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Salutations everyone, happy 2016!

*Hello again!*

Jeff here and today I will be reviewing the first 4 issues of Marvel’s Extraordinary X-Men run.

Yeah, decided to shake things up with a comic review instead of anime-related.

*I know, I’m getting giddy as well!*

Before I start with this general “what’s going on” I thought I should get into a little exposition with how it got to this point for the X-men. I got into the X-men back when I around 92 when it came on Fox Kids and it cemented me to be a fanboy for life with the goings on with this team. After the Fantastic Four, they are my immediate 2nd fav team in Marvel.

Now where do I start with this new title of the fabled mutant team, who have the potential to be one of the stronger teams in the Earth 616 universe given the abilities blessed or cursed with, be put in this new situation like this?

Well that’s the thing; the X-men have been going through a rough patch ever since The House of M event. It dealt with Scarlet Witch going crazy due to the amount of her “mutant powers” going out of control.

*She changed reality. This is why people call her “crazy bitch!*

I use quotation marks due to new continuity where Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (Wanda & Pietro Maximoff) are not Magneto’s kids but really genetically altered humans, due to the High Evolutionary.

*The comic did what now? And this is due to MCU cinema?!*

That truth about their parentage wasn’t revealed till Marvel’s rather crappy event, Axis (2014) while the truth happened in the continued issues of Uncanny Avengers (before Secret War of 2015).

Sorry for going off the tracks, where was I? Oh yeah, the end of the House of M adventure she said 3 infamous words that any comic nerd who might be big fans of the team know, “No More Mutants”.

That single sentence put the X-men and all mutant kind in jeopardy. 90% of the world’s mutants were left depowered as humans while only a certain amount of mutants still retained their powers, say for instance Cyclops, Wolverine, Beast, Kitty Pryde, etc. The key members of the X-men franchise of the time. Ones like Jubilee or Polaris were depowered. 

I believe it was Marvel’s way of saying there were far too many X-men and mutants to keep up with so just give the mutants a big “FUCK YOU” and deal with the consequences.


This was all decided back in 2005 mind you so it’s been a hard decade for our merry band of mutants.

X-men Messiah Complex (October 2007-January 2008) detailed the first mutant born after House of M where it was a rush to get to the baby that is destined to bring about some salvation for the mutants but due to two different opinions about the supposed mutant messiah (Cable-pro, Bishop-con) since they come from varying futures it was a foot race. After battles with Sinister’s Marauders along with the betrayal of Bishop, it was decided that Cable be trusted to keep the baby safe until she was ready.

Did I forget to mention this baby had red-hair and green eyes?

*Baby of destiny*

After the big rush the X-men disbanded briefly before the mutant drama went to San Francisco. Yes you heard that correctly, the mutants were no longer Westchester County, New York; they have moved to the west coast baby!

*Nothing but the sun and good scenery!*

The X-men had a minor role in Secret Invasion (2008) and other adventures in San Fran before Norman Osborn got involved somewhat when he became the new head of SHIELD and renaming it HAMMER and he tried to put the lock down on the X-men during Dark Reign (2008-2009).

*Look at these puny mortals! We look down on you and laugh!*

Cyke wasn’t having it and with intricate plans he moved the team to the outskirts of San Fran onto the now destroyed place of Asteroid M where he made it a “Mutant Paradise” which was protected. 

They had adventures there till the return of the mutant messiah from the future than went into more outside adventures before the big event in 2011 where it really changed the X-men titles for the worst…Avengers vs. X-men (2012).

Now when this “major” crossover event happened I was shocked; not only did it put two famous teams against each other some ideals were going to clash in this story. As I mentioned, the X-men are on the brink of extinction, no new mutants were being born. The phoenix force was coming for the mutant messiah, Hope Summers, who would be able to save the mutant race and restart the genome in homo-sapiens.

The Avengers saw the flaming chicken and thought “well the Phoenix came to earth some time ago and caused some shit, we need to get Hope and keep her from the force that could wipe us all out due to no one can contain it”.

*More or less*

I’m abridging and exaggerating but what I’m saying; the Avengers are hypocrites. They have fucking gods and former enemies running around on their team fighting for truth and justice, but they have never done anything for the mutants or what persecutions they were being put under? Shame on them!

*With good reason so let my butt get sore from the hurt!!*

This in turn started a fight with Cyke and Captain America which put former friends and comrades against each other. It even ruined Black Panther and Storm’s marriage which the former annulled later during a tie-in comic placed after the event.

