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Today’s television review, Super Girl season 2. Making a surprising jump from CBS to The CW, Supergirl joins the other DC television shows (Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow) on the same network where a big crossover will occur in two months time.

The show follows the adventures of Kara Danvers (Kara Zor-EL) while she takes up the mantle of Supergirl to use her powers to help the populace, just like how her cousin, Kal-EL aka Clark Kent aka Superman does in Metropolis.

Being from Krypton she had a mission to protect and guide her cousin Kal, who was a baby at the time, but due to unfortunate circumstances she gets lost in transit to the planet earth when she is mysteriously transported into the Phantom Zone where time is twisted. She eventually makes it to earth where she is rescued by her cousin who is now an adult and Superman. He drops her off with a family of scientist (more or less) to be raised as their daughter.

After trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life along with knowing if and when she should use her abilities (flying, super strength, hearing, heat vision, ice breath to name a few) and being charged by Earth’s sun, we the audience see what amazing adventures she gets into along with her personal life which is just as good.

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*Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl. Played by Melissa Benoist*

Episodes 1 and 2 of the second season of Supergirl has a fair amount of changes going on for our resident supergirl as she is finally able to team up with her cousin for the first time which is a huge deal. During the first season (and due to a lot of red tape and embargoes) Superman couldn’t be seen physically so it came in the form of either PM’s or even distortion views.

The new big bads of the season are coming in full force replacing Maxwell Lord in the form of Cadmus and even the newly alien resident that came in a similar ship from the last season along with a role for Metallo.

Supergirl is also facing new hardships as she if finding out that Superman and J’onn (Martian Manhunter) aren’t on good terms due to reasons which are explored in a good pace. Martian Manhunter is the proxy to Batman with having the mindset of always being prepared when it comes to alien lifeforms (even if they look human). He is the head of the DEO and has had it taken from him for a time last season when the Government found out he was really an alien himself and not the person he disguises himself as. He is another stalwart ally to Supergirl though and even though he doesn’t always utilize his powers (he only does so if the situation calls for it) his knowledge of military and alien like properties he is also someone not to underestimate.

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*J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter/Hank Henshaw. Played by David Harewood*

Winn has also started working with the government agency the DEO which Alex Danvers, Kara’s adopted sister and agent, as the tech behind the cape. Starting out as a love sick puppy for Kara before finding out he has his own trauma in the form of father issues, Winn is also a good egg in the bunch. His father is Toyman and during that episode of season one he questions if he has that sort of mindset to become just as twisted over not being confident in himself or revealing his feelings. Winn eventually does come clean but is met with heartache as Kara tries to let him down gently which puts him at odds with her for a time before friendship and love brings him back. In season 2 he becomes full time at the DEO.He proves fruitful with his quips and being a good soundboard for Alex to vent her frustrations over what Kara states in the process with having Superman there.

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*Winslow “Winn” Schott Jr. Played by Jeremy Jordan*

Alex  feels neglected and abashed over that she has given everything to protect her and She (Supergirl) is thinking about leaving with Superman to go to Metropolis over how her life is changing with her job and potential love life with Jimmy Olsen.

Alex is also a strong asset in the course of the series with being able to fend for herself despite not having powers like her sister. She is intelligent, brave and resourceful but her weakness could be self-doubt with how she doesn’t have powers or the fact she has given up somewhat of a personal life to protect Kara. She is the emotional support for Supergirl. Alex has also killed, a trait which is surprising as the law of DC superheroes “they do NOT kill” but given she isn’t a hero but an agent that proves that she can do what needs to be done even if it goes against Supergirls ideal (to her own frustration as she didn’t want to do it in the first place but had no choice).

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*Alex Danvers. Played by Chyler Leigh*

We are also introduced to Lex Luthor’s sister, Lena Luthor, who has arrived in National City to have Lexcorp be there. While Clark is suspicious of her due to being a Luthor, over the course of the first episode of season 2, she proves she is not like her misguided brother and appears to be on the straight path of redeveloping her company for a force of good. Of course like the old saying goes “Never trusts a Luthor”, it will take some time to see if this holds up with Lena.

