“Those eyes, whose are they?” that was the main tagline in the series Chaos;Child, a psychological, thriller romance visual novel turned anime that came out 9 years ago and dubbed by Funimation.

Who would have thought that there would be a sequel to that series and be linked to Steins;Gate and Robotic;Notes (in a way since they take place in the same universe but in different points of time) I for one didn’t when I heard some rumblings of Chaos;Child though I didn’t suspect it would be an anime already since I thought it was just going to be the VN first and maybe a year later would come the anime.

It was a happy surprised when I saw the show pop up on Crunchyroll while I was checking it out on Thursday with an hour long episode (really 45 minutes since no commercials) of a prologue of episode 0 called “Chaos;Head”, a brief recap of what went down in that series and then episode 1 of Chaos;Child called “Digital Native”.

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*Ever strange that MC always surrounded by pretty babes? A troupe that gets tiring but this is cool*

A brief glimpse of Chaos;Head, the main character is named Takumi Nishijou, a shut-in otaku that prefers illusions of video games and the online community compared to reality. He’s an uneasy, rattled, lazy, irresponsible character that doesn’t take care of himself; his home is on the top of a building in some bunker (which is a flipping red flag as no parent would ever have their child living like that but…anime logic) where his little sister, Nanami, tries to check up on him but fails due to her brother’s introvert and blunt personality.

One day he gets a link on a message board he frequents and sees a gruesome image of a murder taken place. One day leaving school he comes across the same murder he saw on that image and sees a pink-haired girl, named Rimi, and apparently knows him but Takumi has no memory of ever meeting her!!

This sets up the story ss Takumi learns more about the goings on in Shibuya, Tokyo as more and more gruesome murders occur along with the shut-in meeting and somewhat befriending the female cast of the show, which for the otaku will do more harm than good with his psyche as he easily have anxiety being out of his element and succumb to delusions of either a graphic imagery from his POV when he gets nervous or an erotic image of one of the females with him (this is more in the VN than anime but it does give hints).

With some wondering if Takumi is really the murderer due to him always being around when something happens, what is the truth behind the [New Generation Murders] or New-Gen for short.

Along with during the course of the series he finds out their there are ones that wield swords known as [gigalomaniacs] ones with the ability to place delusions in someone’s head and make the delusions come to life in reality known as [real-booting] by using [DiSwords] as the external force to enact their will. Only a few can do this and eventually Takumi learns he has the potential too but needs to discover how to bring about this power for himself.

As Shibuya continues turning on it’s head with deaths there is an evil corporation known as the Nozomi Group, they are also aware of the mysterious power of making delusions real and make an artificial machine which causes the city to go into chaos and it is up to Takumi and the females to stop them. Along with the secret behind Rimi and Takumi’s shattering secret even unaware to him.

For that episode some of the characters introduced but it’s mostly about Takumi, Rimi and what happened up to the point when Takumi got his Di-Sword and during the chaos of that a little boy with glasses, the main character for Chaos;Child, is shown before the world goes white and we go into the offical first episode of the show.

We are introduced to the characters, Takuru, Taku for short, is the main character of this series; wears glasses and has short blue hair while smart gives off a distant attitude. He is the president of the Newspaper club at Hekihou Academy and is always off investigating a crime scene and taking pictures and posting them on the board rather than being in class.

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*MC and better than Takumi*

Nono Kurusu is the next one and is the Vice President of the Hekihou and ” elder sister” of Takuru; they were raised in an orphanage when they were younger. She is the big sister type always nagging Taku to get his work done or not skip class over some investigation that has nothing to do with him. She appears to be on the outs with him as he’s very closed off from her. She also lives with her other adopted siblings at the house of a doctor, who has wards by the names of Yui and Yuuto. Nono is also one of the main heroines of this series, whether she’ll have deeper characterization if the show focus on her remains to be seen.

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*Big sister/mother of the group; I feel she will be top pick for me*

Shinji Itou is a member of the newspaper club as well and fellow 3rd year to Taku.

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Serika Onoe is a second year and friend to the cast. She has short hot-pink hair and eyes. Serika is also another main heroine and is usually helping Taku with his own investigations of the New Gen Madness murders.

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*Possible main love interest?*

Hinae Arimura is another character and is a second year in Hekihou Academy. Hinae is a twin tail with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was at the scene of the crime where Taku and Serika were checking out and was unconscious before waking up with blood on her head. Seems to be linked to what’s going on and warns the MC that he will die soon. Has a distinct tick with saying “desu” at the end of her sentences. Might be more dour with her personality than she gives off.

