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What’s up? This is Jeff and I will continue this with what I played as a teen. Mind you this won’t go into that big of a detail but just ones that stood out for me.

To begin around 1997 I was a pre-teen going heading to middle school and let’s just say it wasn’t the best for me.

Besides emotional level’s changing and body due to the accursed puberty, I was also bullied so when it came to playing video games it was a relief for me to just get out of my reality.

Not to dwell on the past, let’s move forward with this entry, shall we?

Sega Saturn

*Everybody is Super Sonic Racing!*

*The end of the game when you win with collecting all the Chaos Emeralds*

*Sonic R OST*

Yes to begin this I will say I committed a sin of getting a Sega Saturn; at the time I was a Sega fan and didn’t put much thought into Nintendo 64 or Playstation at the time so…I lived with my foolish choice.

But hey, it’s not all darkness and despair, I happened to enjoy playing one of Sega’s failed systems and I give you Sonic Racing!!

It’s a racing game where you choose a character and go throughout various tracks to get to the finishing line. The bonus is their were “short-cuts” that you could use to one up the AI to get a major lead.

Along with getting the required amount of rings to open gates containing a Chaos Emerald and finishing in 1st place to keep it in the end. There were also various Sonic coins to collect to unlock other characters so you have to be fast and keep a clear mind to know what your doing.

The characters you could play as were Sonic The Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles, Dr. Eggman and Amy Rose.  They all had unique skills to get you through the stages.  Sonic had a double jump, Tails could bypass everyone and fly but for a short amount of time, Knuckles could Glide throughout the stage, Amy Rose drove with a car and had a booster while Dr. Eggman used bombs on other characters.

I was very proficient with Amy Rose’s car and Knuckles and used them quite a lot. And when I gathered the Chaos Emeralds, you can change Sonic into Super Sonic; the fastest character in the game and bypass everyone on the stage for trolling!

Along with when you got all the Sonic coins you can unlock Mecha Sonic/Doll Tails/Mecha Knuckles and robotic Eggman as they replaced the character equivalent and ran in their place. The thing is it makes it challenging as they keep up with you so as the lyrics say, you gotta run fast.

Another benefit for me enjoying this game was the soundtrack! The singer sounds so awesome and enjoying herself. Let me tell you, I got pumped when I played this game.  My favorite tracks would be “Living in the City”, “Super Sonic Racing”, “Diamonds in the Sky” and “Number One”.

When I was young I thought it was a black woman singing since that’s what it sounded like but looking it up some years ago I was surprised it was a white woman. Race doesn’t matter mind you but she SOUNDED black so ya know, live and learn! 😛

Man, thinking about the amount of time I spent on this game after a hard day of school was refreshing for me.


*Go through the dreams*

The almost new poster child for Sega, Nights ushered in the Sega Saturn’s big thing when games started going into discs.

Story follows this mysterious being who flies wistfully in the sky and dreams in a special world until some dark king twists the realm and turning it into a nightmare. The king than seals the flying boy/girl/entity known as Nights but it’s spirit is able to bypass it’s cage (more or less).

In the real world two children, named Elliot (has blue hair) and Claire (pink-hair in a ponytail) wind up hearing Night’s call.  These two pre-teens also have anxiety when it comes to real life scenarios which they dream about and come out as nightmares.

As they try to escape said nightmare there is a light that guides them  and meet nights.  As the player you choose which character to use and fight along side Nights by joining bodes together as you sour throughout the stages clearing the designated goal along with collecting certain Orbs locked away in cages.

I’m paraphrasing the majority but you can look into it if your curious.

This game was another I sadly never beat; not sure if it dealt with the fact I made it to the 3rd level and couldn’t beat the bosses but none the less it was fun for what it was.

Battle Arena Toshinden 2

*Look at them poly’s*

*Don’t mess with Sofia!*

Ah, fighting games, I was good at you once before you got fracking hard!

Battle Arena Toshinden 2 I played and it left another impact on me. No point going into the story since you can read it up for yourself’s. Not trying to be rude on this but it’s been years.

Here’s the thing thing; I remember the characters though for this game!  Typical formula you have the spiky-haired “MC” of this franchise named Eiji and he uses a Kitana for his weapon and energy attacks.

Kayin is his rival and best friend, sword wielder, Sofia, a Russian woman who has a whip and note worthy beware of her “Aurora Revolution” spin attack.  Ellis, a nimble fighter who uses knives and best one for the game, Ronron who is notorious for her lame attacks (ironically someone I used a lot) and that’s just at the top of my head.

I have beaten this game and besides giving a kind of rough draft of whoever wins the game by a form of a message typed up by Ronron, nothing of an “ending” scene is shown.

It was funny how you could run off the stage and die and those quotes were in Japanese so whenever I beat someone I somewhat memorized what they were saying but to a failed degree.

Give me some credit though, when I played Sofia, she was sultry and had a dominatrix laugh going on so, it was interesting. Or Ellis, who was just always happy with that cute but annoying voice that could get on your nerves.

This would be a Street Fighter equivalent with the tropes of spiky-hair syndrome or color scheme; Ryu-Eiji (brown-hair) Ken-Kaiyn (Blond, best friend/rival) but I believe the franchise didn’t get far in later years and stopped at 4 but I never did play the rest.

BAT will forever be in my memory.

X-Men: Children of the Atom

*That 90’s boner with them outfits!*

*Cast who you could fight as*


*What it looks like*

Yes, another X-men game graced my childhood and it by the moons of Thundera, I am happy I got this!

Not only was it a fighting game but you play as the flipping X-men and some villains! I did make it to Magneto in the end; he is the end boss and before that Juggernaut, but I was never able to beat the master of magnetism. I think the game purposefully made him OP just to overwhelm the player.

The characters designs were the inspired word of comic writer, Jim Lee as he introduced the X-men in the 90’s by giving them a brand spanking new attire and image with stories that are still good to this day.

It’s sad that you couldn’t play as Jean Grey but given (back then) the franchise saw her as someone who just stayed in the mansion, it’s to be expected of her being “useless” as it were. Mind you I don’t think that personally but that was the general consensus if you watched the cartoon.

I liked using Cyclops, Psylocke and Iceman for the good side and I was ok with playing as Spiral. I didn’t care for playing Sentenial only because if he won, his ending sequence ended up with capturing the target and taking them off somewhere…yeah dark.

And of course since X-Men were the poster child for Marvel back then, it’s understandable how fans went to this. I still like this game and it was always funny how the character screamed when you defeated them or they defeating you.

It was epic, I mean getting some of the cast from the cartoon to voice them? Awesome sauce!

Before ending, I hooked up my Sega Saturn some months ago and dived into X-Men, I actually beat it with Psylocke to get her ending and I’m proud of that accomplishment!

I think that will do it for today’s entry. I was planning on jotting down my Playstaion/2 years but that goes into when I got into RPG’s/JRPGS in general so I’ll hold off when I get a handle on how I want to write it.

Hope you enjoyed this!

*Wolverine is always in the middle…*

Later days!