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Hello everybody, this is Jeff (@JMR1022) again and today I will bring you my review for the recent movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This movie has caused fanboys and general moviegoers to hiss and boo at its existence due to various complaints pacing and interactions or some well-meaning fans to think it’s a decent representation of the flying man that can do anything and the frowning man in a bat costume.

I’m here to offer out my own view and experience with this flick and see how well I do with just getting my thoughts on it along with not just breaking every little thing down, as in given a long summary (which I have a habit of doing).

FYI there will be spoilers and I’ll try to keep them low if I can but hopefully, whoever is reading this, have actually seen the movie already since it’s going on its third week since it’s been out. Along with whatever words I use to describe something, I do not mean in a derogatory way.

To begin I have officially saw this movie twice; the opening weekend which was Sunday which was March 27 and on April 2, which was a Saturday (in the AM no less) and in 3D!

For the first viewing I went with my good friend and fellow fan in anything geek/anime related, Mike (@mmorse1017) which was another fun and successful experience!

Brief info, Mike is a huge Batman fan and while my knowledge goes into more Marvel related information, ones I find of interest or relevance in that universe, he has the lore of that story down pat to its characters, history and general random tidbits regarding Batman related paraphernalia….especially the Joker; go on that twitter of his and see that his avatar is the “Clown Prince of Crime”.

So to begin, when hearing about this movie was going into production some time ago Mike and I decided this would be something we’d see as fans and like I mentioned, it was fun!

I was able to get my initial thoughts on the matter with him to take note on what I liked and disliked about it. I generally liked it even though some stuff felt off, but I’ll get into that when I get to my ‘Last thoughts’.

After viewing I hit up the internet to check out various comic reviews/podcasts (ComicBook Cast 2/Caped Joel/Fortress of Solitude/Auram’s Comics/Comic Pop/Emergency Awesome, to name a few) of what they thought of the movie and the reaction was shocking; it was a dead heat of the ones I listened to not liking the movie while others did enjoy but one word was constant; the pacing.

So after listening/watching this I decided I would go see it a second time to see if my first thought of it being good held up and the results are, yes, my thoughts have not changed.

But before all that let’s get some of the big stuff out the way as I view this movie in different categories of my distinction; The director/actors, plot, characters/performances, themes, my last thoughts (what I’d change, etc.).

Let’s start this!!

Credits (Director/Actors)

Let’s begin this from here as this gives me time to think of what to type for the other self-categories for this review, shall we?

As mentioned this movie is titled “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and it is directed by famous (infamous) Zack Snyder.  The movies under his belt include 300, Watchmen, Sucker Punch and Man of Steel.

When I say “Infamous” holds water in my opinion with the overall tone of the movie which I will explain; he is very well known for the visual art style in his films (slow-motion, over the top visual effects) which was a blessing in this film, if not annoying, but lack of story stopped it on it’s rails so to speak.

I have only watched 3 of his movies and quite frankly don’t know much about him other then what I’ve heard of him through the media. From Sucker Punch, which I found over-rated, it was good but nothing really praise worthy about it. Course I’ve only watched it once when I was 26 years old and might have only seen it because a girl with a sword and it reminds me of anime…

*Prime example of Sucker Punch*

Along with I have seen Watchmen, which I found interesting and Man of Steel which I didn’t care for to be honest but despite him directing I gave this a chance.

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, Jesse Eisenberg, Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, Laurence Fishburne, Holly Hunter, Gal Gadot, Diane Lane, to name a few, star in the film of the man from Krypton fighting the Knight of Gotham.

It was released March 25, 2016 and in the Box Office has earned $587.8 million dollars. Fuck, I could use that kind of money for various stuff, you know what I mean?

Let’s get into the meat of this blog now!

The Plot

From the various news outlets you can think of to online social havens, BVSDOJ has spun itself out of control with giving us the main plot of this movie (if you can call it that) which it says in the title along with the trailers.

To begin with this movie is a direct sequel of Zack Synder’s “Man of Steel” which came out in 2013, another critiqued film which the media and fans ripped to dangling bits of meat.

Due to Superman’s battle with Zod in his film, we get the POV of why Bruce/Batman has a vendetta against the Kryptonioan and that is the destruction of Metropolis which took the lives of it’s citizens along with caused ruin to others who survived the experience.

This ignites the flame in Bruce to bring down the “Last Son of Krypton”once and for all but this is also part of a plot with Lex Luthor, who has his own end game and what he does sets the stage for something that will either be a shining day for the heroes or cascade them in a pit of anger, loathing, prejudice and despair as the drawing of a bigger threat occurs.

Symbolism also plays heavily in this film which I wasn’t expecting. It didn’t feel forced (at times) however with trying to keep an eye out for anything that stood out I’d have to say that was one of them.

Lois Lane also happens to have her own storyline which revolves around a bullet that gets imbedded in her journal while out on an investigative job and what she discovers could open up a door she didn’t know was there.

Lex Luthor also is cooking up something with his own agenda of ridding the world of the sad alien threat and will use anything at his disposal, even if it’s the Gotham Knight or a batch of kryptonite that just happens to not have been collected by Superman in the course of 2 years after Zod and his cronies invaded.

I will touch more on individual characterizations.


Superman: “Next time they shine your light in the sky, don’t go to it…”

*Look up to the sky and see flying hope!*

When you think of DC Comics in general, one name comes to mind and that is Superman aka Kal L from the destroyed planet Krypton! The handsome figure (which is a bonus for the ladies) that represents the good in humanity that stands for truth, honor and justice.

While comic fans have been ones to criticize him as OP (over powered) and a typical “boy scout” the one thing stands, love him or hate him, Superman is a figure that gives us that feeling of hope and that we can be better to our fellow man.

