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Hey, Jeff here and going to do a small blog today. 

*I just can’t help myself*

This is something I touched up on previously on another blog about social media and this corresponds with it.

Recently while I was on good old Twitter I found myself feeling empty as I was on it.  It’s not something out of the ordinary for me since I’ve been thinking about why I’m on it while I take a “break” for a week or 2 and came to realize why.

Perception; how I was perceived on my current account or at least how I see it. You see I post lewd anime chicks for shits and giggles and I do enjoy it for various reasons, not going to deny I like watching some nice boobs but I digress.

*What do you expect?*

I think it’s what is expected of me at times even if I randomly tweet something that isn’t about the “Chinese cartoons” or whatnot.  Like for instance I decided to give my account another chance and didn’t get the big “you’re back” thing I was expecting (that would be arrogant of me but I’m human so sue me), and a follower saw I was back and just said “So, lewd?”

*Boy that jut made my day*

After that I realized that was how others or at least some see me; some kind of lewd pimp sporting the latest of debauchery hentai pictures.

It made me feel exhausted on how that’s what they like. I get it, I made my bed and slept in it (didn’t really care at the time when I started) and did enjoy it but come on, that’s not the “real me”, whatever that means.

I’m not just some horny bastard that always RT lewd shit, I mean I do but I was so pissed and thought “fuck this, they want lewd, I’ll retweet so much”. After that binge I calmed down and thought it through of what I should do.

Before I say it (even though it’s not a SUPER big deal) I’m going to touch up on why I started feeling crummy in the first place.  I love anime, it’s a hobby and not something I will ever give up on (future warning to a girlfriend) so when first joining twitter it took me a long moment to find a click and stick with it, warts and all, and found a nice community.

However here’s the trick, I’ve always asked what the notorious “anime twitter” is like, no one really had an answer or I just wasn’t getting it but I was already in it without even realizing. What I mean is who you follow or groups are rather extreme with it to the point of being annoying.

“anime twitter” is just a name for ones who like it but as well as being close-minded jack rabbits who think their anime is the best or go on by whatever is hype (popular) or highly opinionated weasels who give a review and say it’s trash or just to give an opinion like a hipster.

I admit I was on the latter side of it and don’t deny my opinions on some of the anime content (popular) ones only because I kept hearing rave fandom talk on how (and this is the key word, pay attention) “It’s the best anime ever!!” or “Even after watching it you still don’t like it? Man your just so AGHHHHHHHH!!!!”.

*Damn weaboos*

Yes, that happened with a follower of mine when I binged-watched Parasyte just so I can have a view of it. It was interesting but nothing to run home about and say the characters interested me or whatnot however the themes were intriguing.

Anyway anime twitter, like anything related to “geek/nerd” culture has its ups and downs. You take it how it is and can just ignore it or like it but not be super extreme about to the point you become incorrigible to those around you.

That side of twitter isn’t all bad cause, like life, we all meet people who can just be as cool and rational with what they like and be a fanboy with it, like my love of the Fantastic Four (may the comics rest in peace).

But upon realizing it was the community that just exhausted me with the extreme hype of riding a band wagon to the point it breaks down and still rave about it or just as easy negate your own opinion (when not sounding condescending but it’s the internet, can’t determine feelings or gestures), became rather annoying and sickening.

*Why do I even bother?*

 I mean take the hype of Spider Man joining the MCU, sure I was happy Marvel is sharing with Sony for that character but every little thing that happens gets examined so much the fanboys can’t stop raving about it and now are even thinking (my own interpretation) Spider man is going to be the big main character and not Captain America.

It’s stupid with my pet peeve about that I know but when we are just getting some info like “Tom Holland is already on set” and like a bunch of lemmings fanboys lose their shit? I’m sorry but does it really matter? I’d rather just wait and see how he is, be happy and move on.

Conversely though they are fans so they are excited just I don’t really care much for majorly hyping up a character like some God and run rampant as if you are having a nice ejaculation in your pants. It’s like “taking it too far” stories you might see or read on the news of some person who just kills his/her spouse.

Ok, that’s rather extreme, sorry but just using an example. 

