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Anime, it has revolutionized America with a different brand of cartoons since Speed Racer, Hello Kitty and Voltron came to the USA , dubbed by a studio and broadcasted to television.

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*Typical animu fan watching*

At first everyone generalized it as just another cartoon but to the ones that got hooked on this animation quality from Japan realized there was something hidden there. Flash forward to the 90’s and soon we get the likes of Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z, opening the gateway to kids to figuring out what anime is and other nooks and cranny’s it holds.

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*Orgasmic scream*

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*Yay Sailor Moon got the Moon Stick!*

Though we had the anime boom when Toonami was prominent to introduced ones like Sailor Moon and DBZ we also got Ronin Warriors, Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Cyborg 009, Kikaider, Outlaw Star to just name a few.

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*Old school*

It was a renaissance of fun; multi-colored haired females with big boobs and hot looking bodies, shows with decent or awesome stories, themes that wouldn’t even be explored in the television of the day; from spiritualism, religion and even dab in history of famous individuals or even abridge the character’s backstory a little.

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*It’s really deep*

Anime truly was the biggest and important for me growing up. I was a flipping weeb; I don’t deny it (much) and I look back on it with wistful eyes.

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*Exaggeration but accurate*

However with many things the time of change well changes. Time marches on and for something as beloved it does hit a point. That’s what I thought when Toonami ended around 2007 but then we got it back 5 years ago and all the fandom which were like teenagers/early adults got their afternoon block at nighttime with Tom cursing like a pirate! Well not really just the occasional “hell yeah” or “damn!” exclamations.

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*The end…for now*

But I digress, the anime bubble for it being on television has all intents and purposes, done it’s job from my perspective. Anime being on TV is what shaped a generation to enjoying something not made in America however with the time of streaming anything online, people dropping cable (and commercials since attention spans got strangely short).

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*Like this*

Now remember, this is just some guy’s opinion on the happenstance of anime, I’m in no way saying it should, just my own view on it.

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*Let’s do this*

I do Crunchyroll and am a Prime member; I pay the extra cash to get the good, high quality of an anime on my TV, thanks to my PS4 being linked so I don’t use my laptop only rarely to check up on the payment, and I can say watch all of Shugo Chara without the annoyance of it being edited for content and watch the ending song without some failed attempt at being an English adaption of say “My Boy” flipping it into some “I have many assets about myself I can’t express” kind of song sung by Ariana Grande with that tinny voice.

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*Yup, the real me*

The content remains pure, can watch such and such amount of episodes before heading off to work or school (if you are a kid or teenager or whatever).

Watching anime on tv was fun but now it just seems like an eye rise for me. I’m still surprised Pokemon still airs and continues to have that following of 20-something’s still wanting to see Ash go to the newest incarnation of some new continent, get some new pokemon, butt-loads of adventures, win badges and somehow (not really) go to some league, battle tough opponents and come close to winning (or not) and fall short by some powerful trainer that has a refined way of battling and using pocket monsters you never dreamt could be powered up to the extent of being OP. Like Dragonite in the first ever Pokemon League in the old anime, jeez that thing was powerful. Or am I confusing that with another league? Sorry I don’t do Pokemon like that, ever since Misty left to do her gym thing I called it quits.

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*Saying bye like…*

Yes I’m a flipping Misty fan dammit!

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*The waifu*

As of my current mindset and being, as my “dad” calls me, “a grumpy old bastard”, my views of anime coming on TV still perplexes me. I mean it’s not even an anime I’d watch like Yokai Watch or that new Pokemon show where Ash is some kid or something and going to pocket monster camp.

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*Oh my Atlanta…*

The amount of the shows with it seems so long ago from when I did Gundam Wing or Yu-Gi-Oh so seeing these tier of animated programs being on to such fandom is something.

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*Bring back our boys*

With Crunchyroll, Netflix, HULU, Funimation website and Amazon PRIME being the sites anime still coming on TV is something. Along with it seems like such a niche audience that watches anime on TV since, as I see it, could very well up and vanish without a clue and no one would be the wiser, except fans or the random conspirator watching it.

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*Yeah like that*

Call me spoiled or whatnot but I prefer it being on streaming sites where you use the money you earn from a job to get what you want; undiluted time with the animu. And If I have to pay an extra bit then so be it.