He also brings in the fact that he is an alien on a different world, a literal “Illegal Alien” and from our perspective, a God, who can do anything. With his super strength, durability, speed, x-ray vision/heat vision, cold breath, sensory hearing, Superman is a man brimming with a calm confidence.

Of course he isn’t Superman 24/7 despite what philosophers have explained, he goes by his human guise to fit in with us Earthlings by his parents, the beloved Johnathan and Martha Kent, who one day discovered a flaming rocket crash land in the corn fields in Smallville, Kansas where they discovered a baby boy, whom they named Clark Johnathan Kent.

Growing up it became apparent that he wasn’t a normal kid, I mean besides coming from a deceased planet and landing via rocket, he had powers from an early age and even though that threw the somewhat elderly couple for a loop, they were able to instill many traits which has shaped Clark to the hero he is today!!

But saying all that from his comic-counterpart (and original) seems baseless as even though the same history is described in his movie history for the new DCEU (DC Extended Universe) it goes on deaf ears due to Zack Snyder’s story.

The British born Henry Cavill portrays our solemn and at times despondent superhero. Now that’s not how I personally see him but the tone of the movie gave Superman a rather morbid personality; he was aloof with what he stands for, cold to the populace or even mystified by the masses and a save complex for his fabled lover, Lois Lane.

This was one of the few things I didn’t pay attention too when I first watched the movie until it was pointed out in a video I watched; upon seeing it again I did catch on that Superman did give off an “ass-hole” kind of vibe even though that’s not what he was about (in his mind).

Superman in this film seemed like a lost child, doing what is expected, stopping disasters and as the Senator of Kentucky said in the beginning part of the movie, “We have to stop seeing what he can do and see what he SHOULD do,” as the Senator mentioned.

I had some issues with that given, even though the performance is kind of lacking, I felt that Superman was doing his best when it came to saving some folks from a flooding or a girl from a raging fire.

Gracious, he moved a giant ship by a chain link somewhere in the artic, if that’s not what one would call “what he should be doing” than I don’t know what is!

For me I never found myself a big Superman fan, in fact I actually felt that Superman was just the go too guy in DC comics due to his power set, who can defeat someone who has no limit and gets energized by the sun?

Fun fact, don’t ever say ‘who could win a fight; Goku or Superman’, that caused a shit storm in the anime community and we have just recovered from Death Battle “analysis” on why the Super Saiyan can’t beat him.

*This started a Cold War between anime and comic fans which is still debated!*

Back to this character/portrayal corner, what was I saying?

Oh yeah, not a big Superman fan but throughout the course of the movie and felt something odd; I had compassion for Superman.

Me, the self-described cynical, “not moved by hype,” guy, felt that way for the guy that has everything.

*From the episode of Justice League*

*Another image from that episode*

FYI if you get that reference than you are a comic geek and need to wave that flag proud!

Seeing Superman’s struggle, the wanting of being accepted, it really hit home for me.  We all want to be accepted for who we are by our peers and have someone understand us and with Superman, he really clings to that ideal of just wanting to belong.

This might get critiqued by fans but I honestly can’t say I disliked Cavil’s performance playing Superman.

Sure, I have problems with the story on how it does him however with the feeling of just wanting him to at least succeed in something, really surprised me. Just ask Mike, he knows I don’t normally let on such things accept when I over analyze anything.

From Superman’s struggle of having power and wanting to do good, to being the weird kid at the lunch table we all avoided in school, I never realized just how much he went through.

Of course I am projecting my own ideal into him but that is what we do on how we perceive a person or thing, right?

Another feeling that welled up inside me when it came to him was that fleeting moment of hope.  That is what I got from the movie with him and I didn’t even know I could actually want that.

When you hear the word, hope, it really is something isn’t it?

Never giving up in the most trying of circumstances, holding on to what you believe and know what’s right; that there is something after all the despair, anger, it really came together for me.

I get that this Superman is not the one I saw in the animated series back in the 90’s nor is he like his Pre-52 continuity; in fact I think he’s more of a iteration of his Post-52 counterpart, when you see his outfit it actually matches, don’t you think; along with learning about his power set.

Yeah there are problems with what he can do and how he should be able to finish some stuff fast like when it comes to a scene involving his mother or even in the beginning of the film when it comes to a situation in South Africa stopping the terrorist militia or the fact he’s just to blame when it comes to his eventual (short) battle with Batman when it comes to wanting to talk things out.

Yeah you heard right, that situation with how it went down was uncalled for but I’ll get into that in my “last thoughts” section.

I never thought I’d be defending Superman and I’m not (at least how I see it) just explaining my reasons why, despite the criticisms of the story as a whole and how Cavil could have given him more broad of emotions than doom and gloom, along with Clark’s lack of reporting, he was hung up with a thing for the Batman D cause he felt the story should be told about the individual getting away with shit, as an individual I see a subtle context involving his character trait that goes unsung which I can honestly respect.

To further explain, I recently read up on an article involving Kevin Smith’s own commentary in BVS and he mentioned “having heart”.

At first I didn’t know what he meant and after my second viewing, I really thought I’d just snipe at Superman’s character and portrayal like the rest until, as of typing, I’m letting others influence me just because they got butt-hurt over some random shit and finding the same feeling of happiness and empathy for the big lug.

Nothing against the ones I watch and respect but I have to say, Kevin Smith had it right or at least for me, I get what he meant in ‘finding heart’ and I did and it was with the Man of Steel.

So yes, Superman was a mopey-bitch but let’s not forget that even that is the case I did see some form of a “personality” at some points and that is when he was linked to Lois.

I’m not going to dampen my opinion on this view as it is my personal feelings on the matter. Cavil is doing his job so I will not put him on blast or his portrayal of Superman.

If I had to give a rating then I’d say a 7 for Cavil/Superman in all.

