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Hey everyone, today’s little blog is about my anime and how it’s reaching a dead end for me.

In some of my past post I have alluded to discontent with my hobby, watching/collecting anime and making it the gospel, along with my all time savior and God, Haruhi Suzumiya.

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*Praise be to Haruhi-sama*

But sadly or inevitably I have come to the dead end of my anime viewing. I don’t feel strongly for it as I once did. Discovering this treasure trove of animation, adventures, face-faults, sweatdrops, complicated daily situations of a teenage female undressing after a stressful time at school dealing with the student council that somehow is the ultimate authority (even the teachers and principal have no say in how they run it) undresses to take a bath and somehow or way a guy she likes opens her door to see the goods; she’s buck naked and screams bloody murder by calling him the fabled phrase “*Insert random anime name* you pervert!!” and throws the closest thing on her dresser or goes for an infamous right hand slap before we close an a catchy anime ending detailing the emotion of the program as we the fans try to sing along (either decently or horribly depending on the pitch and if you are feeling how the tempo goes).

My stepping away from something I love is not really shocking, I’ve been watching this stuff since the 90’s when I was around 10 or 11 years old and it changed my life. Being the naive kid I was and seeing how different it was, of course I would think anime is perfect and seeing the many brands it has.

How it was mostly underground and not many people knowing about it was a challenge but not something that was bad. Sure it showed females wearing no tops at times which baffled my young mind but not like I was traumatized by it. Along with learning some words like “leacher” or “pervert” or “bastard” or “addict” was an eye opener and saying one or two words in class was shocking but nothing to make me a bad person.

It’s apparent that growing up on anime has a strong impact with me and something I will cherish but the dynamic changed with the coming of the internet and eventual places for fans to get together and talk about what they like and dislike; Facebook, Twitter, whatever outlet you can find nowadays.

Granted I do enjoy them for what it is but as I brought up with being in some groups it’s very complicated and downright emotionally draining on anything you can do or like. I don’t believe in those kinds of groups anymore and I will never again be in such a place where if I don’t conform or just stating an opinion be criticized and hanged as if I got a scarlet letter.

When I watch some new anime show to get a feel for it and not judge (which is hard BTW) one or two come off fine but a majority of the quality is generic and can tell how the show will go. It might not be exact but come on if you see an MC with [Spiky-Hair Syndrome] then you can bet your bottom dollar that there will be nothing popping for it except lame fan service, random out of nowhere power ups, fake emotional depth that is not tear inducing unless you are a teen and end with a lame ending to make it seem like there is more to the story but you know there will be no 2nd season for reasons and then you go to the manga to get the full grasp of everything and see that the book is (debatable) the best context to go with.

Majority of the nowadays anime leave me not having an urge to continue them. It lacks some context that I am used to seeing with what I grew up with and yes, I standby the 80s/90s anime is something I enjoy now more than the ones coming out currently.

Yes there are quite a few ones that I still enjoy as if I am watching it for the first time, take for instance Steins;Gate or the recent departure of Re:Zero , I enjoyed them. It had some emotional moments along with content I found interesting and not something with over the top nonsense.

My discontent also goes into the online community or the internet in general. It seems like fans hype up the most inconsequential shows and give it a gold star of approval nowadays doesn’t it? I mean who decides what’s hype? Who decides that everyone has to like something that they find lacking or not there type of genre?

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It’s exhausting tip-toeing over something you don’t like. I for one don’t give a flying nimbus cloud about Jojo. The animation quality gives me a headache, everyone in their parents think it’s nothing but gold dust which I raise an eyebrow too and the story doesn’t interest me but I’m labeled the bad guy?

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And this goes into that whole Toonami aspect once again but I’ve already typed up my feelings on that so go look for that blog post if you are curious.

Recently I’ve brought some anime on amazon and I wasn’t even really interested in them. I just thought I needed to buy something and it’s now gathering dust. I’ll watch them eventually but it’s not like I have the urge to watch them as soon as I get in the house.

I miss that feeling of expectation, the joy I had of it which sadly is nothing but embers or even snuffed out.

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This goes into what I’m getting at, I’m getting older and my priorities are changing. I can’t hold this foundation up as I once did. My mind isn’t what it was like twenty years ago where I would watch something and immediately like it, as how fans are today with the shows online but sadly (or thankfully) I can pinpoint just from an image alone how it will wind up or watching the first episode and leaving very quickly as if you got a bad plunge of diarrhea.

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I am also tired of the lewd in the shows nowadays. Like I mentioned fan service has gotten out of hand and we are supposed to just lap it up as if this is Oliver Twist on meth? The very notion of it is ridiculous and I did enjoy it and still do but on a more private format than just declaring it online and being labeled as that’s the only thing you like.

