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Hey what’s happening everyone? Today I will be reviewing High School DXD, a *light novel turned anime, written by Ichiei Ishibumi.

The light novel, a book with only 200 some pages with few images, which is sold in Japan. Sadly enough it hasn’t gotten American publishing by Key Press. It’s popular by the target demographic of teenagers and young adults.  It is a harem, action, fantasy aspect with very low romance kind of deal. With a word like “harem” what else can you expect, an epic “Titanic” kind of deal? I don’t think so.

This series has also been adapted into a manga, a Japanese comic where pages go from right to left  instead of the American left to right style. There are 9 volumes currently and released in the west by Yen Press. Quick note, I actually own the first volume but never read  since I thought it was a light novel, online.

Highschool DXD also has gotten an anime adaption with the first season which adapted the first two books of the light novel.

The anime series is distributed by Funimation, an anime dubbing company where they hire voice actors to play the characters, adapt the Japanese wording or lanague to better grasp for westerner viewers, which is why the lewd and colorful language by the characters compared to the subbed.

The episodes are 12 in total detailing and introducing the main characters, the plot and circumstances the cast get into about the cast system of angels, demons and fallen angels in a never ending battle.

Are angels and the followers of God truly good, are demons really bad? Do fallen angels hold the same views they held before being casted out?

The second season, called  [New] adapts the third and fourth books that dive into Kiba’s past and info on the church which consisted of 12 episodes.

A third season, which goes by [Born], goes into adapted material of books five through seven in a span of ten episodes while the last two are a self-made story for the anime.

High School DXD isn’t what you would call “deep” material. It’s really a glorified, high school girls wanting a teenage boy who is a pervert but has a kind-heart and blank personality.

However I won’t go into that detail yet, let’s move this along shall we before I go into an overall opinion of this.


The series follows a protagonist with Spiky Hair Syndrome, Issei Hyoudou, a perverted high school student at Kuoh Academy (a school in Japan if you hadn’t guessed by the name of it) who wants what everyone in his age (mostly male) want, to shack up with a chick that has some bodacious knockers for some happy whammy time.

Of course his high school life turns south when a fallen angel named Raynare sets her sights on him and disguises herself as a student and kills him!

Wait a minute, our main protag who was just introduced gets killed out of the story right away with no resolution? Damn, he might have been a perverted, ignorant, virgin boy who doesn’t know how to deal with women but to right up and kill him?

Well Issei must have been blessed by the gods since he’s soon revived by Rias Gremory, a very beautiful girl with crimson hair, nice tits and a body to die for. Did I forget to mention she is also goes to the same school as our male protagonist along with being the most popular girl and president of the Occult Club?

Of course I might have lost you all with said girl with the fact she’s not an angel or “revived from death” by said person. In actuality Rias is a high-class devil of the refined Gremory family that is part of the Underworld. She reincarnated Issei as a devil, to said boy’s shock given he started noticing something different about him when he woke up in his room the next day.

Rias soon explains to Issei about what it means to be a devil caste system along with foundation of the world; how the underworld is home to lots of devils along with [The Rating Game] to test a devil’s power in a battle with other devil teams, to gain prestige and raise rankings.

Hearing this Issei is hesitant, his life turned upside down with being a devil, does he really want to do this? Rias also brings to his attention that he could get his heart’s deepest desire, have any woman he wants and make a massive harem.

Issei is far more enthused by this and goes about getting to know Rias and the others under her pact, devils that go to his school and joins the Occult Research Club.

The story goes into the various factions of what goes on from Issei’s first battle and eventual get back at the one that killed him, stopping Rias from getting engaged to another high ranking devil, to discovering the truth about God and other character’s history in the course of the series and finding out more about his fellow Occult Research members.

Next will be the characters bios.


Issei Hyoudou

Image result for issei hyoudou

*Numb nuts*

Image result for issei hyoudou

*His Sacred Gear “Boosted Gear” a red dragon inhabits it granting him a lot of power.*

Issei is the point of view character and how the story focuses on him and the relationship he builds with various characters. His rank by being revived by Rias is [Pawn], the lowest tier in devil status but with the added benefit of having a [Sacred Gear] on his left arm which he inhabited in his body even before being turned into a devil, named Boosted Gear. The dragon inhabiting it is a legendary one named Ddraig, the Welsh Dragon.

