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Hello everyone, today’s reviews will be comic based and it’s a duo; All New X-Men and A-Force!

All New X-Men #13

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This issue is written by Dennis Hopeless,  Mark Bagley (penciler), inker Andrew Hennessy (inker)  and Nolan Woodard (colorist).

In today’s adventure with young, idealistic X-men that separated from Storm’s and Magneto’s X-men (Extraordinary and Uncanny respectively), the main focus character are Bobby Drake (Iceman, teen version from the past), Evan (Kid Apocalypse) and Idie Okonkwo.

Idie and Evan decide to take Bobby Drake to a gay club in Miami Florida, where apparently it is the most frequent place for them there as I read. They are trying to help ice-boy, who came out the closet in Bendis’ run of X-men pre Secret Wars, to get him out of his shell to talk to others that share his interest.

It doesn’t go well for him due to being shy and awkward with talking or over sharing and this shows Idie going above and beyond to get Bob to have some confidence in himself and being his wingmen for the night.

Evan also tries his luck helping him and surprisingly shows his stuff by getting down on the dance floor, which I’m shocked, I didn’t think the would be future destroyer of mankind could bust a move…

We get some headway with dialogue over how it has gotten frosty between Evan and Hank after the infamous and stupid [Apocalypse War] that occurred where the duo were sent to the past where they met a young En Sabah Nuh before turning into “Survival of the Fittest” mutant along with Evan trying to change the past.

Evan explains that he was just as bad for even suggesting that due to what ramifications it could have brought given the X-men’s history with the first mutant.

But this is about Bobby and before you can say “ice-ice baby” Bobby actually starts talking to a guy at the bar and it does well until first contact (dude takes his hand) and Bob freezes out. Literally. He turns to his ice form and freezes the due by accident due to being nervous and runs out!

Being mortified he doesn’t look at what he’s doing and winds up meeting another dude in a back alley bumping into him. They soon briefly talk with the latter giving his explanation of “coming out”. He soon gives his name is Romeo and he’s there meeting a friend that has experienced some “changes” as of late.

Now where would a mutant book be without some kind of action? A green insectoid like being appears and goes ballistic with Bobby going into action with Idie and Evan hearing the commotion.

Evan takes care of the bystanders by moving them while Idie and Iceman try to contain great moth while Romeo is imploring that they don’t hurt him. In a shocking twist Romeo is able to stop Iceman from inflicting any more damage by doing an impressive elbow strike to his side and somehow uses an ability to calm the raging insect beast.

It is soon revealed that Romeo is an Inhuman and he is an empath (someone who can manipulate emotions) and this was what he meant by “helping a friend” as he went through the change Inhumans go through when exposed to Terrigen Mist.

They are soon spotted by Crystal and her team of Inhumans and she isn’t that impressed with how the trio X-babies dealt with the situation though later Romeo comments he knew Bobby was trying to help.

As the comic winds down we see Bobby wondering if he was only feeling on Romeo only due to the nature of his powers to which he is easily smooth with his responses to calm Bobby down and say, more or less, his feelings are his own.

Bobby soon starts his monologue of being let down gently due to reasons befor Romeo reveals that he was putting his digits in Bob’s cell phone (he’s a recovering pick pocket and getting better everyday).

The comic ends with Idie and Evan doing a special sign of success given Bobby got over his shyness to get a potential boyfriend?

Issue 13 was more of a side story from what I can tell that focused on Bobby. He hasn’t had the most character driven storylines as of late in this series besides being the comic relief and little brother of the group.

It does well showing that nothing is easy even if someone is gay or not. Idie also gets some characterization which is a bonus since I only knew her as one of Wolverine’s “daughters” during the time he ran the school before dying.

What I disliked is how when the Inhumans came they treated the trio like…well deficient kids. I get they have issues with the so called “unknown time” of 8 months between the Inhumans/X-men but it’s still annoying seeing them disregard them as pest.

I will say (and the previous issue] were good showcasing some of the other X-men and I standby that Apocolypse War event sucked ass! I highly suggest skipping those titles unless if you are a Kid Apocalypse fan.

For plot, story, characterization I give it a 7 out of 10. The art is also a 7 out of 10. An overall rating of 7 out of 10 and I suggest checking this one out!

