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Greetings everyone, this is my double comic review and it will involve two latest Marvel comics.

Scarlet Witch


Wanda is face to face with her aunt in Scarlet Witch issue 12! This comic took a while to come out so some of the overall plot is foggy but I got the gist of it.

The comic explains how and why Marya is alive and some reference to the High Evolutionary.

Past links from previous issues play strong in this as well which I wasn’t expecting. Another revelation that Wanda made about the name of said practitioners of witchcraft and how it’s not basic as how she is never called “The Red Witch” but  Scarlet Witch” a deeper shade of red. To the Emerald Warlock (around issues 3 or 4 from what I can recall), to Wu who went by the color Coral Shore, and Aoi master which means Blue-Green.  It all comes together nicely and makes one want to check out the previous issues as a refresher.

As all this washes over Wanda she winds up surprised when her aunt and Dasha (her mother’s best friend) wind up possessed by some funky Witch-Demons. Showing off some skill that she got from the Wu while in Hong Kong to avoid them, Wanda considers using a spell of exorcism but fears that she could risk hurting their bodies and souls until the helpful arrival of Agatha Harkness. She grants her a boost of power to destroy the witch demons and preserve the bodies of her aunt and associate.

While Marya is unconcious an unexpected arrival occurs as Wanda’s mother appears an possess her sister to her shock. After giving acknowledgement to her best friend she turns to Wanda as mother and daughter are granted a reunion at last.

Though it isn’t sunshine and puppies as Wanda mother explains that she has been trying to contact her so that she could put her on the correct road to the blight on witchcraft and it’s the place they have met once during the middle portion of the comic series; The Witch’s Road, where it all began.

She explains that Wanda must walk it even further than anyone has done before, only then can she find the answers she craves of curing witchcraft. Before leaving Natalya (I just found the damn name of Wanda’s mother) leaves a parting gift to Marya; she heals her burned mark face.

As the old duo leave after giving thanks Wanda and Agatha are left alone as the former reveals that everything she has learned over the course of the series have or could been some kind of test, to push her magics to the brink due to what could happen when she travels the witch’s road.

Be it coincidence or fate it doesn’t matter, the Scarlet Witch will continue her mission no matter what. Opening a portal the witch and ghost go into parts not stepped by others before them.

Scarlet Witch 12 continues to engross me with it’s story. While the drawings were interesting I felt it could have been a tad bit polished but that’s just a minor gripe. Overall I give this issue a 7 out of 10.

Death Of X

Image result for Death of X 4

This is it true believers the mystery of the fate of Cyclops is revealed here in Death of X issue 4.

To begin I have thought of what possibly could have happened to Cyclops after a year of dicking around with nothing more than hints and all that bullshit but now after reading I can say is, damn.

Remember what happened in the last issue? Alchemy is with Cyke, Emma, Magik, the Cuckoos and Sunfire to stop the terrigen mist cloud unfortunately coming in the wings are the royal Inhumans, Queen Medusa, Black Bolt, Karnak and the green amphibian dude who sucks.

Backtracking to Storm and Crystal’s groups they have been kept busy by Magento and his small team of x-men/X-Factor to distract them which takes some time.

Sunfire takes Alchemy over the top of the mist and is about to drop him until he is blasted down by one of the newer Inhumans named Inferno, not a royal but high up I guess. Cyke gives the nerd a pep talk which works and the duo fly up and Alchemy goes through the mist, shocking the Inhumans.

If you are wonering why the royal’s didn’t do anything the Cuckoo’s used their telepathic abilities to distract the nu-humans since they have no psychic defenses and attack the silent king. Yeah apparently through undisclosed the royals have some training in mental defenses due to the world inhabits psychics (mutant or inhuman) and the occasional magic but I digress.

There ploy works but Medusa with Black Bolt with Lockjaw teleport to their location. The mist slowly turns red as Alchemy changes the composition. Cyke and his team are ecstatic while the Inhumans are blown that their sacred fart cloud got nullified.

As Sunfire lands with Alchemy the mist affected him greatly as he is covered in boils and rash before he dies surprising Cyke and Emma. Now if they are sad that they don’t have a weapon against the cloud is one thing but I’ll say Cyke appeared sad with Ems so…

Cyclops knows he’s in deep and made an enemy of the Inhumans for a lifetime by doing this affront but confronts them anyway and explains that the red mist cloud won’t harm them as he made sure for it to be normal and not effect any people. Giving a moving speech of his life as he is about to shoot them Black Bolt uses his voice and kills him in an instant as Storm and the others come to see their fallen brother fall. It’s a sad and shocking event for the X-men.

