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Hello everyone, Jeff here and today I will be doing another top 10 and wouldn’t you know it, it’s about one I do enjoy but at the same time find annoying, top ecchi/harem/hentai anime.


Given  the three genres of anime are always linked to teenage boys/adults happiness and gals chagrin, I decided to go about this endeavor.  I was going to do games or television shows however a follower offered out this suggestion and given he’s been following me on twitter for sometime I thought why not?

*Thanks very much!*

Now before jumping in the pool of lewd jokes, boobs and downright debauchery that would turn mom’s hair’s white and giving you a lecture of how “Chinese cartoons are ruining are economy” let me say this first; I recently came to the conclusion that anything regarding ecchi/harem anime are one of the weakest of storytelling with the same plot device of a loser teenage boy with raging hormones going out of control for a cute gal to rub his cock but at the same time being inadequate with said female which leads to misunderstandings along with just plain trashy and generic nonsense but I have found some diamonds in the rough with what I’m about to show.

*Please remember that this is an opinion children.*

However I do admit it’s very few so it will be ones that are generic in my opinion along with baseless shit. I’ll also add hentai as well since that’s the big brother to baseless fan service that causes fanboys to start rubbing it to the knub.

*Always remember I didn’t choose the lewd life; it chose me!*

So let’s start the blood flowing to that certain appendage and have the tissues ready. To any female who read this; please don’t let what I post make it seem like I would do any of this BS in the real, really am shy and polite.

Let’s go!

10 – Riddle Story of Devil

*Characters of the series*

Starting off my list is Riddle Story of Devil (Akuma no Riddle) at number 10! 

This is considered weak with the plot that almost reminds me of Future Diary at times but really different given it’s strictly all females and Yuri-undertones which also is intriguing. And did I forget to mention the fact the females in this series are assassins trying to bump off an alleged innocent girl for profit??

Yup you heard right!

*Oops, I did it again!*

The plot of this story is about Tokaku Azuma, a stoic girl with a serious personality, who is from the famous (infamous) Azuma clan, a high assassination family that has changed the foundation of Japan by killing.  She is like Squall Leonheart from FF8 but more aloof and minus the gunblade. 

*For the ladies*

She’s also socially awkward given her no nonsense attitude so wouldn’t you know her life would be turned upside down when she meets the innocent lamb she is supposed to kill named Haru Ichinose.

Tokaku is put in Class Black where she participates in the game to end Haru-chan’s life along with 11 knife-wielding, gun-toting, silver-tongued girls who want something for their efforts; be it free to kill with no sort of consequence, money to give siblings a good life or to escape from current circumstances.

Tokaku, are protagonist who is weak minded (and hasn’t killed due to a past trauma) she declares she will protect the young girl so she can graduate from Class Black.  I did forget that Haru wants to graduate for a reason that is linked to the plot of this tale.

Will Tokaku and Haru survive the infamous assassination attempts by these crafty gals who are bumbled down by generic tropes and what about Haru, is she as innocent as it is claimed?

*Two Tokaku’s?*

While the plot and scenarios are wrapped up by the end of each episode, girl sends a card of notice and has 48 hours to kill her and if they do, get what they want but if not, will be “expelled” from the class, it is weak when it comes to the tropes associated with each character but I found out (for myself) that the story is rather interesting along with the interactions with Tokaku and Haru and even found myself rooting for some of the other girls, in particular Haruki Sage with her chance to improve her siblings life by getting money.

*Haruki trying to kill Haru!*

I also enjoyed the ending theme songs for each episode which is sung by the characters, each different with the theme fitting them, for example Tokaku’s ending comes is the first and is called “Paradox” while episode 2 is Haru and so on for the other characters minus Shiena Kenmochi.

Now I got lost in the brief scenario but since this is supposed to be “ecchi” I also added this for the Yuri-undertones!!  The girls might not be full on “lesbian” with each other and it’s not really implied they are gay, minus Chitaru Namatame and Hitsugi Kirigaya who are always together in lover’s embrace.

