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What’s up, this is Jeff and today I’m going to talk about my favorite video games.

Yeah this shouldn’t be a surprise; I do play video games that make me a lazy person. That isn’t true, true, you sit on your ass while getting engrossed, eating food and drinking soda while getting any kind of bodily function noises out but that isn’t why I like said video games.

Stop if me if you haven’t heard but I grew up an only child and besides playing action figures to occupy my time and imagination, playing electronic games was fun escapism from mundane life, even today.

I’ll be breaking this up into parts and the last blog to conclude will be my top games as a whole but until then here’s some old school nostalgia! These are just the games at the top of my head and not everything I played cause there have been a lot.

FYI I won’t be adding handheld ones so to make a long story short, I did have the Gamegear, Gameboy, GB Advance SP, PSP and PS Vita. The games were touch and go but throughout my life I do like them for what they were/are.

So let’s get this list started!!



*Old school!*

Starting with Ducktales, this was a game I played on my Nintendo when I was about 5 or 6 years old!

This is based of the popular Disney channel show of the same name as you play Scrooge McDuck, riches duck in the world. The plot revolves around finding  4 treasures in different locations as you maneuver to get to them and beat a boss along the way for said stages.

My earliest memory was liking the music, especially the space theme (which I’ll post after finishing this).

Granted I never did beat this game. Before “easy” modes and whatnot in video games nowadays it took real grit and perseverance to pass any of the stages, especially when you know you are in the middle before dying unexpectedly.

That always sucked for me but I never got upset. I got frustrated sure but when you are feeling a game and then a stupid mistake or an enemy walks up to you and ending one of your last lives, it’s understandably to get salty.

What I also enjoyed about this was the cameo’s from the television show, Huey, Dewey and Louie, Webby, Mrs. Beakley, Launchpad, Gyro, the Beagle Boys (they were enemies on stages), Magica De Spell, etc.

I always knew how to beat Magica though as you just have to avoid her attack while in a vulture form and her electric attacks as a humanoid to bounce on her head.

This game was for kids and not violent in the slightest. The enemy’s appeared good but some appeared more scary for me when I got to a certain place which I didn’t like.

Here’s some interesting info; Ducktales was remastered some years ago and it still holds up; improved graphics and the music as well was on point, especially the space theme! The original voice cast reprised their roles which also added a nice touch!

The nostalgia trip is nice for me as I right this and I think I will continue this with a couple of more from the old systems before going into the newer, established ones of the day!

*Scrooge in the haunted mansion stage!*

*Outer space with Gizmoduck for assistance*


*Old theme*

*New theme*

*Awww yeah!*

*Chip with a box*

*Here’s some music from the game to enjoy if you ever played it!*

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers is another game I enjoyed playing as a kid when it had it’s own cartoon show back in the day.

Same formula as Ducktales just slightly tweaked; you have to rescue Gadget from  Fat Cat. You can play as either Chip or Dale but I think that depending on who got first controller then you’d play Chip.

I did like that since Chip was my favorite in the cartoon and game.  I know I made it through some of the stages which were elaborate but it was hard.

If memory serves I did make it to the lat stage with a friend’s help but I died when it came to fighting Fat Cat. I think the game continued after rescuing Gadget so I don’t know the games true ending sadly enough.

Nostalgia is a thing with this. One more for the Nintendo and on to the next system.

*This was the shit for Nintendo!*

*Takes me back!*

*Just listen, my heart is melting!*

Yup, this isn’t Super Mario or the second, both games I did enjoy playing, but Super Mario 3 is the one to take hold of my heart!

Not only the improved graphics (for it’s time) but the fact you got power ups to make you fly or one to swim, really was awesome for me!

Once again in the Mushroom Kingdom, King Koopa is starting some trouble once again but this time he has brought along his children to cause mischief with the help of some wands they have stolen from some powerful kings. Now its up to Mario and Luigi to go throughout the realms to retrieve them and stop Koopa’s plot.

Yes, this is another game I never beaten, I always got stuck on the 2nd realm which was the desert and those ghost were scary!!

Enjoyed this immensely on the Nintendo and I’m glad to have done that!

Sega Genesis

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 

*3 is the best number*

*Running throughtout the jungle*

*Dude, this was my favorite level and the music was “lit” :P*

Entering the Sega era of my life and I will say this; as much as I enjoyed Sonic and Sonic the hedgehog 2 games, nothing stuck out to me then number 3!

Sonic is the fastest hedgehog alive and after defeating Dr. Robtnick in the second one, with help from his best bud Tails, he is traveling to an island. Using the Chaos Emeralds that he collected previously, he changes into Super Sonic and dashes toward the spot until an individual by the name of Knuckles, uses a surprise attack and takes the emeralds and hides them.  Seeing how something is wrong along with being mistaken as an enemy by Knuckles, Sonic and Tailes race throughout the island to get the emeralds back along with stop, again, resurrected Dr. Robotnik’s evil plan.

