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Greetings Once Upon A Time fans, this is going to be the episode 6 review and it will be short and sweet. Yes, I’m trying to teach myself to get to the point and not some step-by-step process so here I go.

This episode focuses on Hook and the fall out of him taken the golden shears and not throwing them away as Emma thought he did.  More of Hook’s past or at least this segment of his past is explored as he has connections to Captain Nemo from the novel “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea” and shows his interactions with them.

For the most part it has Hook and Henry, who also wound up kidnapped when he confronted Hook about the shears to cut away Emma’s fate of being a Savior. Henry discovers this only through Evil Queen Regina having an idea to use “truth” in a way to break the family and the way to do that is Henry as he is still a focal point in this show (for better or worse).

The scenes involving Hook and Henry are hit or miss to be honest. I know these two get along well enough as Hook is dating his mother (Emma) though they never really interacted enough so it was a pill to swallow.

I’m glad they are eventually able to bury the hatchet along with Henry helping Hook but it seems the writers are trying to give Henry something to do. Other than being an author, he really doesn’t add anything new, despite being older and having a girlfriend, which doesn’t need to be expanded on either. In a not so surprising but eye-raise is Henry cursing a lot now. Not so much “fuck” or “shit” (since this IS an ABC show and local network) but with “The hell” is rather odd.

Granted when I was that age I might have cursed under my breath or not but never say that in front of an adult when I was shocked with something…I guess Henry needs to prove he’s a tough kid and not needing to be saved by his mothers and grandma again (looking at you season 3).

Hook’s backstory with Captain Nemo also felt constricted but I give points for another connection to the submarine-ship; his baby brother.  Yes, Liam (the one named after his older brother) makes a return visit to the show but a little older and righteous anger towards Hook due to what the former did to their father while he was a young boy.

It was thanks to Henry (in a way) to ultimately resolve their issues and the resolution of the Captain Nemo story.

Speaking of Nemo he was very empathetic character, he thinks of his crew as family and wants what’s best for them, especially Liam, who is his first mate and what occurs due to the family drama with “The Hook’s” (only name I could think of) was surprising.

More minor scenarios with Aladdin working through his issues with Emma’s help, Evil Queen Regina making a declaration to ruin the Charming family and Belle’s first ultrasound for her baby and wondering if Gold should be involved.

For the most part I enjoyed the Belle scenes more than the slow down “We need to stop the Evil Queen from hurting us” route this week. I have a soft spot for Belle wanting to go it alone due to coming from a single parent home.

Cold Waters is an episode that was a miss status, and will give it another watch but it’s “meh” this week. Granted with a name like “Dark Waters” I thought Hook would have been linked to those characters in that old Hanna-Barbara cartoon on Saturday mornings.

You know “The Pirates of Dark Water”? No? Watch it, it is awesome!!

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Hook kicking it with these bad-asses, that would be something to behold!

I have to half-heartedly give this week’s Once Upon A Time a 5 out of 10. Step it up Once, I know you got some heat in the stove yet.