An powerful gear that lets the user boost their abilities further without limit every 10 seconds but at the cost of energy along with transferring said boost to his teammates and granting them an enhancement to their own powerset. Noteworthy that for the females when getting juiced up by the red dragon gives they an orgasm. This is not me being perverted but actual fact, I heard the moans of pleasure that lasted it for about a second!

The typical “shonen” trope of male protagonist in an anime story, Issei is a pervert with a fascination with boobs or known in the literal sense in Japan the word “oppai”, he likes scoping out all the hot mama’s on campus with his two best buds (minor characters that show up just for humor purposes), his destiny is sent astray from normal student to devil when he meets eye to eye with Rias one day.

He becomes fascinated with the popular girl he only knows of through rumors but doesn’t think anything will happen. That is until he ends up dead by the fallen angel Raynare as she was sent for reconnaissance by her faction due to the threat Issei inhabiting a sacred gear (not known to his knowledge).

Issei is revived by Rias and it goes from there. For the majority of the episodes of all three seasons, Issei is a leacher and perverted teen who constantly thinks of sex and other derogatory shit. He has a goal to huggle in Rias big milk sacks and suck the delicious nectar. If you hadn’t guessed with the adjective, it means milk.

Of course given he’d be a complete douche if he had that trait going for him, Issei is also a hard worker and decent fellow to be friends with (going by how he is shown in the show and not my personal opinion yet). He shows devotion to the ones he gets to know and even empathy for (majority) of the females that are going through personal demons and helping them out with just being there.

He might be a cherry boy (derogatory word for virgin), a fact he hates, along with fantasize about the girls in his life but he actually gets into precarious situations which is out of the ordinary for any guy his age (or in life) which leaves him flustered showing that he talks big game but can’t deliver.

Due to his “kind” nature in the course of the story and plot, Issei winds up getting a majority of females to fall in love with him. At home he actually sleeps with Rias, Asia and some of the others in a big bed. No hanky-panky goes on but cuddling from the females as he’s that wanted by them. Along with the added benefit of them sleeping with no shirts or pants on he gets to meet them big melons of either Rias (and later Akeno) in the morning which is doomed to start getting wood in the morning, a trait us guys suffer from in the morning.

His relationships are mostly platonic with the other main characters and has some other friends outside the group as well. Typical thing is cast will eventually like the MC due to his “spiky-hair syndrome” so there really is nothing to say on that.

Season one introduces him and his exploits of learning the ins and outs of the bureaucratic underworld and character introductions and showing his feelings for Rias by the end of the last episodes.

Season two continues his story as he learns more about Kiba’s past along with Church bureaucratic BS and adding more to his “harem” by the end of the season.

Season three…pretty much a rehash but development between him, Koneko and Akeno along with his “deep” connection to Asia and going off the deep end when he believes she’s dead and his “love” for Rias by the end due to her own innate jealousy. And did I forget he gets another member by the name of Rossiweiss who is added to Rias group?

Of course this is where his character fails with me but more on that in my gripes section. Being the main protag you can guess he has protection via the typical shonen power ups that occur in the course of the series and plot for obvious reasons.

Now as you have noticed by describing him, he’s not my favorite character and I, in fact, dislike this “not making up your mind” aspect of the series, given the amount of females that fall for this buffoon but again, I’ll hold out.

He also is a strong user for justice at times. If you are not familiar, majority of main characters declare “I will protect her/them” etc, to the enemy they are fighting in a massive explosion of lights and screaming.

I’ll say this for his character he does grow stronger and personal development but still gets annoying with him.

In the  American dubbed he is voiced by Scott Freeman (Seasons 1 and 2) & Josh Grelle (Season 3). His seiryu (Japanese voice actor) is Yuki Kaji.

Image result for issei hyoudou

*One of his many perverted modes of wanting that oppai sandwich and cameltoe*

Rias Gremory

Image result for Rias Gremory

*Main female lead*

Image result for Rias Gremory

*One of her fan service moments*

Rias Gremory is the main female protagonist and love interest of the story.  She is a high ranking devil with the moniker [Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess] due to the amount of power she wields that is very devastating.

She has a voluptuous body, kind, coddling for those under her charge and dignified but she is in no way arrogant however she does hold a belief in her team. Rias is “The King” piece in the rating game due to her being the leader of her team.

The crimson-haired girl is 17 years old and her best friend is Akeno Himejima (also love rival for Issei). She is the heir to the Gremory household due to her older brother taken on the title of [Satan-Lucifer].