*Jesus, even marriages aren’t safe in comics*

I won’t go into anything specific but remember that old proverb, “Ultimate power corrupts” well it did with Cyclops. During a last battle where he got another piece of the phoenix force from Emma Frost, his than girlfriend (the force was splintered and went into Colossus, Magic and Namor as well forming the Phoenix 5 which eventually merged into Cyke when they were defeated by various means) he pulled a heinous act which set his character into a downslide that his friends and fans still are shocked by. He killed Professor Xavier.

*The most shocking moment in Marvel history.*

*For thousands of years and now darkness and flame will ravage this pitiful mortal coil! JUDGMENT BE DONE!*

Yeah, I believe that’s where the writers and Marvel fell with the X-men right there. Eventually Cyclops makes his own brand of X-men with the now reintroduced mutant population by becoming a revolutionary and extreme with protecting mutants from any kind of persecution and prejudice. This went against Xavier’s dream. Storm and the other X-men denounced Cyclops and thought him crazy for have fallen so low. Even Wolverine couldn’t believe “Slim” had fallen so low.

FYI Cyclops exploits took place in Brian Michael Bendis run of Uncanny X-men. 

Bendis…really effed up the X-men even further with how he did the circumstances along with used the most taboo of writing; time travel.  I can’t give out any specific details because I don’t want to spoil (along with confusing) but check out Bendis’s run of Uncanny/New X-men titles to get the full gist of what I mean. 

You can even check out comic reviews on Youtube about it but the consensus is Bendis overreached.

Now before Extraordinary we have to go into an event that is still going on but will end this month, Secret Wars (2015).

Pretty much this even that started around May sees the end of the Marvel multiverse along with the most prominent ones, 616 (Original Marvel universe) and 1610 (Ultimate Marvel). Incursions happen which sets the end of days for the 2 universes which the heroes of each fight each other while some try to escape the planet.

Well it didn’t happen with only a handful of heroes/villains from both worlds survived. The kicker in all this is Dr. Doom becomes “God” and saves whatever universes in the multiverse to create Doom World.  I shit you not.

*Boy, it really jumped the shark!*

Now this event was only supposed to be 8 issues which would finish around October more or less but some hiccups occurred which made a total of 9 issues; it would bleed onto January of 2016 for the last issue!

This is becoming a problem given Marvel launched “All-New” Marvel titles in Oct and 8 months have already happened in the span of Secret Wars.

We are left shaking our heads on what the fuck happened to create Earth 616 again along with getting only hints of what happened to the characters.

Key figures are still being addressed which I won’t get into now but Marvel just fucked up with that BS. A catastrophic event which killed off heroes we loved and it’s like “Well…sorry, everything’s fine again!”


*Marvel, y’all goofed trying to pull a DC on us!*

Ok, that frustration is out so let’s get into the meat of this so I don’t waste y’all time.

Extraordinary X-Men title is being written by Jeff Lemire, Penciler is Humberto Ramos, Inker is Victor Olazaba, Colorist Edgar Delgado and the Letterer is VC’s Joe Caramagna. Yeah not sure why I didn’t end with the writer but it takes a village as they say.

We see the start of this issue with Storm contemplating all that has happened in the pass 8 months along with how far the X-men have fallen from the late Charles Xavier’s dream. She also mentions Cyclops (more on that later since important plot device) and we see an image of “wheels” from the weather witch’s perspective.

This is an image she created though given he’s been dead since 2012. Ice Man soon comes in and the scene shifts to Magik saving a mutant child in India due to paranoia and extreme hatred for anyone mutant as of late. Yup, the mutant menace is downright hated. Things don’t look good for the mutants as well given the Terrigen Mist, which grants Inhumans their abilities, have spread throughout the world and has made all mutants infertile. No new mutants will be born in this continuation of Earth 616. The mist is also dangerous for mutants as it poisons along with give them boils to even seizures and death as well.

Ice Man reveals the X-men with their students and any mutant they can find are hurtled in place of protection from the mist. Magik makes the suggestion that they can’t continue being on the sidelines; people have grown to hate mutants at a grander scale with “M-Pox” running rampant (that’s the term the homo-sapiens use).

Storm, in her all might glory (got to add that since…weather witch), sports lightning in her hands with the fabled “To me my X-men!”

So what have we learned?  Storm is the now de-facto leader of the X-men and trying to the keep the mutants safe. Ice Man, who has been with the team since he was 15 is there for support with the other X-kids helping out and Magik is the big guns since she can use portals to find any mutant with Forge being the main tech of the group.

