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Salutations everyone, J again and this will be a short and sweet blog. This time around is just the simple subject of Thanksgiving and besides all the glorious food we can stuff in our anticipation gullet there is one thing that goes into this.


That’s right those words ring true and it is the underbelly of this fabled holiday and I am just recovering from my gorge of the festivities. From banging my chest to relieve any kind of pressure to rolling on my bed to take a nap and get the digestive fluids running to not be in this food coma!

Ugh, its annoying that this happens! Sure I can say I’ll watch what I eat and I do but for some reason I wind up noticing my belly expanding ¬†and then groaning later to downright lamenting all the weight I have inevitably gained.

Okay so that’s a minor complaint. It’s not like I had to go up to family this year since I’m not planning on dealing with them until Christmas and that’s a monster within itself. Before my own classic move of “just not being bothered” with them my Thanksgiving usually wound up with me going to my grandma’s house in Philly or to Maryland with family there and experiencing the joys and lows dealing with family.

Sure it’s a time to be thankful (and quietly I am) but let’s be honest, dealing with family is an exhausting business. From putting on false mask to prevent anyone from prying any further to my life of fabled terms like “Do you have a girlfrien?” or “When will you get married and have kids?” or “you’re an adult and still live at home with your mom and no driver’s license” it becomes a tango which I can do but at the same time being fake with my responses at times.

My family still treats me like I’m not very “together” at times or at least with dealing with me. To be honest when you discover, due to being diagnosed with being retarded as a kid when it’s really attention disorder, and your family treats you with kick gloves with explaining shit or terms they think I don’t grasp, I have to play with kick gloves and “fake it to I make it” depending on the situation.

Now it’s not like I dislike them but I know or interpret their personalities in order to protect whatever pride I have. I mean I would like to find a female to spend time with on this day to have some meaning on this holiday and the next since these last few years of thanksgiving I’ve been treating like a vacation.

I don’t have the drive to be happy with this or spend time with extended family, I’d rather use this free time to binge watch a show, which FYI I am doing at the moment, I am IN LOVE with Gilmore Girls, or gets some gaming done on this long weekend.

It’s not all doom and gloom, I did enjoy Thanksgiving back then as a kid since it’s food and hanging with cousins and watching football (which I didn’t like at the time). I think I also spent the night for some odd reason…

But anyway Thanksgiving is something that hasn’t been completely lost on me, I am thankful for the ones I choose to have in my life, from good friends such as Mike, Heather, Charlie, Natasha, Chris, Andy, John, Guyface (I don’t know his actual name) Sarah, to ones I think of as family like my “dad” John, Annie and Johnnie and also my mother, I do cherish them very deeply and even though I might not say it they hold a place in my heart (or my brain due to memory and shit but that’s being technical).

I can say I had a good Friend-Thanksgiving with Mike on Skype last night which was fun! So despite all the ups and major downs of 2016 (and I’ll write more on my yearly reflection review in December) this is a blessed time to give thanks to the people in our lives.

I hope you all had a good one as well!

Till the next blog!