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I’ve come a long way from being an imaginative kid to an early 30-something kind of male that likes his cartoons, comic books, video games and off-colored humor…you know like a big kid.

And what I recently have been doing as a responsible adult is spending money on the rather popular Funko Pop and anime/game figurines!

Okay so my very first figurine I ever got was when I went to Otakon 2015, enjoyed myself and picked up some stuff and came to the realization I never had a figurine before! So looking around I just so happen to see my favorite Sailor Senshi, Sailor Venus, in stock at some vendor and got it and I also wound up getting Sinon from SAO Season 2!  Yeah why would I get a figurine from SAO? I have a thing for Sinon’s pancake butt!

Huh? You never notice Sinon wearing short-shorts and showing off that nice rump? Dude it is looking fine AF (for an anime character).

I think that’s where it began for that. Then sometime passes and I’m at Hot Topic (the young hip store for the animu fans and would be Goths/emo hang out) and I’m just looking around, being cool (not really due to my calm, baby-face just wandering around wondering how anyone can fit into that clothing attire, they are skinny!!!) and buy A Black Butler Pop (Greil) and X-men 90’s cartoon (Cyclops) to join my two woman army of interesting figurines.

So I had Sailor Venus, Sinon representing the slim, figurines and Cyclops and Greil bringing up the rear, who else could I bring into the group?

Now not sure how it happened to be honest but one day after being on a Star Wars: The Force Awakens kick and being at a Target, I saw a Finn and Rey Pop figures. I wasn’t going to buy them at first due to my pretentious mindset of “it’s for kids” and ignoring them but as I was leaving the section full of action figures and what not I changed my mind to take the plunge.

My mother saw what I got and just rolled her eyes but accepted (due to I was spending my own money on them and other food I was buying). After purchasing I placed them on my shelving area while remaining in the box.

I know, why would I leave them in the box? Well I always heard that you should never take them out of the box due to it being a rare item one day. Yeah, it came to me eventually that these toys are being made at a high rate so the point of them ever being rare is null and void.

Jumping ahead some months into 2016 when Comic Book Day happens I get some comics and see a Pop figure of Agent 13; I’m a fan of hers from Captain America: Winter Soldier and had to get her, as well as another Sailor Senshi figurine which was Sailor Neptune.  I actually was debating of getting that figurine due to the price but given it was a special day of hanging out at a comic book store for the first time I went with it.

Did not regret those purchases.

I was also able to acquire Daredevil, Black Widow and Sailor Moon (with Luna) Pops as well.

So I’m expanding my figures and soon check Amazon to see what they have to offer and that was the beginning of the end.

I was able to find one from Fate/Zero, Lancer, Accel World, Kuroyukihime, Code Geass, Kallen and C.C., Fate/Stay Night, Saber Lily and Blazblue ChronoPhantasma, Noel Vermillion and they have been integrated into my little collection.

So given all that I have 9 anime figurines and 8 Pops. I am planning on expanding on the collection when I save some money. I would like to continue with the Sailor Moon Banpesto figurines and get Sailor Mars next.

The ones that were a little complicated to put together would be Saber Lily, trying to get the sword in her hand along with linking the parts while she was holding it took me 30 minutes while trying to wipe the sweat from my hands.

Kallen and C.C. are summer outfits and there disc can combine to give them a psedo-yuri like embrace if you combine the arm parts in the correct socket. Took me a moment to figure out since I did not want to break them and I spent good money so I wanted to be careful.

Sinon’s was simple enough just placing her on a rock slab with her sniper gun. It has the perfect balance but if I happen to bump into the unit she could fall down which is a pain since she could fall behind the unit.

Kuroyukihime’s was simple and all I had to do was place her head on the body and the red mask in her hand.

Noel’s was easy but needed some elbow grease to get her head with the jacket and those red like string extensions for her outfit along with her holster for her weapon. If I wanted to I could just take the jacket off but I’m not planning on doing that for a while.

Sailor Venus and Neptune didn’t need any configuring and just popping them on the discus which makes it that simple and why I want to get the rest of the Sailor Senshi (Banpresto) figurines.

Lancer is also easy however I accidently broke his red spear while putting it in his hands so it’s just curved slightly but not really bothering me.

These figurines, depending what they are, vary in prices. For Sailor Venus and Neptune, I just spent like 20 some odd dollars on them and Sinon as well but where you go changes.

The ones off Amazon can cost from 30 to even 100 some odd dollars. I got Noel for 125 dollars I believe only due to anime/game figurines are coming from the holy haven of Japan.

Only spend that kind of money if you have it. I’ll be honest, I got it when I was feeling rather depressed over something.

From these purchases though I learned to plan on when I get them. So I won’t make these top priority to always get when I’m on Amazon.

Pops on the other hand have a decent price and got no qualms spending a little on them but depending on what I see since it has to be ones I like.

Every figurine is different though and I just discovered Bandai figurines of some anime characters that are pricy ranging to 50 dollars but like I said, not planning on doing this on the daily so going to just save and plan on when to get them.

And there are not just figurines for anime/games but from comic books too, namely the big 2 of DC and Marvel. They have some sweet ones with anime-esq quality which are pricy.

I think that’s enough out of me for now but there you have it, my little collection of adult figurines and not ashamed in the slightest since this is just a hobby.

Till next time!