As I’m typing this it’s the early morning and it’s rather chilly.  Nah, I’m not outside on the balcony looking over to see a city by the water as if this is Florence, Italy or even a neighborhood with okay foliage but I am watching the sequel to the “classic” 90’s slasher flick by Wes Craven “Scream 2”.

And before anyone gets on my case I did watch the first one last night which I’m proud of.

So you’re asking (or not) what this is about and that is it is the last bit of October and with it comes Halloween; a time of ghouls, goblins, monster/slasher fanatatics showing off their lore of knowledge (I know two who are into this heavily) and most important (if you’re a kid) candy and dressing up as your favorite monster/superhero, whatever your mind can conceive of.

Halloween or All Hallows Eve has been rooted in our society for a long while now, from fun to even religious if one is a practitioner of wicca or even druidism have some kind stake with the changing of the season of the warmth of summer to the slight chill and wearing warmer clothing.

It’s also a harbinger to go into hibernation mode with packing on the weight around the middle and grabbing them warm pumpkin latte’s a majority of the populace enjoys as if they found our Lord and Savior (or Goddess, upper deity or being beyond comprehension), FYI I don’t like the taste of pumpkin and avoid it, but that’s beside the point.

Halloween isn’t something I’m particular about one way or the other. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed trick or treating for a couple of years as a kid but around the time I was eleven or twelve years old I pretty much kept it at a distance.

I got scared too easily when I was younger so Halloween had it’s fare share of issues with me but I could still enjoy the ambiance of the lore behind it. I for one encourage kids to have fun on this night to get their free candy however as an adult I’m pretty much on the amused level but not fully immersed in it.

Costumes were always an issue since I never knew what I wanted to dress up as and I for one am remembering an incident where it really, really is annoying for me so by my pre-teens as stated, I gave it up.

It has no real meaning for me. Oh sure I can appreciate the classics and when I say that I mean whatever is on the television like “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” or other minor specials but my well of knowledge is rather null.

With this day and age I mostly am on my game system watching something else than television unless a show I like comes on once a week so I miss stuff like Halloween (the Mike Myers movies) or Freddy Krueger, Chucky, Wishmaster to name a few. I don’t normally watch these movies or have watched it in entirety so it’s a big hit or miss with me when it comes on TV.

There are a couple of things I like to watch around this time of the month though so here’s my picks of October/Halloween movies to get into swing of things!

Yes I know, no one says “Swing of things” anymore and proves I’m getting old.


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To start things off I’m going the anime route. Another is a mystery horror genre detailing the random deaths of students at a middle school around 1998 in Japan over a calamity befalling a class that is “close to death”.

Our main character is Kouichi Sakakibara is the new transfer student and has frail health due to dealing with a collapsed lung, it prevented him from starting his new school year for the first couple of weeks.

When he does arrive he is befuddled by a mysterious girl wearing an eye patch, Mei Misaki, who apparently is “not seen” by Koichi’s new classmates as if she’s not there but how is that possible when he sees her at random points?

As the mystery of Class 3 deepens and urburn myth being the source of finding a truth of these deaths of Koichi and Mei classmates dying and hoping not to meet the same fate.

Another is a series that has everything you want in horror; grotesque deaths, eerie atmosphere and the music done by Kalifa for it’s opening really gives you a sense or twinge of terror.

Who will be an unfortunate victim next?

Scream (Franchise)

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Coming up next is cult classic Scream, created by Wes Craven. This movie series brought back slash-horror. It has been stated on documentaries that Wes Craven had grown dispondent over how horror movies of the past had grown low tier and not have that edge it once had.

Loe and behold Scream, one of the macdaddy’s to bring back slasher-esque tropes as some would say good storytelling and shock or another rag tag of typical vanilla flavored teens getting involved in ANOTHER slash fest of someone dressed in a mask to start killing people.

Scream, at the time, was considered “scary” for how it went down; when you see someone wearing a white mask, christened Ghostface, and killing someone, it would be scary dying at the hands of someone as you see nothing but death.

Granted after the first one it became a hit which spawned a sequel a year later which moved to a third movie coming out after the scare of Y2k (2000) and another one a decade later, Scream is a franchise you either love for it’s typical tropes of a female protagonist that’s smart but falls into said tropes at times or hate for stereotyping the cast and lack of of other non-white minorities.

I mean have you watched the first one? Nothing but white bread teens, it’s as if it were the 50’s.

Starring Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox, David Arquette, the main trio of the stories, it has whimsical thriller elements which is always nice to see. I find myself always getting into the story and the death toll that arises due to Ghostface coming to town.

Here’s some info, when the two films came out there was concerned of kids/teens dresssing up as Ghostface for halloween. It was the fear of parents back then due to how big it was which  think could have been the start of the phrase “Helicopter parents” or as I call them “parents with too much time on their hands to ruin kids fun over a movie that is not true and should use common sense to just tell them the reason why they shouldn’t do it” but that was the past.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

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Peanuts will never steer you wrong with getting into the mode of Halloween. This is another one that is rooted into our culture for many years and will continue.

Even though I always miss it or have no interested with the Great Pumpkin made up by Linus who waits diligently for this alleged creation being some Santa Clause ripoff for the naive boy, it is still admired for simpler times, especially if you are getting older and a tad bit jaded over “kid” stuff associated with Hallow’s eve.

The People Under the Stairs

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Another Wes Craven film, The People Under the Stairs is an early 90’s horror film detailing the exploits of a little kid going into a house where unspeaking things happen.

Sorry if I can’t give much of an explanation but can’t get my mind to work with this. I do have a minor story, my mom rented this movie from Blockbuster and of course it did scare me but I watched a little bit of it.


Granted I didn’t follow the story, all I remember is a kid running for his life and some pale skinny dude who lost his tongue.

It’s very campy and cheesy but it has something for you if you want something to go with your tasty pumpkin latte’s or bloody mary’s.

I wish I could have more to get ya in the mood for this but again, Halloween isn’t my forte. I do however love watching Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer in this time of year even though I will continue watching them since they are such classic TV show of the 90’s.

So with that I leave you all to have an enjoyable Halloween with parties and slutty nurses or whatnot, stay safe.

Later days!

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*Still funny*