*Never lose sight of it*

Batman: “Twenty years in Gotham; how many good guys are left? How many stayed that way? He has the power to wipe out the entire human race. I have to destroy him…”


*Armored Knight of Gotham*

Bruce Wayne; billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, these words describe the ruggedly handsome man of the city of Gotham; a place where gang wars run rampant in the street and the police is corrupt and always seems dreary there.

But behind the male persona lies a true resolve to rid crime of his beloved city, the Batman. Tragedy strikes a young Bruce Wayne as a kid when leaving a movie theater with his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne and going down crime alley, his life is forever changed when a thug pulls out a gun and shoots his parents.

This leaves Bruce broken, seeing the corpses of his dead parents as they lay on the ground. After the funeral and Alfred, his trusted confidant and father-figure, he swears by his own hands he will make sure that nothing like this ever occurs to anyone.

Traveling around the world to study various martial arts, studying criminology, psychology, escapism, he grows up to be one of the most lethal non-super powered beings on the planet and being one of the top detectives as well and intellect given he runs Wayne Enterprises.

Well respected by peers, feared by criminals and scum alike, Bruce becomes the cowl-grim, witty, Dark Knight of Gotham, Batman.

Known for being distrustful to ones with abilities beyond human comprehension (magic, shape shifting, etc.) and majority of the time an asshole and dick, Batman is known by all this which makes him one of the most popular DC characters and the one to sell the most comics and keeping DC afloat.

Despite not having any powers it doesn’t bother Batman in the least as he’s gone up against beings like Darkseid, traded blows with various aliens (when not involved with Gotham mayhem) and his love life is not something to look pass as well, he’s the tough human who brings the “humanity” quality to the League filled with various powers that have the potential to destroy or rule the world and keeps them in check by being one of the key figures.

Of course that’s the typical formula for Batman’s comic book origin, let’s take a look on this iteration of him shall we?

Oscar-Winner Ben Affleck plays Bruce Wayne/Batman in this movie and let me add, he proved the haters wrong that he would be a bad Batman.

2 years ago when it was announced that Affleck, the one who still gets blamed for the movie adaption of Daredevil and former fame of that overhyped woman, Jennifer Lopez, was going to play the pivot Batman, the internet and fans went into death con 1 over this.

Granted I didn’t think much of him given being linked to the movie Gigli (horrible movie that ruined his career IMO) along with J Lo being far too expensive with her life style.  Luckily that coupling ran its course and got together with Jennifer Garner but sadly they have gotten divorce but I’m not holding against either of them.

Memes were running rampant like no one’s business and even general movie goers were like “HE’S playing Batman?” with a scrunched up face.

I can say his Batman was on point and I preferred it to that overrated Christian Bale’s portrayal with his “Cancer voice” on crack!

In this movie Bruce was 7 years old in 1981 when his parents were shot down, stated visually by Martha Wayne’s tomb stone and the age is stated by Alfred in a scene.

By the current timeline of “today” he is around his late forties and still doing the Batman motif along with, as it was shown, he did have a Robin partner.Whether it is Dick Grayson or Jason Todd is never mentioned accept that the Joker had something to do with Robin’s death sometime in the past.

This version of Bruce is not like in the comic, he actually drinks instead of using proxy drinks that make it seem he’s actually drunk to give off he messes with his money and not take anything seriously. Along with one of the biggest critiques in the story; the fact that he kills his opponents instead of incapacitating them as he does normally in the comics.

And to be even edgier as if this is the 90’s with anti-heroes, he brands his targets with a hot-steeled bat insignia to show that he means business, even the possibility of the ones branded while in prison get murdered by the inmates to say “this scum required my attention due to being a rapists” or something so, yeah, not your daddy’s Batman from the “Super Friends” cartoon show back in the 70’s.

Being inspired by Frank Miller’s own iconic Batman book “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and his own take of a jaded Batman, Snyder writes him as what you’d expect; someone who is one-sided with judging someone for causing mass destruction.

Now I don’t hate this interpretation it’s just growing on the Batman lore and learning about him and talking about the characterization with Mike to get a better understanding, I expected Batman to be a little more “smarter” with his statements, I mean he’s a detective for Christ’s sake along with being a down right dick-ish older brother (which is accurate but not like that) along with his contradiction I thought when it came to saying a line “I felled him in life, but I won’t in death”.

Dude come one, you are the one to bring World War Hate on Superman and even though the latter tried not fighting, Bats did so anyway without even letting him finish a sentence.

Of course conversely Superman needed to speak more often than just getting hit and going all wild on Batman but that fight was a dick waving contest TBH (To Be Honest) and I think the movie forgot to say he’s an expert martial artist, he traveled around the world and studied a lot so I also expected him to throw out some of the stuff he was trained in (Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Dragon Style kung Fu, to name a few).

I also found it bewildering that Batman wasn’t really on point with figuring out the situation when it came to the plot in the movie, of course this is me getting my negative critiques out.

What I did like about this grizzled Batman or at least respected, was that he still held that quality of helping people, especially when it came to the opening scenes of Metropolis getting wrecked and seeing why Bruce despised Superman.

Typing this I just figured out in hindsight what he is, the normal guy with no powers that sees his sister city (in this version) getting destroyed by an unknown source and wanting to exterminate it with prejudice of his own but this does leave him being far too stubborn for his own good.

Boy, sounds like I threw everything with this Batman instead of giving him any praise?

Sorry, let’s see…he was charming with the occasional jokes but like Superman, suffered with being far too serious. Sure, he is in the comics but there are moments he can smile or at least throw out a quip.

I also enjoyed his brief interaction with Diana Prince, which can do no wrong. He mentions to her at one point that he’s met women like her. This is true in his line of work as it gives us a brief insight into what could have happened in his 20 years as Batman, namely with Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Talia Al Ghul. Could be an Easter egg for the fans but that’s just my own interpretation.

Even though the story might have killed his own contradicting views I have to give major praise for Ben’s own take on him. He was believable in the role along with being the mature Bruce of his age instead of the playboy philanthropist with every woman once a week.

