Hello everyone, today’s blog will be more of a personal venue from my usual anime related post or movie reviews.

Yes, gotta have these kinds of post once in awhile since I have a lot on my mind and as the title says, this will go into one of my more not so great traits. However don’t fret, this won’t be long, just an outlet to express myself given I’m an introvert.

If you are wondering I’m well underway for my Highschool DXD review and working on the character part of it, jotting down what I know and how they come across, so hopefully I can get that to y’all by the end of the week at the latest.

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*So please be patient*

To begin there are traits that we realize and those we deny, be it either good or bad and I am prone to actually accepting the traits that aren’t as noble or virtuous at points. I find that if you only embrace the good parts and constantly deny the bad ones, means you refuse to face yourself as you truly are…if that makes any sense?

Don’t misinterpret this, I do like my more favorable traits but the bad ones factor into what kind of person you are and me being critical over various stuff at times, either due to my age or how I view things.

Take for instance this situation: I find the various cartoons/shows (modern television) that the decade younger than me and so forth, suck ass. Now let me illiterate here, from my perspective of actually checking out some shows at a glance if I’m flipping through stations and just watch I see the quality of television (from my POV) seems to have fallen hard.

Now given I’m 31, age and experience play a factor into this as well. I’m not saying that the stuff I watched was high and mighty (even though as an individual, yes I do) doesn’t mean it was all good. There was a fair share of horror stories of cartoons/shows that parents didn’t like but as a generation we embrace the good to the bad.

Back to the matter at hand I find the quality of modern TV, mostly on Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon/Disney/Boomerang, have become irrelevant to me since I grew up on what I found to be “good TV” even though it is relative and based on perception.

I mean think about it you can’t expect me to hold on to the same feelings as my 10 year old self while being an adult correct? If I still had that mindset and watched something like “The Regular Show”, I would find it funny with it’s adult like humor hidden in a cartoon structure. However, seeing a glimpse of the humor as an adult, I FIND it lacking. It’s not for me or any of the shows that are “good” for the generation behind me.

I’ve been told I am critical of such ignorance and I admit it, I am a critical person but not because I want to be, it’s expressing an opinion depending on the mood. We all don’t feel the same way about something and shouldn’t have to but with this overly politically correct world we live in “butt-hurt” is becoming the norm or at least getting a head start in rationalizing opinion from fact.

My view of shows like “Gumball”, “Average Show”, “Teen Titan’s Go”, “Adventure Time” and other shows designated for kids and maybe teens (and it’s fine if you are an adult that watches them, no rule says you can’t, I got no beef) is nothing more than an opinion of how I see it.

I’m not trying to be mean and if it comes across as I’m peeing on your pretty flower bed, then sorry.  But come on, experiencing the change of the times, you are not going to feel the same way about something in 10 years time. You’ll start seeing flaws in something but still enjoy it for what it is (even if it is a show that is obnoxious BUT it’s my opinion).

Take for instance Thundercats, as a kid Lion-O was my favorite character! I owned the action figure and everything and he was so epic! However when I started watching the DVD set of the series that I owned I started seeing him in a different light and found out he was hotheaded and actually caused half of the bad shit to befall some episodes due to his own ignorance and I will not use his “being a kid in an adult body” as an excuse, he fucked up.

I found myself liking Tygra as my go to character in that show for his analytical mind and such. He might have been a square but he owned it and I got a lot of respect for it.

So yes, I am critical (like how Hermione Granger is) with things and I don’t deny that part. I actually like to embrace the fact that I can be opinionated (even to the point of bragging to maintain some self-righteous and arrogant standpoint).

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*My point*

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*Of course I also have my inner Chandler too.*

At times I do find myself faltering due to said “butthurt” since i don’t want to accidently rock the foundation of the world with an opinion since I don’t watch said (and from what I find) nonsense.

I could apologize for not liking Spongebob or Jojo or One Punch Man but what kind of feeling is that you can’t say something the opposite of what others are saying? I’m sorry if I don’t bend down to suck ass or dick to the point I worship to not ruffle some feathers.  At times it has to get ruffled since it could bring a different perspective and maybe say “Huh, I didn’t think of it like that, I might not agree but I can respect it”.

But that’s not the kind of world we live in nowadays. Overly sensitive people in general has spread amongst the ranks of opinions and yeah there needs to be a point when to say an opinion or just know when to be quiet and accept it.

As of this point I am taking a break from some stuff to wrap my head around this. What I considered to be fun has turned into something that I didn’t expect. And I have to be honest, I just felt it was a double standard and feeling like the Scarlet Letter.

Now I could be overthinking it or taking it the wrong way but dammit, that’s how I FEEL! Don’t patronize someone for feeling like they aren’t wanted or some other crap! I truly can’t deal with fandoms or talking in a group at this point, seems more trouble than for what it’s worth. No matter what group or whatever you will clash and this is me just stepping away from it. It is running away but at times you have to be selfish and think about your own mental health.

Not that I’m emotionally fragile or mental either, I give off more of an aloof persona but I do feel deeply and it’s a combination I’ve learned to deal with and like at points.

If you remember I stand by that fandoms are broken and this goes into my point with the critical aspect. Will I ever go back to it?

Let’s just say I’ll get to that point but as of this moment I will say the words; goodbye.

So this is my short blog entry on the matter. Again for anyone curious I AM working on the review of DXD as a reminder so look out for it!

Take care everyone!

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*I know Chandler, I know*