If you don’t know who these characters are than I suggest you google them; some have good stories or info up to this point since their creation.

Now what would an X-men story be without a telepath; that’s where we see the time-displaced Jean Grey in collage attending a class. Some doofus is macking on her which she somewhat refutes but is feeling him a little and uses a corny joke; you seeing how this version of Jean has accepted this time plane?

I mean when her original counterpart was a teen it was the flipping 60’s but thanks to the comics having a “flowing” time line, it always keeps up to date with the social norms of today.

When she leaves for the day it’s raining and senses who is there; Storm and Iceman.  She is surprised seeing them with Storm asking her to join the X-men. The teenage red-head refuses saying that every time she is with the X-men means she will probably end up dead like her future counterpart!  Storm tries again saying that Jean is the pinnacle of Xavier’s dream of humans and mutants being unified.

Jean scoffs at that idea given the future isn’t what she expected it be (learn that and more in Michael Bendis run in All New X-Men), and Storm mentions how the situation has changed. Jean scans her mind (with permission) and gets the full grasp of the situation; terrigen mist has done lots of damage to the mutants which have caused them to run scared like a deer caught in the headlights.

We soon go to what Magik is doing as she convinces her brother, Pitor Rasputin aka Colossus, to join the team. They made up by the end of Uncanny X-Men 600 (not worth the read) and he went back to Russia. After some talking he goes back with her to find another friend of theirs; Nightcrawler.

The little blue elf is fighting off some bad guys with impressive use of his teleportation before getting knocked out.  The scene shifts back to Jean, Storm and Ice Man. She still refuses to go with them but gives them some info; when she was scanning for Cyclops at some point she discovered another brain pattern which she got confused about.

Somewhere in Canada we see an all too familiar figure walking in the snow as he sniffs something before unsheathing his claws.

Care to guess?

*Really over-rated*

It’s Wolverine! Well not really. This is Old Man Logan from that comic book which explains his origins; pick it up if you want more info. No one knows how he ended up in Earth 616 after Secret Wars but I believe you can read his tie-in comics. He is found by a Sentential with Cerebra housed inside which sets of Logan and about to destroy the docile robot but stops as she/it says spare it’s life which he can’t process.

Soon Storm and Ice Man appear which Storm is beyond stunned!

Issue 2 continues with Magik and Colossus try looking for Nightcrawler’s last position thanks to Forge making a cerebra system.

Storm and Iceman appear bewildered by seeing Logan here…and older. They did the funeral and everything (Jean read his eulogy, she cried).


Logan doesn’t know why he’s here and Storm, who if you know had a romantic relationship with him before he died, is still in the “I still love him” phase but he dismisses her. He did so given in his future where he hails from (always effing warped futures in Marvel comics) the bad guys teamed up to get rid of the heroes.  The one villain, Mysterio (yeah I know…he doesn’t even have legitimate powers!) uses something to make Wolverine think he is fighting the bad guys but really killing the X-men!

Logan still feels sorrow, frustration about it before saying something which makes Storm snap that he wasn’t this much of a coward. Well sweetie given this is a DIFFERENT VERSION and not the one you grew to love!


*Oy Vey, get me a Tardis to change this!*

Ice Man asks if he’s from the future than he’d know how to stop the Terrigen mist which was a big fat no from Logan.  This proves he comes from a future which would never happen since Storm/Ice Man are still alive and didn’t die by Logan’s hands (claws).

Negotiations break down as OM Logan refuses to go back with his fellow friends as Storm and Ice Man return to the sanctuary with help from the walking cerebro sentinel; boy, no matter what literation, Logan will always be brusque and unaccommodating.

Now this is where it gets interesting; remember about Jean Grey (time-displaced) and how she’s trying to live a “normal” life? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. Apparently when you are in any Marvel related comic “normal” doesn’t last long.

*I mean I like so saw that a mile away!*

Back to Jean, she’s kissing on the nerd-hip dude from the previous issue and getting to know each other. She mentions casually about her “status” as a single gal, she’s given up on Cyclops and Hank McCoy since kissing the latter was like kissing her brother. 

Yeah she’s a rolling stone.

*Got me right in the feels!*

You learn more about in the Bendis comics but I can tell you it didn’t amount to much. Sure it was interesting but I wasn’t feeling Hank being a contender for Jean.

Anyway they leave and right on que there are some bigots ganging up on some guy who looks different. Jean soon takes action as she assumes it’s a mutant in trouble. In an impressive feat of using her telekinetic powers she scares off the close-minded idiots but has come out to the stupid geek she’s with, she has powers. He worries if he’ll get M-Pox and runs off like a little bitch.

