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Gaea, a world embraced by the heavens and cradled by the water…

– Hitomi Kanzaki

Hello everyone, today’s “impression” blog I will review my recent purchases (around christmas) of [The Vision of Escaflowne] refurbished on DVD and Blu-ray with a brand new voice cast by Funimation.

A little brief history, this anime was licensed and sold around 2000 by Bandai Entertainment, a company which has unfortunately met it’s end around 2006.  A total of 8 volume came out in VHS, which I still own and have watched sporadically when I’m in the mood for some old school animu.

I learned of this show when it actually appeared on Fox Kids around 2000, albeit heavily edited to attract it’s central audience at the time.  This was considered a joke for me when I started getting the tapes as the edited version took away from the central story, themes and tried being tame to what it really stands for or just ignores heavy themes of fate and horrific scenes of death and even affairs of the heart and don’t get me started with how they butchered the music of the show. It’s not worth talking about.

Upon getting volume 2 of this series I said goodbye to the damn Fox Kids version and had my fun watching this show in all it’s glory.

When Bandai went out of business so did it’s many licences it had under it’s belt, which to this day, various titles are still in limbo, Escaflowne being one of the ones in stationary.

Granted it was a tough blow but I fortunately still had my copies and if memory serves this series shifted to DVD when those became a thing around 2004 or little after. I never got it but even those are still considered rare.

Around 2015 Funimation got the rights to sell The Vision of Escaflowne and with that they decided to give an “accurate” way of portraying with redubbing the series with Funimation alumni.

So here is my all around thoughts of this “refresh” series.

The Product

The Vision of Escaflowne is divided into two parts with the first volume containing episodes 1 thru 13 and part 2 having episodes 14-26 completing the series. The sound has improved with Dolby Truehd 5.1 for the Funimation dubbed, Dolby trueHD 2.0 surround sound for the Bandai (2001) dubbed and Dolby Truehd Japanese 2.0 surround sound.

I usually go for the combo packs but mostly for the blu-rays as I don’t usually buy the DVDs (depending if it’s sold) as Funimation doesn’t just sell blu-rays separately for some reason.

There are 3 dvd’s and blu-rays for the first volume. Starting with the DVD it as there is a parenthesis of “Uncut” and (Broadcast) version on the 2nd DVD.

These two discs offer it, basically, uncut, which shows a bit of extra scenes in the show which has never aired before while the broadcast shortens it by a minute or two of what was seen in some episodes.

Disc 3 of the DVD contains episode 8 thru 13 and it’s regular, there is no “uncut” parts later in the series so no need to worry about that. The extras are in disc 3 which you can find tracks of “Special Thanks to The Escaflowne Kickstarter Backers”, Inside Look: A Conversation of Escaflowne”, “Club Escaflowne”, “Music Video’s”, the textless versions of the opening and ending themes and trailers.

The same thing with the blu-ray, discs one and two are the same with the 3rd matching which was stated as above.

Part two dvd/blu-rays are the same with the 3rd disc for each of “A Conversation with the Creators”, another “Club Escaflowne” “Escaflowne: A Special Round Table Chat” textless opening and ending themes, the US trailer for the series and trailers by Funimation.

It comes in a case where you have to pull the case out to open another case. Those are kind of annoying for me nowadays but it’s okay I guess.

Image may contain: indoor

*Product in question* 

The image for the first volume shows Van, Merle and Hitomi with Escaflowne in the background which was also in volume 5 of the Bandai release. I’d give that image a 7 all around for product placement as it shows two of the main characters and supporting.

Part 2 has the image of a running Hitomi, Allen Schezar and Princess Millerna with Scherezade in the background. That was the second image of the volume 3 VHS of Escaflowne. The product placement for this felt out of sorts for me. It doesn’t really capture me in wanting to get it in the first place. I’d have much preferred the image of Hitomi and the intensified luck soldiers on the cover as a way to capture the essence of the 2nd half of the series but nothing I can do on that.

