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Today’s comic review is Scarlet Witch Issue 11.

Scarlet Witch has finally arrived to the place where she can get answers about her heritage and more importantly, her mother, Natalya Maximoff. The place is Novi Pazar, Serbia.

She winds up at a church where she meets up with a priest who has knowledge over the country’s history with the traveling Romany and how they studied a different religion from the ones they were used too along with how war besieged them.

It is soon revealed that the priest had a handle with the High Evolutionary 25 years prior by giving out information of a witch that bore twins with latent potential due to their heritage and they were Wanda and Pietro respectively. By making this deal it would spare the rest of the people there but Wanda takes great offense to that.

The book goes into some history about the High Evolutionary markings they had on the twins and manipulating their heritage by making everyone think they were mutants than artificially made (powerwise).

Wanda also goes into detail about how her mother, Natalya Maximoff (the one she met on the Witch’s Road some issues prior) and how she gave everything to retrieve them but met the end of her life.

After her confrontation with the priest (and restoring his church) she gets info that her mother’s best friend is living. They soon talk as Dasha Kolarov revealing some ret-con about her mother and how the twins were left in the hands of another blood relative, the ones that were believed to be their birth parents. They were actually the aunt and uncle to Pietro and Wanda.   It is also revealed that Natalya Maximoff was a powerful witch in her own right, showing that Wanda’s powers really dive into the realm of witchcraft and magic than “Chaos Magic” but the latter is my interpretation.

Dasha also states that Wanda’s aunt was still alive which they go to. The book ends with Wanda meeting her one aunt that raised her as her daughter; Marya Maximoff.

Issue 11 of Scarlet Witch really was an interesting read. Finding out this “new” retcon of Wanda and her heritage is fascinating given what info was out previously about her being the mutant daughter of Magneto.

Though I wish they would return to that to keep it simple since in my headcanon, those two will ALWAYS be Magneto’s kids and I think, if they continued that, could still keep this new continuity that Wanda’s alleged “mutant gene” was adapted to manipulate the mystic arts than just having her genes manipulated by some group of sciency-dudes with a God complex.

Art was okay but with the Scarlet Witch books, I find it to my liking. Overall I give this issue for story, plot and art a 7 out of 10.