Rias supports and believes in Issei and all under her charge and treats them like family but especially for spiky-haired syndrome boy (depending on how the story is crafted).  She is prone to secretly get jealous when the other girls show and try aiming for Issei.

This shows she does hold feelings of doubt if he “loves” someone else but is mostly secured in the belief of her own feelings for him. Being the president of the Occult Club which is a mask to hide the true meaning of creating the club at the academy seems rather easy for Rias and is able to come up with excuses for their absences whenever it comes to the supernatural aspect of the story.

She shows good leadership skills though and despite being calm shows moments of hesitation or apprehension but nothing over the top.

Season one introduces Rias and explores the foundation of her background a little and being a mentor to Issei along with meeting Asia and forming a sister like bond with her although they do fight for Issei’s attention. Her role moves into “damsel in distress” by the last bit due to a marriage proposition which she can’t refuse due to family circumstances and shows Issei rescuing her by defeating the would be suitor in an epic match of blows.  She reveals her growing feelings for him with a kiss.

Season two continues with Rias is pretty much medium, no significant development other than her support for Kiba via his storyline mixed with general lewdness, exposition, and her friendship/rival with another demon faction that goes to her school but nothing much to say. It’s been a moment since I watched season two.

Season three shows Rias dealing with her jealousy over the girls growing affection for Issei and how she deals with it. It doesn’t come full circle when Issei goes “rampage mode” by converting to his [Juggernaut mode] when he thinks Asia dies.  Rias vows to free him from his torment which actually works (along with finding out the blonde was safe).  Rias jealousy is explored even further in the last two episodes were, due to manipulation by Loki, she succumbs to those dark feelings and gains her own dragon like armor and fights Issei until his “power of love” frees her from it and reaffirming their “love”.

The fans reaction to Rias as a whole is met with praise and like for her overall character development. For me I have issues with the last two episodes of season 3 which showed her going in the “I have feelings for the MC but get corrupted due to said feelings of inadequacy” but I other than that have no real issue with her.

I’ll be honest I do like looking at her nice plump pillows but then again, I am a male so we are going to look no matter what females tell us not too.

She is what animu fans call “waifu” for our hero so it’s pretty safe to say she will get chosen in the end and it was said she doesn’t mind if Issei has a harem as long as she’s the top one.

Rias close people to her would be the ones under her service. Akeno is her best friend, sees Asia and Koneko as her little sisters, Kiba as a brother, and maybe even Xenovia and Rossweisse as ones in the family as well given they are her servants.

She also goes by the rule of “Spare the rod, spoil the child” at times if any under her service goes off on their own, which is shown in season two.

In the dubbed she is voiced by Jamie Marchi and for the subbed her seiryu is Yoko Hikasa.

Image result for rias gremory

*Showing off her demonic powers*

Asia Argento

Image result for asia argento highschool dxd

*The innocent one*

Image result for asia argento highschool dxd

*Trying to show she can be sexy too*

Asia Argento appears early in after Issei has been reincarnated as a devil. She is sweet, earnest, gentle along hopeful. She has a strong belief in God and prays even when she becomes a devil (which gives her a sharp pain throughout season 1 however by the end of the 2nd season that restriction gets lifted).

Her history is rather sad though, she was abandoned by her mother when she was only a baby and was raised by the church. While still a child Asia discovered she could heal humans with the rare sacred gear [Twilight Healing] which also can heal angels/devils/fallen angels, and is coveted due to advantage anyone can have with it.

Due to machinations behind the scenes Asia is labeled a witch by her peers. It is thanks to meeting Issei and befriending him that gives her hope for her arc. When she is finally captured by the fallen angels, Issei, Rias and the rest of the Occult club rescue her but in the process gets her sacred gear taken and with her life becomes forfeit.

Issei is heartbroken that he couldn’t protect her and cries that he wanted her to see the good in humanity given she never gave up on them even through her experience. It is thanks to Rias who reincarnates Asia into a devil and making her a [Bishop] level one to boot (higher pawn than Issei).

Season one introduces Asia and her becoming a reincarnated devil and her affection for Issei. She plays more of the support by the end of the season.

Season two expands more of her character development via Kiba’s storyline involving the church, meeting Xenovia and Irina; part of the church foundation and wielders of [Holy Swords] and discovering the truth about God and eventual praying to said lord due to circumstances in the latter part of the story.