Sure I missed the faux-side of showing what we perceive along with how truly damaged he is with being fanatical with his pursuit of justice whenever he argues ideologies with Alfred or someone from the Bat family but I have to remember this is him getting a new “beginning” in the DC film universe and need to be patient; he will be getting more background with his new trilogy of movies coming in a couple of years along with “Justice League” coming out in 2018 so I’ll be  very curious how this tale goes.

Of course that’s not saying he didn’t have bad parts, far from it, his Batmobile felt like how it is in Batman: Arkham Knight with the guns and almost looking like a tank along with the fight he had in a warehouse with some thugs hired by Luthor to keep *spoiler alert* Martha Kent hostage had a stealth like quality when dealing with them. I’m guessing Snyder might have seen an image of it to let Ben do that?

The fighting ability against the gang-bangers felt right with the blocking, punching and kicking since Batman is a lethal fighter and one of the best even though it’s not like they ever stated that or even acknowledge that he is a master.

I give praise to Ben Affleck and despite what others say about him along with being older, thinking on it from a realist POV, this makes him a kind of teacher for the other heroes and offer out some gruff advice.

Ben Affleck performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman I can give a steady 7.

It would have been higher with my first viewing but with the second viewing he was just dickish! XD

*Batman quote*

Lex Luthor: “That is a three syllable word for any thought too big for little minds.”

*Silicon Valley shtick*

Arch-enemy of Superman in all his pathos, Lex Luthor is one of the big hitters out to get rid of Superman, unless you count Darkseid, who is just a plot device of someone able to stand ground with him.

Ambitious, crafty, insane but highly intelligent, Lex has been a thorn in Superman’s side since he came across the flying man and they have a bitter back and forth as if they were a divorced couple.

Now saying all that, since I’m not really or at all familiar with his origin and only know the general of general with the bald wonder along with his hard-on whenever Superman is brought up.

Jesse Eisenberg portrays Lex Luthor which also caused majority of the comic book/geek community to get flustered with the casting.

Personally when I heard it I wasn’t upset if not confused. Granted I’d have used Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville to be Lex but I must remember that TV and movies are two very different monsters and lots of red tape to go through, which is why you won’t be seeing Grant Gustin from the CW’s Flash be Barry Allen on film and have Ezra Miller.

Not letting critics trying to influence when I first saw Lex appear it wasn’t like at first sight or intrigue, it was me blinking in confusion on how he was…he talked fast, felt more like he was a young teen who couldn’t sit down and not so evil if not awkward.

To be honest I had to wonder if he had autism with this Lex’s way of not being able to grasp what was going around. Sure he was smart but that felt like an afterthought and the fact that he didn’t really explain on the “why” he hated Superman.

Oh sure he said it by using the religion symbolism to say that Superman = God but it was borderline maniacal.  I didn’t hate his performance but even I know Lex is a snake, he’s smooth with his words and bald and wear’s business suits and not some kind of sneakers with jeans as if he was a Silicon Valley, douche bag living off his daddy’s (blood) money and being a young, if not eccentric, entrepreneur.

Another trying moment is the fact he actually KNEW the characters that had the meta-gene or beings with abilities and that he was the one to create the insignia’s for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg due to some data that Bruce stole which he handed to Diana through an email. And don’t get me started how he is linked to Doomsday’s creation.

What kind of weak writing is that for the bad guy to know the entire goings on of people who have that? The thing about DC comics is that the Secret Identity is a sacred trust that not many are supposed to know unless you are a close confidant.

I did enjoy that one liner he had with Lois Lane on top of that building but everything before and after left I was exhausted.

Eisenberg’s direction with Luthor felt off and not the best interpretation. There has been a rumor going on the net that he (Eisenberg) was actually reading for The Riddler and if that is true that would explain the portrayal along with the hair.

I’m not going to put him on blast for that though, it was a job and he was listening to the director and writing so we can’t blame Eilenberg for his out-of-left-field performance but if he is going to continue as Lex in the future of the DC cinematic universe than they got to put a muzzle over that fast speech and embrace the inner workings of the scary business man.

Along with this is noteworthy, he will always be known for pissing in a jar and leaving it for the Senator of Kentucky (Holly Hunter’s character) as she can’t believe he did that along with it being called “Granny’s Peach Tea”.

Trust me at first when I saw that I laughed than soon it turned to disbelief that this raging nub did something that juvenile.

I’d have to guess Snyder likes some toilet humor in some way?

For this character portrayal I’ll have to give him a 4, I’d give a 1 but that would be far too harsh and others already threw him to the wolves.

*My version of the REAL Lex Luthor*

Lois Lane: “This means something. It’s all some people have, it’s all that gives them hope!”

*Lois Lane on the scene!*

Plucky Lois Lane, the reporter, the future girlfriend and wife of the man of steel and someone who stands up for her journalistic rights.

Being an army brat Lois has gotten into scrapes and seems to have luck on her side of surviving in Metropolis for as long as she was created.  The cynical but empathetic woman is one of the (and if not) key figure in Superman/Clark’s life as she is his conduit to all of humanity.

She binds him to live up to the ideal that hope can exist and sure, she’s not perfect,  the pinnacle of “Damsel in Distress” is high and the amount of time Superman has to save her are joked on the internet but Lois can hold her own with looking for the truth with her keen instincts for reporting and depending on who is writing, actually knows self-defense thanks to her dad and can take down a mugger if push comes to shove.

Amy Adams plays Lois Lane in Superman Man of Steel and returns for BVSDOJ.

What can I say about the lovely Amy Adams, she had me when she was a princess in “Enchanted” and even though I don’t keep up with her films, I still love her.

