Happy New Year everyone and to fellow anime fans!

It’s a new year and with that the first blog of 2017! I was wondering what I should do to begin with typing and then decided to go with anime.

Yes despite my still mindset of it being “meh” to me as of late I still remember my roots.

This will be a first impression and slight review to Masamune-kun’s Revenge.

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It just started streaming on Crunchyroll and will be updated on Thursday’s, since that’s when it started.

We begin the episode in the main character’s room, named Masamune and he’s what you expect; black haired with darkish blue eyes but there is one thing that sets him apart; he is vain and not the typical way! Oh no I mean full-blown Adonis Complex!

Okay so I wasn’t expecting that in the least. We are also introduced to his younger sister by a year or two (which is so expected in anime…why can’t the MC have a little brother?) who’s name is Chinatsu; you can be expecting her being our voice for her indifference to her narcissistic brother.

We then are given a glimpse into Masamune’s homelife as his mother, who is a flipping loli, I mean doesn’t even look her damn age!! I mean I have a Dorian Gray thing going on but I don’t look like a flipping kid!

Ahem, she is making him breakfast but it’s all high in calories to his disgust. Apparently he doesn’t want to eat anything like that except for something with less carbs and the like. Dude your a teen, it’s a okay to ham it down within reason.

Masa-kun (which I will call him) goes to his new school he transferred into last week, scoping out the Tennis club. You know the delicate  females that have the gracefulness as a swans with a nice bosom and legs driven as the purest snow? Though some see “him” doing that and when it’s about to look like Masa-kins is about to get a tongue lashing, the dude behind him; total geek boy, gets said lash due to having a phone out and the assumption he was taken their picture (probably was) as our MC is relieved and thinks that maybe due to his acquired “sexy back” look he got off scoot free…which is true. He also isn’t afraid to throw a wink at the females that admire his looks.

After that they are willing to have his babies and drop trough.

So what have we learned? Masamune (and it JUST clicked Masamune is the typical sword in games and anime) gets weird with eating fatty foods, being handsome but still cordial to his peers but why?

All of this accumulates to seeing the top girl named Aki Adagaki, nicknamed the [Cruel Princess] due to hating guys and if a guy asks her out, finds out butt-loads of info on them and publicly humiliates and gives them a nickname that sticks and given that she is the main heroine, it sticks .

Masamune discovers what her name is by his classmates, the school rep Futaba and his friend, Shigeo, who is male but has the appearance of a female for some strange reason and likes to eat sweets but keep his figure…but that’s beside the point. Through the info it’s revealed that he wants revenge of Aki for doing something to him in the past.

We are also introduced to Akiba’s would be helper/slave named Yoshino Koiwai; a melancholy looking girl who follows her mistress every command. Soft, demure but big rack.

As Masa-kun tries to figure the resident ice queen out he follows the subordinate until he comes across them at an empty gym storage closet and sees the cruel princess about to eat. Upon closer examination it’s a couple of bento boxes. To top it all off her stomach growls like a lion (or sounds like farting but that’s typical of a growling stomach in anime).

Having some dirt on her our MC soon tries to be friendly but she is a cold hearted woman, it’s not until Aki’s crimes against one she spurned advances on earlier in the episode attacks her and is saved by Masa-kun. With this he has an in to make her fall in love with him and break her heart!

And the reason why he has this plan? Apparently in the past he was a fatty boy and rich so he was probably obnoxious, got bullied by some kids and she saved him,using the power of an elite their aura is amazing to us normal people. Later that day (evening, still in the past) it’s seen porky confesses and she blatantly disregards him by saying she would never fall for him and gave him a gift of a nickname called “Pig’s foot”.

So Masamune is out for his own revenge against the stuck up broad that broke his heart into tiny pieces but will it go as planned? The thing about teengers is this; feelings get you everyttime.

This episode was rather enjoyable. I thought I was going to pass judgement with it but gladly I didn’t. It does have the tropes and cliches of “older brother with a sister” “tsundere-rich girl” and “traps” but it doesn’t feel forced down which I like.

The opening and ending themes are rather good. Adding to the opening I saw a big-busted brunette chick in there so I can take a wild guess she will be coming in soon enough as a possible “Love-rival” along with a possible connection to Yoshino as to their backs standing back to back in the opening.

The animation is pretty general and voice acting is of course on point. Granted at first glance I can tell this series will be a 12 episode season with a possible open-ending, I don’t see this show making the two male/female characters offical but I could be wrong but I feel no I will be right on this.


The show will probably have ups and downs of forced feels with his childhood trauma to now along with hers but it’s not out of place with the theme they got going on here and that theme is food!

Greasy hardcore “I can eat what I want” food to I burst. I’m joking but probably about health in general and the psychosis of one who is vain? Of course that’s just me reading too deep into this one.

I will continue checking this out. And here I thought the winter anime of 2017 would suck? I mean I don’t much care for Akiba (S)trip due to how different it looks from the game. Call me a purist.

The show is a School Life/Romance/Harem/Comedy anime from what I can gather and this is me not going by the official one by checking Wikipedia. I got to learn to do my own leg work with this.

For a rating I give the first episode a decent 7 out of 10.

Here’s a rundown on the characters.

Masamune = Main character which likes keeping figure, abstained from carbs, out for revenge against Adagaki for something in the past and was called [Pig’s Foot].

Aki Adagaki = Main heroine also dubbed [Cruel Princess] by her peers. She has a strong female harem following but unknown to them (except her servant) has a large appetite that she can’t eat one meal and needs more food to satisfy said hunger. Cold but possible a tsundere.

Futaba = Class Rep, friend and sort of tomboy to our MC. Possible love link?

Shuri Kojuurou = friend and “trap” of the series for those who like them.

Yoshino Koiwai = Servant to Adagaki. Possibility of having more on her mind then she says. Big boobs.

Chinatsu = Little sister that eats junk food but maintains body weight. I get a snarky, tell-it-like-it-is feel from her. Is not weirded out that her mom looks like a loli (I have issues, big ones!)

And that’s that for this review. We’ll see if I do more reviews for this show. Later days everyone!

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