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“I want to assemble a task force of the most dangerous people on the planet, who I think can do some good.” Amanda Waller “The Wall”.

What do you do when the age of a flying man has come to an end leaving nothing but confusion, suspicion and fear in it’s wake to the populace? Where the Government has no answers to the changing of times when costumed vigilantes deal with superpowered villains or the eccentric madman that could kill innocent bystanders for shits and giggles?

That is the question that is answered in the third DC movie universe Suicide Squad.

What’s up everyone, Jeff here and today I’m reviewing Suicide Squad, directed by David Ayer.

You know the drill I will be be judging by plot, portrayal, etc. when it comes to this film. Before that though I did see this with my buddy Mike aka @mmorse1017, which is always fun times seeing with a friend.

So let’s get this started and shouldn’t be too long.


The plot is pretty straightforward from what you saw in the trailer starting this; in the wake of Batman v. Super Dawn of Justice, Superman is dead and the world grieves for him (more or less).

Of course life goes on and there is a person asking the question, “What if Superman destroyed the roof of the white house and killed the president” (paraphrasing on my part) and who said that is Amanda Waller (Viola Davis), a high ranking official.

Amanda’s plan to create an elite group of bad guys with abilities and skills to do some good in the world and by bad is using “the worse of the worst” in her words.  She get’s her point across by having said superpowered individual by using June Moone aka Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) demonstrate what “good” can be done by sponsoring “Task Force X”.

She soon explains who she wants on this squad, Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot; sharpshooter and killer (Will Smith). Harley Quinzel or Harley Quinn; psychiatrist, killer and (alleged) queen of Gotham (Margot Robbie), Killer Croc, man eater and strength (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Boomerang, good at throwing boomerangs and killer (Jai Courtney), Diablo, fire manipulator (Jay Hernandez).  This “Suicide Squad” is led by Rick Flag (Joel Kinnarman) and having the backup assassin-sword wielder to keep this motley crew of crooks in line, Katana (Karen Fukuhara) they all will unexpectedly (to their chagrin) save the world when the mysterious alternate persona of June Moone, Enchantress, the being that possess her due to finding an artifact, goes rogue and unleashes magic in the city which is NOT Gotham to destroy humanity (more or less, it wasn’t really made clear).

Can they all pull together? Will Joker (Jared Leto) be a thorn in their side so he can get back Harley Quinn?


Amanda Waller

*Straight up gangsta and gives no shits*

The mean lady and one running the show (movie, whatever) and Viola Davis brings it in this portrayal of the famous (infamous) character from the comics.

Amanda Waller is high up in the government and rumors of her personality of not giving two-shits about anything. She might not have any superpowers but her demeanor and strick mindset makes her team stand to attention.

To prove the point I’m making Amanda Waller has gone up against Batman on a number of occasions (in the comics and cartoon) with their ideologies and also knows his secret identity of really being Bruce Wayne.

I was left speechless when it came to Viola Davis doing this character and I had no doubt she would be doing Amanda Waller a disservice. To be honest another character that Viola plays on ABC’s “How To Get Away With Murder“, Annalise, reminds me of “the wall” in every scene she was in.  Not that I thought it was Annaliese but more like her alternate reality scary older sister.

Her scenes and direction of the film was evenly paced. The interactions she had with the other characters was just that, using them as tools to get the job done and not giving no fucks.

The “straight up gangsta” title is a joke but when you see the movie you will understand why fans add that to her name.  I was rather disappointed that she didn’t call herself “The Wall” in this regard, it would have been a major fan service moment for ones who liked Amanda in Justice League Unlimited.


*Every step you take, I’ll be watching you*

One of the main focuses in this film, Deadshot is pretty much the go to protag even though he is a bad guy.

For the second I saw him appear on screen I have to be honest, didn’t think I’d like him much. Of course during the course of the film my opinion of Deadshot changes as he does have a code that is nice to see in a team of anarchy villains.

With a recent string of movies that have been a dud, I forgot that Will Smith (Big Willie aka get jiggy with it) is an awesome actor. The performance catches you unexpectedly which adds to his character.

Deadshot I felt was kind of the leader rather than Rick Flag. When the camera always angles towards you that means you got the spotlight on you (more on that with Harley in a minute).

His nod to being a Batman villain was good along with a scene in the film which adds to his arc overall. Deadshot is meticulous with his bullets and didn’t fill forced that he didn’t waste any when fighting.

Deadshot had a possible love/lust link for Harley Quinn with their banter but nothing more than that.

Will Smith pretty much found his A grade status once again in my view of things.

*I see London I see France, I see Harley’s underpants*


That’s how I describe Harley Quinn’s character in a nutshell. She is the fan favorite by fans and critics alike due to this is Quinn’s first movie appearance ever! Ever since she appeared in Bruce Timm’s “Batman the animated series” she’s been popular.

Not that it’s been easy for said character with being in a relationship with the notorious Joker, which is the most famous character arcs in comics with being the most toxic relationship in all comic history along with a dash of Stockholm syndrome.