In the Bandai release what captured me was the name of the titles for the series, like for volume 6, which is currently in my hands, it’s called “Fate and Fortune”. It gets to the gist of the episodes in a way which was “eye popping” for me and gave me a sense of intrigue. Actually all the titles were nice and refreshing in seeing.

Here are the titles for them!

Dragons and Destiny

Betrayal and Trust

Angels and Demons

Past and Present

Paradise and Pain

Fate and Fortune

Light and Shadow

Forever and Ever

Image may contain: 1 person

*VHS in all it’s glory! You can see how interesting it looks compared to the combo*

See how it just captures you? While the combo just said “Part 1” and “Part 2” like a typical standardized Funimation production. (Sigh) I’m sorry, I don’t mean to show my discontent for the product they are selling, it’s mostly my own purest nature coming into the forefront when it comes to this series.

Let’s move on to the plot and overall thoughts shall we?


Related image

The Vision of Escaflowne is about the story of a teenage girl named Hitomi Kanzaki, she is a reserved, optimistic and (nosy) girl that enjoys running track at her school and is a very good sprinter.

Like any girl she is at the age of having crushes and it comes in the form of Amano, the male team captain for track and field. With her best friend Yukari, Hitomi has the typical teenage stuff, family,school but she is also gifted with being accurate with fortune telling (divining the future) that she has become well known for by her peers.

They usually ask her “does he like me” or “when would be a good time to tell him”, you know girl stuff. One afternoon day when she is doing a sprint after getting advice from her crush, that she likes, Hitomi winds up having a vision of a boy arriving and fighting a dragon.

Yeah you heard me correct, a flipping dragon and a boy fighting it. This shocks the daylights out of her before she faints. The vapers be strong for Hitomi in the course of this series.

When she wakes up Amano is there as he was the one to bring her there. Side note, ladies you may sigh in happiness and say “sigh why can’t that be my life where a male is that concerned over me”. I can wait.

Done, okay. I’ll say no backseat driving, let me lead you through this to the best of my “opinionated” ability.

They have a moment where he asks about a pink pendant she wears and Hitomi informs him (and the audience) that it tallies the seconds of a clock. He then informs her of his interest in her form in track (what, nothing lewd) though he is surprisingly close to her like a lover before they are interrupted by the best friend barging in like a wrecking ball.

After he leaves Yukari informs her that Amano will be leaving the school (forever) due to his parents work and be going to London. Oh London it’s just the would be place to send a Japanese family to mesh well with English familiarity.

Hitomi then decides that she’ll have no better way to inform her crush of her feelings. After that she immediately goes to Amano who is at the field and says that she can do a 100 meter dash in 13 seconds and if she can do that Hitomi wants Amano to give her her first kiss.

He accepts and uses the pedant as she starts. Just before a couple of ticks go by a flash of light erupts and out comes the boy from Hitomi’s vision!

After that encounter Hitomi and her friends are soon shocked to see a dragon! The boy tries to fend off the giant lizard but soon starts chasing the trio up to a shrine where Hitomi gets another vision of the boy dying by impalement!

Not wanting to see him die she warns him just before her vision comes to pass with the mysterious boy killing the dragon with his sword before he is pulled by a swirl of light which encompasses Hitomi!

Amano goes to try to reach her but the only thing that gets taken is the pedant! Soon Hitomi and the boy, who is named Van Finel, arrive back to his world and wouldn’t you know it, Earth can be seen in the sky with the moon and soon Hitomi will learn the world she has arrived on, it’s called Gaia.

Soon Hitomi will be involved with the fate of Gaia as her latent psychic powers come into play as war will threaten all the people she and Van will meet in the series.

What is the connection between Earth and Gaia? Why was Hitomi summoned here, will she find love or heartache? Is fate something a person should twist to meet their own ends and what is the mystery behind the Guymelef, Escaflowne?