*Tragic love of Chitaru x Hitsugi*

the girls are coupled by their product material (Tokaku/Haru, Haruki/Isuke inukai, Sumireko/Mahiru) in rather sexy images.

*Tokaku/Haru romance?*

*Haruki/Isuke; see how easy it is to confuse?*

*Sumireko/Mahiru, the almost kiss*

The almost kissing, embracing each other as if they were destined lovers, what’s not to like of two females (to the imagination) about to get it in on as if they were on the L word?

*An actual good show*

Granted there are no “boob” images that show nip but the subtle detail of not showing is just as swell in my opinion and that’s why this hits 10 for me!

9 – Love Hina/Negima

*Love Hina in a nutshell*

*Negima; the many kisses of Negi*

Ok so the first one didn’t really get one off but we are just beginning. At number 9 it is a cheat but since this duo is written by famed “fan-service master” Ken Akamatsu, I thought why not, Negima and Love Hina hold this spot.

So why the duo; well Ken-sensei’s work is well known for showing the females with barely nothing on with something covering the nipples and occasional butt-shots which makes it all the more scandalous.

Well the general plot with Love Hina; the dorky Keitaro Urashima is a 19-year old Ronin (a student who has graduated either middle or high school but failed to enter the next step) who is down on his luck. 

Besides being a klutz he is someone who wants to fulfill a promise to enter Tokyo University (Tokyo U) that he made to a girl when he was a kid. The tale is if you go to Tokyo U, you and your sweetheart will live happily ever after!

Well that hasn’t happened due to Keitaro being a fool for failing his entrance exams twice. Given he is still trying to do that impossible feat by his parents standards they kick him out or at least stop giving him an allowance. Fate calls in the name of his grandma, who has decides to take an extended vacation and want shim to be the manager of the Hinata Apartments, a place he went to when he was young and met the “promised girl”.  He gladly accepts as he needs a place to stay and goes. Oh this is where his luck somewhat turns around (if it’s for good or bad is up to the reader/viewer).

There it is eventually realized his grandma ran an all-female apartment complex and he’s the only guy. Before you think these gals will hop on his junk and worship him for having the D, don’t. Our protag winds up in situations where the full story takes place, from the temperamental, tsundere  Naru Narusegwa (the worst character in this series for me) who always ends up the brunt of Keitaro’s klutziness and either having her pants pulled off or winds up in a bath where he sees her goods before she blasts him off with her infamous “tsundere punch”.

*Naru’s true ending*

The innocent 13 year old Shinobu, who is shy and weeps anytime Keitaro does something that is too much for her to bare.

The sly and sexy Mitsune “Kitsune” who likes money and kind of a gold digger to some, the sword wielding Makoto Aoyoma who hates all males due to something in her childhood but is afraid of turtles to Mutsumi Otohime, Keitaro’s match with being a klutz but admitting she does harbor feelings for him (there are other characters but best to look it up yourself).

The situations are an eye roll but I will not deny seeing the flesh of the more “adult” characters (I refuse to get into moe/loli fanboyism ) it’s always a nice thing. Now if you’re wondering how much fan service is in this series (either anime or manga form) it’s a lot but the story (more the manga) is rather nice even if Naru got on my nerves and I standby she should not be the top of that series.

For the second part we have Negima and this time it stars a 10 year old wizard named Negi Springfield. You heard right, he’s a wizard and is trying to find the location of his father, Nagi Springfield.  His last known whereabouts were at Mahora Academy, the setting of the story.

Negi becomes a qualified teacher to normal middle school girls due to him being a prodigy along with his maturity but remember he is a pre-teen and rater naïve. And where his magic gets involved in is an antic and major plot device for this series; it’s a mix of harem/Shonen/action.

The crazy thing is the 14 year old girls of Class 2-A (later Class 3-A) are rather wild with their antics with being uncontrollable (for some) and this class borderlines of tropes but also seem to make it work…along with some finding Negi cute which means they all have a Shota-complex.