Season three has her playing the “damsel in distress” by the middle of the season where she gets kidnapped by a high fallen angel and “killed” but due to plot and a convenient rescue by some other characters (which won’t be named due to over complication of MORE characters) spared that fate.

It is through her interactions with Rias group that she falls for Issei and thinks highly of him but also gets flustered when he shows interest or lust for the other females with a big bust. With her ability Asia is more of the defense to heal her comrades in any fight but also is emphatic as well in mundane situations and everyone around her sees her as the little sister and are very protective of her.

Asia gets along great with Xenovia, a swords(woman) from the church and same faith but their relationship doesn’t go easy until the latter is also converted into devil status by the end of the second season. She is the little sister of the group and is rather naive/innocent which garners the group to protect her (Issei and Xenovia for the most part).

The likelihood of her being Issei’s “number 1 choice” can be considered low despite him always wanting to protect her. She loves him fiercely however and I can see her not minding being part of this harem.

In the anime her dubbed voice is Chloe Daniels and her subbed seiryu is Azumi Asakura.

Image result for asia argento twilight healing

*Using her healing abilities*

Akeno Himejima

Image result for Akeno himejima

*Akeno, second in command and sadist*

Image result for Akeno himejima


Akeno Himejima is Rias’ best friend and has been inscribed with the [Queen] piece by Rias in the rating game. She comes in second as a popular character due to being up to par with Rias for her own voluptuous body and bigger oppai.

She’s also a sadist and sexually forward when it comes to teasing Issei whenever she gets the chance. Akeno’s character development comes in the form of her heritage. Before being reincarnated as a devil, she was a half human/fallen angel hybrid to a human priestess and a powerful fallen angel by the name of Baraquiel.

They lived a relatively normal life before horror strikes when some fallen angels kill Akeno’s mother when her father is away. Baraquiel comes back too late and Akeno blames him due to her own half blood status. When she is at her lowest Akeno meets Rias  who offers her a chance at her side which she does. This is how they met and eventually become best friends.

While Rias is calm, dignified and compassionate to the ones she cares about Akeno holds more to being the aloof, teasing big sister of the group. Given the amount of power she wields as a half-fallen angel mixed with devil, she is a force to be reckoned with her trademark [Sacred Lightning] and other high caliber spells as a priestess that she learned from her mother. There is room for discussion if she is up to par with Rias when it comes to magic due to being the second most popular girl in the academy she attends, which is a testament to her own beauty.

During the course of season one Akeno is teasing with Issei and also is aware of how is always fascinated with her breast, which she doesn’t mind when he somehow gets his face smothered in them. Akeno however does have a serious side and when it shows she shows off her sadism which is notorious and shockingly a trait she inherited from her mother.

Season two shows her developing feelings for Issei and the reveal of her backstory is briefly touched on. She also “sucks” the excessive energy of the dragon energy coursing through his veins when he activated his balance breaker in the first season. This happens by sucking his finger in a lewd and suggestive way.  This season also shows Akeno’s rivalry with Rias over Issei but more fun to the resident sadist and brief touch on her heritage.

Season three is when Akeno’s backstory is fully explored and past revealed. The more crucial episode is where she shows off her vulnerable side to Issei while on a date to cheer her up and helps her through her father issues.  I can say this is when her feelings for Issei double, which is annoying IMO.

Akeno is my favorite character and top girl in this series for me and why she loves a guy who will have a fucking harem as an ending (more or less) is beyond me but I enjoy it. Her oppai shots are a bonus.

She might be sexually forward but she is still naive when it comes to actual love and also is like a normal girl at heart with wanting and experiencing love.

For seasons one and two of the series Akeno’s dubbed voice is Teri Rogers while in season three it’s Kelly Angel. Her seiryu in the subbed is Shizuka Ito.

Image result for Akeno Himejima

*Her more risque moments*

Yuuto Kiba

Image result for Kiba yuuto

*Pretty boy and swordsman*

Image result for Kiba yuuto

*Mad sword skills*

Yuuto is one of Rias’s [Knight] and proves this archetype by wielding his sacred gear in the form of [Sword Birth] where he creates an infinite amount of demonic swords with varying attributes.

Despite his handsome good looks and kind nature belies a tormented past which is explored in season 2.

Season one introduces him and is met with frustration and envy by Issei due to the blond’s good looks and dashing personality. Yuuto also proves his worth by showing off his sword skills in a majority of the episodes dealing with action. He also shows his distrust of the church (more or less).

