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Hello everyone, it’s the time of year again? No not football, though that is cool. It’s the fall television season and with that brand new shows have hit and trying to get off the ground as well as some others previous shows from last year coming for another round to see how they do in ratings and audience response.

Given I’ve never done a review for a television show I decided to test the waters with Fox’s “Gotham” today. It returns with Season 3 dubbed “Mad City” as the overall arc until it’s winter finale.

Gotham is it’s own standalone TV show that is based off the famous caped crusader Batman and the city he lives and fights crime in. It is a crime level drama that focuses on the GCPD a decade or so before Batman appears on the scene and also re-introduces some crucial rouges before they become as such along with adding it’s own spin of the circumstances unlike their comic book counterparts.

I’ll say this, comic readers and Youtubers who review and fans of comics have either extreme hate or distaste for this show due to the flow of the storyline, how characters are portrayed or not following the famous mythos that Batman is known for.

The story is actually about  Jim Gordon as a detective before becoming Commissioner and him solving crimes revolving in Gotham. He becomes partners with Henry Bullock; the oaf with an actually good heart.

Gotham also has a young Bruce Wayne with Alfred as main secondary characters and going into his time as a kid after his parents died and trying to figure out the mystery which goes into deeper territory as the seasons pass (more or less).  The nimble Selina Kyle also becomes a character in this as someone around Bruce’s age which implies in this continuity they knew each other as teens before their inevitable destiny of becoming Batman and Catwoman takes hold.

Other well known characters appear before they hit the bigtime like Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin as he works his way up the criminal underworld to eventually one of the underworld of Gotham’s stronger crime bosses and blackmarket king. Fish Mooney, a character for the show is his employer and shows her stake in the city as one of the elites before circumstances take her down.

Edward Nygma aka The Riddler is also one of the many noticeable players on the board but before he became the green suited ninny with a fetish for riddles, he is working at GCPD as the coroner.

The series also introduces other characters that factor into this like Barbara Kean, Jim’s girlfriend who experiences the blunt of living in Gotham and getting involved in the series.

Now before I begin here’s the rundown, I will explain the plot of the episode to the best of my ability and try not to spoil what happens. Next I will give my overview opinion on the episode and finally the scoring system.

It will go from 1 (least) to 10 (best) so that should give you some idea of how or why I always have numbers in my blogs regarding what I type about.


Episode 1 of season 3 is [Better to Reign in Hell] begins with a little bit of a time skip. In last year’s finale some things have changed for our characters.

As of now Jim has become a bounty hunter after quitting the GCPD in the last season. After what happened he decides to go after his love interest Lee, who left him due to how he was obsessed over his job and lying to her which put a strain on their relationship along with how Barbara threatened her previously. Does he find her? You’ll have to see for yourself.

During the course of the episode it is discovered he made a name for himself with the quote “I can sleep whenever I want, drink whenever I want…”, which got me to laugh. If he also mentioned about watching porn as well it would have been perfect. He is perfectly happy…even though he seems to frequent a bar to drown his sorrows.

At GCPD headquarters it is revealed that some more stuff is going bump in the night and the police are trying to deal with it and put out any fires relating to the topic by the press, especially when snoopy reporter Valerie Vale (really based off of Vicki Vale) starts questioning the higher ups about who, what, where, why and how. You know like a certain plucky reporter looking for the truth and doesn’t care what feather’s she ruffles (looking at you Lois Lane who might not exist in this universe).

Before any can refute Vale’s question we enter, In true Gotham fashion,  once again greeted by Penguin, who hobbles in all dramatic and being the big ham he is. He soon spills the beans over what really happened; a bunch of freaks were released last year and are led by the recently revived Fish Mooney, which in all honesty left me baffled by her re-emergences as a character.

Last time anyone saw her she was sleeping with the fishes due to Penguin pushing her off a balcony and proclaiming “I’M KING OF GOTHAM!!!” as if he was on the Titanic.

This gets all the reporters wanting to know more especially Jim and Vale, who bump into each other.  Their storyline goes into finding Miss. Peabody, Hugo Strange’s assistant and I as I personally call her “Hugo’s waifu”.

Bruce has returned from being in Sweden during the time shift which causes some roundabout issue with Selina, who also is more a part of the Fish Mooney angle of the story.

The heir apparent is currently looking into the hidden foundation that is after his life and goes to confront the big wigs at his own company, which is seen to be a big laugh to some; a little teenager trying to play with the big kids regarding business management? He brings to their attention the proof he needed about the asylum that was looked into last year regarding the experiment done by Hugo Strange.  And any disparaging remarks about Bruce trying to get his point across his silenced by Alfred, who is there for moral support.

