This pass Sunday after needing some fresh air of being lazy on Saturday, I decided to see the new movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.

From the title it gives you the plot of the movie about two brothers, Dave Stangle (Zac Efron) and Mike (Adam Devine), two fraternal twins that like having a rip-roaring good time at any family parties. From jumping on a trampoline at a wedding impressing the ladies, to starting up a jam fest at their grandparents and throwing out some slick moves that even the elderly were getting into it!

However all is not when it seems, which the audience is shown when their parents and daughter, Jeanie Stangle (Sugar Lyn Beard) and her fiance Eric (Sam Richardson) have an intervention; their partying habits always have disastrous results.

Those scenes I mentioned had consequences; the trampoline incident at some wedding caused one of the females to fall onto it (she was on the roof of the doorway along with the other one) causing her to bounce and crash on a waiting table full of gifts (lots of “OOOOOOHHHHHHH” could be heard) and at the grandparents party their grandfather suffered a heart attack (which was hilarious…he lived for 5 more years before kicking the bucket).

The intervention quartet soon tell them to shape up for they don’t want any shenanigans at Jeanie’s weeding given it’s the most important day for the bride (it never is for the groom, that’s what the honeymoon is for and eventual fatherhood).

They agree and father “ask”, which means demands, that they find some girls to keep them in line, not some rude, vapid chicks that will drink and curse up a storm!

Jump into the ladies of the film as best friends, Alice (Anna Kendrick) and Tatiana are said hot-mess as it’s found out Alice is still dealing with the repercussions of being stood up at her wedding with Tatiana trying to cheer her up (she’s the leader and obnoxious one) which soon leads into saying Alice needs a vacation.

Lightning strikes as Mike and Dave are send out a message that goes viral into wanting two girls to go with them to the wedding which so happens to be in Hawaii.

Yeah, you know the place to go to experience blue oceans and swim with the dolphins and have an euphoric high of not being at work dealing with random crap!

Oops, I’m revealing more of my own circumstances with that sentence…you heard nothing!!

And pretty much that’s where the hilarity occurs. Tatiana and Alice soon realize they got to have a make over to give the impression that they got class and not just smoke pot and hookah’s and have the occasional drink binges while their counterparts start falling for them (more or less).

Does everything work out in the end for the characters while trying to stay on their best behavior’s or will it just be a bro-(sis)fest full of dick jokes, alcoholism, and obnoxious crying from  that still has some heart to it?

You’ll have to watch for yourselves or just click the name allocation to take you IMB to get the low down or just check Wikipedia to avoid some good laughter.

Okay so here’s the lowdown, I am a polite, kind, dependable guy but I’m cursed with being “somewhat” uppity, condescending, patronizing and witty so with this kind of movie, I thought it wouldn’t be up to my standards.

I WAS going to check out The Secret Life of Pets but it was sold out so I decided, since I was already there, check this movie out.

I laughed my ass off! That’s the way to describe it due to it being a comedy! Sure it has hang-ups and at one point thought it could have been Wedding Crashers for the 20 something crowd due to that movie being ancient now.

When did it come out 2003-04? Yeah that’s over a decade old already, time to break in the new generation bromance-sisterhood of traveling pants! Of course the reviews haven’t been welcoming due to this film but it’s not for everybody.

Actually now that I think about it, the theater patrons were laughing throughout it and I did too so it’s one of them “never go by reviews and see it for yourself” kind of deals.

I say that due to I saw the review IGN did for it giving it a 5.5 and though it’s right on some points,I got to say they aren’t the best known for reviews at times. Yes, they got some legit claim but some have called them out at times but that’s something different entirely.

Anyway it’s more for ones who don’t mind that kind of humor. The jokes hit home with me and the acting and how they did them was good IMO. I don’t watch movies with Zac Efron much but when I do I can see he is a funny guy and Adam Devine is also funny as I’ve seen him in some stuff; he’s got a baby face.

Anna Kendric and Aubrey Plaza also had chops, the latter for her exclamations and being the trash-talking one. Yes, I did find them sexy but they were flaunting it in all the right areas and might I say, I think they could out-bro the two male leads.

Scenes were fun along with seeing how everything comes together as well. Lots of references from all the late 80’s/90’s cartoons which gets lots of points from me!

For the movie in general I give it a 7 out of 10 and enjoyment, 8 out of 10.

And that’s my review. Till my next blog!