A-Force #9

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This issue of A-Force is written by Kelly Thompson and the artist is Paulo Siqueira. It’s worth noting that this is a tie-in to Civil War 2, the marvel event that started in summer.

We begin with Captain Marvel and Medusa confronting Nico Minou over at a Alice’s house. The duo are here due to a vision that Ulysses saw the sorcerous teen killing said girl.

Being that Captain Marvel is pro visions she tries to suss out the info by wanting Nico to come with her. It gets even more complicated when Medusa ties up Nico to prevent her from escaping them again.

Of course now we get to see Dazzler and Singularity appear to stop Cap Marvel and the queen of the Inhumans from doing anything to their friend and teammate. Did I forget to mention that after this confirmation that Elsa Bloodstone, a monster hunter with the mouth of a sailor, shows up and points a gun to get some clarification of why there are a bunch of superheroes here as she only wanted Nico’s help when the former popped by in the last issue of said escape?

Yeah not the best recap, I suggest you book it to read issue 8 that started all this.

Anyway Singularity throws a temper that her friends are arguing and makes them have a “time out” to cool their heads. After some minutes the team make a plan to go find Alice.

Captain Marvel, Nico and Elsa will do the hunting while Medusa, Dazzler and Singularity stay behind to protect the town from weird insect like creatures.

Some development between Dazzler and Medusa happen which is unexpected and leaves to happy feels which Singularity is happy to see until the moment is ruined with a insectoid attacking!

We jump to see Marvel and Nico talk as the latter informs her that what she is doing can’t justify the means by labeling a future that hasn’t happened yet. Soon the trio enter an old mine shaft where they are attacked by an insectoid and Marvel and Elsa wind up gunked!

Nico is left standing but is surprised to hear it talking to her. It’s revealed that Alice is the insectoid queen and explains that she didn’t want this happen. Apparently this happened one day (the change to a giant insect) and escaped her parents house to avoid explaining since…well she is a teen and could explain turning into a scary monster bug?

Alice continues with saying that somehow she infected those she came into contact with and can hear there thoughts. Unfortunately she has tried to tell them not to do anything but it doesn’t work. Nico soon frees Marvel and Elsa before explaining the circumstances.

Marvel wonders if the little witch could just use some magic but given how it wouldn’t last it probably wouldn’t work. Alice soon comes to the conclusion that the only way is for Nico to kill her and reverse the change.

Given that this is what the “future boy” mentioned it starts becoming complicated. Nico is about to ask Carol’s advice but the former is in the clutches of a transformed insect Elsa which ends this comic?

What will the final outcome be? Better find out next month to see what happens!

A-Force continues to be a hidden gem of a comic with an all female cast! The characters are charming and they all blend well together. Being a mixture of heroes, mutant, inhuman, witch, etc, it’s a good comic to check out.

Given this is only a tie-in it for some odd reason does NOT fit into the continuity at all given how the characters are portrayed in this. Sadly enough Captain Marvel might be a little of a hard ass but seems to lose it due to the power of friendship. This will NOT transfer to the main storyline which makes this very depressing for me.

I enjoyed seeing Dazzler and Medusa have a moment as well given they are two different beings (mutant/inhuman) and with all the drama going on between those two factions it’s amazing seeing Medusa calm her high and mighty ass down and be human. However given the other tie-in she is linked to (X-men Civil War 2) this sadly goes unsung given snake-hair shows hostility to Storm.

Singularity shows the most promise and a kind of echo of the fans that “we are supposed to be a team and not fight”. It might seem like childish optimism but it rings true. Aren’t you tired of seeing Marvel characters fighting each other over every little thing?

This goes into my “what I disliked” about this comic and it’s just Ulysses. I do not care for that character in the least. He says something which puts everyone on edge and it’s always doom and gloom? It’s his own anxiety that brings forth what he sees (a fact which does get explained in issue four of Civil War 2) and I’m sorry, that character will hopefully be put out of his misery to bring some revolution of change which is needed in the Marvel Universe!

A-Force is a group that needs some more respect and here’s to good character writing. I also enjoyed the humor in played with this, especially Elsa throwing out F-bombs left and right. I hope she becomes a frequent character involved with this series after the Civil War 2 dies done.

For plot, characterization, art and progress I give it a strong 9 out of 10. Pick up some well needed A-Force and enjoy!

And there you have it, the Marvel comics I read as of late! Will I have more? You’ll have to stay tuned!

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