I mean what that says if you have teenage girls flaunt at a little boy is questionable…he also winds up in situations where he sees more than he should with panty flashes whenever he sneezes which becomes a running joke.

Even if there is a major fight going on there will be fan service due to the drawing style which I did enjoy even if it is inappropriate.  I’ll give it to Akamatsu-senpai, he knows how to bring the lewd for his series and I can give him points.

8 – Food Wars


Do you smell what the lewd is cooking? That’s right Food Wars is being whipped up at number 8! Nothing much to say really, even though this series is about the exploits of novice protagonists (and Spiky-haired syndrome) Soma Yukihara and how cooking in this world is everything, let’s get to the heart of this matter; it’s all about eating food and getting turned on with the orgasmic yells of satisfaction as you sink your teeth into some soft meat or feel the intensity of curry.

*Wow, splurging everywhere…*

This series is nothing but instant fan service with some trope bundles but it knows it and goes for it with all its glory. It whips it out and lets it hanging in the wind for everyone to see and eat!!

*That’s what she said.*

If you are into food and lewd shit, this is the show for you. Please keep orgasms to a minimum so you do not frighten off neighbors with 5 seconds of passion.

7 – Is This A Zombie?

*Main characters*

Coming from the dead like that oldies hit “My boyfriend’s back”, Is This a Zombie is number 7 of this ecchi fest!

Main protag was an ordinary teen until he is killed by someone. You’d think that would be the end but o-ho that’s not the case. Before the killing the main character, Ayumu Aikawa, befriends a necromancer by the name of Eucliwood Hellscythe, who brings him back to life but as a zombie; which means he can’t be out in the sun due to his body being a rotting corpse.  Things get complicated more when his life gets stranger as a magical girl by the name of Haruna who winds up losing her powers when she was battling a demon and ends up transferring her powers to Ayumu…he’s not a zomie-magical boy; yeah I know, that’s scary!

*My eyes!!*

This is a typical harem/ecchi series with the plot of the everyday life of Ayumu, Haruna, Eculiwood and eventual newcomer Seraphim, a ninja vampire who has a tendency to think the worse of Ayumu by calling him “maggot” in every sentence.  We are also introduced to Mael Strom (play on the word Malestrom) is another vampire ninja and the leader of the vampire ninja’s, Sarasvati, who doubles as an idol singer and having a butt-fetish (she found Ayumu’s curves striking).

*My waifu of this series; Saravati*

There is plenty of the generic stuff with basic “guy gets the ladies” but I had to add this to the list.

6 – Haganai

*So many girls!*

Number six is a series I did enjoy and it’s called Haganai (I don’t have many friends) and this takes place in a normal setting even though it has that smell of “one guy, 6 girls” kind of décor.

I put this down as the imagery for this series always involves innuendo in some form, camera aiming at one of the females bust or butt, which brings me some sweet memories.  

The plot is basic, characters have a hard time making friends and one of the female leads, Yozora Mikazuki, the dismissive tomboy with a silver tongue,  makes a club called “The Neighbors Club” and forces our main character, Kodaka Hasegawa, to join.

Apparently Kodaka has a bad rep for being a delinquent given to the impression of being a gang banger and his brownish-blond color doesn’t help but he is rather nice and takes care of his sister, Kobato, a middle school student who is also socially akward while their father is working overseas.

Sena Kashiwazaki is another main character and she has all what the female student body want, she’s blond, buxom and has the guys at her beck and call but she has no real friends due to her stuck up personality. She decides to join the club to Yozara’s chagrin of just wanting Kodaka there.  Things get interesting for our main guy as it seems all the characters that join the club are female, from  a girl dressing in drag named Yukimura, the science-nerd Yaoi-fangirl Rika Shiguma and Maria Takayama, a 10-year old prodigy who is a nun (don’t ask it gets revealed later).

The situations are pretty normal but the lewd material is good if not frustrating as it always seems to like Sena’s milk jugs from the heavens or Yozara’s “mean-girl” spirit with her long flowing black locks.

