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Not sure why but I had a thought while I woke up this morning, are video games adapted into anime or shows any good?

And not just popular anime games but ones like from fighting as well like say when Mortal Kombat was kicking it into high gear in the 90’s and we got one good one and a mediocre one that is shunned by fans.

Here is a brief list of ones that are at the top of my head and ask if these are really good or just poor and some might not just be good for anime.

Blazblue: Alter Memory

I’ll say it, Blazblue is the one game that got me to believe in fighting games again! I might not be the best player in them but I give it my best. Of course due to tech and development it seems my way of playing and what I expect got bitched slapped hard for the hardcore gamers who can beat them nowadays.

What I’m saying is ever since Tekken 4 it seems-no, IS shown that fighting games in general have gotten hard to beat! I played Tekken 6 once and got my ass handed to me. Hard. Along with when I played Dead or Alive, I made some progress with that somewhat sequential storyline and looking at those ladies bust-uh, figures, no, personalities until I got to the end and couldn’t beat it. At all.

At that moment I hauled ass away from fighting and decided to stick with what I knew. Than I got into Blazblue and played “Continuum Shift” and became a fanboy ever since.

It took a moment to absorb all the information and what the storyline was but with patience, searching google for some terms I didn’t understand or have a grasp on and my intuition, I could enjoy it to the max. What really gravitated me was the characters, mostly the main squad of Ragna, Jin, Noel, Rachel, Terumi, for the most part along with the branching storylines due to the world entered into a “Continuum Shift” due to Noel becoming the “Successor to the Azure”.

Than it spammed into a special edition of “Continuum Shift Extend” which showed up on PSP for a hot minute than PS3 which soong continued the Story in “Chronophantasma” and “Chronophantasma Extend”.

But this is about the anime adaption, I’ll consider writing about Blazblue on a later date.

Anyway this is a variation of “Calamity Trigger” and “Continuum Shift” in a 12 episode anime where majority of plots and characters are compressed to fit into 24 minutes which really doesn’t help the cause.

We are introduced to the the heavy players which are Ragna the Bloodedge, the main character, who is known throughout Kagutsuchi (the place the story takes place, a future Japan which is never really stated unless you read backstory on the net) and it is shown to the viewer to be in an endless loop of him always being killed by Nu-13, a Murokumo unit (a kind of cyborg replica) with the vampire Rachel always “observing” the outcome of a sad fate.

That is until the next “phase” occurs where someone who isn’t supposed to exist appears to break this chain of fate, Noel Vermillion, lieutenant the Norvus Orbus Libraium (NOL for short) and serves under Major Jin Kisaragi, who is the younger brother of Ragna.

To make that long story short the first two or 3 episodes easily goes through that entire scenario with limited interaction with some other characters who only appear in one episode or just as a quick reference.

Carl Clover, Bang Shishigami, Arakune, Litchi Faye Ling, Platinum the Trinity are sadly the ones not expanded on which cheapens this anime due to how popular the game is.

I always thought there would be a second season but that never occurred and in hindsight, I’m actually happy about that. A game like this needs like 25  episodes at the latest to expand on this good but convoluted storyline.

The characters were nicely drawn but the show suffered from lackluster action sequences and just far too much exposition to catch up the viewer with all the links and history for this entire franchise.

I have to say I prefer this as the visual novel/fighting game where you can go at your own pace, look up info and come up with your own theories about how it will all end in the upcoming winter game “Central Fiction”.

The opening and ending theme are good as it has the same singer from the game franchise but nothing to write home about.  I will praise the anime for getting the cast from the cames to reprise their roles; Patrick Seitz – Ragna the Bloodedge, David Vincent – Jin Kisaragi, Cristina Vee – Noel Vermillion (Mu)/Lambda 11/Nu 13, Mela Lee – Rachel Alucard, Iron Tager – Jamieson Price, Litchi Faye-Ling – Laura Landa, Kokone – Julie Ann Taylor – Tsubaki Yayoi/Prof. Kokonoe, just to name a few characters.

So for my overall opinion for plot/characters it would be a 5 and the same number for entertainment level as well.

Hyperdimension Neptunia (animation)

Based off the popular game of the same name, Hyperdimension Neptunia Animation is another variation.

The anime bases of the 2nd game and 3rd as the overall plot but more compressed for time.

Neptunia is about Gamindustri a world based off actual game consoles, 4 worlds comprise this dimension and guarded by the [Four Goddesses of Gamindustri].

There is an energy substance called [Share Energy] that gets distributed between the four nations and powers up the goddess via the belief the people have for them which is also the cause for a rivalry between them for wanting to be the top.

It basically reflects real life scenarios of say Sony and Microsoft, the former being Playstation and the latter for XBOX and add Nintendo in there, it becomes a three way battle. However before that Sega was also a contender with an un-sung idea for the alleged system which is represented by Neptune so this turns into a 4-way battle. So life imitating fantasy for the most part.

The main character (and self-proclaimed) is Neptune.

She might have a child-like form with pudding cheeks and dork attitude and tendency to break the 4th wall like Deadpool (which I ship in a weird fanboy fantasy)  but her happy-go-lucky attitude and warm spirit make her friends and the ones in her domain, Planeptune, a nice place to live in.  The layout for that area is “futuristic” and sunny.

