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Hello everyone, Jeff here and today I am going to talk about “Spiky-Hair Syndrome”.

*Um, what’s that?*

You might be asking yourself ‘What the hell is that?’ Well I’m glad you asked!

*Come hither and let me lay sweet truth in your ear!*

This will be revolving  around anime (per the title if you couldn’t guess) and my observation in recent years of how low the quality of anime has gotten.

Please be reminded that this is my opinion, I’m not stating that what I say is the word of God but if you so happen hear me say any key words that click in your head and the holy spirit moves you, stand up from your keyboard and shout “hallelujah! Testify!”

*There we go!*

Spiky-Hair Syndrome is what I call a male protagonists in a generic anime that has said hair, with the same nonsense of living at home when parents “work over seas”, have either an introverted personality, winds up in precarious circumstances revolving around the supernatural, shy around the main females and females he ends up meeting up with who oddly (not really) fall for him due to “being sweet” or “considerate”, building a harem unintentionally with the main girl still being the main focus of feelings and the most sinful, being able to get out of a situation by being OP (over powered) just because the plot dictates but afterwards remains the same lovable doofus who has not chosen a girl in the end with said show giving an open ending up to interpretation.

Whew that was long, sorry about that!

*Ahhh, nice water! Let’s continue!*

I’ve been having serious issue with this cultural phenomenon in the anime nowadays and it’s got to stop!

When did anime characters hit a dead end when it comes to development? And not that fake, generic “defy everything and it will work out” cause that shit gets annoying as soon as I see it and drop the fucking anime like a bad habit!

*When will the madness end?!*

Excuse my language but it’s got to be said. It’s kind of a disservice to the older fans who grew up in a time where the characters had decent development without holding on to the cock of tropes till they cum in ever loving pleasure.

*You heard right!!*

The first time I came to this is conclusion is when I watched an anime in 2015 called “The Testament of Sister New Devil“. Upon watching (to my regret) I liked it, lewd BS and some action, ya know, typical weebo-guy stuff to like boobs.

*Quoting a friend of mine; this is trash!*

That is until I slowly started hitting the revelation that one; the MC seemed to have extraordinary powers on the get go, give some lame speech about “Not giving her up to anyone” and the generic, dumb girls falling for him and fighting who gets to be his girlfriend.

After that I dredged up the courage to finish the “first” season which consisted of 12 episodes (typical norm) and I decided to air out my frustrations on twitter. Low and behold another follower answered and thought it was “good”.

What the fuuu-?

*I can’t even!*

First thing, that anime sucked balls! Not only did the female almost resemble Rias from High School DXD, it had an MC with brown spiky hair. You going to tell me it’s different. Only thing worth stating is the absurd MC being far too overpowered!!

*Take a long hard look at her*

*Now look at Rias. See the resemblance of what I mean? Remember Rias came first so fuck that top, ass-trash lummox!*

Anyway after hearing that my thought process changed as I started noticing the hard truth that the current anime fans can’t grasp just because it’s anime; the anime nowadays are flipping generic!

*Sweet Serenity take the wheel!!*

It’s the same thing for anything that is only 12 episodes; spiky-haired MC and a weak plot!  I’m sorry but it’s true, look in your soul, you know it’s true!

*Let the butt-hurt flow!*

Now all MC’s in anime don’t have spiky hair, some have flat-hair but still add to the formula as stated.

*Yes even the butterball; he falls into the catergory as well. Just know this does not change my like for Accel World!*

Characters that go by this rule would be:

Kirito from SAO

*Beater and absurd level of mojo that the ladies love despite being an introvert. Don’t get me started how that shouldn’t happen!*

Soma Yukihira (Food Wars)

*I enjoy the show but you know everything will go his way*

Ayato Amagiri (Asterisk War)

*Generic OP thing with powers being sealed*

Gon (HunterXHunter)

*Typical happy go luck MC; that hair and smile*

Yugi Muto (Yu-Gi-Oh) 

*Awesome pose though!*

Basara Tojo (The Testament of Sister New Devil)

*This douche; Spiky-haired syndrome incarnate to the fucking moons of Jupiter!)

Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

*No aptitude but makes up for it with spirit, am I right?*

Natsu (Fairy Tail)

*Face screams “determination to win”*

Naruto Uzumaki (Naruto)

*Ends up having power up fetish in the end*

Goku/Gohan/Vegeta/Trunks/Goten (DBZ)

*Nostalgia purposes but the Saiyan’s led that show, let’s be honest!*

Ichigo (Bleach)

*Do I really need to say anything?*

Meliodas (7 Deadly Sins)

*He’s OP; you’ve seen what he does?*

Issei (Highschool DXD)

*Pervert gets OP and the ladies love him as well? WTF?*

Touma Kamijou (A Certain Magical Index) 

*Same as above but not perverted. Gets in absurd situations though*

That’s just a few I know of that have that main quality.

*Yeah…this be hurting*

However take out Yugi Muto for instance, yes spiky-hair, gives speeches, trusts destiny and things go his way but those duels are earned. Yes, fate does play a factor when it comes to getting a card he needs at the most critical moment but the actual story evolves and gives him the right to do that though I do not deny that he goes by said syndrome.

Ok I did enjoy the plot more in hindsight so I give him a pass.

*Well ya know?*

I’d say the same thing about Ichigo but for instance his absurd speech of always “fighting for his friends” gets stale after the Shinigami arc and when flung into the Bount and Arrancar, I found myself rolling my eyes at how strong he got and yelling.

Some characters are based off Light Novel adaptions that become anime, for instance Sword Art Online, A Certain Magical Index, Highschool DXD, Asterisk War for instance.

*Source material comes from somewhere*

They share the same trope of MC’s being high school age with being either introverted with no form of contact with any females or parents “away”.  Do you know how many times that screams “I can bring a girl over to my house with no parental contact?”

*They want to nut it up!*

I know it’s fiction but I can’t help but be critical about that one thing, what teenager, who is an only child more or less, is responsible for taking care of a house while getting a monthly allowance from negligent parent(s)?

For one these characters do seem “responsible” but when inviting a female or uninvited guest as some tacky cliche as if this were “Three’s Company” (and teenagers to boot) to you really think nothing “bad” would happen?

*Yeah not happening!* 

Light Novel characters who are main protags of the story are the weakest in these kind of anime nowadays. You can actually tell how the plot or situation of the episode (of an anime adaptation) is going to go by just taking a gander at the atmosphere. Like do you see MC in a situation where the girls want to take a bath at the hot spring and earn affection points for said person?

You got your “fan service” episode right there or as I call it “baseless shit to get teenage girls buck naked for weebos to ogle butts and boobs with the vijay-jay.”

*Example; is this really needed?*

Another thing about said syndrome, the girls will fall for the MC. No matter what. It’s a pattern that is so weak that I actually scoff at.

For the syndrome an element of false feels gets put in the works. Like the MC get’s involved in a fight and it looks hopeless for them.

Fans start worrying if he will be able to win until he delves inside himself and realizes there is a power just waiting to spring forth to end the threat once and for all!

Than BOOM! He unlocks said secret power that he had no clue about in the first place, or it was “sealed for his protection”, defeats the bad guy and smiles triumphantly.

*No…just no!*

It ends in an open ending which leaves ones to wonder “will he pick the main waifu”. The answer (88% of the time) is, yes. Somehow, someway, after all the needless drama of the girls fighting over who will be with the baseless slug of a man, will pick her and the tears will flow from the harem and the abashed fans will start typing up fan fiction from canon material to make it correct in their minds.

The harem aspect also is a sin when it comes to SHS; it’s an excuse to dabble in pseudo-polygamy. IK, it’s anime ladies, why dive deep into that psychology? Well because teen boys are susceptible to man instincts based on cavemen that a single woman is for them but having a  butt-load of different ladies to suit your needs is awesome! Think about the tropes that go into that? The main, the smart one, the klutz, the tsundere and the worse offense to ever come to anime; the loli. A little girl liking a teenager to be his wife?

Another key aspect is how the MC winds up in one of the female character’s breasts or seeing their panties while they blush madly. That has gotten so pathologically cliche it needs to get served.

When THAT happens, all bets are off.