*Ummmmm, Sena you need the D?*

*Yozora is a bitch*

So for me it’s all Sena who brings the fan service due to that chest that will want you wanting more.  Overall story is good and actually a learning experience as well with the theme of making friends, bonding, fighting ,etc.

*Rika the lewd pervert!*

5 – Highschool of the Dead

*If this what the end of the world looks like than I’m game!*

What happens when you mix the zombie apocalypse with high school girls in school uniforms? A grand-spanking time of lewdness and fan service to the max!! Number five is HOTD!

A rather infamous series due to one thing; it is a major festival of boobs, butts, blood and the possibility of a bang later! This series exploits all the fighting scenes for that moving oppai and funny dialogue in the Dubbed version by Sentai filmworks (they have a loli-fetish).


I’d give an explanation of the series but that’s pretty much it. I mean, I gave it away except for characters names who could be the neo-Breakfast club of zombie hunting.

*Flipping around*

If you like all that is mentioned along with no complicated story and doesn’t take itself seriously, than HOTD is for you.

*Camel toe!*

Please do not attempt to hurt anyone in case this really does happen and remember; no boob can defy gravity by dodging a bullet.

*Gentleman I give you boobs!*

4 – Highschool DXD

*Left to right – Akeno, Rias, Issei, Kiba, Koneko and Asia*

Entering the realm of high school, demons and god worshippers as HDXD comes in at number 4.  Some of you might be surprised with how this is placed but the thing is, I know this show is just fan service to the max mixed with “spiky-haired syndrome” and boobs running rampant from sexualized teenaged girls who should really be an adult.

*Nice view*

What happens when you are reborn as a demon? Do you cry about it or revel in the fact you could make yourself a harem? That’s what happens when virgin, Issei Hyodo comes across the beautiful and mysterious Rias Gremory, heir to the Gremory family and demon. Just because she is though doesn’t mean she thrives off bloodshed, she is rather refined and is still a teenager.

Along with the sultry half demon/angel, Akeno Himejima, the pure god worshipper Asia Aregento, sword wielding and cool Yuto Kiba and the loli but strong Koneko Toujou, Issei finds himself involved in a battle with various factions of hell, heaven and fallen-angels where Shonen based battles are involved where a perverted, stupid character gains power ups through a special gear he wears upon his ressuretion; what fate is in store for  Issei?

Will he ever make a harem and get the babes??

*Oh yeah give them jiggly-naughty bits!*

This series revolves around perversity, dick humor where the girls begin falling for our nubby protag along with interesting innuendo from my waifu of the series, Akeno.

*Look at that technique; she knows what to do!! MILK JUGS!!!*

Moving boobs, asses to put a beer on and licking of the lips is the pinnacle of fan service and by God, let us bow our heads in worship for this generic but lewd series.

3 – Nightshift Nurses

*Oh fuck…*

Top 3 and we begin with Nighshift nurses, a hentai and first on this list. This series has put me through the ringer when I first watched it when I was 21 years old.  The story revolves around an asshole doctor who blackmails the nurses of the hospital he works in for sex but not just any sex; the kinky, fart-fetish, soda/egg dripping kind!

This is a total brain fuck to the max!! I mean, the way he gets these women in this debauchery is beyond me.  From shaving one gals vagina area to using a contraption to put soda in there along with an egg along with actual pooping and farting, you got Nightshift Nurses in a whole.

When I watched I was totally insecure for a while and couldn’t eat eggs for 3 months upon having this fuckary here. I eventually got over it but I haven’t watched it since due to the trauma.

Do yourself a favor, do not eat anything before and for the love of all that is holy, drink water afterwards and throw away your copy of Nightshift Nurses for your own good!


2 – Sekerei

*They look puffy.*

Sekirei comes bouncing in at number 2. Battling females named Sekirei, who are super powered but have DNA similar to us humans, a grand battle royal occurs as these beings need to find their Ashikabi’s, the destined human partner to the Sekirei who empower the beauties with a kiss.

This series is number 2 due to the fact of fighting and an okay plot, it goes hard on fan service and ecchi moments along with the typical tropes.  The power of a big boobed girl is something not to be underestimated by mortal coils.

