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Once Upon A Time

Today’s episode for OUAT is “Strange Case”.

This focuses on Jekyll  and Hyde’s backstory of what happened before they went to the land of unfinished stories. As some know or aware of Jekyll’s story is he is a scientist that is deep into his work and trying to find a way to separate the man from the beast,which can be interpreted as good and evil or even enhancing our more better traits that is constricted with self doubt and loathing.

I’ve never read this story but I am aware of the good/evil bit so to find out this little twist to the story (in more ways than one) was interesting to say the least. Jekyll is a wimpy sort but a genius, if not eccentric and full of no confidence. He has an assistant by the name of Mary, someone he pines for and the daughter of the professor of the university he’s trying to get initiated in as a fellow prof (more or less).

Given this is a show about magic and not science, his serum is almost a total bust until Rumple makes his appearance as he has an angle to play in the completion of it and Hyde or “mutton chops” appears and he is suave, confident, all the traits that his counterpart lacks.

This is where the “twist” and “true” tale of the episode comes into play. It does give a hint that Jekyll isn’t what he appears to be; taking some for granted and getting easily discouraged while Hyde, though he is bad, remains calm and actually sympathetic as we learn what really happened in their story.

Mary becomes fascinated with Hyde (a name given t him by Rumple) of his lack of not being constricted to the rules of society and can tell he has some fire within him that enthralls her womanly passions.

It comes to head that Jekyll, being happy that his serum is a success, is angry that his alternate self is getting accolades from Mary. Sharing one body can be a pain along with getting jealous of someone who IS yourself? It’s getting confusing.

After Hyde and Mary fornicate (it’s implied given they are in bed the next morning) Jekyll is shocked and appalled of what Hyde did. Mary is confused and wonders where is Hyde since she knew who she was getting into bed with and not this nubby dude.

A fight ensues as Jekyll tells her of the serum and reveals he is Hyde and she is shocked before trying to storm off saying his idea is dangerous (which it is on a moral scale) but he is also livid that his feelings for her goes ignored when she states that she doesn’t love him.

You can guess where this is going to go…

I won’t reveal but think about about it for a second, it’s a crime of passion and by having of the serum to hide what he did Hyde gets the blame. As it’s turning into a shit storm Hyde returns to the lab to do something until Rumple appears and can’t comprehend why Hyde is so weak as he had fallen in love with Mary! It appears he is about to kill him but refutes and gives him access to the land of untold stories.

In the Storybrooke side of things is rather lackluster sadly enough. Gold and Belle are the primary focus for the B plot along with Hook (a little) with Hyde and EQR (Evil Queen Regina) being more or less the big bads.

Gold and Belle are still having issues, the former being overprotective while Belle wants nothing to do with him and some much needed airing of bad laundry occurs by the end of the episode which I am happy for.  Belle needs to be more headstrong and not so weepy with Gold and when she finds out why Jekyll and Hyde have history and angry with him sends her away from Gold but the imp has to have the last word that, “you will need me for necessity when it comes to protecting our son due to being linked to me” as in, the child of the dark one.

Though it’s not a fact a child of said dark one is inherently bad, Neal wasn’t so it’s safe to assume that Belle and Gold’s son won’t be either.

There is some other minor plots that were not interesting for me and it was Snow going back to being a teacher at a Junior high or high school at Henry’s school (it’s never implied). And even though we got some hints for the next episode, I don’t need to see Snow trying to get the teenagers to do school work, it’s boring.

I was slightly intrigued with Emma and David’s minor plot over the latter being a tad bit too fatherly with his daughter due to Hook moving in with Ems. It was cute and I do enjoy seeing more of that play out.

Regina gets minor development but a crucial clue how to get rid of evil doppelgangers but the price would be steep. She has Emma promise her to do what it takes if the time comes.

Jekyll and Hyde’s story comes full circle which I did enjoy and sadly they will no longer have a role to play in all this; Jekyll is revealed to be bad as he tries to kill Belle, with Hyde knowing this and (over a scene he is able to get the Dark One’s dagger) forces Gold to watch until Hook is able to save her and kills Jekyll by kicking him into a hook of a harpoon.

The lines of good and evil are becoming blurred with doppelgangers hanging around since they are linked in mind and body. They will always have a connection with one another and can tell what they are feeling. Another clue is also apparent in what Regina says to Emma, “even though he seperated from the darkness, the capacity for evil remained”.

Our intent to do wrong can still be there despite getting rid of “darkness”. I think it’s another cry of “determinism” since it is our choices that decide if we go by our darker emotions.

Episode four was okay. Despite some scenes that felt pushed in (I did not need to see Henry and his girlfriend kiss, spare me) or Snow’s willingness to teach and update her curriculum since these aren’t cute kids but teens, was meaningless.

The good dirt came more in the lines of Jekyll/Hyde, Gold and Belle this time around. Here’s hoping the next episode sticks more with the main plot and not split hairs (again).

I for one am going to miss “Muttonchops” as I thought he’d be a big bad but since this is more to do with Regina’s over branching arc this season, their can only be one star to hold the spotlight.

For characterization, plot points and a tad bit of action, Strange Case gets a 6 out of 10.

Later Oncers!