Hearing she would be Lois Lane I wasn’t the most supportive of it since one, Lois is a brunette and clearly Amy is working that light reddish hair in the films.  Even though I didn’t give much thought in watching Man of Steel,I found her performance in that lack luster but than just like Cavil’s performance of the Kryptonian in this film, something about Adams being Lois touched my heart that I hold very gently.

To begin Lois in this was a central figure in this film by being the investigative reporter however from my perception it felt like her arc in this was something out of NBC’s The Blacklist.

I only say that cause the guy that plays the ‘Director of Counterterrorism’ in that show (Harry Lennix) appears in this film. I actually felt I would be seeing Reddington pop out of woodwork with a sarcastic quip about her investigative process and egg her on.

*Seriously I expected this dude to  come waltzing on in!*

Like in any iteration Lois somehow winds up in a situation that just seemed beyond my own comprehension, she’s in South Africa trying to get the scoop on a terrorist group with some random guy taking pictures.

Yeah you heard right, who could be that mysterious guy? I’ll give a hint, he’s known as Superman’s little buddy.

It took me seeing it a second time (and various outlets) to say that it was said character which shocked me; Jimmy Olson!

Shit goes south before Jimmy is gunned down due to one of the guys there went through his camera and found some tracking device which lead to him saying he was CIA and gunned down.

Well this shocked Lois as she didn’t know he was in the CIA (and a break away from the character) for a beloved character to be gunned down without us even hearing a name!

Lois is taken inside where the bad guy is saying how she won’t live through this and like a wrecking ball, BOOM, Superman appears.

Trusting him completely Lois isn’t the least bit worried as Superman is able to handle the villain by pushing him through a lot of walls.  Now this is an issue people and fans had a problem with, Superman killing with no amount of remorse and Lois somewhat sees that, at least when she discussed to Clark about the circumstances that “even though you did save me, there is always a consequence to an action” more or less.

Lois soon discovers that during the shootout that happened her journal ended up in the crossfire and had a single bullet implanted which leads her to trying to discover where it came from.

I guess I’d ask why she’d even look through it in the first place but I get my answer immediately that she is a journalist and finding “the truth hidden within the truth” is her bread and butter?

She also is Clark’s main support during the political storm his life as Superman becomes and tries to convince him to do what’s best. At first I thought it was just like a master/dog relationship to be honest given Superman’s dour and dismissive behavior with Lois but as the movie went on I, once again, felt that subtle love Lois had for him.

Now even though that is somewhat her development I have to say this, Lois in this film is kind of like Sakura Haruno (Pre-shippuden,) given how she seems to get somewhere with no likely explanation. From using a helicopter to go to and fro along with running into the building where Batman is just about to kill Superman, she miraculously appears as if she came from the wall to stop the useless battle.

*It reminded me how Sakura stopped Sasuke in the Chuunin Exams*

Along with the fact that she somehow knew that as seeing some form of Doomsday she has to retrieve the kryptonite spear, the same one that Batman almost used on Superman and the one she threw in the water, for no rhyme or reason of knowing of that threat.

It’s like the story itself is giving her some sensory ability to tell when she can be useful but winds up getting pinned in the water by a big ass wall and only Superman can save her, which shouldn’t be shocking since movies do that to their characters apparently.

I’m not faulting Amy Adams in her role as she had the emotional impact down pact it’s just that winding up in those situations made me scratch my head. Along with her “Sakura” moments was also a kick in the nuts and that’s saying a lot because I am a strong Sakura Haruno fan (Shippuden/Post)

I’d have kept Lois in the supporting role and not have her go anywhere except to Gotham when it came to that “awesome battle” but that’s just my take on it.

I did enjoy Amy’s performance as Lois Lane which left me pleasantly surprised so I give her portrayal a 6.5.

*Lois Lane in Smallville*

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince: *speaking to Bruce Wayne* “I don’t think you’ve ever known a woman like me.”


Wonder Woman, a being created by clay, brought to life by the Greek Gods of legend, princess of the amazons, trained as a warrior and soon an ambassador for her people.

Someone who possesses super strength that is comparable to Hercules, swift as Mercury, beautiful as Aphrodite, the wisdom of Artemis, a superior fighter and diplomat, Wonder Woman brings the term “I am woman; hear me roar” to the forefront as the first female super hero icon not supported by a man.

Wonder Woman, who makes up the last of the trinity of Superman and Batman, can match strength with the alien and hold her own with Bats moody attitude, she is the forefront woman of DC comics.

Gal Gadot portrays the amazon warrior. This too was met with criticism from fans when they first heard that she was casted. I believe her height was put on blast or her heritage as well being born in Israel, which I saw no issue with as I think some wanted her to just be white as she is portrayed in the comics.

Boy were the butt-hurt fans kissing her ass when she appeared in BVSDOJ by the end as after that all you heard were “she’s great!!” and did Lynda Carter, who played her in the 1970’s Wonder Woman television show, proud.

Even though she was never mentioned as “Wonder Woman” in this film or even her first name “Diana”, at the third part of the movie where she is on the Turkish airlines about to go home, you hear the stewardess say “Ms. Prince” so that confirms that this is “Diana Prince”.

She is an enigma that just happens to appear in the part where Lex is hosting a party where Clark Ken and Bruce Wayne are and she takes the drive that Bruce uses to get data on Lex.  Actually now that I think about it, Diana’s was linked to Bruce Wayne and him trying to figure out about her more than Clark/Superman.

Throughout the film you see her she seems to be looking for something and keeps under wraps until the battle with Doomsday where she shows her stuff in an epic soundtrack that will forever be known to her from this point on.

Some little nitpicks is the fact, as I mentioned, her name was never said along with the fact only used in parts that went with Bruce Wayne. Sure, I did enjoy that little conversation they had at the Luthor party which means the possible shipping for those two like how it is in the cartoon, might be a reality but that was it.

She didn’t do much accept give us some information of the coming of Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman from those data files.