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*Possibility being crazy is to be determined*

Kazuki, another member of the newspaper club, wears glasses short purple hair and eyes. She plays video games in the clubroom and is quiet but when she loses in a game has a tendency to bang her fist in frustration. She reminds me of Yuki Nagato from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series. I feel she might only get touched upon and treated as a support character rather than possible love interest.

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*All I got from her was “hmm”*

Rounding up the adults in this show are Shinjou, a male detective but I feel he will be support compared to the specialist by the name of Kunosato, long purple hair in a tail. She gives off being cool-headed but blunt.

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*She’ll also be a fav, long hair fetish, sue me*

For this episode we are introduced to the central cast that make up the story as Taku investigates the [New Gen Madness Murders] and has a theory it all adds up to the previous [New Gen Murders] some years ago that took place in Chaos;Head.

He and Serika go investigate a hotel but bite off more than they can chew as a murder has occurred and them being in disbelief over the massacre. They note seeing a girl (Hinae Arimura) who seems to be bruised but wakes up scaring them. The duo try to bolt but for some reason the door won’t open. Taku, despite being scared, takes some pictures before falling unconscious due to his mind not dealing with the shock of everything. Eventually they are able to get out.

Later Nono tries to talk with Taku about his reckless behaviour and here we learn that the latter has some issues over being family with Nono and the others as he states “aren’t’ really family” which disappoints her before he leaves to go to his own place.

Back at our resident smart-emo character’s place Serik drops by and says she was able to load up the images on his phone to keep them safe before the police got them out and deleted the evidence, apparently they are trying to keep this under wraps.

One thing sticks out to Taku as he scopes out the images, a picture of a three-faced sumo sticker at the crime scene which seems more than a coincidence. The next day as Taku relates what happens to Shinji, he says that he’s seen the girl before at the school and go to the student council where they see her with Nono. Introductions get out the way before Taku speaks to her but easily bypasses him.

Outside while he’s trying to wonder how or why she was there Hinae states with positivity that he will die soon.

Kunosato and Shinjou are also on the case trying to find out about these mysterious deaths and we see the chubby lady from Chaos;Head, still alive! In that series it was implied she died but I guess that’s not the case.

Kunosato was the one to talk to Hinae while she was at the police station and gives the impression she will find out what’s going on. She will probably come in contact with the cast later in episodes.

That’s the gist of the episode of Chaos;Child and I have to say I am impressed. The animation is good and not obnoxious, characters look nice to the though I would have liked not dealing with the confusion of Chaos;Head prologue despite it being a predecessor.

The opening theme “Uncontrollable” is sung by famed singer Kanako Ito, who has done music for Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and Robotic;Notes games and anime’s. The song has has an electronic sound with her voice being distinct which makes it awesome as I have listened to the short version of it for almost the entire weekend nonstop. The animation for the opening also sets the stage for what possible could happen as I saw four of the heroines in specific delusions of Serika crying and falling from the edge of a building, Nono drowning, Kazuki being on railroad tracks as the camera comes closer to her insinuating a train is about to crash into her and Kazuki being in a field of grass unconscious, along with Taku running from something and holding his head in pain as if he is seeing the delusions going rampant. I like the song overall and will be one I hold onto for this series.

Ending theme is called “Chaos Syndrome” which is another good edition. Ending animation only has a scene of some flower garden before being bathed in blood by someone.

Despite all my praise and hope for this show, since it being linked to some of the shows I mentioned, I do worry that this show will only be 12 episodes and not 25 like Steins;Gate so a possibility or actual fact, that not all the characters will be fleshed out and keep their stereotypical archetypes and see their real reasons and motives in this series. Along with I saw some offical images of the characters with possible Di-Swords or weapons but not sure if they will do anything with them though I read (Wikipedia, sue me) that some of the cast do have abilities so it’s just a waiting game. Along with who he will get involved with but again my OTP (one true pairing) is with Nono but feel it will go to Serika. We’ll wait and see.

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*Well jeez, if that’s not giving it away who the offical pairing is then I don’t know what its?*

The game version was released in 2014 and I assume it did good in Japan though it will probably stay there with some imported version on the net.  This will be an anime I check out every week as I don’t want to wait and binge all episodes. I’ll do that after watching this series plays out to a good or weak conclusion.

The show is updated every Wednesday so look out for it if you are subscribed to Crunchyroll!

I give an overall rating of characters, plot, animation, music and entertainment value of an 8 out of 10!

Until next time everyone!

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