*It’s in the air I tell ya!*

Seriously this is what carrying Generation Z with liking anime nowadays? When I discovered this let’s just say it took me a minute to process everything.

My cynical mind has come into full blossom and cannot un-see what’s been seen. I’m not actually lamenting that though.

The thing is the MC’s I know and grew up with had that edge of pacing and story. Yes got redundant with some parts but you knew that it was worth going on the journey with.

Take for instance Sailor Moon; teenager girl ends up becoming a magical girl fighting evil by moonlight, finding love by daylight as she never running from a real fight.

If you got that reference, congrats, you are old.

*Welcome to the club!*

She was plot protected but did wind up defeating the monster of the day by the end of the episode (that is up for debate if it should have been one of the others) but the point is throughout the course of the 5 seasons, she DID become mature or at least from being 14 to 16 and saving the world from Chaos. It showed her worth becoming a cry baby to holding herself up even when the Senshi died (they come back in the end).

*Major progress to get to this point*

The feeling of losing her friends though was tear worthy (not that I cried but was sad) didn’t feel forced.

This is more true in Sailor Moon Crystal where you see her maturity quick.

Lina Inverse is another; she’s a glutton sorceress who likes making money and even though her moral compass isn’t the best (at times uses people who has money to pay for her meal like Fillia in season 3) she showed development in the situations when it came to defeating some monsters that threatened the world.  Yes she is considered “OP” with her spells like the infamous “Dragon Slave” or even a tame offensive one like “Fireball” but the situation called for it at a dire predicament, take for instance Hellmaster Fibrizzo.  The music, the intensity, that’s what got the feels out of me.

*Strongest black arts user*

Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2 is another. The anime is action/comedy/romantic tones is one thing but here’s the thing; it had respectable limits when it came to “fan service”. First time I saw naked breasts was when Ranma became a girl when she was splashed with cold water. They never latched on to that for so many minutes. Couple of seconds of disbelief and moved on. Noteworthy for action though comes in the process of some of the OVA’s or movies where Ranma fought some “bad guy” (who really wasn’t in a way just antagonist) which got, again my feelings in a bunch with every punch, kick and talking.  That’s what I like to see.

*Ranma was my hero as a kid*

Now this is just my take on the Main Characters of those examples. I’m not blind to their “weak points”, hell, no character is perfect, which makes us like them even more.

Spiky-Hair Syndrome however has become a disease that has twisted the anime community in a way that’s making the older generation (me) exclaim in shock and awe. It’s like a train wreck; don’t want to be in it but at the same time, kind of lurk around to see the damage it’s causing (metaphorically speaking, I’m not a monster).

My main complaint is that anime has fallen into a rut with me. Funimation and Sentai Film Works have gotten so “blah” for me that I don’t even buy anime like that anymore. 12 episodes for the same BS of MC doing what has already been said?

Spiky-Hair Syndrome is something I will never care for in the slightest and when the anime fans cry in happiness that said MC is awesome *coughs* Kirito, and ones like me only roll eyes with extreme cynicism.

Not sure when we fell off into this rabbit hole but with the way anime is going, we might not be able to come out anytime soon.

However there are always diamonds in the rough so I’m not going to lose faith in it just yet.

As someone who was heavily influenced by anime since being a pre-teen I will always love anime, manga, JRPGS/fighting, figurines, light novels, posters, music. It will never leave me even when I critique some of the generic material.

Not sure you can call this a break since I already have “Problem Children Are Coming From Another World Aren’t They” in my PS4 so I guess I’m just taking a breather from anything that the lemmings are hyping up usual.

*Izayoi would be considered the same but he’s actually smart and complex so…exception*

I will never stop giving my opinion on how tacky anime nowadays have gotten but I will never quit anime. Just wanted to say that.

So have your eyes been open to what was just explained? I’m not being mean as I repeat; this is my opinion on the matter and I need to stand resolute with what I think and feel but in a responsible manner.

If it came across as me being an “obnoxious butt-hurt old man” then sorry, it’s hard being a fan in the early 30’s while younger fans ramble about who the OTP is.

*My snark on point! XD*

Hope you enjoyed this! Later days!

*Till next time readers!!!*