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“All it takes is one bad day.” Joker.

This quote is from the 1988 book Batman: The Killing Joke written by Alan Moore.

This is Jeff and I’m going to write about my thoughts on The Killing Joke, which was adapted into an animated film.

The Killing Joke is one of the more crucial stories in Batman’s colored history since he was created in the early 40’s. Killing Joke became a pivotal point that comics “isn’t just for kids” due to it’s imagery. The most infamous drawing is where Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) ended up getting shot point-blank in the spine by Joker.

Not only did this remind people that Joker is a lethal manic and killer it also set the stage for Barbara becoming Oracle, a central figure to creating the Birds of Prey along with beneficial to the Bat family.

Killing Joke was also a tale about Joker’s “alleged” origins along with the relationship between the Prince of Crime and the Dark Knight and a possibility where this could lead them.

Now I’m not big with the knowledge when it comes to Batman mythos and only know the general information along with watching the movie. However I did read it for the first time some weeks ago and I was impressed by it.

My friend Mike got me interested with said story and movie due to him being a huge fan and his knowledge surpasses mine so I’ll mostly be talking about the film.

Now to begin this movie was announced a year and a half ago which got all the Batman/DC fans in a tizzy. The epic comic would be getting an adaption since it’s creation in 1988. With steady news coming throughout the grapevine it was soon discovered that Bruce Timm would be directing this golden moment.

Bruce Timm was the creator of the hit Batman The Animated Series back in 1992-1997 and with him being part of the process it felt like this would be a good film. Along with Kevin Conroy reprising his role as Batman, Mark Hamill doing the Joker (and the best one to ever voice this famous character) and Tara Strong coming back to voice Barbara Gordon/Batgirl.

The illumines coming back made all the fans jizz their pants.

Of course in this day and age (sadly) enough reports of how the film would look like leaked on the internet and it wasn’t pretty, at least with some long standing fans. Granted I’m not sure what the big deal was but I’m a general fan.

Along with, as a way to flesh out Barbara’s character, there was going to be a thirty minute sequence showing said character as her time being Batgirl before Killing Joke. Hearing that I wasn’t up in arms. Personally I felt that the comic just left Barbara to hang after getting shot and being in the hospital.

Of course with that there was a “scene” in that part that just made all the geek fanboys lose their shit. I’ll get to that part soon.

This will have spoilers. Sorry but given this material has been out for 20 some odd years you can basically read the darn thing yourself!

The pacing for the start of the film details Barbara’s life as Batgirl which I had no problem with. It showed that she was a partner to Batman and even harbored feelings for him which resulted in sexual tension on her part (at least that’s my take on it).

Working on a case to put away another mob boss grunt, Batgirl purses this guy but winds up getting herself in trouble as this dude gave her a run for her money. He pretty much stood toe-to-toe with her in fighting, which was bewildering to see. I never would think that grunts would be able to fight against ones who have studied under Batman and learned different disciplines of self-defense.

However Batgirl is around her late teens so even if she can fight I guess there would be some stuff she can’t do. After getting her ass handed to her this leaves her frustrated and the mob guy, who develops an obsession for her, taunts her in a television broadcast which sets Batman to lay down the law that she cannot pursue this.

Feeling rejected Batgirl doesn’t give him the time of day and goes about her business in tracking this dude down. More exploits are shown with her being a librarian and having the gay friend talk to her about relationship problems.

I’ll skim through the story but all you need to know is that in this part of the film I find enjoyable. You need to see for yourself how it goes down.

The Killing Joke part of the film begins a week or two later where it goes from the original material. Pretty much Batman discusses his bad relationship with the Joker at Arkham Asylum and finds out Joker escaped.

Actually now that I think about it, that’s pretty much it. No need for me to go into detail since the film follows the comic to a certain degree.

Now on a whole The Killing Joke adaption was good, I had no problem with the visuals, voice acting or the plot like the rest of the fanboys. Of course the infamous scene with Batgirl and Batman has set a snake in the garden of the Batman fandom.

