ever after seems to be coming anytime shortly. I mean with a title of “chilling” you aren’t going to get hijinks of magic gone awry in this.

I have also gotten caught up with reading this series and unfortunately I have to wait 12 months for the next issues to hit!!

That’s it for my recommends! Not sure if I’ll always be up to date weekly but I’ll try to do this occasion.

Later days!