She is left annoyed and goes to check the guy she protected. Boy this does not turn out well. The guy she saved isn’t a mutant but an Inhuman; he got exposed to the Terrigen mist floating around and this douche has the audacity to run off declaring that and doesn’t want her to touch her!!

TA side rant; this is Marvel’s way of pushing off the X-men to being hated and trying to move the Inhuman’s in their place given the latter are being prominent in Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD”. 

I don’t like how this new status quo is given not many others no about these B-rated jokers and the mist to give people who are descendants of the Inhumans, powers. In all honesty I only know the general stuff about Black Bolt, Medusa and some of the rest due to being introduced in the Fantastic Four.

*The Royal family of Attilan*

Anyway Jean might have ruined her chances and is now debating if she should call Storm to sign her up.

We soon get back to Magik and Colossus and their search for Nightcrawler which leads them to a sewer. The Russian twins discover Kurt’s tail has been cut off and send it to Forge for safe keeping to get it back on him when they save him.

By using Magik’s power to go beneath the sewers (Pitor is a tad bit bigger and couldn’t fit in the man-hole) they are surrounded by the dudes that got Nightcrawler. Nothing much to say but a fight happens which leads to them fighting off the bad guys until the one behind this shows up and it’s Mr. Sinister!

He gets the jump on Illyana and knocks her out which sets the stage for what will happen next. Back with Storm and the others, Forge asks Iceman to freeze the tail for later. Forge soon finds out that Logan is alive through the conversation they are having until there is some kind of commotion. 

Now is it that the X-men and the mutant refugees are still alive and kicking even though the Terrgign mist is deadly to them?  That’s easy to answer; they are in Limbo. The home of various demons and Magik keeps up the wards as long as she is conscious. Now that she’s unconscious the shield is broken for the demons to come in a ravage the place!

The second issue ends with OM Logan drinking and coming back to his place until he hears a certain girl’s thoughts in his head. Logan thinks he’s imagining it until he comes across Jean in front of his trailer.


Anyway issue 3 is more of an action chapter with some exposition. Jean convinces Logan to go with her to the X-men but he gives her the speech he can’t and will kill again. Jean has read his thoughts on the future he comes from and explains that she is from the past. He finds that shocking but is able to believe.

Destiny is pretty much screwed at this point with two time-displaced individuals roaming about and red-hair gives that the future is theirs to choose. After some self-doubt he decides to go. As if he had any other choice…

Storm, Iceman and some other mutants that appeared in previous titles of X-men in recent years, defend the mutant haven from the various demons. Iceman displays a new ability to make and control ice-clones with his powers to aid against the coming demon hoard; Storm showing off her lightning blasts while Forge is working on getting up the shields. He makes a joke about her being nicer to him when they were in love.

Storm just dismisses it as she barely remembers that ever happening due to the gravity of the situation. They also get unexpected help from the new mutant girl Magik picked up in issue 1 where she uses her powers to manipulate some demons to help them.

Things are getting bad as Storm is becoming overwhelmed until she has another hallucination of Charles in front of her and giving her the inspiration to continue fighting.

Soon Jean and OM Logan arrive thanks to the Sentinel-Cerebra teleporting them there as they join the battle!

Issue 4 (and the latest issue I read) has Colossus having a nightmare of some sort of Illyana dying in his arms. He wakes up and is being held captive by Sinister.

Nothing has happened to him yet but his sister is still unconscious and the vile scientist explains what he is doing; splicing Inhuman DNA into Mutants so they can survive the Terrigen mist. But it’s coming up as failures as the test he tried running are coming up duds with mutants not surviving the process.

In short; Inhuman genes being placed in mutant’s are incompatible as a whole given the different genomes but more on that soon.

Back to the demon battle the X-men are able to fend off the hoard (with impressive moves from Miss. Grey) as Forge is finally able to get the shields up and running.  Soon the team get their bearings as the situation with Magik, Colossus and Nighcrawler become top priority as Forge lost contact with the Russian siblings location.

Cerebra teleports Storm, OM Logan, Jean Grey & Ice Man to the location of where their teammates were and soon Logan gets their scent as they go to find their comrades.

Sinister gets some more exposition with Colossus threatens to break him in two if he touches his precious sister until he is stabbed in the chest, courtesy of Logan. The marauders appear to fight and one actually gets a hit on Storm.