Pretty much they have sex. They got down on it. They fucked on a roof while she took off her mask after getting in an argument. Wow, they summoned ellipses and the fans are crying havoc?

To be fair, this scene for the actual sex was like five seconds after a minute worth of Batgirl throwing punches with Batman dodging. It wasn’t long and you didn’t see her face get the big O.

I will say it does bring down Barbara/Batgirl’s character by degrading her to a baseless trope of “main girl wants D” due to her own sexual frustration but it was just brief. Nothing to write home about.

I’m not sure why Youtuber’s pretty much banned the Batgirl part of the film and give praise to The Killing Joke part? It was only tagged on to give it a full length animated film and if you want to be picky about it, never happened in the fucking comic so stop whining.

Of course I do like and respect their opinions but some were just up in their feelings about that one fucking scene that was nothing to cry about. It must be different for a general viewer like me since I try not taking this stuff seriously.

It’s a form of expression when watching a movie, animated or otherwise, we can critique it but let’s not just constantly complain about one little scene and make a mountain out of a molehill.

Yeah I wish the writers could have come up with something classy for Batgirl to just have sex with Batman like  this:

Killing Joke (In the night)

After coming home from near death, Barbara  throws her costume in anger as it lands in a heap and knocking down a little lamp which fell with a thump. Barbara rolls grunts in anger, she got that from Alfred as gift. Picking it up and putting it back in it’s rightful place the red-haired woman continued thinking about how she messed up at that gangster’s house.  

Cursing in her head she goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water and some pain meds she keeps near the sink.

Swallowing 3 pills and laying her face on the cool surface of the counter, Barbara’s mind continues wandering to her fight with Batman.

‘Great Barbara, show the big strong bat how you can be such a child by not getting your way….’ Frustration ringing in her thoughts. 

She waited there for almost five minutes until deciding she needed a shower due to her muscles being sore. Moving towards the bathroom she stopped and went to her radio to put on some music.

(Street Fighter The Animated Movie OST: In the Nursery – Hallucinations (Dream World remix) starts)

A quarter of a smile peaked on her face as she walked towards the bathroom, the music playing it’s smooth jazz like music. Turning on the light showed off her face, blotchy from holding back the tears.

Luckily she wasn’t hurt or scarred, Barbara didn’t want to make an excuse why she had a black eye to her friend at work. Pulling off her bra she turned around to see bruises on her shoulder blade and grimaced on the way it looked.

Damn, those thugs knew how to fight though, I might have to start giving them more credit,” Barbara muttered as she soon took off her underwear and went to turn on the shower cap.

The sound of music still could be heard as she entered and let the hot water hit her flesh, trying to find comfort in the heat and making her muscles relax. She stood in the shower until hearing the song stopped playing.

A grimace appeared on her face. ‘Crap forgot to put it on repeat!’ Barbara kicked herself for not doing that.

Urge to suppress a curse came very hard as she would have to leave this sanctuary until the song started up again. Eyes widening Barbara wondered who could do that?

Narrowing her yes Barbara’s hand came to turn off the knob until she turning and seeing a figure that was all too familiar, waiting by the door.

“Batman?!” Barbara yelled as she almost fell out of the shower until Batman caught her.

Not knowing what to say Barbara tried suppressing a blush until she scowled at the cowl caped crusader!

“Dammit Bruce let me go and why the hell did you barge into my house?” She yelled!

Batman didn’t say anything as he turned off her shower and led her to the bedroom.

Barbara was about to start yelling profanities until seeing the glare he was giving her. She knew better to say anything and kept quiet as he placed her gently on her nice full sized bed.

Trying again Barbara grabbed a blue robe she had on her bed and wrapped in around her small frame. “Batman what are you doing here?”

Batman looked at her.

“I’m not a psychic Bruce, tell me what are you doing here?” Barbara snapped using his real name.

Normally he would get very hard on someone using his name while on the job but made an exception this time. It took a moment for him speak. “I was making sure you made it home safely.”

“By coming through the damn window? My god Batman, what if someone saw you?” She directed incredulously.

“No one was around.” Was all he said.

Rolling her eyes Barabara soon realized her song was still on. “I’m fine Batman, you can go.”

