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Boo. Snarl. Hiss.

That’s all the hub-bub the recent Ghostbusters (2016) movie has given random people or fans of said franchise.

When this movie was first announced to be put into production of being a new Ghostbusters, fans (at first) were rather bewildered by this since there was supposed to be a 3rd one with the original cast (albeit older) but unfortunately the one who played Egon (Harold Ramis) passed away and it was shelved.

But low and behold we are in the timeframe where Hollywood has effectively decided to start nabbing on to old movies or franchises of old that wowed us as kids.

As news started hitting the web of how this supposed “reboot” would go down it was revealed that Melissa McCarthy would be starring in it. That is what stirred the sleeping giant of “nostalgia fans” or “fans of the franchise” mood swings to full throttle as they started attacking with hateful words and whatever they could get their hands on.

It soon became apparent that the new Ghostbusters would have an all female cast. Yes, bears repeating, an all female cast. Why did I say it twice? Because fans of any particular franchises don’t like change and they got all self-righteous and indignant on “changing the dynamic of what we like and having it perverted!”

Well even though that was expected for the most part, given the internet harbors a dark secret of “saying anything without fear of consequences” along with pc.

Now…this is where it gets interesting and forgive me if this borderlines on-scratch that, it will be getting preachy up in here.

Did you happen to see this movie before saying anything negative about it? Ok, what about basing it on the cinematography or who will be in it, go on Youtube to check out the trailer to ramble about how this movie is going to suck because it’s full of women and won’t capture the true essence of the film?

Or having a convo with some friends at a social media hideout and this happens to get brought up and one negative ninny happens to say it looks back even though it wasn’t really finished or not liking how some of the ghost appeared?

I’m guilty of “not liking how some of the ghost look”.

*Silence my inner Chandler, I know!*

Yes, we all bashed this movie in one or two or a thousand ways due to it being different. That as a fandom that we suffer from “Sacred Cow Syndrome” we condemn whatever movie that is not up to snuff or get indignant over the fact that something we liked as kids gets some brand spankin paint and calling it said movie to rile us up to no end.

I am going to admit this; the movie wasn’t bad. Yes, all the reviews can be “mixed” and whatever Youtube reviewers you like start yammering about it with the same “mixed” result is either lying or whatever.

This is my opinion on the movie, it was not bad. Hell it wasn’t even Fan4Tasic worthy.it had a good director, the one’s portraying these characters looked like they were having fun and put the movie goer’s at ease. Sweet Princess Serenity, I heard lot’s of people laughing at the jokes 10 minutes in (though it could be they are just easily amused. Sorry but my chuckling/laughter has got to be earned).

The movie as a whole didn’t have any holes, the characters, while it took me a minute to like them along with the lame jokes, it all came together from the middle and end. It was upbeat and sure, it was run by women but let me say they brought the jokes and how they did them was amusing. And when thinking about this phobia we have as a whole for our “sacred cow syndrome” is just ridiculous.

Yes, if a movie or franchise from the past is getting adapted, as fans, we want them to be good and yes, sometimes Hollywood has fallen on their asses at times but majority of the time, depending on what is high-budget, they get it right.

*Now if only we can get that Black Widow movie off finally*

Jem for instance is a humongous flop for the box office and fans alike because there was no direction and tried changing it to be like some Hannah Montana lil sister kind of movie when, if you know the real deal, was about a GROWN-ADULT WOMAN, trying to support a foster care for orphaned girls by using music, gets some tech from her father that can make life-like holograms, uses it to create the personae Jem along with using her sister and foster sisters to for Jem and The Holograms, as they have adventures in the goings on of music while trying to stay afloat when The Misfits try to prove that their music is better.


Another can be used for Fan4stic. Nuff said. Of course if you want to know my thoughts on it click the annotation of the name.

*Give it back to Marvel!*

This movie isn’t some sequel to the original movies nor a “reboot”. It is Ghostbusters but in a completely different universe, just like how Marvel comics are a different point from the actual movies it is based on.

So why the hate? Why the despair of something we care about getting butchered? I understand it just like everyone (as I’ve said while typing this) but you must see something for yourself and NOT be influenced by jaded, self-righteous reviewers, by regulars on the net or Youtuber reviews.  Don’t get me wrong, who I like watching for all my nerd culture are cool but you have to break down the fundamentals that they are also human. They are not perfect and basing it on their own thought process by being truthful or at times saying what others say (not that this has been proven but come on, having mixed reviews just like other websites is pretty suspect…) you have to draw your own conclusion.

We all don’t feel the same. It’s not like if someone who gives a bad review is talking for any of us because that’s not the case. It is their PERSONAL opinion and though it might be bad doesn’t mean you should believe it unless you already had it in your head that the movie will fail.

Go see it for yourself! I can’t stress that word enough! It’s just like with Batman vs. Superman and the reviews started pouring in like acid rain. I had my own opinion about it after seeing it first then the next week watching it again for review purposes to see if I felt the same way (and see anything I missed the first time) and enjoyed it despite the critics or fanboys who felt “betrayed” by how Superman was a whiny bitch.Granted if you want my thoughts just click that bluish title.

Okay that’s enough ranting so time for my little review of this.  It was enjoyable, I didn’t think I would laugh at points but it got me in the middle as the group started coming together and by the end I became a fan.

I can see this movie having a sequel just because. The jokes were stale at first, due to seeing some highlights from snippets of trailers, but again, it came together nicely.

The one’s working on this were all enjoyable. Though for a moment I thought I wouldn’t like one of the characters (the blond one) but she won me over.  I was concerned at one point when the “laughing” audience in the top row didn’t laugh at some points but it must have missed them by a mile due to being easily amused.

Erin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones really made this film their own.  Along with seeing Chris Hemsworth aka Thor, show off his funny acting chops and dance moves. If you want to know the last bit, go see the movie. Dude’s got rhythm (and no I won’t say “for a white guy”. That’s just needless labeling like white men can’t jump or have rhythm…you’re welcome!) Along with keep an eye out or ear for if you can spot some hidden gems.

So in the end it all boils down if one can get over themselves and their self-proclaimed “honor of maintaining that this movie can’t surpass the original”.

Numbnuts, it’s GOT nothing to do with any of that, it’s a damn movie and if you want to have a good hour and some minutes of escapism of busting some ghost and interesting easter eggs, be my guest!

For overall plot/characters/humor I can give this movie a 6.5 and entertainment purposes an overall 7.

I’ll see ya next time when I decide to review the upcoming Star Trek movie coming out on Friday.