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Today’s comic review is issue 3 of the mini event: Death of X.

The book begins as Emma made contact with Erik and asks for his help which he does do after some words are exchanged and Cyclops hidden plan goes into motion.

The Stepford Cuckoos are seen in Yorkshire, England to retrieve a mutant by the name of Thomas Jones who goes by Alchemy. He is needed for Cyke’s plan.

The fallout occurs as repercussions from Daisuke using his new ability to put the entire city of Madrid asleep (along Storm’s team of X-men) come to pass. While The Inhumans celebrate Daisuke using his power a second time and without training from Gorgon, said gruff man speaks to Crystal over the controversial choice.

Though Crystal rectifies that it was her call for their newly Inhuman brethren to use his powers on the X-men she is positive that Storm would understand the position. Yeah a weather manipulator that is linked to nature itself would “understand” having a choice taken from her and her team by the hands of someone trying to help? Gorgon also makes a joke about hopefully a lightning bolt doesn’t flash fry them to kingdom come.

The neo-Inhumans (the ones not part of the Royal family) congratulate Daisuke for a job well done and state he should make a codename, since you know, comics and all that, so that Medusa and her ilk don’t do it. Apparently the royal family of Jamie and Cersei (Blackbolt and Medusa) are a stickler for such things and if said person doesn’t then they would do it and it would be uncool.

FYI once the queen makes a choice on a name it sticks. Forever, so just in case you are thinking about jumping into a cloud of mist, be warned to have a codename as soon as you know what your power is.

Daisuke decides he will be known as “Down”. Yup, you read correctly. This new Inhu-brah will be “Down”from now on. I’m down with that yo, let’s get down on on the down low of this sick down beat! Get down on it! Get down on it!

Storm is eventually able to wake up and is met with the unconscious figures of her team as she feared the Terrigen cloud overtake them, thankfully young Angel is able to put her fears at ease as he and the others consisting of Iceman, Forge, Young Cyclops and even Cerebra Sentinel wake up and go confront the would be “liberators”.

As you can guess the merrilly crew of X men didn’t like what just went down with Storm stating that they (X-men) were helping, trying to at least get any with the mutant gene from harm before Down under forces the populace to go to sleep.

Power wangs are arisen with rage as one Inhuman breaks the ground after Iceman flicks an ice shard to his abdomen in rage. Down decides to have another go with stopping the escalation of a fight with Crystal’s cry comes too late…until Magik, using a stepping disk to appear behind the mohawk Inhuman, knock him unconscious and take him to parts unknown, the Inhumans shock and righteous anger.

just before war breaks out metal pillars prevent anyone from moving as Magneto makes his dramatic appearance and it’s just like a comic to reflect a scene like that which is taken from this years stinker of X-men Apocalypse.

With the Master of Magnetism are Warpath, Rockslide, Colossus and Wolfsbane, which should be noted you saw them in issue one of this event burying the clones of Jamie Madrox.

Storm and Crystal give off a warning of “this will not stand” and “you crossed the line you big meanie” with the “savior of mutants” stating “what are they willing to do about it?”

Southwest of Madrid where that little drama stops Magik teleports Cyclops, Emma Frost, the Stepford Cuckoos, Sunfire and Alchemy to the place where the mist is.

Cyclops gives Alchemy a little pep talk about how the X-men saved his mother once and that’s how they know him. Giving him encourage of what it needs to be done along with offering him a status as an offical X-men, Cyclops team will somehow use Alchemy’s abilities on the mist.

Will it work? We will have to find out in two weeks time to conclude the beginning of the end for Cyclops.

Issue 3 was enjoyable. Despite my grievances of the Inhumans I liked the amount of small info about them giving their own names before Medusa and her crew due.

Alchemy is a character I never heard or had a clue about until looking him up. Going by the information Alchemy’s character is more related to the X-Factor run of the 80’s, a period I have never read but only aware through wikis. He is also somewhat prominent in an arc where he joined Legion’s X-men some years ago?

If you couldn’t guess Alchemy’s mutant ability is transmutation but he has to know the components to change an object. Mostly it was just turning objects into gold until taken Chemistry and biology to better utilize his gifts.

My guess is and it’s apparent, Cyclops will try transmuting the mist into something harmless for mutants but due to how big the mist is I have to wonder if Alchemy and the others will survive?

This mystery of what happened to Cyclops and the fate of Emma and the Stepford Cuckoos post Secret Wars is almost here and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the details.

Overall I will give this issue a 7 out of 10.

Until next time everyone!