When I heard and saw the trailer of Suicide Squad I felt that it would be all about Harley…and my intuition proved correct. Not only did she become another central figure in the film with the spotlight on her (and them booty shorts, she bent down a LOT) her origin story got viewed in flashbacks setting up her tone in the film.

Harley Quinn has become the image that anyone, fans or ones who don’t read comics, acquaint Suicide Squad with.

The portrayal of Harley Quinn was good and even though Margot Robbie had a tendency to drop the New Jersey accent, it was nice seeing. And that ass! I mean she had some nice tender legs linked to that cutie bootie and her body was on point. Squeak, my geek senses are tingling!

Yeah it sucks that Harley became sexualized for movie goers which makes me fear that people will see Harley as a sex kitten but more on that when I get to my “gripe” section of this.

*I put a spell on you!*

For someone who is shown to be part of the squad in the film by the trailer’s it’s surprising how the truth hits you in the face.

Enchantress was…well not what I expected. Granted I’m not knowledgeable with her character in the comics except for minor references in Wikipedia pages I check but it was okay.

Her arc is the most unexpected since I thought she’d just be the one to wave her hands and get something, not become the main antagonist for the squad to beat up on.

I had no problem with Cara’s portrayal of her, the movements for having another being possess you was interesting to see but I think her overall story got lost when it came to the other characters fighting her horde of zombified-plant people.

It was nice seeing magic being introduced, even though it wasn’t explained. I mean I get that it’s magic and having faith in a higher power that you can’t explain in science but if Enchantress has all this power, I thought she’d be a bit more fearsome or just eradicate all the characters with saying some words.

She was sexy I’ll say, though why she was doing hip action when she spoke was a head scratcher.

Rick Flag

*I’ll make a man out of you!*

Ummm, yeah not sure what to say about Rick Flag. He was Amanda Waller’s go to man to keep that crew in order and being tough as nails but he felt like a pussywhipped at some points.

He was all right in the movie but he felt like background noise. Of course when you are surrounded by almost well known characters in comic history I guess the normal joe would be put on the back burner.

Joel Kinnaman did good for the character. Not sure what else to say. His arc corresponds with Enchantress/Jude Moone so there’s that.

Sorry I’m just coming up bare on this one.


*I set fire to the rain*

Diablo was the most unexpected in this film, he really became a favorite for some. Being one who can create and manipulate fire was cool to see.

Even though he has all that power Diablo was actually the pacifist one not wanting to hurt anyone with his powers. He has a decent sized development and arc which shows what he can do as a character and even having the most humanity of the team.

Sorry again, I don’t know much about his character in the comics but Jay Hernandez did a good job.

Captain Boomerang

*I got nothing*

The only Flash villain to be in this group, Boomerang was-no. For me he did not need to be in this film. I didn’t find him funny. At all.

I have no clue what the eff he was in this for? I get he is a central figure in the comics but in this film? No. Go back to Flash’s neck of the woods and cause him havoc.

Jai Courtney was decent.

Moving on.

Killer Croc


He brought the muscle and grunts. That’s it. Nothing to say sadly enough. Killer Croc is a Batman villain though. Portrayal was adequate.


*Sword of souls*

Damn comic book movies do it again with how they use Asian-american characters and give them little work. Of course where X-men: Apocalypse failed Psylocke, I’ll say Suicide Squad did some okay work with Katana.

Sadly she doesn’t get much development, her origin is glossed over and she had a curse katana blade. She was the one that would kill the crew if they got out of hand, not that she would since characters are protected by plot.

I got no info on her. I had to ask Mike if she was part of Lady Shiva’s League of Assassins or even part of Resh Al-Ghul’s faction.

Karen Fukuhara was good though even though not much going on in talking and just slicing and that one scene where she cried.

So much potential but sadly nothing is used. Maybe in the sequel?



Jared Leto is the Joker. He was a kind of sub-villain and part of Harley Quinn’s arc in the film.

More on him in my “gripe” section.


Yes, I’m not normally known to be on this butt-hurt fan train but these have got to be said. It’s only a few so bare with me.

Firstly was Joker in general. I think the film would have done a lot better or survived without introducing Joker. Harley Quinn has expansive history in the Batman mythos thanks to being linked to “Mr. J” so I think he could have just been seen in the flashbacks and nothing more.

What also got me was his attire and how they went about it. I don’t think myself a comic-purest as not everything can be made for the film due to time and energy and whatnot but what the fuck is with giving Joker a grill?

Did we get zapped into the early 2000 era where grills and pimping the ride were the big thing without my notice? Sure Leto’s Joker was decent within itself but I was not feeling that look.

Along with Joker’s motivation in the film. He wanted Harley back? What different world did we drop into? From my mindset of Joker he could care less about Harley. It’s a possession kind of feel in their relationship but his whole “Come on baby, we are going home” and be like this chivalrous knight seemed out of character.