Main Characters

Hitomi Kanzaki

Image result for Hitomi Kanzaki

VA: Caitlin Glass (Funimation dub)/Kelly Sheridan (Bandai dub)

Hitomi Kanzaki is the main character of Escaflowne. She is as I mentioned above. Hitomi holds the world of Gaia’s fate in her hands (more or less).

Okay so where to start with her? She is a teenager that has back and forth issues with her visions along with notorious in the portrayal of her feelings in this series. She is shown to be a flip flopper with whom she loves and suffers with unrequited love or limerence from what I see.

Caitlin Glass voices her in this new dub and I can say it’s all right, nothing outstanding with the voice over as she sounds quiet and at times less cheerful. The Funimation dub gives Hitomi less “dramatism” this go around with her visions and yes, Caitlin Glass is a stupendous VA with Funimation work, have you checked out a little series called Fullmetal Alchemist?

Image result for Winry Rockbell

Hitomi can discern the future with her cards but due to how accurate it can be she has visions of horrible things of what happens or could in some aspects. It is explained around the middle part of the series of why this is and is cautious with what she does but it is also with her powers that she has helped Van escape near death experiences along with the power of her wishes but due to the law of “action and reaction” it does play in the story. She also has a pendant with the powers of Atlantis which she got from her grandmother when she was younger that relates to her own latent abilities.

Though she isn’t perfect, Hitomi suffers from being emotional due to being out of her world along with not knowing her true feelings. She does learn ultimately who she does love along with by the end of the series states “I don’t believe in predetermined fate” and winds up stop using her abilities.

The voice, I feel doesn’t capture Hitomi at all and it’s passable in certain respects however I am in favor of Kelly Sheridan from the Bandai dubbed; it’s over the top but the feeling is there whenever something happens to Hitomi and her interactions with Van, Allen or the rest of the cast of well driven characters.

Van Fanel

Image result for Van Fanel

VA: Aaron Dismuke (Funimation dub)/Kirby Morrow (Bandai dub)

The over yelling, frustrated, angry, arrognat prince with a gentle heart, Van is another main character in Escaflowne. Van is the newly crowned king of Fanelia, after completing the rite of succession by slaying a dragon and obtaining the drag-energist that lay within after the kill.

He is rather haughty due to his nature and can be brash, outspoken and a brat at times but that’s only on the surface as his life is laced with tragedy due to his family dynamic of his which is explained over the course of the series.

Van is a swordsman but still a rookie but as the show continues his swordsmanship improves immensely along with using Escaflowne, a Guymelef used by the kings of Fanelia and forged by the Ispano’s, an ancient tribe. It also goes by the phrase “Ispano-Guymelf”.

Van is also a Draconian or half due to his father was human and his mother was a draconian (winged person from Atlantis). Due to his nature he can sprout wings that give him the apperance of an angel.

With his blood he is linked to Escaflowne on a physical level as if it gets damaged, Van is hurt as well. It’s also alluded to his Draconian heritage is the cause.

He struggles with his own innate feelings for Hitomi and can always be saying the wrong thing to stir up his own frustraitions but he does care for her and Merle, his friend from childhood who is a cat-beastkin.

Van also learns the way of the sword thanks to his spars with Allen Schezar and despite some friction between the duo, mostly when it comes with Hitomi, he does think of him as a friend.

Aaron Dismuke’s take on Van was something I didn’t care for. He yelled far too much to the point it sounded like he was going crazy. His take was over the top which I get since Van is a teenager with many losses and a chip on his shoulder though I can’t say that voice fit for the occasion.

I get that he is one of Funimation’s youngest members, he did do the voice of Alphonse Elric in Fullmetal Alchemist, a role which cemented his time in the anime community as a whole and will forever be his best work.

Related image

Not that I’m saying he’s bad at his job, this is his take on it but, again, I don’t agree. Kirby Morrow’s was subtle, he was angry but not screaming at the top of his lungs. I mean he did when Van got worked up but it sounded like there was some limit to do it.

So with Van’s funimation run I’ll say no.