Season two is more of a Yuuto centric season/church  as it’s revealed that Yuuto was experimented on as a child by the church in [The Holy Sword Project] to create ones to wield [Holy Swords]. Yuuto lost a lot of friends due to this which spurned his hatred of anyone wielding said swords. He eventually escapes but is succumbing to the poison he breathed in.

He is soon met by Rias and he accepts the deal of becoming a devil. However it wasn’t easy after that due to being abused he mistrusted her and those around her and it took a long while before the ice around his heart melted.

Yuuto is eventually able to discover who ran the infamous project with Rias, Issei and the ones linked to the Church (Xenovia and Irina) and deal with that threat in that season.

Season three has him back as a support player than central figure.

Yuuto’s character is the “dashing prince with slight emo” from what I can tell but his development is sadly put to rest later and we don’t go into depth about him unlike in the light novels that explore more of his improved swordsmanship.

He is eventually able to be good friend’s with Issei and it could be implied it’s a “bromance” due to them being the soul two males in Rias’s group.

In the series his dubbed voice actor is Sean O’Connor. His subbed seiryu is Kenji Nojima.

Image result for Yuuto Kiba


Koneko Toujou

Image result for Koneko toujou

*Sardonic wit*

Image result for Koneko toujou

*Superior super strength in action!*

Koneko is the sarcastic, monotone petite one of Rias group and is designated as the [Rook]. Despite her small stature she has incredible strength and takes no crap from the perverted Issei. She has more than once called him out for his “horndog” ways but does consider him dependable as the series continues. She also displays little emotion except for ones of annoyance at times.

For seasons one and two nothing on her character developing past quips and helping out the group.

Season three explores more of her back story; during a course of training in the underworld Koneko is suddenly showing signs of fatigue and unease due to something she is hiding.  Issei shows concern and talks to Rias about it to which she reveals Koneko being a [Nekomata] (cat demon).

It is revealed that she has an elder sister, named Kuroka, while our nimble girl’s real name is Shirone and after their parents died they became reincarnated as devils but due to being a rare type of nekomata called [Nekoshou], far more powerful than the average nekomata (if you get the reference than bonus for you!), her sister’s powers grew out of control and killed the one that made them devils which made Koneko afraid of them and leave her elder sister, who is later introduced in this season being part of a different group.

It is thoroughly more explored in the light novel than what the anime reveals however. Koneko grew to dislike her innate abilities, [Senjutsu] and suppresses them until it starts causing her problems during the first couple of episodes of the season.

It is not until Issei helps her to accept herself, which she does in an anime way and soon starts expressing herself more in feline traits. She starts using her nekomata powers more during the course of the season, boosting her overall effectiveness even higher.

When she gets affectionate she shows off her cat ears and tail, to Issei’s bemusement as she also grows to love him but still calls him out on his pervertedness.

Koneko gets along good in the cast and has gotten absurdly close to Issei as of season three.

In the series dubbed she is voiced by Jad Saxton while her subbed seiryu is Ayana Taketatsu.

Image result for Koneko


Xenovia Quarta

Image result for Xenovia

*Xenovia; strong night but lacks common sense*

Xenovia is introduced in season two as person who wields the holy sword [Durandal].  She is more relegated to “anti-hero” with the characters by being with the church along with showing distaste for Asia due to her becoming a devil but helping them out later.  She is eventually able to see her and the others true worth during this season along with discovering that god has died.

Upon learning this information she chooses to become Rias second [Knight] and join the Gremory household though she still holds her faith in the gospel (despite getting a headache).

Season three shows her devotion and friendship for Asia as she momentarily breaks down when she thought the blonde died and went on a rampage against a powerful foe named Shalba Beelzebub who did the deed.  Other than that and trying to seduce Issei to give her a baby, nothing stands out with her except she too falls for Issei but that’s more shown/read in the light novel.

She does think of Asia as her best friend though due to them being connected to the church and vise versa.  Xenovia also is able to bridge her friendship with Irina once more after the latter become one of Michael’s [Angel’s] reincarnated due to Irina being shocked that Xenovia became a devil by the end of season 2.

In season two and three her dubbed voice is Ramona Newell and her seiryu Risa Taneda.

Gasper Vladi

Image result for Gasper Vladi

*This is a trap*

Gasper Vladi is introduced in the latter half of season 2. All I know from the info that is given and portrayed is Gasper is a [dhampir], a half-human/half-vampire, who is terribly shy and dresses as a girl due to…reasons.  He is Rias’s first [Bishop] before being sealed away due to his powers.