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*Lena Luthor. Played by Katie McGrath*

Jimmy Olsen, also known as “Superman’s buddy” is another player in the show as a confidant for Kara/Supergirl, love interest to eventually best friend along with Winn. He is reimagined as black, which isn’t really a big deal and  his plot revolves around how to help Supergirl or being too dependent on a watch he wears to call Superman, which becomes an issue when Supergirl finds out. He has also dated Lois Lane’s younger sister,who also made an appearance in season one before they broke up over his growing feelings for Kara.

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*Jimmy Olsen. Played by Mehcad Brooks*

The stand out character for me in Supergirl would have to be Cat Grant! She is the CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media, a no nonsense, quippy woman who Kara is an assistant too in the first season. With her catchphrase of either “Kira!” and “Chop-chop” she is a force to be reckoned with. She is the one to give the name “Supergirl” when she made her debut (Kara) and at one point was wondering if Kara and Supergirl were one in the same but thanks to J’onn disguising himself as Supergirl while Kara was in the same room as Cat, the latter was left in the dark. Cat also is strong force of feminism and won’t take anything less from anyone regarding that a woman can do just as much as their male counterparts. Cat does make an appearance in the first 2 episodes of season 2 but due to production switching from LA to Vancouver Calista Flockhart will become more of a guest appearance as the story will progress. Cat has dropped herself from CEO to pursue something else and gives Jimmy the keys to the kingdom while she is away.  Cat Grant’s character will be missed by me as I find her to be the voice of reason behind the snark and arrogant responses. I don’t think her character was wrong for the show in the least but some saw her not progressing which is sad.

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*Cat Grant. Played by Calista Flockhart*

When I first heard of Supergirl I wasn’t really interested in watching it, it came on Monday nights around when Gotham came on so I was never able to watch it and very rarely caught like some brief scenes. I heard of the fanbase it got but wasn’t impressed since I didn’t watch it and went by other people’s opinions of it of the show not amounting to much.

Then came the surprising crossover with the CW’s Flash and Supergirl which soon talks of Supergirl being switched over to said network would be better; it attracted the younger audience instead of the people over 40 crowd and the change did it good.

From these last two episodes alone we have seen improving with straight up action mixed with the same energy of development of characters and plot of the episodes. Some were worried that the production would see a hit but from where I’m standing it still feels the same but with that new raw material.

The way I was able to finally get the Supergirl bug was watching it on Netflix when I got foodpoisoing and I became hooked. It was Cat Grant that kept me going through the episodes just to hear what little nuggets she’d say along with growing and liking the adorkable Supergirl.

Supergirl is very happy and sunshine/rainbows incarnate with what she represents. That’s not to say she is perfect (what superhero is?) as she deals with normal problems and has underestimated her enemies at points but at the end of the day she is another symbol of hope and she is no carbon copy of Superman.

It will be interesting how she interacts with the other CW shows, namely Arrow as that show goes more “darker” than the rest and the characters have opposing views with how to dish out justice. I suspect Supergirl and Green Arrow won’t be great friends at first but I hope she is at least able to win him over to make him a little less grumpy.

I do recommend checking out the first season to get your bearings on it before checking the next season currently. It’s on Monday nights at 8 o’Clock. I have sadly had to drop Gotham but am planning on watching that on repeats during the winter or when it gets snatched up on Netflix next year.

First season is at times slow but as I was watching it didn’t feel that way, it must be due to the characters? I am also wondering how Katie McGrath will do as Lena Luthor but with her accolades from playing Morgana in the television series “Merlin” (another favorite of mine) it will be awesome!

For the first and second episodes of Supergirl for plot, characters, scenery and overall fanboy hype mode, I give them a 8 out of 10!

Reach for the skies everyone and I will see you later!

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*Let’s leave this at a Cat Grant moment!*