Allen Schezar

Image result for allen schezar

VA: Sonny Strait (Funimation dub)/Brian Drummond (Bandai dub)

The beautiful, handsome blonde, blue-eyed swordsman, Allen makes up another main character in this series.

What’s to say about him? Women want him, a knight of Caeli, unlike Van he’s calm and precise with what he wants but along with a cad. Allen is a superior swordsman and pilot of the Scheherazade and is suave personality and the height of charm and at times a sly wit.

Allen’s character gives the impression he’s perfect but at the end of the day he’s a womanizer Oh sure, he’s cool and all but with his plot within the story being a type of foil to Van’s, I can’t really poke at his character.

Sonny Strait’s take on the blonde is actually up to snuff. His voice works good and though I have it cemented with Allen’s voice with Brian Drummond, Sonny aka the voice of Krillin from Dragon Ball Z, passes in that regard.

Image result for Krillin

Allen is rather notorious for me as he has had love which one point is revealed in Escaflowne and I can’t agree with his supposed feelings for “Hitomi” as I actually like him with Millerna in my head canon.

You’ll learn everything you need to know with Alen in this series so there’s no need for me to say anything on him besides, as earlier stated, cad.

There are ones that play the other supporting, extra characters  that you can take notice of the Funimation alumni you like (or not). I’ll get to how I felt for the interpretations in my overall thoughts.


Image result for Escaflowne music

For the Vision of Escaflowne one thing that stands by itself is the music involved in this series. And I’m not just talking about the opening and ending theme songs, they are good too, I mean the sound of when a scene could be going on and the music themes to describe the character’s personality quirks or overall feel of it in the background can be heard.

This is one of the anime that I can listen to the intensity or at times serene music being played to get the full depth of emotion like if Hitomi is contemplating a problem over Van and Allen or if say Van is in a battle against some Guymelefs.

Opening song is called “Don’t Need a Promise” sung by Maaya Sakamoto, who is also the Japanese seiyuu for Hitomi Kanzaki in the subbed. When I hear this song it makes me feel a sense of melancholy and yearning for someone you love. The feeling knowing that the person that you yearn for probably feels the way you do.

It captures the more romanticized, fantasy, steampunk genre of the series. With it’s beautifully orchestrated sounds at some points that can move you it’s a fantastic opening for this series.

Ending theme is “Mystic Eyes” and if I can say point blank, it screams sexy and cool! The song has that tone if you are living in a studio apartment on a rainy late morning as it doesn’t look to let up to which you pop on this song and read a book as the song embraces you with the sound of a jazzy beat as you bob your head gently. Yeah that’s my ideal vision. The song is sung by Wada Hiroki.

Yoko Kanno and Hajime Mizoguchi composed all of the music instilled in the series with some only being on the soundtracks themselves.  One of the songs that everyone who has watched this series knows about “Dance of Curse”.

It’s one of the musical themes that get the intensity when something could be happening in the series that involves a heavy battle be it with either the heroes win or even the antagonists in a battle of giant mech’s. The last couple of seconds of the song also feels like if someone falls in battle…sorry to be morbid but that’s the feeling I get.

One can even put it on par or second to Sephiroth’s theme in Final Fantasy VII however that’s my take on it, I dare not say as an actual fact due to there is tons of music out there that anime fans can name that match to it and then some.

A couple of other songs I enjoyed from, once, owning the original soundtrack would be White Dove for it’s English lyrics and singer, that one feels like you should be out in a field when it rains lightly looking up at the sky (I know what’s my fetish with rain?).

“Shadow of a Doubt”, for the violins playing and having kind of dark tone and when the two blend together sounds pleasant to the ears.

Aoi Hitomi (sung by the seiryu) can be heard twice in the series in the background which sounds nice with the gentle song expressing Hitomi’s feelings in song and sounds like a lullaby.