A week passes and we are at Cyclops funeral where Storm gives a beautiful eulogy with Emma and Alex Summers aka Havok, watch. The little brother is skeptical if his brother is really dead and demands to know what happened, the brother he knew wouldn’t go down like that as he is stubborn to a fault.

Emma relents but does say there is something she hid from him and the others. They return to the lab on Muir Island (where the funeral is) and Havoc comes face to face with his dear brother’s body….dead as a doornail.

The real truth comes out as it is revealed to the reader that everything that has occurred with Cyclops was a mental image by Emma Frost herself! She tells Alex that the virus killed Cyclops on the spot when they were investigating in issue 1 and as he lay dying Cycle’s last were words were “It can’t end this way, so much to do….Emma don’t let it!”.

With Emma cradling her love in her arms Cyclops, Scott Summers died. Emma soon thought of a plan to her lost love, make him immortal and what’s the best way for anyone doing that, through the power of an ideal. Emma using her vast psy-power to broadcast the belief Cyke was alive and well.

As the comic winds down we see Emma crying out of grief and in hysteria that she made her love immortal by this, an ideal can never die. The page soon fades to black.

And that is the truth behind the missing Cyclops for any of the X-men comics for a year with only brief allusions to this secret war of inhumans and mutants. If you are wondering it is also briefly touched on the current status quo of Beast being with the Inhumans and a cease fire though it felt like a win for the Inhumans.

I was shocked by this, not only is my favorite X-man dead but through Emma Frost the name Cyclops is held with exhaustion or contempt depending on who say it. It is this one woman that has started this war on the Inhumans.

Am I mad at her?


The backstory with Emma is imbedded in X-men lore and despite her being the other woman of being a point of breaking up Cyke and Jean, the blonde fell in love with Cyclops. Though I was shocked like everyone else when I found out about this as the various stories played out I eventually could except Emma being part of Cyclops life, she held him up and vise versa.

In possible futures they wind up having children or one which shows that they did love one another deeply.

Emma stood up when her people were dying by a damn cloud when Black Bolt released the terrigen bomb; no one knew it would have a lethal effect on the genetic makeup of mutants and the way Marvel went about it though is a slap in the face for long time X-men fans.

While the Inhumans celebrated the rise up of Inhumans it gave the impression that they don’t care one way of the mutant strife occurring! They have a responsibility to do everything they can to help but this came off as them not giving a fuck.

The character portrayals in this were all right, I don’t think neither side did a good job with unifying the conflicting tension and this also rings true to fans who are either pro-Inhumans or X-men. Though I’m not sure I am aware of anyone liking the royals.

It’s as many people say and I can agree, the Inhumans is Marvel’s of trying to make this rag-tag Tolkien group rise over the ashes since they don’t have their beloved mutants anymore due to selling them to FOX in the 90’s to avoid bankruptcy.

Emma might be guilty of the deceit but she has always had noble ideals for the mutant population, they were the next step in the genetic mutation and rising to prominence, every comic of X men have stated this but with the plot of Decimation and AVX it brought down the mutants in a way that they and fans haven’t recovered from.

The truth has NOT been revealed over Emma’s deceit but maybe in the new Inhumans vs. X-men but I remember reading an article about her saying she will have some important role for the future of the mutants so I’d say she will be safe for now. I mean she is one of the top psychics in Marvel with Rachel Grey coming in second and Psylocke being third. If we count the time-displaced Jean Grey though she would be low tier, it will take time until she matures to reach that trio’s powerset but it’s Jean, she’ll find a way.

The future I had for Cyke to have some happily ever after with Emma is forever gone now…I am deeply saddened by this. He with Prof-X, Wolverine, Jean Grey are gone now. Four premiere X-men gone to the bowels of time.


For the plot twist I praise this story however for the characterization and plot it’s sketchy and I’m too close to this now that I can’t be forgiving the Inhumans for their lack of empathy despite what they say in the comics.

I will give this issue a 7 out of 10. For the entire mini-series event however for plot/characters I will have to give this a 6.5 out of 10.

Inhuman vs. X-men issue 0 comes out this week though to begin the battle that will determine the fate of all mutants so I’ll look out for it but I’m skeptical since Marvel can be shady at times.

I’m signing out, hope you enjoyed the reading!

Here’s some images of Cyke with the ones that shaped him.

Image result for Cyclops lovers

*The true love*

Related image

*The clone and one he married, Madelyne*

Image result for Cyclops and Emma

*Cyke and Emma, his great love up to the point of death and potential one he’d marry*

Image result for Cyclops and Cable

*Father and son (with baby Hope*

Image result for Cyclops and Havok

*Cyke and his baby brother*

Image result for X men marvel

*Long live the X-men*