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Today’s comic review is the second issue of the new X-men event; Death of X.

Our roundabout story continues as some much needed info comes to pass, courtesy of a meet up of the Queen of the Inhumans, Medusa and second leader of the X-men, Storm. This was interesting to see two women that hold leadership in their respective groups meet up and it’s a sort of foreshadowing of what goes down in X-Men Civil War 2 tie-in later when they try to keep the peace albeit a little.

It’s confirmed the terrigen mist was benign to mutants at one point (I’d say in the 70s/80’s when they met up at times) but this time around the substance changed when it hit the atmosphere, causing some mutants to die, get sick or remain unaffected, the latter which is false from my view as flash forward 8 months later when “All New-All Different” Marvel titles happened and confirmed that mutants can no longer have children  (they become infertile).

We also get to see how and why Beast joined the Inhumans later, he is treating Fabio aka Gold Balls from the T-virus, which Hank will continue working on later in said Inhumans comic. He’s a genius with genetics.

Storm gauges Medusa’s integrity by telling her the grim details of Jamie Madrox fate which proves true as the redhead had no clue that would be the case and offers help when she contacts Crystal and explains the situation. One terrigen mist is oversea while the other is going to hit Madrid where ones with the X-gene are in danger.

Crystal and her team head off to do something while Storm takes her leave and offers her own assistance with her team. Iceman and Forge are seen with Storm as the mechanic mutant offers out skepticism on if Medusa is really doing it for the mutants or for her people, due to this could paint them in a negative light.

Medusa has a counsel with her separated husband, Black Bolt, as she discusses what could happen if a powerful mutant finds this an act of war and clearly states that she will fight for peace but if this leads to war she will win.

I’m sorry but I issues with that on all sorts of levels! Everything is put on hold when a psychic broadcasts occurs courtesy of Cyclops as he’s using the Stepford Cuckoos and Emma as a booster to project himself to the minds of the world populace.

Side note this is intriguing as they aren’t even using Cerebra, this shows that Emma is back on point with his psi powers with the Stepford cuckoos as well. Cyke’s speech is all but good though as he declares that the Inhumans are out for themselves with the mist making mutants extinct and declares that they will stop them by any means necessary.

This of course is bad and it will turn worse as we get glimpses of the dead being buried on Muir Island where we see some characters of X-past with Strong Guy and Wolfsbane, X-factor and Excalibur shout outs respectively and even the rock golem kid being comforted by Colossus.

Magik reunites with her brother briefly before demanding to see Cyke and Ems over what they are planning to do.

Over in Madrid Crystal’s team try to handle the anarchy occurring as the mutants are running rampant with the news of their impending death as she has them try to calm things down as she and Iso try to stop the mist from spreading any further. Given the size and only so much wind they can manipulate it looks grave until Storm makes her divine appearance aiding them and showing why she is the mistress of the elements by creating massive gales and a tornado to blow the mist away!

Well the Inhumans and X-men can work together but this is short lived as Storm goes to help the others, Crystal finds out too much shit is going down and has an idea; she contacts the new recruit Daisuke to use his awakened powers to put the entire city to sleep, a pretty big order for the newb kid.

After a brief bit of hesitation Daisuke uses his mental powers as a surge of energy arches out and he does indeed put the entire city to sleep; mutants and humans to calm them down. This is shocking to me as if that’s the case why doesn’t his powers work on the Inhumans? Why would Crystal state that she’d take responsibility and say that “the mutants will understand, do it.”

Shouldn’t Daisuke’s powers also could have excluded the mutants and only go for the humans so the X-men and Inhumans could have calm them down as the X-men have experience with dealing with wayward mutants? Why say anything at all to paint the Inhumans in this light? It’s a douche move on Crystal’s part!

As that is occurring we are giving a scene of Emma Frost talking with someone about what is happening in Madrid that the mutants and Inhumans cannot work together due to what happened. Emma interprets it as an attack due to the Storm’s team falling down, and yes, even though we the readers know that wasn’t the reason, the logic falls on deaf ears of everything breaking down!

We soon learn that Emma contacted Magento! And we all know how when it comes to mutant hate crimes and borderlining on death’s bed, Magento will step up to take care of this!

Death of X continues as if implying that there can be no resolution between the two factions of heroes given personal beef, interpretation of actions, bureaucratic red tape and even deceit of interest.

I do get Medusa’s play in having a counsel with Black Bolt but come on, saying that if there is a war she will win? I’m sorry lady but you just manipulate your hair and can tangle someone up and make them unconscious and even whip someone hard enough to cause a sonic boom, you are not impressive, go sit your haughty ass down.

Cyclops, even though he is my favorite character, I can see his ideals are what lead to this as he think it’s an act of war. With everything that’s happened with him it’s easy to paint him the villain to how this begins and though I see that he should have dealt with this in a different light, like how Storm did it, it shows the X-men aren’t on a united front. Cyke and Storm do two different things!! It’s like they haven’t gotten over what happened when Cyclops went rogue and started his own brand of X-men in Bendis notorious run!! If they were a team, Cyke and Storm would have discussed more on the matter!! Not sure where the fault lies with the two leaders of the X-men but this proves that they are forever splintered with their own ideals.

I could care less about Crystal now and her effing BS with making that call. The Inhumans aren’t worth anything in my damn eyes but I can’t be all butt-hurt since the X-men are also showing how immature they are being.

The writing was good and I am still enjoying the artwork. Issue 3 will be coming in about two weeks to continue the fall of the X-men!

Death of X issue 2 gets a 6.5 out of 10, I suggest you read this to get your own opinion on some matters before checking out any youtubers reviews.

Take care everyone!