Hey, Jeff here again.

We have entered the summer season where boobs and butts should be running rampant as kids get out of school and college students bask in 3 months of jobs, fun in the sun and hanging with friends.

For me, it’s doing the same thing; going to work.

From my own boredom I will write about my summer experience. To be honest summer as an adult is what you make of it. You either go and adventure or continue the same old drivel.

Even though I have a jaded mindset over the concept of summer nowadays, when I was kid they were fun and or interesting at times. My best memory of it is spending a week over my grandma’s house where she had Cartoon Network and watching it while playing with my action figures and having a cereal collection.

Don’t ask, I was like 7 or 8 at the time.

I enjoyed it for the most part, rather sucked when my cousins came over though since I couldn’t watch said cartoons but that’s the thing when you have a big family (which can be a curse at times).

When I got older I mostly just stayed at home by myself and either played video games or watched TV. Yeah it’s not the most productive thing to do but it worked for me along with staying cool and avoiding the heat.

Actually now that I think about it in the summer of 2000 I got into watching Passions, a soap opera on NBC 4. It changed my life and I stuck around for that and eventually got into Days of Our Lives.

And that broke the memory dam, while staying home over the summer growing up I also discovered watching old shows like Bewitched, The Monkees, The Bionic Woman just to name a few.

I actually had a daily watching schedule on my off time, which worked well for me.

What I mostly enjoyed about summer was just the relaxation and not dealing with peers. I know it would have been different if I was raised with siblings and if that happened, might not have enjoyed it as much so I’m luck for that.

Around 2004 when I was around 19, I took a family vacation with my aunt and uncles families and decided to go to Orlando, Florida. We went to The Magic Kingdom, Orlando Studios and Sea World which were effing awesome.

At the time my youngest cousin was a toddler so seeing him interact with seeing people in costumes were interesting. One memory sticks out to me when I was walking the hallways and saw him with my aunt. Mind you he was very close with me by that time so seeing me made him happy as he sprinted towards me.

Not sure why but that memory is very dear to me.

We spent time at a hotel which was nice where I shared a room with my 2nd cousin Landa and her mother; they got the bed room’s and I took a comfortable couch bed with TV.

Of course summer was a time of growing so I guess that was a bonus though I never paid attention.

When I had to do something though I remember going to South Carolina as a kid which was rather annoying but fun. Mostly played with cousins…it was either good or bad. In hindsight with my adult mind, I find it bothersome that had to happen.

Here’s something scary, I didn’t like going down there due to the house my mom grew up in, it was rather old and hadn’t been fixed. So going there always creeped me out. Especially when it came to that bathroom!!

The ground was warped and on edge which added to the creep factor along with it felt like slime when I had to take a shower in there. I did NOT like putting my bear foot on the ground and would have preferred wearing shoes every time I went in there.

Added the fact where the bathroom was connected to a small hallway that was just as dank. Not the best memories and I always told my mom I couldn’t go in there. To be honest, when I was older and was staying at a hotel, I avoided dropping a deuce in there for 2 whole days until I left early and did said business at the hotel room.

Boy was my stomach thankful getting rid of all that mess. Lots of weird noises and I think I barely ate anything.

Growing up during the summer years were cookouts and with cookouts there was music. MC Hammer, Will Smith “Summer Time” playing on the radio. The typical music I heard but was never really a fan of TBH.

I’m just saying, family have a taste in music and it was mostly “black” music if you want to label it, which I just did and as a society we label EVERYTHING be it good or bad.

As I’m typing this it’s a very beautiful day out, bird is chirping and blue skies with a slight breeze.

What’s that, what is my ideal vacation? Hanging with friends at some place where we can have fun for a couple of days to make memories.

I guess this was rather short but that was more or less my summer time. Whatever happens next only heaven knows, I guess?

I’ll place some of the summer music I like at the end.

Later days!


*Hey, not my favorite song but it is good*

*Another summer favorite by Gwen Stefani!*

*Another summer hit in 03 I believe?*

*Enjoyed this as a teen*

*Need I explain?*

*I know, not sure how this relates to “summer” but has that feel*


*Another good one!*

*Yeah I know but this was on my teenage years and need to honor it*

*I end with this; I was a BIG Britney Spears fan! XD*