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Hey-ho-let’s-go! That’s right after almost two weeks I have finally gotten to this post! You know what this is, Once Upon A Time and it’s the winter finale!

We leave this tale with “Wish You Were Here”. Emma, Hook and Regina are on the prowl trying to look for EQR and discover her at Robin Hood’s grave. You know Regi is pissed and tells her to get away but EQR refutes that she also loved him, passed tense and also says that due to his death this stirred her to freeing her darker self.

In a moment of rage from Emma when EQR taunts her the savior uses the sword that was part of the vision of her death and nicks her cheek! Regina goes to check but to everyone’s surprise she is okay and it was EQR that took the hit. Despite this shock the evil queen goes to heal her wound but can’t; the sword is her weakness and seeing that vanishes in a swirl of dark smoke.

Soon we go in deep when the heroes Emma, Hook and David go to confront EQR that has somehow captured Jasmine go to Gold’s shop and to their surprise Aladdin is there with the Evil Regina holding his lamp.

Things take a turn when EQR has Aladdin grant Emma’s wish of “not wanting to be the savior anymore” at some point and soon vanishes.

The remaining of the episode goes as follows; Regina confronts her evil counterpart and in an ingenious move of making a second wish due to the two are the same person Regina goes into the “wish world” to try and find Emma.

In this world/universe/reality, Emma’s wish of never being the savior (of course) comes true as we see a glimpse of “what if” if Emma was never flung to our world and remained in the Enchanted forest; she is the pinnacle of a “Disney Princess”, white gown, long flowing hair and she sings by a river bank or when picking flowers. She is neither a tomboy but a girly-girl with a timid and somewhat fragile mindset. Princess Emma in this world still meets Neal who was a knight of the kingdom and apparently married for them to get Henry but Neal died at some point with PE raising Henry with her parents. Charming and Snow are older in this and not grand spanking young and it is truly a “parent/child” relationship they have compared to a “pseudo-sibling-at times parenting” thing.

It’s apparent that David and Snow truly cherished their daughter and spoiled her as she doesn’t have any of her previous traits that we see in the series and it’s a kick in the nuts. I for one would have liked Emma to be raised with her parents but still keep what makes her, her but it was circumstances that shaped Emma. You also notice a lack of baby Neal, as Snow and David never had him so that’s another blow.

Back to the story Regina is in WW (wish world) and trying to convince some she isn’t the evil queen but no one believes her; in this reality the Charmings were able to exile her. Regina goes and tries to locate Rumple, who is in a dungeon where he convinces her to free him along with give her advice on “a savior needs a villain” which she does go for. Along with it seems this version of Rumple is or suspected to know that despite being a WW the reality is/could really be real and that they aren’t/could be apparitions of a wish since…well that’s what it seems like for me.

Regina is able to kidnap Ems parents with the latter going to where they are to give her what she wants; the key to the kingdom. This frustrates Regi to no degree as this princess mode seems to have a hold on her and in a moment of anger crushes Charming and Snow’s hearts causing Emma to weep uncontrollably.

Regina realizes that Emma really had nothing to give in all this. Knight Henry soon arrives and states that even if his mother couldn’t kill her, he could! We see that Henry has a lot more backbone compared to his other and original counterpart. As he throws the magical sword that came with Emma, time freezes.

Emma is able to break free from the princess mode mindset; it was able to break thanks to seeing Henry trying to kill Regina. The two make tracks and soon arrive at a river bank where Rumple appears and gives Regina the magic bean, completing their contract.

An arrow is shot and it is WW Robin! This is beyond a shock for Regina as this was the love of her life come back to life!! Emma tries to persuade Regina to go but it goes on deaf ears before the portal closes, trapping them in WW Enchanted world.

How will they escape?

The B plot revolved around Belle discovering that Blue got hurt in the transition of moving her son. Gold is the one to tell her something was up. It’s unseen but found out that the Black Fairy captured their son!

If you remember as well the Black Fairy is Rumple’s mother! Belle is beyond shocked as to why his mother would do that which Gold has no answers for. He does give a warning that the world of the Dark Fairy is complex, time is weird.

As EQR is able to one up David with wasting a wish and being driven back with the arrival of Hook, Henry and Jasmine that get’s the lamp back, the dark woman is beyond livid until a portal opens up at Granny’s and soon a man in a black hood appears as if he belongs to Organization XIII from Kingdom Hearts.

EQR is like “what the fuck?!” before the mysterious figure uses dark fairy dust and changes her to a viper in a cage.

As the mysterious figure goes about Rumple and Belle are still wondering what happened to their son until the figure arrives at Gold’s shop and reveals to them…he is their son grown up!! It’s the exact face and build that Belle knows from the dream drops she’s had.

With Emma and Regina being trapped in WW with Robin holding them at arrow point, Rumple and Belle finding their son has aged and all dark mode, Jasmine and Aladdin heading out to see the fate of Agrabah, David finding out he has dark impulses without Snow there, how will everything go?

Along with the fact of Emma’s vision of the future showing a person in the cloak killing her is RumBelle son, will destiny go as planned? How and why is Gideon acting like this and has a vendetta against Emma?

We will find out more when the show comes back out in March!

Wish You Were Here was an outstanding winter finale for OUAT and another stronger episode. For the first amount of episodes I was seeing the show lacking in drive with trying to add “the world of unfinished stories” angle and it seems they (writers) have decided to put that on the back burner for now as this is where it gets stronger.

Granted I like it when the show takes a step back from the main cast to see the other characters but only if it’s necessary. We know that untold stories in Storybrooke have occurred without the main cast being needed so it would be nice to have those stories told in a book of what happens during said seasons or even in between?

A strong episode that left me wanting more I give Wish You Were Here a strong and positive 9 out of 10.

Happy Holidays Oncers and I will see y’all all next year when the 2nd half starts!

Love is strength.