However that’s my view on that, if you ask Mike he’ll give you a different answer (one I can only guess on).

Captain Boomerang needed to keep his stanky ass out of this film. They added him for humor from what I hear when it came to reshoots but he wasn’t even funny! He had fucking boomerangs that were razor sharp and knowing minor tech. He’s a flipping Flash villain and I got nothing against them rogues but someone who can kill with boomerangs as terrifying?

And that gold tooth really rubbed me the wrong way. Captain Boomerwang just needed not be in there.

The music choices were good at points but when I have to hear the juvenile Eminem “Without me” blasting when the crew are getting dressed felt tacky. It didn’t make me bob my head to the tone. Along with they could have used more mood setting tones and not actually lyric ones to get the point across.

The ending part of the film when our “heroes” are trying to stop Enchantress was okay. What kills me is that Enchantress has magic so I expected more energy blasts and eradicating them without a single thought but again, they are protected by plot.

Some characters didn’t get much, if any development or origin shoutouts except for Amanda Waller’s brief tidbit in the beginning. Only motivation that was said they wanted their sentences lessened.

This is just a minor point but I just wished the movie mentioned or retcon that Gotham and Metropolis are not sister cities and actually a long ways from each other. I would have just like a reference by some official to set the record straight.

Sexualztion of some of only 2 of the female characters, Harley and Enchantress, was expected. Sex still sales no matter what the time period and even though I enjoyed Harley’s rearview dumper, the camera always made it to show nothing but her ass.

I mean you don’t see it trying to get Katana up in there for sexy action but with her rigid personality (that you have to guess for yourself) that wouldn’t have happened.

The hips don’t lie for Enchantress though I feel didn’t need to happen. I get that it’s magic she’s cooking up but come on, standstill girl.

Some parts could have gone a little quickly and not a big fan on slowmo action sequences. Just shoot the damn gun Deadshot.

Trailer’s are now spoiling the movie. Jokes felt tacky after viewing them on Youtube so that is a negative. I wish superhero trailers wouldn’t reveal their full hand or it loses that spice to make it extra nice.

So those are my gripes.


The plot was decent, characters were interesting (some more than others) while the pacing was good. I felt like the Harley Quinn power hour felt somewhat overbearing. I get she’s the main attraction but let’s try to find a balance with others next time.

Music was okay and cinematography for it was good. I enjoyed the Easter Eggs for some scenes along with surprising scenario in the beginning and no, not Batman.

The jokes could have been worked on a tad bit more and not feel forced. Actually it was the ones not shown in the trailer that got a laugh out of me or how it was spoken.

For Plot and character portrayals and development I give it a 7 out of 10.

Music choices I’ll give a 5.5. Even though 21 Pilots are the new “hip” group for their hit “Heathens” other songs are good. I wish they placed “Ballroom Blitz” though. Of course I forget if they did.

For entertainment value I will give a 7. out of 10. So for the overall score of this film, a 7.5 out of 10. it’s a “go see in the theater” kind of feel. I also feel comfortable in saying to get it on DVD/Blu-Ray in a couple of months to see any deleted or extended scenes.  It’s not a “Need” to see or watch but more entertainment value.

Final Thougts

I had some issues with hearing the critics crap on fans and the films expense but after seeing it I honestly enjoyed it overall. The thing is Superhero films are based of material that can be adapted but it comes at the cost of being cut for movie viewing purposes.

So even if not all of the characters had their cards out in front it was an interesting and fun adaption. The theater had an average audience with not it being packed like when The Avengers came out in 2011 so you could hear some laughter.

Hanging with Mike is always a blast. When it came to him seeing Batman appear or something else I always gave him a nudge as if saying “Dude, do you see that? It’s awesome!”

We also discussing matters on the film and once again came to the same conclusion if not for differing opinions on such, I didn’t care for Boomerang. I feel like I should apologize for my rant on some of the portrayals. I must have had some problems with it but nothing that sets me to think this is a bad movie because it isn’t.

These kinds of movies will never go over well with critics and reviews due to them (again) coming from material on a comic that is also hindered down by mindsets that think that anything comic book are for kids and doesn’t deserve any recognition of being a good movie. If any only some movies based off comics get some praise, Cap America: Civil War came out guns blazing with hardly any flack.

DC Comic films are making their kingdom slowly so I can say with some caution that they will get there at some point.

I guess Wonder Woman will have to be the one to save DC films when it comes out. Hopefully it doesn’t get killed in another trailer to hype it up when it comes out next year and spoil it.

I’m not the best person to discuss characters of DC, particularly ones that are related to Batman more or less. I only scratched the surface of it. If you are curious on their origin stories I suggest reading the new Rebirth titles of Suicide Squad or even some old issues in a trade paperback.

Or just google sai character’s name and get all the dirt on them and analytically compare them to their movie counterparts.

It was a fun ride though so I’m glad I saw this film so try it out and that’s the review, hope you enjoyed it.

Later days!