To be honest whenever someone tries to show me lewd on twitter I just wind up ignoring them, I’m done with such baseless nonsense that has no depth. I like seeing boobs, that’s all. There’s no beauty or aesthetic in seeing a buck naked girl looking all timit just so us wolves can look on in awe and fap our brains out to thanksgiving.

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Anime has sadly been missing something for years now and I’m just seeing all these same level shows. We already had our Madoka Magica moment with the mind flying cakes that brought about as major drama and now some magical girl shows are trying to get up on that so it’s becoming a trend to milk it for all it’s worth.

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Now before I continue, I just have no drive for anime it doesn’t mean I will drop it. I just won’t be taking a glance at all the newer stuff I find or assume is not to my standards. Like say Magical Girl Raising Project, it’s a flipping copy of Madoka magica somewhat but I find it at least entertaining and will watch but I won’t be buying it if it comes out in the states.

Or just buying whatever new anime that Funimation and Sentai buttworks dishes out as well. I’ll stick to the ones I like or find of interest if that makes sense?

A better way of saying is like I will continue buying Sailor Moon Blu-ray/DVD combo packs since I enjoy it and makes me happy since I grew up with it.

And before I hear any “but Jeff, anime is still good,” let me say it’s GOOD for the ones that are in this generation. If you can tell me you found some inner meaning behind My Sister is a Devil or whatever blanky knockoff of Highschool DXD is then please state it now so I can jump on the broken bandwagon as it goes into funky city and break half the way there.

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To sum this all up (not sure I have to give an explanation) it’s just how everything is now. I like now, I live in now, many things that are convenient in the now; I can have a job and work with people and go to conventions and not be persecuted for liking Britney Spears music or something because I’m black and need to listen to hip-hop and dress like I have no sense or whatever!

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It’s just a vindictive setting in anything that happens and sadly what’s been taken from me is my love for just simply liking anime. Or one can say I hit my limit with this. 20 some odd years I’ve watched and seen the progression anime has made to a larger population but it just brought nothing but annoyance.

And for the life of christ I know, Sakura Haruno is a bad bitch with no redeeming qualities and you just have to continue saying it? We know and no amount of being reasonable and at least try to give off traits you like and wind up punched is the only way possible to express ourselves nowadays.

I find myself not caring for any of the latest craze anymore. While others rally behind the new hype train I’m just on the side rolling my eyes with my cynical thoughts giving the play by play how this will go.

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Per example: new anime preview shows on the internet which puts any social network full of otakus on edge and they start retweeting it until the day it comes out. First episode airs and as soon as they hear even one small hint of the opening theme “I LOVE THIS OPENING”. This will move into meeting the characters to get a feel of what’s going to happen with the lines of “this character is so cool” for no reason whatsoever neglecting the fact this character is generic to the effing moons of Jupiter. After a fight or something occurs they will enjoy it then move into the ending theme which they will love than go on twitter to state “it’s the anime of the season and I love it!! It’s awesome and I enjoy how it will go” and this will be broken down into two or three tweets to correspond the 140 character count. Next will be pics then flame wars over someone just given an opinion of “you should like it” or “It’s the savior of anime” or “You are stupid for not liking this!! Well whatever I’m going to enjoy it!!!” and be all self-righteous with it.

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After more of the same thing for 12 weeks given anime nowadays only uses that amount and no second season sadly and state that “there should be a second season!!!!” rather passionately (butt-hurt really), they will claim to “have the case of the feels” and ramble for possibly two minutes why it was the best anime ever. Flash forward a couple of days and One Punch Man 2 is announced and they forget the shit they just stated about this one that ended and the cycle will continue forever and ever.

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See how the monster known as Otaku continues to grow and fester in the lime light with no hope of ever consuming?

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Though that was an example, it won’t go word per word but it is a good one to get you in the mind of an anime fan that eats, breathes and bathes in anime tears.

I just feel empty with anything that happens now so for now I can say I’m just “meh” with anything anime related for viewing. This won’t go into what light novels I read or manga and I am enjoying getting figurines, those are still cool and since no one really reads anymore (which is sad) I can still enjoy them.

Of course this feels like me running away from it just because of media…that would be true as well. I despise hype due to it gets around and sticks into people’s minds and it erodes and once it’s done they move on, like a wildebeest getting consumed by a ferocious lion. And I’m amazed I made that analogy.

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So not like I’m quitting anime or the Japanese song outlets just all this brand spanken new ones…? Wish I could convey this better but only so much you can put when writing and not speaking face to face.

Don’t worry I will still do reviews for any anime I like or whatnot along with various other ones as well. Hopefully I will have the same drive for it as I once did.

And what will I do when I grow tired of other things related to anime…the end?

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