Despite being a trap, he is powerful with being able to freeze time but it is limited in the course of the series.  He thinks highly of Issei and gets along well with everyone and seems to hang with Koneko and Asia.

There is other info about his character but due to this is more “anime” related it wouldn’t be relevant.

His dubbed voice in the series is Alison Viktorin and his subbed seiryu is Ayane Sakura.


Image result for Rossweisse

*Valkyrie with no boyfriend*

Rossweisse is introduced in season three and is a Valkyrie of Asgard and bodyguard to the perverted but powerful Odin.  She is portrayed as being serious, steadfast but is prone to crying over the fact that she has no boyfriend.

She winds up helping the group when it comes with dealings in the form of Loki in the middle part of the season and is mostly a secondary player. Rossweisse also winds up being left behind by Odin whenever she is shown and it is not until the last bit of the season that Rias offers her to be her second [Rook] and new employment as a teacher at the academy.

Nothing much more is shown but in the light novel she  falls for Issei and that’s all I say on the matter.

She is beautiful though and apparently revealed she is cheap but if and when there’s a fourth season, we will see that come to the surface.

Her dubbed actor for season three is Mallorie Rodak while subbed, it is Ai Kakuma.


Okay so now we have gotten the main characters out of the way, and mark my words there are more but I just wanted to knock out the main group of the series despite some coming in way too late, we are entering the symbolism of this review.

Now it might seem boring but given anime needs material, it is more than likely to go for actual real life information based in religion, culture, folklore to weave around the story.

When I watched it I only caught glimpses of words I heard when reading like dragons, holy swords, to name a few due to those are acquainted with fantasy genre and by season two it expanded to hearing of the blade wielded by the fictional king of King Arthur, Excalibur, given it’s a holy sword by nature.

As well as Christianity plays a factor given the foundation of the church.

This series is knee deep in folklore; take for instance the name “Rias Gremory”, her character is based off demonology of the Lesser Key of Solomon, an anonymous grimoire and in it being described as a man as a Duke of hell and also taken the form of a female as well.

Other folklore that is described in the series about the Church being ones of holy virtue, fallen angels that have fallen from grace, demons from hell or the underworld.

Mythology also plays heavily as well in the forms of Norse with references to Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, Loki the God of Mischief, Fenrir, Odin the Allfather, Ragnarok; the death to the gods just to name a few. Japanese mythos comes into play with the various demons like Nekomata, shrine maidens and other wording you can find in the series.

There are probably other well known mythology linked to this but another one would be Greek given Cerberus, guardian dog of the underworld, appears as well.

I guess to begin the themes hidden under the fest of boobs, butts and other depraved lewd, friendship is shown in this series along with “never giving up” which is the typical MC trope in anime, which can hurt it to ones like me who can see it a mile away.

Despite that I do see how bonds shape the foundation of the characters as they being more like family. Even though Issei and the others are devils reincarnated, they are not bad or evil but still have the characteristics of themselves.

The series also explores how just because something might seem “bad” or what we perceive; devils being evil and church being good, it actually goes into a shade of gray. It is choices that determine who they are and even though having the label of “devil” they are still considered protagonists and heroes of the series.

It also has themes of “love” though I use that in quotations due to Issei’s BS ways of thinking but the females do honestly love him for his determination. Of course THIS is what hurts him as a character and bogs down DXD as a whole.

Another obvious trope is “never giving up hope” during the course of the series and how the characters deal with an enemy they have to defeat and it shows in their actions.

I could say more but that’s all I have for this part. Let’s move on shall we?


Oh good my favorite part where I discuss my problems with this series! Before starting please remember these are my personal opinions, please leave your self-righteous “every anime is good and never has no cracks” at the door please.

Let’s go!!

Firstly if it hasn’t been apparent I truly dislike Issei as a character, protagonist and personality department. Now I am aware this is an anime and should NOT add any common sense factor in said show but as of late and I was not left very happy.

When I got the first season I was around my mid twenties and back then I saw no problem with Issei; he was guy who liked seeing women drop trough to view some awesome watermelons! But watching it then got season two like two years later with purchasing season three this month, I found myself having differing opinion about him.