I’d give another explanation but it’s just another way to have the blood boiling as the females fight with big boobs…yeah, sorry.

*They like to keep clean*

Before going to number one here is some honorary mentions.

Honorary mentions: Code Geass

Yeah it’s not really ecchi but when you have either Kallen Kozuki in a position where she’s always caught buck naked or in a sexy bunny suit, I have to add this here.  From the mysterious C.C. to the perky Shirley and the boobed-wonder Kallen, this has a very special place in my heart…and I guess pants if you want to be perverted. 😛

*She wants it*

Honorary mention: We Without Wings

Major lewd service to the max; nuff said.


Honorary mention: Shuffle

Typical harem/ecchi series based off the popular visual novel; Shuffle has it’s fair use of fan service along with a female for anyone; if you want the perky, long haired beauty and daughter of God, Lisianthus than she’s all yours, you want a demure, quiet beatify, daughter of the devil, Nerine she can be yours as well.

*Shadow and Light*

Let’s not forget the fact that in the VN you can have sex with anyone of them depending on the choices so get that mouse, use common sense and get the one destined for you to get a good bang on!

*Afterglow baby!*

 Honorary mention: Bible Black

Fucking trash, just putting it out there; women with fucking dicks who are Futanari. If you want it freaky go here. I suggest you don’t though.

*Stay away*

Honorary mention: The Fruit of Grisaia

*Amane trying*

Another generic anime with the typical formula of a guy and lots of females and boarded down by tropes but I give it points for the boobs and always remember; Yumiko is best girl!

*She’s awesome!*

*Amane second best!*

Honorary mention: Panty and Stocking

Heaven never looked so good as we have Panty and Stocking, angels who have foul mouths and sins that would baffle the devil himself.

*Butt and leg fetish*

Honary mentnion: Any Shonen title.

I have my issues with this genre of nonsense but I can’t deny the boobs and some fan service these shows have at times; One Piece, Fairy Tail and The 7 Deadly Sins gals know how to work the boobs and slender figures.

*Nami got breasts!*


1 – La Blue Girl


Coming at number one on my list is a hentai and something I still hold in high regard, La Blue Girl.  If you want action, this has it. Want some sex, come get it from our friendly neighborhood sex ninja with blue blood, Miko Mido!

She is heir to the Shikima realm and half-human girl who fights ninja demons with sex-jutsu! Miko is a virgin but she knows when to put out when the goings get rough along with a demon dildo to the mouth or a wang in the honey comb.

This isn’t any effing Naruto weak sauce but downright, hard on, anime porn to the max!

The blue-haired girl is joined by her loveable if not perverted sidekick, Nin-Nin as they brave the unknown of stopping various plots from the demon realm (or whatever) with orgy’s and the occasional shag with demons (unexpectedly).


La Blue Girl also had an OVA called “Lady Blue” and even a Sequel, “La Blue Girl Returns.” Even though the animation can be called into question for the sequel the original ones had some nice work with it even if the Dubbed was horrible but I do have an affinity with Nin-Nin’s high pitched “Mickey Mouse” voice.

*Ever loving ninja (bear?)*

And there you have it, my top 10 Ecchi/harem/hentai list. Not that long but given it’s just baseless taste in anime, no real brain cells needed to be added for this. 

*It’s done; get down!*

I wonder what my next blog should be; do I get to my Sailor Moon Crystal “part B” review of episodes 14 through 25 or do another Top 10 with something else?  I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Now something real; I do still enjoy and like lewd shit and I did start doing it again either by want or not, I’ll be mindful to do it like late at night. And please be mindful that I do enjoy it for trolling purposes, don’t think I like being hounded or expected to do it just because I’m branded with the cause.

*Yeah real tired of it*

I’m more than just someone who posts naughty pictures and being honest, can be annoying at times if that’s all what everyone expects. Just thought I should say that.

*Just putting it out there*

So this is Jeff aka “Lewd-sempai” signing off.

Later days.