Nep uses swords as her weapon. Of course she’s not just one-liners as when Neptune battles she can change to her Goddess form, Purple Heart, a taller, mature form, as she is relatively calm and somewhat arrogant with her battle skills.

She also has a younger sister, Nepgear, whom she refers to as “Nep Jr” and Nepgear also is a main character in the anime which is represented in the next generation.

Nepgear is a CPU candidate and goes by Purple Sister in her goddess form and uses a sword or gun in both forms. She is also very techie and smart which Nep also refers to her as a “gearhead”.

Lastation (playoff of Playstation/Sony) is a steampunk place and it’s Goddess is Noire, the ideal goddess with her hardworking attitude and calm behavior which belies a tsundere heart and known for not having any friends (which upsets her to no end with “I-I do SO have friends!!!”.

Noire uses rapier/short swords weapons. When she transforms into Black Heart, her Goddess form, she becomes haughty and aggressive. Of course she gets a bonus in the chest department.

Noire has a younger sister, Uni, who is also a CPU Candidate (one who will be the next head should anything happen to the current one, more or less) and is more of a tsundere than her sister but gets along with Nepgear and the others. Noire is also hard on her sister which causes Uni to develop an inferiority complex but this changes in the course of the game (anime in this sense).

Uni also uses guns for her weapon of choice and her alternate goddess form is Black Sister.

Next up is Lowee (Nintendo’s Wii) which is a land of magic and snow landscape. This area is run by the book-worm and docile Blanc. She is the smartest one out of the four goddesses due to her knowledge but is the most violent when she is riled up and cursing machine

Blanc has a complex over her small nature (lacking in the chest department) which is easily exploited when someone says so, namely her sisters or even the buxom Vert.

The short-statured girl uses mallets/hammers when fighting and when she changes into her goddess form, White Heart, look out, she’s far more volatile and has her aggression dialed up to 11.

Her younger sisters are the twins Rom and Ram and are CPU Candidates; they are rather mischievous which causes a little mayhem for Blanc but she loves her sisters very much.

Despite being twins you can tell tell them apart due to the colors they wear and their hair styles; Rom has short brown hair, wears blue  being the more quiet one while Ram is long length hair, wears pink and outspoken, aggressive one.

The girls mostly use magic and short-staffs to channel their attacks. Their HDD forms are known as White Sister(s).

To conclude this we enter into Leanbox (XBox) the emerald city, ruled by the gamer/otaku/boy love/mature Vert.

She is an otaku in any sense of the word due to playing lots of games until the next morning and even forming raids. Vert is “also” aware of a certain black-swordsman who is OP in her world. (in game joke).

Vert uses spears and when she transforms into her Goddess state, Green Heart, her personality is the same due to being the most mature and not letting all the power go to her head.

Should have mentioned this off the bat, these alternate forms, also known as “HDD Mode” act as a “release” for what the girls feel or shift into a heightened state so someone like Nep who might be goofy and hyperactive in her human guise will be mature and sport a different style of speech.

Supporting characters are the aloof but cool IF, the clumsy but loveable nurse in training Compa, Histore, the oracle of Planeptune, who is always trying to keep Neptune on point with her duties as a goddess.

Even though the anime comprises these games as small mini-arcs with the 3rd game playing a central role in episodes 5 to 12, it was well balanced in everything that it does.

From character development, action, comedy with poking fun at the “fan service episode”.

Hyperdimension Neptunia is known for breaking the 4th wall and not being serious (depending on the situation) and even if it goes dark there is some character (mostly Neptune) saying “Wait a minute, this is supposed to be a fun, action game not some emo-dark one!!”

The opening theme is very upbeat while the two ending themes are also good! Another bonus is the cast from the game reprising their roles as their characters even though some like IF got someone from Funimation doing her voice along with Pesche.

Melissa Fahn, Erin Fitzgerald, Wendee Lee, Tara Platt, Christine Marie Cabanos, Cristina Vee, to name a few.

For Plot/character/music I give this anime a 7.5 with entertainment value of 8. Not sure how but this makes a good bridge for anyone who wants to play the game can get an eye full of what to expect.

Another one, Persona 3 and 4, have also gotten the anime adaption treatment with success from what I see. Though I have never watched the P3 movies, I have watched Persona 4 adaptions from the 25 episode anime to the 12 episode “Golden” one.

For the 25 episode one I’d say it’s “decent” and gives you the main storyline though it is compressed and leaves out the detail of the MC going through each social links but it is an anime so if you want those goodies, best play the game.

The Golden anime is a re-telling of Persona 4 due to the “Golden” game came out with Marie being the central point of the episodes except when the heroes are dealing with key bad guys. Though by the end Marie is given a role as a kind of guardian for Inaba, the place where the game/anime takes place.

The series is decent for the most part. 25 episdoe version got the cast for the roles so that’s always nice to hear.

Yeah I skimmed that one but I’m sure everyone’s heard of Persona due to the recent of hype of P5 coming out in Japan this year and NA getting it in February.

So to conclude the answer is really up to you and what you like. If you think and happy that a game will get an adaption will be good than that’s cool. Though some do fall short (looking at you Blazblue).

This concludes the blog.  I’ll be seeing (hopefully) Star Trek this Sunday so look out for a blog!

Later days!