Brief ramble regarding Aquaman; remember in those old Super Friend’s cartoon show? She was always partnered with him and always saw them flying off in her Invisible Plane.  I believe the writers/show producer partnered those two up because they never did anything interesting.

Yeah I know it’s controversial but come on, not like you were seeing her lifting up large boulders or using her fist but only that lasso and Aquaman just speaking with fish to get some effect of water manipulation or having them disarm a bomb in the water.

I wonder what their  interactions will be like?  Let’s hope it isn’t like how Flashpoint went down or we will be fucked in a war between the Amazons and Atlantians. However their interactions in Justice League cartoon were civil if not at times hostile.

Along with the fact that in the promotional images I never saw the lasso of truth accept that sword and shield and when the Doomsday battle occurs she somehow has it? Where did she keep it, in the dimensional space pocket?

But Gadot had a strong confidence that was portrayed greatly and I liked that. Wonder Woman is someone who exudes that amount of headstrong integrity. Some can think she’s OP given some might see her as another Superman but that’s not really the case.

Her power set is magic based with the lasso and bracelets she wears and her iconic suit is just awesome.  She is a being that knows that Gods exist and has gone up against the horrors of her world and probably even fought Ares at one point before this movie but that’s just speculation on my part.

I also liked how she reacted when Luthor tried using Zeus, the Greek God, in that long ass speech at that party about “Lightning striking” or something and I laughed the look she had, like “Boy please, you have no clue what Zeus does so back off bitch!” LOL!

And I’m happy to announce she had no “invisible Jet” which is a good thing as she can fly…even though she didn’t’ do that in this movie which sucked but she did have a handle on Doomsday though so I don’t want to hear she’s OP cause going up against a being of alien tech is no easy feat and did wonderfully.

I would have liked to have her take on a kind of tutor role for Superman though, I mean she is someone *spoiler alert* that has lived since World War I and somehow is linked to the battle as it is shown in a picture and we won’t know more until her movie is out in 2017 and she could have been another sound board to express her own interest in what he (Superman) would do in this political shit storm he wound up in and offer out sound wisdom and then appear to help out Superman and Batman with Doomsday and be like “Yes, I did give up on the fight but seeing you’re resolve, I have come to aid you, comrades! Let us go forth!!” but that’s my thought on it.

Gadot’s performance was a high in my opinion and I can honestly say that an 8 will suffice for me in the portrayal.

As an added note I am a fanboy for Gadot now and her Wonder Woman will be awesome next summer so look out for it!!!

*Kind of hoping this pans out in the movie films*

Supporting cast!

Alfred: “It comes to us all, Master Wayne. Even you’ve got too old to die young, though not for a lack of trying.”

Martha Wayne: *Being rescued by Batman* “I figured; the cape.”

Perry White: “Nobody cares about Clark Kent taking on the Batman!”

Senator Finch: “You can call me whatever you like; take a bucket of piss and call it granny’s peach tea. Take a weapon of assignation and call it deterrence. You won’t fool a fly or me; I’m not gonna drink it.”

What’s a movie without the supporting cast to keep afloat the main characters in a film or book?

To start this side I begin with Alfred Pennyworth portrayed by Jeremy Irons, whose roles include voicing Scar in Lion King.

*Irons as Alfred*

I have to say I enjoyed this interpretation of Alfred, the butler of Bruce Wayne and surrogate father, the moral compass to keep Batman from descending into his own madness and key figure in his life.

Irons had the snarky quips down to the T and I haven’t heard such stuff only accept in the Batman Animated cartoon back in the 90’s (created by Bruce Timm), even though I loved the Alfred in the Batman films of the 90’s as well given he was more proper than this version.

Alfred in this version still supports Bruce but doesn’t dress much like a butler as he does like Commissioner Gordon; along with doesn’t even offer out a tray of tea as I’m so used to in the cartoon and isn’t afraid to remark on how the Wayne lineage could end with Bruce.

Oh Alfred, if you only knew the truth of a certain little, annoying, arrogant bastard.

*This ass hat!!*

I get that you have to change with the times but I had to nitpick that Alfred wouldn’t offer out no alcohol to Bruce, he’d always have that tea ready or the bandages while offering out his two cents with sophisticated flair.

Another thing is not taking care of the place, oh sure, he probably does it off screen but Alfred is known for always keeping busy since that’s his home as well.

At least I can say Iron’s portrayal is on point when it comes to trying to drill into Bruce that Superman is not bad.

Laurence Fishburne, known for his roles in playing the grandfather in Blackish, The Matrix and, most bewildering since I didn’t know, the voice of Silver Surfer in the 2007 Fantastic Four film,  played Perry White and I liked him in that role.

*Perry in Man of Steel*

I got nothing much on Perry so I’ll just say my two thoughts; I didn’t have a problem with him just going about his news mania. One can say yes, in the comics he is a keen reporter as well but in a world where flying men exist I think it’s best he worries about what the next issue will be about.

It’s noteworthy in Man of Steel he gets his own moment of saving one of his employees, who makes some appearances in this film, so that’s a bonus so if he’s regulated to just worrying about the job than it’s fine.

Holly Hunter plays Senator Finch, the political senator and putting the boy in blue on blast for his attempts at “helping” which leads to half a city block getting wrecked.

*Senator Finch confronting Lex*

Granted when seeing her appear on screen I did find her pretty (I have a thing for older ladies) and she reminded me as if I was watching The Closer given her accent.

Bringing in politics when it comes to everything nowadays is interesting but given it felt like the populace were not giving Superman a chance felt like cheating. They weren’t even bringing up the destruction when it came with Zod but what went down in South Africa which could have gone better.

I could choose to say the Senator wasn’t really anyone important except for the plot regarding Superman however I don’t any negativity towards her.  Sure she was a ball buster but thinking about it from her POV, she only wants what’s best for the people, even if it seemed wrong with putting him (Superman) in the wrong kind of light.