He looked at her which made Barbara freeze. It was if his eyes were looking into her soul or making sure she had no severe bruising.

She blushed and turned away. “I’m fine, no need for you the glaring of my body, Batman.”

Giving her a quizzical look Batman got the message and was about to go until he avoided a brush being thrown at him. Thank goodness for all that training he endured when he was younger or that would have hurt.

“Dammit, why are you even here?! If you are worried or whatever you could say something you jerk! Taking me off this case should do you a world of good!” Barbara yelled. “The fabled detective can do anything without a partner or two looking over his shoulder!”

Batman turned to her and let her get it out of her system.

Barbara grew annoyed by that look and continued her ramble. “Is that it, you don’t want anymore partners? If that’s the case you should have just said so! I should have taken Dick’s advice and not be under your wing!”

Bringing up Dick was a sore subject but Batman remained stoic.

“Why would you even let me be your partner in the first place huh? Did you need someone to keep you from this alleged ‘abyss’ you told me about? You wouldn’t treat Robin this way! Or is it because…”

It dawned on what she was about to say and grew even more incensed.

“It’s because I’m a woman isn’t it? You think I can’t handle this douchebag of a mafia wannabe because I’m a female? Is it because you think I need protection? I don’t, I survived your training regimen  for three months! And sure, that guy surprised me with keeping up but I had him! And you have to drop on in and-!”

“That’s not the case Barbara.” Batman barked out. “He got to you in a way that shouldn’t have happened. You’re letting your emotions get the better of you while on this case!”

Barbara got up from her bed and made sure to tighten up her robe to make sure her breasts were not showing. She wanted to keep some dignity.

“My emotions are fine, it’s you who has the problem!” Barbara roared.

“Do I now?” Batman challenged his voice getting surprisingly low.

“Yeah you do this every time when it comes to someone you care about! You push them away! I saw it with Vicki Vale, Selina Kyle and even with Wonder Woman!” She threw his lists of women.

“You don’t know what your talking about, girl!” Batman seethed as he turned away.

Barbara has had a rough night and she would be damned if she would let him get the last word in. “You will not leave!” She cried grabbing him by the shoulder and forcing him to look her in the eyes. “You will not do that whole disappearing act! I can protect myself!”

“If that were the case then you wouldn’t have needed my help escaping!” Batman coldly replied stopping her.

As the two looked ready to go for another row Barbara decided to try something else.

“The only reason you don’t want me involved is because you don’t want to admit that you have feelings for me!”

This stopped Batman as his eyes widened.

“You come in like this worried about me all because you have feelings you can’t express!” Barbara yelled. “That’s all this is, I’m some trophy to get at the end of this case because some idiot finds me attractive and you can’t express it!”

Batman appeared as if he got punched in the stomach. “Watch what you say Barbara.”

“Or you will what?” She threw out condescendingly.

Before she knew it Batman pressed his face to her in a gentle kiss which she soon returned. It lasted some seconds before the two spread apart.

They didn’t know what happened, it felt magnetic when they kissed. Batman appeared distraught (for Batman) as Barbara soon went to him and initiated another kiss before whispering, “Take off the mask, we have issues to work out”.

As the music continued going Batman soon undressed and showed his real face, Bruce Wayne and the two would continue making love with some breaks throughout the night.

The End.

 Yeah that’s my brief take on their fling. I know Batman was OOC but I never did a Bat fan fic before and that was just for this blog so I don’t know how he would react. This was just for fun and it’s not the best.

To conclude the voice acting was good and got no complaints. Mark Hamill really shined in this film as the Joker and it is always cool to hear him. He is the Joker we would all like to hear. Kevin Conroy is also the best Batman voice and it’s sad that he has retired from the Batman character.  Tara Strong as Batgirl is also wonderful to hear.

Of course I believe they will be in that new animated series of Justice League so I guess they  are out of retirement?

Batman Killing Joke was decent so please watch it for yourselves

For plot/character/music, I would give this a 6.5 out of 10. Entertainment purposes a 7 out of 10.

Take care everyone.