There is two more songs I like in the franchise I can’t remember but I do recall it being in the first soundtrack. One song is called “Empty the Pocket” which sounds upbeat and optimistic, another sung by the seiryu and “Deja Blue” a kind of compressed, gentle version of the opening song played on an instrument.

The songs truly shine in this series which does stand the test of time and even if you don’t like the series (not sure why you wouldn’t) I highly suggest listening to the music. It doesn’t have to be sung in Japanese as the sounds just capture and nurses your heart.

Yeah I’m getting “deep” over something that is a cartoon but I really mean when I say that Escaflowne is one of the animes that got me with the music and not just the themes.

Granted I know Funimation wasn’t going to not have it in there so can’t gripe over this.

One good thing, and I never learned this, that when it comes to the ending theme there are apparently two versions of it; one, the original dub, where Hitomi kisses both Amano and Allen, the view of it is seen in the distance but in the subbed of the old version you see it full frontal. For Funimation’s version though they went with the latter which I do enjoy since I don’t see the big deal of not seeing a kiss but since this was around the early 00’s I guess showing a teenager kissing two guys could be considered skanky?

Image result for Escaflowne Mystic eyes

Overall thoughts

Image result for Escaflowne

To start this the Funimation dubbed is not what I expected. When I first heard that this fantastic series was going to get rebranded with a new cast I wasn’t the most excited for the idea. In fact I was against it.

It feels like all the anime that I liked is getting “rebooted” for the masses due to licensing issues, which I understand, but to say “we are going to redo this the “right” way” is a bit of a stretch.

In fact the Bandai version and Japanese version are far synched with the dialogue then the Funimation version! I’ll say the Funimation one is a tad accurate when it comes to clearing out some dialogue that might have been missed on the uncut ones but other than that it felt off.

Take for instance the over-explaining for some situations like episode 22: The Black Winged Angel; by the end of the episode Hitomi mentions (with added dialogue) of “while Van’s wings were white as snow, Falken’s was black as night”. While in the Bandai dubbed Hitomi just said “yet somehow Falken’s wings were pitch black…”

The Japanese also said the same thing!

Why add that extra bit of the wings being “snow white” we know that clearly! And yes the same could be said for the Bandai one but that version seemed to have a bit of mystery, Funimation’s was just added for some extra feeling of dread.

For a fast ball round I’ll name the ones I heard (read between the rise) ones I recognize in this dub; Colleen Clinkenbeard (Millerna), Alexis Tipton (Merle), Vic Mignogna (Folken Fanel), Joel McDonald (Dilandau), Eric Vale (Dryden).

Next was the voice casting for some of these characters! Granted I dig Sonny and Caitlin’s voicing of Allen and Hitomi, though Caitlin’s came across as too quiet even when the character got emotional.

Aaron’s just came off as a screaming, rampaging child threatening to destroy a city.

When I also heard Folken’s new voice it didn’t come across that it was Vig Mignogna! I was shocked into submission and had to rectify that I couldn’t really dislike him (he’s an anime treasure) for his take on Falken but I actually preferred his Bandai voice.

Related image

Dilandal, the conceited, sadistic, fire-fetish tyrant he is was one of the ones I couldn’t do. He gets the crazy but the voice just didn’t match my take on his old VA in Bandai,voiced by Andrew Francis. The latter seemed to have got the quality of “YES BURN!!!” in that version compared to Funimation’s. It came off as-well I can’t get the wording right but it just felt off.

I also didn’t like what was said in episode 26 when Dilandau  returned to his original form and screamed “Brother! Please help me!!!” all desperately annoyed the hell out of me while conversely the other dub just has her say “Brother NO! Please stop” and in the Japanese version “Brother..stop”. None of that desperate shit like she can’t do anything, seemed in the previous ones she was just fine and wanted Allen to stop fighting and the intent came across! Stop adding this extra wording!

Image result for Dilandau

Related image

Alexis Tipton as Merle was passable. I would have liked if she stuck with “Lord Van” instead of “King Van” this go around but that’s apples and oranges and grew to accept it.