Anyway back to the anime fandom, it can be crude along with tedious with how they react. Say like Toonami, comes on from 12 AM to 3:30 AM on Saturday nights. The fans use hashtags to trend shows which is fun but this is where it can get tricky.

You can say like a random joke for the heck of it due to how many are so serious with it and then like a deer caught in the headlights you are deemed unworthy to hashtag any Toonami related due to said joke and branded like that woman in the Scarlet Letter.

Or I happened to make a “naughty joke” on SAO II when it came to Asuna and Kirito buying a house of Alfheim that was the exact one from their time in the first season and said something about the door knob is cumming upon them entering.

I think that’s why I got two blocks which shocked me. It was a joke (an inapposite one) but come on, you’d expect them to be adults watching or teens in their late teens/20’s not some middle schoolers but then again we are in a time where anything can happen.

Or when Kill La Kill came on and EVERYONE of the lemmings standby it’s the savior of anime…problem is as of now these are the same ones who standby that “One Punch Man is the savior of anime”…

See my point on this with that sentence?

I’m not sure what but anime fans of today (half not all) are run by nothing but hype or the major quintessential of what “good” anime is. Good anime is relative and depending what you like but really, Naruto is top anime? Or something like Valkyrie Dive, which BTW is trash with it’s raunchy, give an excuse to show off a 30 foot tall teenager’s girl naked body for all to see with baseless plot and fucking tropes?!

For me I stick to what I like and yes, I’m “90s/00s” time period with whatever some anime of today I find good comes along but really, that’s what overpowers the decent shit?

And can’t even give an opinion without it being cut down or even mocked for what you like…it’s like everything when it comes to what you like.

I try to at least be cordial about it (of course I like poking fun at the hype stuff due to being a sadist and troll) but there is a time and a place, as in I can be serious and not downright mock something of someone who likes it.

Yes, I might get haughty but try to at least say “not my preference” with a roll of my eyes but that’s not either here or there.

The point, the anime community kind of brought down my love of it with its single minded fan base or whatnot. While I’m on that point the “winter anime lineup” sucks this year except Erased, check that shit out, it holds water.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest about why I started feeling empty. No, I’m not someone with depression; this is aggravation, and exhaustion with the stuff online I deal with.

So going back to my first statement of a decision (which is not big), I recently made a new “backup” account for a breather from the anime shit and it was rather calm. Not much people I followed and it was relatively easily managing it; I can just stop RT’s from anyone or even mute (I won’t block unless it’s a bot) but it was very nice.

I’m going to make that my new account and might either delete my primary one by March. I shouldn’t have followed 1000 so odd people or so even though mostly it was VA’s (voice actors) and now even one of them stopped following me which is rather disappointing, or random ones who just followed me and I followed back to be polite only to stop following later (typical thing).

I’m just done with that amount of extremeness and what’s expected of me with lewd shit. I made the choice to do it and I don’t regret it, I just feel sad THAT was said as soon as I got back on. I mean, branded like that?!  I don’t mind it but for that to be the only exception when I wasn’t in the mood too really just want to start fresh with ones I like talking too (with the once in a blue moon lewd pic) and call it a day.

 I’ll still be generally polite and give off opinions with stuff I see but I won’t be major into the latest anime facades now. I will watch whatever anime I like (some new/old) might tweet something about it, talk about it with followers or friends who are interested but nothing more.

I’ve also stopped paying attention to Toonami as of late. The shows aren’t the best and are generic, I’ll leave that to the “Toonami faithful” to keep that television programming alive for some more years before it falls flat on its face and they cry about how “unfair TV is with anime”.

This time around I’ll have a better grasp with the “following/unfollowing” and just stick to those I know for the time being. One can’t always be afraid of taking chances with the unknown, which I need to adapt to getting my DL this year. I curse my procrastination syndrome.

I will be sending out a tweet about it in the coming weeks and probably go about the deletion of my previous account in March of course I might change my mind with the debating.

Whatever happens it will be the most logical and comforting choice.

I’m done for, whoever is reading this hope it wasn’t a snooze fest.

Later days.

*Now what to post next?*