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Having anime on TV is good as a starter but when you realize that there is more to it then Pokemon, Yokai Watch or whatever, going out and buying it or streaming seems like the better route. Along with it seems and inevitable, that everything sooner or later will be doing streaming but I don’t expect that to happen at least at the precipice of being in my sixties one day and the grandson watching One Piece.

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*Seriously needs to end*

I for one now just enjoy streaming or buying the anime I want than watching it on TV. Like any fan I had an issue with the content being cut out due to it would be “traumatic” for us Westerners but that is not the case. So what if Trunks sliced Frieza in half and diced him as if he were pepperoni and blasting his severed body parts to the heavens or hell in this case?

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*Like cold cuts!*

Yes I’m a purist, sue me.

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*Like a bounce!*

Now I’m only saying this as my own personal opinion along with I’m not saying anime being on TV is killing the franchise by making it adaptable for kids with “school like” quality.

Well okay I am saying trying to add a problem solving event with educational purposes like with Sailor Moon is corny but good for the time but nowadays? The things kids learn on the internet is immense, they know more about unlocking a cell phone you put a passcode on than looking up from said phone when texting with their abridged language like “LOLZ” or “TxtULtr”.

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*IK kills me at times with the fall the English language yet I’m guilty of doing it too so…yeah*

For me if one wants to get in anime then yes see it on TV but if you want the real meat than ask someone who likes it or do some research in the matter.

Here is what I recommend for some easy go to anime:

Howl’s Moving Castle

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One of the prominent anime movies that is a good watch with the voice casting being actually good with some famous celebs. Actually my mom watches this more than I do when it comes on and is one of the few she acknowledges of being good.

Kiki’s Delivery Service

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I loved this movie when I was younger; it might be targeted for girls but anyone can watch and like it. Kirsten Dunst voices the lead with Matthew Lawrence for the male lead and this is around the mid to late 90’s this movie came out.

Wolf Children

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This movie will give you them feels (strong feelings of sentimentality) about a woman who falls in love with a wolf and have two children who are half-breeds and trying to raise them. Film has heart and dubbed by Funimation.

Spirited Away

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The movie that got an Oscar which had everyone buzzing. I’ve watched this once or twice, it felt overrated for me but the story is good if not creepy with the imagery. I still own this on VHS.

Street Fighter: The Animated Movie

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For those ones looking for some hardcore action! Based off the hit video game that swept America by storm around the early 90’s Street Fighter the animated movie has a good plot which is easy to follow and can tell who are the good guys from the bad guys. The OST (original sound track) is awesome with some good songs of the time even if you never heard of the groups or songs back then.

Summer Wars

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Living in a time with technology is grand isn’t it? But what happens when a rouge virus springs on the internet causing all sorts of havoc? Summer Wars main theme is about family and what makes it tick through the good or bad times. Another film dubbed by Funimation with a superb voice casting!

Princess Mononoke

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Dude I love Princess Mononoke! It was one of my favorite animated movies around 97 which was an awesome view. In the time of ancient Japan where iron was a big thing a lone warrior is tainted by a substance that threatened his existence and is exiled from his home only to find another one at a village, a place of productivity but it’s near a forest guarded by a lone girl who was raised by the spirit animals there. She protects the place from humans and expanding on the grounds. How will our MC figure a way for the two cultures to live together, if there is any kind of common ground. I do suggest checking this out first!

Whether or not anime ever goes off TV it won’t really be much of a big thing, personally, for me only due to I grew up with this since I was 11 years old and have all my memories of it with the VHS tapes to some of my current collection of whatever I’m collecting. With the information flow nowadays it is far easier to get anime with a touch of a button. Along with it doesn’t hurt to have one or two friends know the full gist of it.

I’ll say this again, and do secretly stand by this (which is not so secret with me saying) that the big blow out with something like Toonami will eventually end, it won’t be forever and after that there will be some crying over it but, and think about this, they STILL have their stuff they own or subscribe too.

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*See, they will be all right*

Anime in no shape or form is going to disappear in any format. It will be safe in the chamber-like hearts of the fans and fangirls and keep them chained to their basement with their other toys and continue fighting amongst each other like a bunch of spoiled brats.

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*There’s a fine line, learn about it*

That’s my ramble of the day, I hope, whoever is reading this, has enjoyed it a little? Here’s to more blogs! Later days everyone.

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