Along with she did mention about how talking is the first steps with negotiating or trying to understand Superman’s motives.

I didn’t grow up on Holly Hunter’s films but I understand she was prominent in the 80’s and looking up the credentials was interesting along with she voiced Elastaagirl in the Incredibles so that’s cool!

Diane Lane played Martha Kent and is another experienced actor. Lane was recently in the movie Trumbo, which I really loved and a movie I saw with some friends when I was in the 11th grade, Unfaithful.

*Martha holding down a waitress job*

Martha is another beloved person in Clark/Superman’s life due to this is his mother, Earth mother if you want to get technical but mother none the less. She raised him and believes in what he does even if she didn’t want him doing this.

In the brief scenes she’s in one stands out to me, Martha offers out her own words regarding Clark’s ideal, “Be their hero Clark. Be their angel, be their monument, be anything they need you to be…or be none of it. You don’t owe this world a thing. You never did.”

While one can argue that’s just her being selfish and bad advice and that anyone with power should step up and use it, I see it as this is HER son! The boy she raised with all the morals she and Jonathan etched into Clark to make him the man he is (even if this version of Supes is gloomy) and that even if he has power he does not need to do anything.

In a way, yes Superman should do all that he can do but he is still a person and as one with free will does he have to give up everything to make us, the people happy while sacrificing his own?

Could you give up everything for this world to maintain peace or throw it away, do what you can do and have your own form of happiness cause the world will go on with our without him?

Of course this is the DC universe and if Superman somehow dies than where does that leave us?

Another note is she shared a small laugh with Batman when he rescues her, which is why I used that quote on top with this section. Granted I liked it for she can joke which means she’ll be fine and it was the only thing that got a chuckle from the movie goers when I went to see it for the first time, second time not so much.

For the ratings, Jeremey Irons I give a 7, Laurence Fishburne rating will be a 5, Holly Hunter a 7 and last but not least Diane Lane with an 7.



*Always light in darkness*

Good/bad, day/night, light/darkness, heaven/hell, God/Devil, angels/ demons, empathy/apathy, yin/yang, these words sound cheesy but also have another impact on this film; the fact that the characters have moral dilemmas when regarding who stands for what, most favorably in Superman’s court.

Yeah, one can say Superman is doing good but with politics getting involved, just like how it is in real life, his actions get persecuted by the media by flame-tongued activist along with micro-managed on what he should do.

I didn’t really see any problem with the political standpoint but it seemed to have bungled down the plot since the movie could have used Superman better.

What is justice, is it something only for the law to handle even though the system can fail or do you trust it enough? Is it right to be the one to say who is guilty? That also rang in my head when it came Batman even though it wasn’t established in so many words and just with action or implied.

Symbolism played another role in this movie with the implications of various painted murals or glass windows with images of faith along with how one can view Superman as “God” or more accurately, Jesus Christ.

Even with the visual explaining I have to say that even though he has powers that might SEEM “Christ” like please be reminded he is an alien that absorbs the solar energy of Earth since Krypton is a long way from our planet and the gravity is apparently heavy on his, if you want to get technical.

Along with the way it was seen with his expressions (or lack of) when some people went to hold on to him, he seemed to be perplexed that people view him as such.

Superman is considered “light” when it comes to his brand of justice with being an envoy of hope and optimism for humanity while Batman can be linked to “darkness” with his strict brand of justice but what wasn’t really seen with him is that Bruce/Batman is compassionate on a level that Clark/Superman isn’t but sadly this isn’t shown in this movie.

Mythology played a minor role this film when it came to how Lex Luthor brought up Zeus and Diana as well given she is blessed with her gifts by the Greek gods, which was never outwardly stated.

Words like prejudice can be reflected as well with the masses thinking Superman is a scourge to the world due to the destruction of Metropolis and how they burned an effigy in the likeness of him was something that was hard to watch somewhat.

“People fear what they don’t understand” should be the tagline for this movie as it did feel like half if not everybody had xenophobia with Superman however in the end I would like to think “hope” blossomed in the hearts of the people, even if it felt weak after all the shit that happened.

Love played another factor and not just romantic at that but the love that can be shared with parents and Bruce and Clark had that same storyline when it came to the Wayne’s dying or Martha Kent getting kidnapped.

Parental love is a strong factor from what I saw and have to give that praise because we all love our parents, no matter how annoying or frustrating they can get/be.


*Feel that rage burn!*

Ok made it this far in the review and now here it is; despite my own appraisal of these characters I can say that in a nutshell; the movie is ok.  Nothing really was eye popping and to be honest the visual aspects were not a big thing for me in the least.

The main problem I saw was the scenes either felt crammed together like a jigsaw puzzle and how it kept flipping back and forth as if it didn’t want to make up its mind on what to watch. Along with some stuff didn’t need to be shown as it didn’t add anything.

For example, when it came to the invasion, where Bruce ran into that cloud of smoke to see if anyone was ok, there was a horse roaming around. I for one didn’t see any need to put an animal like that in a scene even if it was trying to capture a moment of disarray and this is fun, I spotted another horse when it came to Superman going to the Senate but this time with a rider so I shouldn’t complain.

The battle itself that as supposed to be big didn’t amount to much as well; everything you saw was shown in that trailer which is a spoiler IMO.  The dynamic between Superman and Batman are that despite their opposition when it comes to dealing with justice, the fact is they wouldn’t fight in the first place, depending on scenarios.

I get Bruce’s main thing was the destruction that ran rampant in Metropolis that affected Gotham (I’ll get to that in a moment) but wouldn’t it have been better for him to be more studious or use that detective work to gleam information on Superman and try to avoid fighting if he can help it? Felt that might have been forced a little but I did get to see that mecha-batsuit so I that was a plus.