Image result for Escaflowne Merle

Millerna, voiced by Colleen Clinkenbeard was something I didn’t expect and the portrayal this time around I did not like at all. Millerna is one of the characters I felt had one of the most development over the course when it dealt with her. She is spoiled, a tad bit vindictive but that washes away when it comes to her medical skills saving Allen, Hitomi and Van over the course of the story.

She learned not to be dependent on people to make her happy and instead choose to make herself happy and earn her love for Allen.

In Episode 20 “False Vows” when it came to Hitomi trying to will a good future for Millerna due to a fortune telling that if the princess married Dryden “she would know extreme sadness” and that the one she is meant to be with is Allen. When the intensified luck soldiers come and bust up Asturia, Hitomi reveals her part in this outcome (though to be fair no one could have known that Falken would have given the twin cat girls “luck” in an experiment before Hitomi did the fortune so it is suspect) however Millerna (in the Funi dubbed) says “Hitomi, how could you?!”  What? That made it seem like Millerna is spiteful!!! The Bandai version and Japanese subbed just says “Hitomi…” implying Millerna didn’t feel mad at her but just disappointed or sad by it.

WHY EVEN DO ALL THAT!! Millerna has proper development don’t make her come across as being petty, Colleen! Granted I know the “Luffy” voice wasn’t apparent but dammit you can hear it in that voice. Venus Terzo did a take on Millerna which I can enjoy without the added bits of “Dryden stay with me!” all desperate sounding while you could have “Dryden, don’t worry I’m right here…” kind of hesitation. She is one of my favorite characters in this series, even though Millerna is a brat she does care and making it seem like she holds a grudge makes me frustrated.

Related image

I didn’t care for Bryn Apprill’s take on Prince Chid as well. I get she’s one of the few in Houston who could do a little kid voice but it came off as a little girl.In Bandai’s version he was played by Alex Doduk, an actual kid. Sounds legit compared to the girly voice that was displayed.

Related image

Eriya and Nariya voices were passable this go around so I got no complaints. These characters also held a strong performance with the latter half other series and despite only being a couple of episodes the the cat-beastkin’s overall purpose served to strengthen Folken’s character.

Image result for eriya and nariya

And the most horror affront? Episode 25 “Zone of Absolute Fortune” where there is a scene where some solider is burned alive and gives off a “Wilhelm Scream”. A flipping Wilhelm scream. That scream which can be heard in various outlets of movies, dare make it’s presence known in The Vision of Escaflowne (Funimation) dubbed?

Image result for Flip table gif

*All my anger and rage!*

NO! A Wilhelm Scream is NEVER used (in my view) in an anime!!!! It lowers the quality, the integrity of a person dying by flames an injustice! Bandai just had a regular Joe yell in agony for a second and that was his curtain call. Those screams should only ever be used in abridged anime and in tasteful way, like in DBZ Abridged by Team4Star; they did it in a correct context. You don’t be adding that shit in this anime!

Image result for Sakura Haruno gif

*Give me someone to hurt!*

That’s what brought this turn out, I do not care for the Funimation dub of The Vision of Escaflowne. Except with a few passes I mentioned previously it still does not bring me to enjoy this.

Yes, I am an old anime fan, the stuff I grew up with has a hold on me with nostalgia and seeing this version of something I hold dear really didn’t make me care for this dubbed. I see it as this version being for the new generation of anime fans to like since you hear half of the Fullmetal Alchemist cast in this and if that’s what you like than this version of the dubbed is for you.

Me on a personal level I feel it does not capture me. I do like the cast in other various works I’ve heard in my row with Funimation in the past but this is a no go for me. I will stick with the Bandai version for myself on Blu-ray and even my old VHS’s if I want to go old school with this.

Another thing is in the setup for the Banda version it says “2001” yet looking at one of my tapes it says 2000.It still feels off from what I see. I guess they could have been going by when it arrived on DVD?