Unknown to Bruce though there is a “twin” of his on the loose that looks exactly like except with longer shaggy hair. He pretty much looks emo and has amnesia. This look-alike is seen with Ivy in a small scene where he scares her off.

Speaking of which, Selina is involved with Fish Mooney’s crowded due to holding the faith she would return. She is more of a “intelligence” gather but also playing the field as she offers out hints to Gordon or one of the others as seen in the episode. However she shows a softer side when Ivy, who turns up as she followed her friend to where Fish is and is accused of being a spy. Ivy’s fate will change due to what happens next.

Fish comes into the picture in this episdoe sporting some ability to control other people at the expense of it taking a toll on her body. Due to the experiments by Hugo Strange and Peabody she was granted this power. However Fish want’s to be cured and needs Strange but the scientist is currently MIA that even Miss. Peabody, who play’s a part when it came to Jim Gordon and Vale finding her, is kidnapped earlier by the appearance of Man-bat.

If you are unfamiliar with Man-Bat he is a legit Batman character and actually made his appearance in the animated series when it aired it’s first episode around 1992.

That’s right, Moony has the freaks as her squad and they are using their abilities to reck up Gotham so she can reclaim what is rightfully hers (more or less as she wants to get back at Penguin).

Penguin also meets up with Edward Nygma who is still incarcerated as the latter offers him some advice in handling the “Fish” situation with a corny but obvious pun of “Penguins eat fish” as to say Penguin is Fish’s mortal enemy and that he can beat her. How that is however will be a wait and see kind of deal.

Barbara Keane also makes an appearance running a club and still being crazy but has it more under control. She works with Tabitha Galavan, from season 2,as she is her bodyguard. Their claim to fame is taken down some gangsters trying to muscle in on her turf and I’ll say this, she’s got the “Harley Quinn” aspect down.

The storyline comes to a close with some but one ends in a mystery; the group that is shrouded in Gotham’s history (Court of Owls) makes it’s run on Bruce with an unexpected end which will be continued in next week’s episode.


Gotham Season 3 has hit balanced crescendo for it’s season premiere. I found the small time skip to be a breath of fresh air from the convoluted ways of season 2 especially when it came to Fish Mooney’s role by the end.

Granted I like Fish, Jada Pinkett Smith does her justice but I think you can’t get lightning in a bottle twice. I found the ability angle to be cheap. I mean we are already getting into the “Metahuman” trope now? I never thought that would happen.

I get this is technically set in the DC universe and even though we got like say Poison Ivy sporting plant like abilities or Clayface in the comics, having powers in a show which is technically supposed to be a crime show is a bit of a stretch.

However even though my gripes Fish did bring me around but I can’t help but wonder if by the end of the “winter finale” that she will have her last hurrah?

Seeing Jim as a bounty hunter was unexpected. I might not have the biggest knowledge of these Batman characters but I am aware of some things and him doing this seems to be the show’s way of making him a “Batman” archetype. I guess he can get more done this way until he returns to the GCPD before the season ends? I mean he won’t be this all year from what I see.

It was cool seeing “Vicki Vale” even though she goes by in this incarnation “Valerie Vale” which I don’t mind or making her a different ethnicity (Asian). It’s a nice factor and I see her being a kind of love interest for Jim this season.

Bullock is still his same self which is nice to see and actually shows strength of character when it comes to his ending scene with Jim which you will see but also makes you wonder the future of their friendship and partnership.

Ivy and Selina’s friendship is always a treat but what happens to Ivy will be up for debate. If you haven’t noticed by official images, seems our Ivy will blossom this season, in more ways than one.

Alfred and Bruce are still the same and go into more of the Wayne family background and given the clone is looking for Bruce, we will see how this goes if the Court of Owls don’t try to off said richboy.

Episode flowed well even though I might have missed some bits due to cooking dinner but I got the gist of it. Even though Gotham has it’s little haters/complainers/butt-hurt fanboy(girl) problems, the show is decent.

It’s just taken it’s own spin on these characters based off Batman and it can be nice seeing how little things can differ. Though Mr. Freeze aspect last year was out of left field and I standby he shouldn’t have been used in this series but that’s my opinion.

The genetic splicing angle I also have to raise an eyebrow too due to if this is taken place in the “90’s” then why is the science so darn perfect even though it does leave Fish damaged?


Episode – 7 out of 10

Characters – 7

Plot/progression of episode – 6

Final score – 7 overall rating giving this a B –

And there’s my first television review! I hope (anyone who is reading this) found this interesting. Depending on how I feel I will try to do more reviews of this show. If not then I probably lost interest or got preoccupied so we shall see how this goes.

Possibility I’ll do one or two more TV shows and see how I will schedule this if I’m up for it.

Take care everyone!