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Today’s comic review is the anticipated unknown event that has plagued the question over since post Secret Wars of last year; what occurred between the X-men and Inhumans. We start this tale in Death of X issue one.

Written by the current writer of Extraordinary X-men Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule taken care of the Uncanny Inhuman part, art by Aaron Kuder.

The main stars for the issue are Cyclops, Emma Frost, Magik, Iceman the Stepford Cuckoos, Goldballs and a brief appearance of Beast. For the Inhumas side (the asshole side) are Crystal, Gorgon, Grid, Flint, Naja and Iso.

The issue begins a year from the actual timeline, before we have 3 split X-men teams with Cyclops and some others investigating Muir Island due to a distress signal from Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man. While on route they see a strange mist surrounding the area which soon causes some minor aches and pains for the X-team, namely Gold Balls who feels nauseous and along with Cyclops.

Coming across a dead mutant with boils on his body it shocks everyone until the Stepfords sense someone else holding on by a thread; Jamie. In a large ditch they see all of Jamie’s dupes dead with the original barely holding on as he reveals that, through trying to experiment on what was surrounding the area and that they were too late to figure out that what’s killing them is the Terrigen Mist, the same substance that gives the Inhumans their powers.

Cyke and Emma soon have Magik whisk the students and Iceman away as they go deeper into the area trying to find some more concrete evidence. Contacting Beast he confirms Jamie’s theory before Cyclops falls unconscious.

Back at the X-mansion Cyke soon tells Emma, Magik and Iceman he’s all right though the mist could be affecting him from the reader’s perception due to him being rather forceful on the subject. He soon declares the Inhumans are enemy number one, they never said the mist that gives birth to them would kill mutants along with the recent booms of Inhumas coming around in the world while being exposed which is apparent as mutants are starting to die while they reap the benefits.

Concurrently the Inhuman part of the story happens in between the X-men’s own part in the story as Crystal, Gorgon and some others are heading towards Tokyo where the populace are just waiting in anticipation of the soon to be T-Mist enveloping them to go through “Terrigenesis” (they are put in cocoons like a worm which will soon blossom into a butterfly), they are soon met with Hydra agents and with Crystal leading the charge with impressive use of her own abilities (ones I never suspected due to only knowing her in Fantastic Four material) they are holding their own until more agents come, hail hydra and all.

When it looks hopeless one of the new Inhumans, by the name of Daisuke, uses his new abilities unintentionally, as if he is about to splurge in a heat of passion, to put the agents under some entrancement, with Crystal finishing them off and offering out the part of “We will help you with the change” nonsense before she and Cyke, in a double panel say at the same time “We Protect Our Own” as the comic ends.

Death Of X is I feel a very good accomplishment despite being the first issue. Cyclops present along with Emma Frost and The Stepford sisters also are a breath of fresh air as for a year we had no explanation on what happened to them in any of the X titles to this date.

Granted I am a Cyclops fan and seeing how Marvel did his progression to this state is amazing but also one to be feared given he was always, and I quote some friends from days past, “Sucks” or “Jean Grey lover”, while one’s like Wolverine or Gambit got all the praise.

I say fear along with disservice due to what happened in 2011’s Avengers vs. X-men event. I never agreed with making Cyclops being the trigger to kill his foster father, Charles Xavier, and have Bendis write his character of being remorseful but also not take responsibility for said action by having him say “It was the phoenix fault”. I get it, a force beyond reckoning made you lash out however those feelings worth of mutants getting the tar beat out of them for years finally took it’s hold on him.

Here though Cyclops seems to be going back to his old roots but with some grit and with him declaring the Inhumans a menace, I wonder what his fate will be as these issues continue coming out.

For the Inhuman angle I could have cared less over these genetic “Game of Thrones’ family trying to make more Inhumans due to Black Bolt spreading the mist in the atmosphere in a comic where he was fighting Thanos in a previous event.

Given Marvel’s way of pushing the C grade Inhumans to prominence with comics is laughable given none of them are endearing enough. Be honest, the only Inhumans we know about are the ones that make up the Royal Family of Black Bolt, Medusa, Crystal, Gorgon, Karnak and Lockjaw with an enemy in Maximus. I only know of them through Fantastic Four lore and given they had more history with them it’s only natural I would see them being nothing more than support.

Now I won’t be hanging the Inhumans out to dry (yet) but with how they have been portrayed in comics as of late, it makes it seem like they don’t care over what’s happening with the X-men or mutants. And with what went down in the failed X-Men Civil War II tie in has an inclination of the coming storm, I can only guess on how this and this winter’s Inhumans vs. X-men going down will end like.

Of course that’s not for awhile yet and that’s just me getting out my grievances.

For the story, characters and art I give this issue an 8 out of 10.  What I disliked about this issue was just the Inhumans trying to get in the spotlight of an X title.  Expect more of this when the next issue comes out in two weeks.

Take care everyone!