…don’t piss off Storm.

With a cry of “X-men…KICK THEIR ASSES!” the battle with the Marauders begins but after some panels it ends.  Illyana is freed along with finding Nightcrawler inside a tube but weakened.

Sinister soon gripes that all he’s doing is trying to make the mutants better and perfect by doing this and alludes to the failures up to this point except for one other.  He opens up a tube and green-gaseous smoke fills the area as a silhouette appears.

The person they see shocks everyone as it’s not someone they expected and is considered dead! 

I won’t say who it is but remember this is a comic and no one (other than Uncle Ben, Gwen Stacy) stay dead.

*Your only hint*

And that’s the first four issues of Extraordinary X-men.  One more thing; during the course of the issues a certain “cold war” erupted in the 8 month span between the Inhumans and X-men that seems to have started with Cyclops going postal on them due to the mist killing his people (mutants). It also gets somewhat stated in Uncanny Avengers between the tension of Rouge and Human Torch as she also alludes to something in that span.  It also gets briefly mentioned in The Uncanny Inhumans comic by Medusa along with Beast being currently with them to find a cure.

I am enjoying this arc even though it’s an extreme version of “No More Mutants” and the end of any new mutants being born as of now. The new status quo has changed the dynamic of the X-men in unexpected ways after all these years; from the Inhumans trying to be the Alpha dogs to the X-men just trying to survive this new world order. 

It’s a sad thing knowing the mutants have gotten the heave-ho by Marvel. The rumor is that Disney (they own Marvel) had a say in the matter and given FOX has the rights to the X-men for cinema, it plays a part in this so the company (FOX) doesn’t have any more mutants to use other than the most popular.

The X-men have survived worse though and I’m hoping that this whole situation is settled. I’ve been reading it digitally which a good thing is since I don’t have a comic book store near me. If there was I’d be supporting it.

Here’s a breakdown of some characters before I go.

Ororo Munroe aka Storm

Leader of the X-men; she has the power to manipulate the weather and a decent hand-to-hand combatant. She is rather serious but has compassion. Due to her abilities she has an empathetic link with the earth and can tell any shifts that happen with it. Her weakness is she is claustrophobic but has tamed down somewhat through her publication years. In the 90’s she had a relationship with Forge but it ran it’s course. Storm also had a relationship with Logan (present version) before he died. She no longer gets along with Scott due to his role in Charles Xavier’s death and with the recent years thinks he’s gone over the edge. Storm was once (and now annulled) married to Black Panther but after the AVX they have parted ways (which is sad since I liked the two together). Another interesting tidbit, in a previous X-men title that dealt with Storm’s X-men side of things, she apparently has a future daughter running around who came from the future during the “X-men” titles. The teenage daughter of the weather witch is named Kymera Munroe. After the arc “Bloodlines”, she remains in the present but decides to leave the Jean Grey School due to “trust” issues with her mother. Weather this will be touched up in the new Marvel universe or if the writers just forgot someone from a future that is extinct is roaming around somewhere (hopefully), remains to be seen. Some believe Kymera’s father is either T’Challa (Black Panther) or even Logan (Wolverine).

*What once was*

*The future daughter but whether this pans out remains to be seen*

Bobby Drake aka Iceman

Member of the original X-men and jokester of the group; his powers is to create ice and freeze people or objects at sub-zero temperature. He is considered an Omega-Level Mutant due to the potential he has of using his powers in many ways, even coming back from being killed if his body is shattered in ice form. In an issue of X-men when he went loose he froze half of the city and even froze Thor with his powers to which even the Asguardian couldn’t break free of. Before Battle of the Atom, he started dating Kitty Pryde but he burned his bridges with her given he didn’t trust or believe in her. He’s recently come out of the closet as gay (after years and years of being straight since publication) due to his younger-time displaced self, reveals he’s gay but the duo seems happy about it. He was the most devasted of the fall of his friend and person he called brother, Cyclops.  Some call him “whiny asshole” due to various reasons you have to read for yourself.