I paraphrased the plot but it’s pretty straightforward. The levels were enjoyable and I actually beat this game, sadly without collecting all the the emeralds so I got the neutral ending.

The difference with this game however was it had a save file so you didn’t have to repeat a level if you turned off the Sega, I think that was the first of it’s time. You could also choose to use either Sonic or Tails for the character you wanted to play. However it’s just best to go with Sonic, especially when it comes with the 3rd stage when your at ruins and got to fly; Tails can’t attack and fly.

So this was a top game for me at the time along with when Sonic was King.

Sonic & Knuckles

*Yes, look at the viurtal of this!*

*Sonic on the first stage*

*Play as the gliding Echidna!*

*Came up when placing another game other than required games*

*Get your jam on!*

Say it ain’t so!? Yup, another Sonic game and it’s Sonic & Knuckles, the next game in the Sonic franchise!

After defeating Robotnik you’d think everything would go back to normal but sadly not the case; Knuckles still mistakenly thinks Sonic is after the Master Emerald so their rivalry continue as Robotnik continues his scheme.

Same formula but this time get to play as Sonic or Knuckles! Playing the latter gave you better benefits given he could glide which made things go smoother and it was Knux, he breaks things down whether there solid or frail!

The game cartridge came with a benefit thought; if you open the tab you could play either Sonic 2 or 3 with the added benefit of Knuckles in there!!! You can bet your lucky dime I did do that and wasn’t disappointed.

Sadly never beat the game, I always rented off and on and never owned it.

Bringing back the good memories.


*I so remember this case!*

*Title screen*


X-Men was a game I spammed for the most part; this game out at the height of when the cartoon was going strong on Fox kids.

What’s not to like; get to play as one of the X-men and using their fighting prowess and special abilities.

Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit and Nightcrawler were the only ones you could play though while Storm, Rouge, Iceman, Archangel and Jean Grey were support from icons you had to find.

You get appearances by the Brotherhood of evil mutants like Sabertooth, Sauron, etc. Sorry, but my memory is spotty with this.

The game was good and I believe I did beat it but never in what I expected cause I felt that there was supposed to be more?


*Animaniacs, those are the facts!*

*The Warner Brothers and sister out on the lot!*

*If you are curious on the music*

Yes at a time of the hype of Warner Brothers we got Animanics, a successful cartoon known for it’s hilarity along with pop culture references and adult subtle humor!

Yakko, Wakko and Dot are who you play in this game to get key items for Wakko’s collection (I believe) and wouldn’t you know it, various “enemies” of the characters are on their trail to get them back in the Warner tower, even destroy them (more or less).

Yakko was the lead and had a paddle  to stop enemies from getting close, Wakko had his mallet for destroying obstacles and Dot for dazing some enemies to get out of a pinch. All 3 are needed to get through the levels along with luck to pass the boss you have to beat at the end of each stage.

Once again, I never did beat it but I did enjoy plaything this.  There was a password system to use when you started all over though so you could get said items but you have to beat the level along with write it down, something I never did do.

What I was a kid, what do you want from me?

Super Nintendo

Street Fighter Alpha 2

*The brave, the bad and the teenage girl*

*Sakura vs. Guy*

*Chun-Li screen shot*

*Look how young they were*

*Some of that sweet music*

Starting with the Super Nintendo is Street Fighter Alpha 2!  I know, you were expecting Super Mario World, right?

Well I got the SNES but it didn’t come with that copy but with some stupid baseball game so…logic.

What’s to say about this? Well other than it being a fighting game with characters such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, to name a few, there were new characters for this game as well that were not in the Street Fighter game on the Sega.

Street Fighter has a convoluted marketing history along with the story is easy but with the various games it was hard to tell how the timeline went and mind you this was before internet to give the basic play by play for each.

Alpha is chronologically first to begin the characters history as a whole, them being younger for example before “II”. The graphics were a lot sharper and this was more “anime” themed from what I saw and once again, enjoyed playing.

Characters were diverse and the bright colors got to me in a good way. Wait, I should rephrase that.

The colors stood out.

It flowed nicely and there were characters I was best at then others. I spammed Sakura a lot then Chun-Li than Ryu, Ken.

I did beat the game with all the characters which was nice but when it came to Street Fighter Alpha 3, I could never beat it due to Bison being OP and killing me every time!! So despite 3 having a more diverse cast, with one of my top characters being Cammy White, I will only mention it as it won’t get it’s own panel.

And that’s it for this blog. I wish I could type more for the SNES but that was the system I least played and Alpha 2 is the only one I can think of, sorry.

For the most part those games listed were the ones I played with the most as a kid so I hope you enjoyed reading what I liked to play!

When I continue with this series the next one will go into my teen video game years more or less.

Later days!

*V for victory!*