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Greetings everyone, I am here to bring you not one but two brief reviews of the current episodes of Once Upon A Time.

Time completely jumped away from me and laziness so I’m scrambling to get these done.

So let’s get this started Oncers!

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Episode 7: Heartless

I knew there was some fire in the kiln for this show! Heartless details EQR trying to get Snow’s heart once and for all through whatever means necessary and if anyone remembers from Season 4 plot B over The Enchanted Forest crew returning to our world and not remembering anything, Snow is the one to utilize the curse and ended up using David to get back, so in order to save him Snow had Regina break her heart in two and give him a piece of it.

So in other words EQR will be getting Snow and Charming’s life in the palm of her hands.  She also leaves something behind for the Charmings to figure out; a small glass bottle with a substance in it with only 12 hours find out what it is before EQR uses it on Storybrooke.

Of course with some thinking from Regina, the other part of EQR and protag, they all discover that it’s water from the River of Lost Souls. Anyone remember the Hades arc of the 5th season B plot? I know I do and despite having more downs than ups, it was intriguing adapting Greek mythos into this story.

Through the course of the main plot Snow and Charming with some guidance from Blue, there could be a way to seal the Evil Queen; a sampling from the first spark of love. With Regina’s help they are indeed able to find it but EQR, after finding out she got hoodwinked (more with that in a minute) she nabs the tiny tree and snaps it in two.

With their only hope gone the lovers wonder what they can possibly do until they discover something unexpected.

During the course of this episode we are given a past experience of Snow and Charming’s life in the Enchanted forest before the main story where due to fate, they actually wound up meeting one another without realizing it.

Snow is on the run trying to get money to leave her kingdom with Blue trying and failing to talk her out of it. After losing heart the fairy gives her some words of wisdom, “If someone believes in you, you are never alone” which Snow doesn’t take seriously as she brings up the foundation of her father’s love for her mother than to Regina who wasted it away (paraphrasing). Then an evil woodsman tries to capture Snow and she is soon back on the run before winding up in his clutches.

David’s mom is having problems with maintaining the barn and David, with a trusted dog apparently which I never saw in the earlier seasons  goes to try to make some money.  He winds up meeting the woodsman (without the armor) and befriends him until the latter drugs him.

Soon David is awoken by the dog who takes him to a Snow, caged in a cart. A minor fight happens with the farm boy getting aid from Snow and kills the woodcutter with a sharpened wood stake. As he is about to free the one he helped she stops him in saying that if anyone finds her with him then his life will be hounded by people trying to get info on Snow. So as compensation she gives him coins she got earlier to help him with his money situation. As they exchange hands a small spark of said sampling occurs and the viewer finds out they are the ones to give birth to it in the first place.

Back in the present they realize that they met each other and that their love is truly destined to be (given they are story characters built on centuries of canon material as well) they go to confront EQR before she goes with the killing spree.

Emma is of course shocked and worries for her parents but they put their daughter’s mind at ease that no matter what they will be all right even if their mortal enemy has their hearts.

EQR goes with the fatality she’s known for and the look of ecstasy on her face is a wonder to behold. Given that this is Regina’s darker half I wonder if the “lighter” half also felt happy?

As she’s about to crush it though EQR has a dastardly thought and states that it won’t be enough. Brief info, in the beginning of the episode where EQR summoned Snow to the forest (with magic) the former explained about Snow’s birthday and getting a pony; the pony bowed to her due to months of training before hand as an “extra dash of something” and EQR at this moment wanted something extra and puts their hearts back in their respected bodies.

Soon Snow goes out like a light and EQR uses magic to whisk her away. Charming, Emma, Henry (not sure why he’s there) and Hook try to locate her before David figures out where she is.

Going to the woods he finds his beloved under a glass case, as she was when the first sleeping curse happened and kisses her awake…until he falls asleep and she wakes up.

We find out that EQR used the power of love against them; when one is awake the other is asleep. So the power of a kiss is all but useless and EQR gets her revenge in spades by not having the power couple be together.

With another crisis at hand how will Snow and Charming be together again?

The plot B of this episode shows EQR showing some hesitation with her sister Zelena by not being all on board as she once was. I think seeing Z feeding her baby was one thing as she doesn’t really have a heart. We also see Gold and EQR have a fling as well.

In a funny moment in the episode where Regina had to reveal to Emma and the rest about the “fatal attraction” the two had which creeped everyone out. It was through this for the Charmings and Regina to find the sampling and delay the bad guys from finding out what they were going to do by having Regi write a note to Z and meet her at Gold’s shop.