*He soon accepts his sexuality*

Jean Grey (time-displaced)

Younger version of the now present Jean Grey; her powers are telepathy and telekinesis. She is dealing with the fall out of the past year of being trapped in our time. Jean has tried fighting her feelings for Scott due to finding out what fate awaits them should they get together along with tried to be with Hank but it ran the course quickly. Unlike her older-counterpart Jean is tapping into her powers in different ways as she has combined her telepathy and telekinesis together which grants her enough power to stand toe-to-toe with Gladiator in “All New X-Men”. In a one shot issue called “No More Humans” all the humans have vanished. I forget what happened but everything is fixed when past Jean gets another version of the Phoenix Force to set things right. During the course of the “All New” run she displays a strong (stubborn) streak along with being a jerk to Scott when finding out what happens to his futureself. She also has a rivalry with the Stepford Cuckoo’s. One of the biggest roles she plays is in “The Trial of Jean Grey” which sets a crossover event with the young X-men and Guardians of the Galaxy. With training from Emma Frost (before Secret Wars) she has come into her own. She’s not up to par with her present self as of yet but with training it will eventually happen. She will get along with Old Man Logan and they will have a “grandfather/daughter” relationship.

*Seeing her future. Will she be the harbinger of the phoenix once again?*

Old Man Logan formerly Wolverine

His powers a healing factor and has adamnatium claws. He comes from a future where he kills the X-men after the bad guys joined forces to get rid of the heroes. He swears to never unsheathe his claws again and starts a new life. Years later he does have a family but due to circumstances (read Old Man Logan for details) he finally uses his claws. Due to Secret Wars he winds up in Earth 616, giving us another Logan to fill in part of the X-men.

Pitor Rasputein aka Colossus

The gentle giant of the X-men also nicknamed “Little brother” by Storm. His powers are to change his skin into steel with super strength. Pitor has had his ups and downs with the X-men with his most interactions or development dealt with either the kidnapping of his baby sister Illyana or his “great love” with Kitty Pryde which was big for a time before circumstances changed them to “just friends”. He was once the avatar of Cyttorak and took on the added bonus of being the Juggernaut for a time along with being linked to the Phoenix five in AVX but the phoenix power up didn’t last thanks to Spider-Man using his wits and being the avatar of Crytrok was cut by Illyana after AVX tie-in. He went back to the X-men but was met with distrust due to what happened when he was with Cyclops and how they changed the world. Eventually he earns back Storm and the other’s trust and as of now is back with the Extradoniary X-men.  Side note; he is an excellent painter and has had sexual relationship with Domino.

*Time as the Juggernaut*

*The great love. They end up having sex in Uncanny X-Men*

Illyana Rasputin aka Magik

The younger sister of Colossus, Illyana’s childhood is filled with some happiness until she is kidnapped by demons and became the heiress of Limbo. Due to a long story all you need to know she is a strong individual. Her mutant ability is to create stepping disc that gives her access to limbo along with traveling through time and space (any location on earth as well). She also wields the Soul Sword which can cut through any substance (more or less). Due to her loss of innocence she can be blood thirsty and somewhat of a sadist. During the Uncanny run under Bendis, Magik also caused someone like Donorammu to fear her due to her link with Limbo and her demonic nature. She is also a powerful magic user as well thanks to training under Dr. Strange and has used spells while in Cyclops team. Currently she is with Storm’s X-men. Some side notes; she is close to Kitty Pryde as the latter dated her brother for a time and treat each other like sisters.  She also became a teacher to the time-displaced younger X-men after Kitty stayed with Peter Quill and the Guardians of The Galaxy after “Black Vortex” arc.

*Black leather is more her style*

Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler.

The swashbuckler of the team and most religious of his team; Kurt is a man of god despite his demonic appearance. His powers are teleportation which smells like brimstone along with makes a “bamf” noise. He can see in the dark and his tail is quite durable to hold his weight. He is also agile and has kept up with Spider Man in terms of ability. He is also a ladies man and nice. His mother is the shape changer, Mysteique and his father is a demon named Azazel (so he is part demon) but despite that he’s a devoted Catholic and has also became a priest in his past. Nightcrawler was killed at one point and was in heaven before an incident where it dealt with the X-men going to said place due to a situation in “Amazing X-Men”. It’s discovered by the end of the arc he gave up his soul to come back and will meet damnation when he dies one day. Now, again, if this does come to pass due to different writers and the new status quo so the possibility of that happening is low due to Nightcrawler is just to loveable to toss in hell and he’s shown and proven his faith more than once. Oh yeah, his sister is Rouge due to Mystique being her foster mother so they are “foster” siblings but they consider each other family. He’s also a good teacher.

*Nightcrawler and his mother*

*Kurt’s father*

That is the first 4 issues of All New Marvel. If you want to know what happens next, I suggest you read the current comics.

FYI the X-Men will be having an event come spring of 2016 called “Apocalypse Wars” so look out for it.

This is Jeff signing out!

Later days!

*Till the next blog y’all!*