It’s the same white bread, spiky-hair syndrome I talked about in one of my other blogs (Spiky-Hair Syndrome) and got my point across but I’m not afraid to say it again, those kind of archetypes get on my fucing nerves!

The lone boy, a teenager, who has no luck with women, winding up in a predicament that requires him getting a dash of the fantastic, some ability and suddenly he’s the go to guy of saving the day and have everyone worship his dick as a great character, taking these female characters that have some good plot or development going on, to fall for this vanilla “I will protect you” BS?

Issei has stated that he wants a harem of all the women in the world to fulfill his carnal needs, so how does that go into loving another female? He clearly has the heart of Rias, due to being the first female in the series (and if it’s not clear, it’s a general rule in anime/manga/light novels that they will end up together) but he also has sworn to protect the other females in the story on various times despite having feelings for Rias?

He winds up in absurd positions that baffle the mind! What teenage girl or any woman in general would SHARE a male and sleep in the same room together and fighting for his affection or who spends time with him? None that’s what!

Issei wants his cake and eat it too which is frustrating. No matter what, he will ALWAYS come out on top with the ladies affections doubling with every enemy they face! It also gets bewildering/frustrating/exasperating that he is also indecisive.

He will never pick just one of them and even if it is Rias in the end (which calm down fans of this series) Issei will still have his harem. It won’t be just one-on-one but an orgy fest of ladies coming out his butt to the point he splurges and goes into a coma.

AND the females don’t mind Issei being with Rias as long as they can be “by his side”. What does that tell you? They don’t mind being mistresses!!! Taken some good (if not generic) females and making them some all guys fantasy of having the leader, the seductress, the innocent one, the snarker, etc all in one go without fear of consequences?

That dives into polygamy and if you are a firm believer in it that’s fine. Hell, I think what it would be like to have two wives for some part of the day but that’s just fantasy and in my personal view, selfish to the ones at hand. He isn’t being considerate to their feelings nor is he being a man that he can’t make up his damn mind!

I apologize that went into bashing of a “beloved” character however that is my BIGGEST gripe. I have personally gotten out of harem type shows due to I think about this shit to realistically and there are only a few I give a pass too.

Another gripe I have is the overabundance of characters; you can’t keep them straight and have to learn their names and stats for story purposes and wonder if they will bring anything. The sad thing is given we are introduced to Rossweisse in season three she get’s no effing development by the end and I’m wondering “why is she here again?”

The plot is easy to follow but can be tempered down with over the top villains wanting something to magical explosions and interesting but genric fight scenes and of course there will always be “I WILL PROTECT YOU RIAS” by the end of the season which get’s on my nerves.

I’m sorry but if you really held her heart you would just kick out the other girls and be done with it but I understand how this series is based and need this for fan service.

Speaking of which, the fan service is nice I won’t lie but it just takes up time. Do we REALLY need to see exposition in the bath with two females showing off their taught, hot bodies of boobs and legs. Must it give the fantasy that real life women don’t have differing body types?

NOT that I have any room to say since anime/manga pics ALWAYS describe them with “perfect” bodies with no ounce of fat…they don’t even go to the bathroom to take a dump, not that I want to be in the vicinity when any drop a bomb like that.

Another complaint is when the females fight, somehow and someway, they get their attire shredded showing either some nice skin with nips! It’s amazing to me (and exasperating) that occurs only to them.

There is a time and a place but this anime/light novel/manga uses any excuse to show dem females partying up the “I see London, I see France” motif…without any underwear. It also has panty shots if you see some old powerful god cop a feel with Akeno and slapping her sweet ass cheeks and showing the goods.

Yes, again I’m an Akeno fanboy, leave me alone.

The anime also has some filler which can be skip worthy but it’s not really big to be honest. I believe I got it all out of my problems with this and time to move to the last portion of this.

If it seemed I tore this series a new asshole then I do apologize but only a little. This is an opinion and just because it’s an anime doesn’t mean it gets a free reign to run off into the sunset with boobs and ass hanging out and jiggling, one has to know when to say something.


Despite my grievances with the series, I can honestly say it does have some potential it just get’s perverted and farted out by the end of it. This series is more for teenagers for fourteen and over but given this is anime and the internet age, any fan (mostly male) will enjoy watching these perfect ladies bare all to satisfy the virgin needs and fap (masturbate) to in the dead of night and cry out “AKENO” in the deepest point of passion.

I can enjoy this series once in awhile but it’s not really the best in story, animation, plot, character and music.  Sure, I enjoy some of the opening theme songs, some which I have on my Kindle Fire but the ending themes are pretty forgettable.