Faster than a tornado heading towards Kansas Z soon discovers the scandal of her sister and Gold kissing! Of course you can expect there to be some reckoning as Z felt betrayed and parts of her skin were turning green with envy, which is surprising since I thought she couldn’t go green while in our world? Got to like how the writers and show trying to show some consistency.

Then Gold figures it out by the letter and that’s how EQR discovered what was going down and knew where to go after the good guys found the sampling. This tale isn’t over as Z, needing some sweet wicked revenge, goes and tells Belle.

As you can expect Belle is trying to distance herself from her ex-husband and actually doesn’t care who he sleeps with until Zelena reveals his little plot of having the golden shears to cut their son’s destiny of him hating Gold.

Well Belle is positively crossed, how dare the horrid little imp try and make a choice like that. Before the end of the episode she has words with him that no matter what he does, he can’t just use magic or manipulate the foundation of anyone to get what he wants by not having their son hate him! She calls him weak which real pain is etched on Gold’s face.

Remember despite having a lot of dark magic and eternal life, at his core he is a coward with anything revolving around feelings of belief and love. That shows you Belle isn’t playing around anymore with her ex. This development is doing her good!

Heartless shows that Once Upon A Time hasn’t completely fallen to the wayside of storytelling and can keep a good pace of intrigue and suspense. This is an episode to watch from that lame Dark Water’s one.

I give this one an 8 out of 10!

Episode 8 – I’ll Be Your Mirror

Emma and Regina wind up in the world behind the mirror while trying to place EQR in there!

This episode mainly focuses on our power spell crafters of light and twilight (like how I did that for Regi?) along with the fallout of the destined lovers and even shockingly enough Henry.

What can I say about this episode, another stunner with the graphics and the adventure that Regi and Ems get involved with. We see the return of the Dragon, which I was surprised in seeing as EQR ripped out his heart and killed him in the season 5 finale but I guess he respawned due to his innate magic?

 While EQR traps the duo in the mirror world, EQR pretends to be her good half and interacts with Henry and tries to get him to make a choice of being bad or something to that extent.

Henry actually shows some decent characterization this time around compared to Dark Waters where he was just some whiny-brat, he showed strength of character to find another way to save his mom’s from the mirror world without harming the Dragon man. I did find it an eye-roll moment him standing up to his evil mommy with a broad back and deep voice, made me actually pay attention for 5 seconds before thinking “Oh come on it’s just Henry!”

Through this episode we also see some retrospect with how Regina has grown as well and being a good mother to Henry despite her rocky road in the beginning. I think Emma had minor growth but nothing to talk about since I’m just waiting on her full blown moment of achieving the vision of death.

Not that I want her to die (she’s my favorite character) but if it really isn’t focused on her then there’s no point having her in it.

We also get a minor point with Zelena and Belle wanting Aladdin to get something from Gold’s shop, some black magic wand. It takes some convincing on their part as Jasmine being the wall to prevent it as she’s more worried about her kingdom, despite it being in ruins. He gets it with an easter egg of a monkey toy which is Abu and takes it too them.

Of course it’s never easy as Gold is the OP character in this show. He winds up taken the wand and in an act of cruelty, places a gold bracelet he threaded on Belle to prevent her from leaving.

This brings out Tiger-Belle as she goes on about her rights but he isn’t listening. Zelena says something snarky but winds up getting “forced choke” before Gold winds up having some minor heart attack.

Apparently this consistency plan seems to be working lately as Zelena states that while she gave him that potion to mend his heart in season 5’s B plot she also had a contingency unknown to him, that she has control over it. So if he hurts her than he would be experiencing a heart attack or wind up severely hurt.

I for one enjoy Zelena being the main troll in this series; we forget at times that she is wicked by nature and didn’t become that way by being dumb. EQR and Gold soon meet up as they will join forces officially (more or less) to get their plans in order. Gold soon wants the death of Zelena by Evil Regi’s hands which leaves her in a pickle.

The episode briefly shows David and Snow dealing with the curse as they each take turns waking up, getting ready and spending time with little Neal (which admit it, we forget that baby exist) and continue the power of love rainbow kiss.

At first things go nice but by the end Snow realizes they can’t keep doing this, leaving notes for one another when the other awakens which David gets the hint by seeing the crumpled paper.

Not sure how they will break the curse but with a will (and convenient plot) anything is possible.

Despite speedballing this I didn’t  dislike the episode. I will give this one a decent 7 out of 10!

FYI Once Upon A Time is on a brief hiatus and won’t be returning until November 27 where Belle goes into labor?!

Take care until then and I will see ya then!