Gotham being right across from Metropolis killed it for me though. It’s right there in a flash? It felt like a cop-out with how Lois could arrive there like magic with a darn helicopter when in the comics they are miles apart. Gotham is known for being dark, gritty, mafia driven, and jaded people while Metropolis has a warmer feeling with the city folk and sunny.  The sister city angle didn’t need to happen.

Wonder Woman should have been a factor in Superman’s storyline as well and be the bridge between the two when they were fighting. If that happened I think it could have gone down differently.

Don’t get me started on Doomsday, that generic bad guy didn’t need to show up so damn early! Whenever we hear someone like Doomsday only one event can be linked to the abomination. I’ll give you a hint; it happened in the 90’s which was something big and also adapted into a video game on the Sega Genesis.

Scenes should have been cut out, from Superman opening that wooden door just to hear it creak and still pan to it and what the deal is seeing a hallucination of Jonathan Kent offering out some bad advice?

Like I mentioned I did find “the heart” when it came to my own views however this movie lacked a “hopeful” tone in all. Superman is hope but it’s not shown along with the xenophobia population apparently.

There is a lot of stuff that could have been better and far more than I can think about or say given I’m only remembering my experience but that is what I caught for myself.  This movie didn’t really feel like a “Vs.” title and should have gone by a title like “Trinity Ascension” or just “Dawn of Justice” with introducing the Trinity to come together to defeat a big bad (which shouldn’t be Doomsday).

Along with it has been confirmed that Barbara Gordon was supposed to appear but it never happened in this version of the film. We will see her “fully” in the Uncut version when it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray later this year.

Let’s step away from this though and get to the overview and last thoughts, shall we?


*Time to get logical, kiddies!*

Ok so even with my own gripes this will be my rating for the movie broken down by story, characters and entertainment value!

Story – 6: Yes The story is rather weak; as a fan of comic books, it comes naturally to come up with other scenarios in how it could have gone down.

Characters – 7: The characters were interesting enough if not for some flaws but this is a movie and not everything is going to be adapted fully.

Music – 6:  The music interested me but not much since the vibrating sound hurt my ears. However when it came to Wonder Woman’s theme popping on I applauded internally on the epic bad-assery it deserves!

Imagery   – 7: Imagery is what you can expect from a Snyder film so that’s all that needs to be said.

Entertainment – 8: I was entertained more with the fact that we (fans/general audiences) got to see Superman and Batman on the big screen for the first time and it only took 70 years more or less to get it done.  Watching Batman take out thugs was nice as well if not graphic.

Last thoughts

*At the end of the tunnel is…?*

We finally made it to this part and it will be the last.

First off, I don’t normally write movie reviews much due to they are time consuming or I’m just being lazy or I don’t know what to say. Yeah I did do a couple last year which I did enjoy but I didn’t write a review or Star Wars: The Force Awakens nor Deadpool of this year.

Well Star Wars is a long ass movie for one and it’s not like I thought about seeing it twice so I’ll say I did enjoy that.  I saw that with Mike also and it was a bonus that my birthday (December 18) is the day it came out and seeing it on that weekend.

*The battle of light and dark continues*

Deadpool is the go too funny movie and nothing that needs to be said since everyone’s said it all ready but laughed my ass off.

*Troll of the Marvel universe*

Okay so the ending of BVS. Throughout it all I did find this movie to be interesting. Sure it’s not the best but it’s not the worst either nor should it be flamed alive.

It’s been said by Mike, the famous Kevin Smith and some others, you shouldn’t let critics or a friend dissuade you form seeing something you might find good or intrigued about.  See it with your own eyes to get a feel for what you like.

Hell, I remember when I reviewed Fan4tastic (2015) last year?

Yes, I did hold out hope for it and yes it did kill me inside since that is my favorite Marvel team (May they come back to Marvel proper in the future) but I went to go see it. I experienced it to see if it would meet my brand of taste and I came back unscathed.

I get the critics are just doing their jobs but I felt like they were just doing it to be ass-hats but then again I’m biased when it comes to certain stuff along with, no, I’m not the biggest DC fan but I can enjoy it a little.

In the long run, don’t be influenced by others until you see for yourself than you can offer out an opinion. Yeah I know that can be hard but personally I don’t listen to many critics when it comes to a movie or show I like.

Take for instance Fuller House, critics slammed that hard and I was blinded by that but I did decide earlier to check it out. First episode sucked but once they got rid of the older cast and just made it about DJ and the others, it was decent and I laughed so I’m glad I gave it a chance despite the critics.

Some parts of the movie gave me jump scares which is surprising to me now that I think about it. The most enjoyable part is seeing it with my friend Mike though; yeah I always have him as my partner in crime when it comes to stuff we see. It makes it fun when you see a movie that you have similar interest in which makes it cool in my book.

The second viewing I can also say I liked but I was being far critical at this point around.  On the opening weekend it was packed but the next was pretty light but I did see it in the morning so not sure if that made much of a difference.

If you do want to check this movie out I suggest you spend some extra bucks on the 3D one since you get those glasses and makes you look like you are in the Matrix (LOL) but I know nothing of that franchise cause I don’t like them.

Along with at some point see it with someone, that’s always the best.

Even though this movie has a rough spot there is some hope for these DC films.

Suicide Squad is getting a release this summer and actually doing reshoots due to the fall out with BVS to make it a little funnier. The most anticipated for me thought is Wonder Woman!! The origins of Wonder Woman look good with the promotional art.

Now to conclude this blog, if I had to give this movie a rating via A thru F, I can confidently give this a B minus.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. And I normally don’t do this of what I want to work on next but since Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 started I realized I still need to write up that review for season 2 so I’ll get that started…along with fan fic writing that I’ve neglected.

Boy this is going to be fun.

Have a good one everyone, this is Jeff signing off.

Later days!

*I hoped you enjoyed it!*