In other Funimation did do good work with getting the license back to produce these for the open market and get it on offical channels instead of the backwood parts of the net but it’s a little too late for me.

It’s strictly Bandai version for me. Okay I feel I butchered this immensely and I did however when it comes with something you like you want the highest amount of respect for it and not this lame cheese outlet.

I don’t care what Funimation is trying to do but it was barely passable. Actually going back to when the announcement of this series being redubbed I have someone in mind that says “the old dubbed sucked, this one will be good”.

Image result for anime cynical

*Yeah, sure ya overlitest*

I watched with an open mind and gave some glimpse of liking some part of the voices but it fell flat in the end.

Image result for anime cynical

*My feels*

It’s all a matter of perception really. I think this version is crap while he would probably be lapping up the milk as if it’s coming from a mother’s bosom as a babe but I digress.Don’t listen to the younger “hip” crowd they treat their opinions as God sends to the masses when anything hot arises in the anime fandom and the first ones to cry “garbage” or “trash” for all to hear as it comes out of their rectems.

Image result for Kyon

*Yeah I said it*

You can’t call it Mama’s peach tea and expect me to drink. That’s all I got to say about that.

Image result for bvs senator finch gif

*Thank you BVS, your quote is helping me through this*

I would think if The Vision of Escaflowne had a redub it should have gone to the West Coast and end up with Aniplex or at the least VIZ Video, they got the caliber VA’s over there. I wouldn’t have cared if we’re Yuri Lowenthal voicing Van with Steve Stately doing Allen and Kate Higgins as Hitomi but that’s my headcanon.

I’ll say this, I am happy this series did not get into Sentai Filmworks hands or as I call them “Hentaibutt Works” due to their moe-loli fetish animus’. Don’t believe me? Have you seen their twitter? I stopped following them due to all that Umaru/Hestia shit they were throwing down the masses throats.

Image result for Sentai Filmworks Umaru

*The look when you get out a nice fart*

To be fair The Vision of Escaflowne has 26 episodes, the usual standard for anime of the 90’s. I’d put this series under steampunk, fantasy, romance genre. It’s good seeing this again but, I say, I will stick to what I’m used too and you can take a gander at the goods.


Image result for The Vision of Escaflowne

Damn here it comes. For the Funimation version for appeal of product I will say a 6 out of 10. For the voice over work I will say 5 out of 10. Plot, characters, music I can say an 8 out of 10. Animation quality is an 8 for I don’t mind the noses. Entertainment value is divided between Funi dub and Bandai so for former 4 out of 10 and the latter is a 9 out of 10.

Gaea I truly like visiting you but it just has to be with Bandai’s vision of you and even the Japanese subbed due to how it was accurate. I can’t say Funimation is accurate and rather in the sense of adding wording to make it interesting and deeper than it already was. The show was already deep, I for one don’t need you’re Wilhelm scream mucking up one of my favorite series.

Old and new fans can enjoy this medium though, the story is rich, no fanservice (a time before it was tastefully done) music is on point, no basic generic characters and the animation is good. Can’t ask for more. Unless you like the typical Shonen, Spiky-hair syndrome BS that’s just coming out of the woodwork.

Image result for Gon

*Just using Gon an example. No way would I cross the animu fans and their love of the happy go lucky character where he get’s stronger*

Please remember that this is MY take on it. I know I can’t make everyone happy but this is MY review of the product and series. Yes I give more praise to Bandai’s vision than Funimation but I remember a time without them in the process. This is an opinion from a fan that enjoys this series and I can’t stress enough my trying to get that across. I DO NOT hate Funimation, they are a good company bringing in anime (thought I feel the quality has dragged ass with the titles they are purchasing in Japan) and expanding the voice acting with bringing in new blood.

Anyway I hope you liked reading my impressions on this series. I do say buy it instead of rending or whatever, you can have high quality anime here, despite my protest of Funimation’s take on it.

Later days!

Image result for The Vision of Escaflowne gif

*Bye for now*