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Hello, I’m Jeff and today’s post will be about a topic that’s been on the top of my head lately; how the “geek” culture has become the norm.

Before I begin, I am amazed how I have stuck to getting out smaller blogs lately. With it being the summer and  the television shows I watch is on summer break until the fall, I might as well start any backlogging and writing I’ve kept on the back burner.

Of course another solution is just control my social media habits; I live tweet shows on Twitter and it is time consuming. I somewhat wish I didn’t get into that black hole and have to go on a cleanse of it so I can use my time more wisely.

It can happen it’s just I get in denial that I rely on this heavily…yeah need to start that soon (or later).

Going by the title you can tell where this is going to go.

As a kid I was into comic books and cartoons, which moved into anime. Given I wasn’t cut from the same cloth of going outside or being social I preferred playing or reading, the opposite of what some of my friends or family did.

When it was found out I did that I got heckled with “Why are you reading comics?” or “You are just looking at the pictures!”. It annoyed the crap out of me since I didn’t like sports or outside activity.

Now my mom wasn’t the one to do this, she didn’t mind I liked comics, though she did say I looked at the pictures (which was true) but as I got older I started reading the content which got me engrossed in them.

My extended family however were rather uppity, unlike me my sacred cow of a cousin who is a year older than me, did football, active and whatnot, was a big thing for them and me, I was just the tag along.

I couldn’t really bring my comics or anything I liked over there or be criticized which I didn’t like so I was just bored being at those absurd games.

But with some of my friends it was cool so I could enjoy comics and other geek culture. Than my anime hard-on emerged and that soon overtook my existence, though I did try to keep up with Fantastic Four comics for a time before I forgot about it.

Flash forward to 2008 and behold we got the first Iron Man movie by Marvel and it blew up considerably since that. Soon we got Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America which soon led into 2011’s “The Avengers” and it continues.

Now I bring that up cause it does hold significance; the movies are based off comic books by Marvel of the same name. These characters have been part of the comics for 70 some years since Marvel split from DC Comics (more on that soon) and as someone who at least knew about those characters it was an eye opener that we see them on the big screen.

Since those movies hopped on the big screen, fans of the comics were ecstatic for finally getting their superheroes on screen. We didn’t have to imagine how they talked with our imaginations (even though they sounded a lot more refined in my case depending on who it was) but I digress, it was awesome!

General audiences of said movies were also thrilled, it brought recognition to what we (comic/geek/nerd/otaku fans in general) knew about. This is where the eye-roll comes in, by these movies the ones who aren’t up to pass with the full depth of the history of say Iron Man, they base everything that is seen and how he acts.

Granted the personality is on point but let’s just say, regulars have a tendency to KNOW them without the backlog and that was surprising.

Another way of describing what I’m getting at is the stuff I liked as a kid, one could say it was childish, even to this day, for those who don’t understand, think that something with pictures or out of the ordinary situations where someone get’s bombarded with radiation and get powers or come from a destroyed alien planet, goes to earth and winds up getting powers by Earth’s sun and gravity force, is stupid?

And yet they are the first ones to say “I am all for the Captain America, he is a good guy fighting for justice” or “I love me some Iron Man, he’s rich and funny!”.

Wait…what did I just hear?

*Really now?!*

This is from the same mindset that said reading or watching cartoons/comics is childish yet going to see a SUPERHERO MOVIE is fine just because it’s actual actors/actress bringing the characters and story to life, that’s what makes it better?!

That double standard punched me in the face. Hard I say!!

*Feels like this!*

I’m not sure why it’s not connecting that just cause grown adults or kids read “picture books” doesn’t mean it’s bad or should look down on them; it’s entertainment and has actual lessons that you can learn for everyday life (without the superpowers unless you got Chuunibyou…)

*I was one in my teen years…yeah don’t ask*

One can go out to the store wearing some insignia of Batman or Deadpool shirt without someone calling you a “NERD!” or something far worse.

*Times have changed I tell ya.*

Doesn’t it feel the culture of geeks/nerds is being exploited with what was considered for the lonely boys or girls who had no friends but to look up to fictional characters to becoming the said norm?

*Another way of putting it*

Human culture has been pimping out the geek culture and even some anime that was once considered underground but has been exposed by pop culture. Like many things in the world, it’s something I’ve made peace with but there are moments I do fill a ping of frustration that it’s still a double standard with what isn’t still accepted in society majority of the time.

I’ll say this; when it comes to anything that might seem “geeky” or “childish” really isn’t it. It’s like how one can watch all the sports on TV and get all into that while someone who doesn’t like it comments but get reprimanded?

Talk about not accepting one’s likes.

*You wound me with your words!*

Same deal with Batman vs. Superman, putting DC in the driving seat with the intricate history and it being pimped out and before that The Batman films (the one from the late 80’s/90’s era) which I did enjoy cause social media didn’t even exist back then which made it tame.

Another cash cow is the X-men films; everyone knows about them from the 90’s cartoon and when Hugh Jackman and Hallie Berry brought life to central figures of that movie it was big and the characters got around.

Of course some fans and audiences now thought Hallie Berry was a good Storm (which she wasn’t by the way).

Thanks to the internet these sacred treasures is at least improving the mindset of it not being for kids and can enjoy them. Take for instance the backstory of how or why these comics were made in the first place.

I’ve heard stories of the creations of icons like Wonder Woman or Batman as an example and it is fascinating.

Comic creators aren’t just “writing for kids” it’s quite the opposite; the comic is telling an engrossing story with the added benefit of some having powers or using deductive reasoning to solve crimes or whatnot.

We get invested in them cause we want to succeed, we learn via reading what ideals to hold and that just cause bad things happen doesn’t mean we should call it quits. Along with that comics (depending what it is) keep up to the present timeline of what’s going on in the world to show ones who don’t watch or read the news as an outlet.

Along with the ones who created them and start a business based on these fictional characters, DC and Marvel are the biggest ones, there is plenty of legal drama or just drama going on in the back end that some don’t know about.  Which FYI is so juicy, it can even wet my nosy ass into wanting to know more.

*You don’t need to tell me…now shut up and spill and give me some good dirt!*

My real frustration is just it feels exploited t the masses as it has to continue spinning out more and more without some knowing about it before hand, which nothing is wrong with that.

Only thing is when, again I say, when they think they know the lowdown with said characters.

But nothing can be done with that sadly, so I just shut up and only give my “uppity” approach to such people and move on.

*I kill with my wit at times.*

That concludes this blog entry and I will see you next time.

Later days!