The symbolism I do have respect for and can never go wrong with adding it’s own twist on some mythology that we hear of. What breaks this series is just the fan service and Issei but given it’s the new generation of anime fans watching they’ll eat it up like hotcakes, which is bewildering.

If you are a fan of fan service and generic fighting scenes and easy plot with an MC that get’s everything he wants with no mood shift and development then this is the anime for you. Even though the lewd part of me can enjoy it, my rational-cynic mind is of a different story.

I do enjoy the translation Funimation did for it as it has more westernized jokes which resonates well with me. It’s funny hearing ghetto slang coming from a Japanese student like “Damn son, that’s church!!”

The dub also has a lot of their good voice actors, some old and new to give this show some balance and I can enjoy the sexualized innuendo at times even though it could do well just making say Issei tone down the “home boy gotta get down” aspect but I digress.

The anime is sold online which you can purchase and it’s mostly around thirty or forty dollars as a dvd/bluray combo.

Yes when going into the main characters I divulged their arcs but to be honest I don’t think it’s spoil worthy for one, the anime is already and you can watch or stream it on Funimation, two, read about it on the internet and three…well no three but those are the big two reasons by me it’s not really spoiler.

Along with I skimmed the exposition regarding the circumstances, like more detail about the church, the demon realm and the angel bureaucratic circumstances or how even beings from Norse mythos get involved and possibly others.

So if you are that curious I suggest you watch the anime and if that didn’t give you the answers you wanted or left you satisfied after the oppai fest, read the manga or look up the light novel or wiki page, which warning the latter crashes like a hooker at church.

Now one of the most important ones, is this “feel” worthy by anime fan standards. I’ve learned via social media fans are once again bastardizing the English language with this word but for anime fans a show has got to have feels (make them tear up or sob) at the drop of a hat.

Hell no. Or as the hip young crowd proclaim HELL NAH!

There is only fake feels in this anime and even though there are small points you MIGHT come close, let’s be honest, it’s generic. It gives out fake feels and there is in no way deep reflecting in this series.

So animu fans yes, there is NOTHING to bring you to sobbing or whatever it is you like to do with this brand of fake feels that feels forced.

Another note to heed it is up to fans interpretation for OTP (one true pairing) to satisfy their hearts content on the “perfect” couple in this series. It’s obvious it goes to Issei/Rias, why that brown-haired fool has to get her or anyone is beyond me, but their are ones who ship him with the other ladies.

From what I see the light novel seems to have him having moments with all of the ones linked to him so you get those minor moments even though they aren’t worth crap as far as I can see.

So after that (once again) minor gripe , have at it my lewd kouhais!

Image result for Perverted trio

*Let’s get some tail, men!*


Story: 5 out of 10

Plot: 5 out of 10

Characters: 5 1/2 out of 10

Music: 5 out of 10

Entertainment value: 6

Total: 5 out of 10.

Grade: D

Last thoughts:

I am glad to get this review done. Yes, I like my lewd but at heart I do enjoy exposition more than seeing panty shots at a critical point of a story. It just takes away and lowers the quality in many aspects.

I can’t stretch this enough that I find this series okay, I’m not condemning this to hell or whatever but there is more to life than rubbing one out to seeing Rias or Akeno’s hot (and animated) boobs. It’s wish fulfillment on many levels.

Highschool DXD is something you should watch to see if this meets your fancy and if you find yourself critiquing it, than congratulations, means you are thinking outside the box and being opinionated.

Not sure what my next review will be however I do remember writing a “Top Waifu” list? I might change that to “Lewd-senpai’s top 20 animu waifu” or something to that effect? The title is a work in progress.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed this review from an anime fan. I ask you take a look at some other blogs I’ve written as well if it meets your interest. I’m trying to work on shorter reviews of comics I read and probably will go into stuff I read in general but we will see how that goes.

This is Jeff signing out!

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*Later Days!*

Here are some video’s if you’re curious.


*A song sung by Rias and Akeno. Fellas,picture them singing while doing a suggestive dance. See them tits jiggling? Your welcome! *

*Opening from the second season: Sympathy*

*Opening of the third season*

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*Might as well get some gifs on here. Suggestive shit, I know*

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*Koneko backing that pancake butt!*

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*Asia is not the most graceful but she tries*

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*Akeno knows how to do it!*