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Greetings; it’s Jeff again and it’s almost 2016!

*Break it down!*

That’s right, we are winding down from 2015 which has brought us happy times, tragedy and big change in our lifetime.

*Boy how will his go?*

I’ve never really wrote much about myself other than what anime I like or games so this is a new change.  Granted I don’t keep up to date with blogging or fan fiction writing due to my own procrastination or personal problems but when I do end up typing/writing, it makes me feel good.

*I know right?*

For one I do want to be a writer. Growing up I didn’t enjoy reading books except playing video games like any typical geek and didn’t prefer sports but when I was in 5th grade I actually started getting into a little series called Animorphs which cemented my love of reading books (more specifically Scholastic titles)  back than which evolved to me reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy in my high school years, while the movies were coming out.

Anyway I’ll get into a book review some other time in 2016, along with my 2nd part review of Sailor Moon Crystal so look out for them!

*In the name of the moon, get writing on that review!*

To begin the first part of the year was filled with an emotional upheaval sadly enough.

In 2014 of December, a week before my 30th birthday, I found out my biological father tried getting in contact with me. Due to an intervention (namely my mother) I didn’t find out till like days later when she had a change of heart.

Finding out my own parent and one I never knew was trying to contact me was shocking. With some help from my supervisor I was able to find him on social media (Facebook) and I was stunned when I found out I had half-siblings.  That took a toll on me which now brings me back to the beginning of 2015.

I did try sending him a message around the holidays on FB but he never did reply back. Now added with the fact of 2014 of December I also found out my grandma (from my mom’s side) was going to have surgery in January to make sure she didn’t have cancer.  Now all that emotional baggage really had a toll with me in the early year like I mentioned.

Thinking on it I only got one chapter of a fan fic I was working on in January and then my writing took a back seat till November when I had the drive to get back into it.

*Yeah it was sad*

I can confidently say as of now my grandmother is doing fine, there was no cancer but given it was an intrusive surgery and with her age range it was nerve racking. I was very happy it went off without a hitch.

With my biological father though it never panned out; big bombshell and I reverted to a kid. One being my mother kept it from me even though (from what she stated) he wanted to talk to me and she made it about herself. Granted I can see why she’d be angry given the circumstances. I’m a bastard and being black growing up without a father is a major big stereotype which, now that I think about it, is laughable.

*My inner Chandler Bing*

Now I know what he looks like and given the pictures I saw of my younger brothers was something else. My feelings for the situation has calmed down and thinking about it rationally but I do still hold bitterness with the fact that he is just unreliably from what I’m seeing, never finding out why and how he got the home phone number.  I’m told he does know of my existence but its 30 some years of never having him in my life and out of the blue to start a tempest of emotions is something I will never fully handle well.

I do think of the fact that I have siblings but we don’t know one another (or if they know for the most part).  If you’re wondering, no, I never will contact them due to I have no clue if they even know the circumstances.  Ironically I know their names and seen what they look like…clearly some parts I do get from “daddy” dearest.

*Yes I use sarcasm as a mechanism, sue me*

That was one way to start the year. Here is some good stuff I remember however!

During the course of the year, which happened twice, I ended up having the entire house to myself for some days.  Mom went to do the duty of taking care of grandma with her other siblings in January and given they would be there (along with space issues) I stayed behind. I wound up having a blast experiencing the “adult” life of being by oneself.

*Got down hard!*

Bringing down the PS4 and watching what I wanted was a blast and finding out grandma got through it was all the more worth while. I did keep in contact with mom just assure her that the house has not burned to cinders.  Actually now that I think about it, the family joked that I was probably throwing wild parties or having unsolicited sex with women. None of that happened other then occasional jerking off for the hell of it.

*Hey, it’s what happens.*

I did talk to my friend Mike (@mmorse1017, hey buddy!) that if some of our other twitter friends were in the tristate area to come over and have an anime party with beer and random stuff would have been fun! (LOL).

*Yes it would be like this*

The second time I got the house to myself was in the spring/summer when my mom with some family went to another state for a distant relative’s college graduation. Yeah you can tell what happened next so I’ll skip and just say it was another fun weekend.

My supervisor took me out driving for practice during the spring as my goal is to get my driver’s license. That’s another thing going on still. I can drive but I need to practice after paying money for an instructor last year and I remember the key stuff but need to improve on the little things so I can pass.

I wasn’t able to get much practice in but I still remember the gist. In January I’ll get back into it to finally get it. Wish me luck on that front, ok?


This year also brought unexpected changes.

I started hanging out with a good friend, Mike.  I forget how it went about but we learned that we lived in the same state and he was like 45 minutes away so we started seeing some movies that interested us.

It happened around May and saw some movie that escapes me because we saw it near my neck of the woods. Than this started a domino effect where some geek culture movies were coming out during the summer; namely Avengers Age of Ultron, Ant Man, Fantastic Four and to end it in the winter, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

*Yay friendship!*

To say the least they were all fun. Yes, even the travesty of FF but that’s because I wanted to hold out hope for the damn movie and it crapped on my dreams because, and quote me people, Fantastic Four is my favorite comic book team! But I digress.

Seeing something with an actual friend and not a family member really meant a lot to me. Given I am mostly what one would consider an introvert and someone who doesn’t do self-perceived social norms, it made me (as I see it) independent.

Should have seen us, you wouldn’t believe we were adult men in our 30’s given we don’t even look our age! I really do appreciate the time of hanging out with a friend especially someone cool as Mike so if you’re reading this, thanks dude!


Another personal thing also was getting more involved with friends on twitter and helping them out with problems, one I will leave out due to how big it was.  It made me appreciate them more in ways I never thought possible. 

I’m also happy that I am able to keep in contact with another friend I met on twitter, Heather. We also have the same interest and I like talking to her about random stuff. So that is a change I like as well.

*Thanks to you as well Heather!*

I’ve grown accustomed to social media as of late even though I had my challenges; I wound up getting blocked which put me in a depressive stupor. I guess my “not taking toonami” seriously really cost me an arm and a leg. It still leaves me bewildered to be honest.

I know right, how on earth do I get blocked when I’m actually a nice guy but with a twisted sense of humor?

*Again, my inner Bing*

Now we weren’t close but the whole comradery-thing I thought was real with “Toonami faithful” but ended up being not the case, especially when the sacred cow is attacked.

Now let me say, I don’t hate anything on toonami; hell I treat it with a neutral face given I just enjoy live-tweeting some of the shows since some take it so seriously. 

*I am a troll at times*

I like it for the ones who are enjoying it and nothing more. If it ever went off you won’t really see me grieving since for me, the golden age of Toonami was in the 90’s up till 2005.

Back to the blocking thing, it upset me where I took sometime off twitter to gather my thoughts and when I realized it was a such a small thing to get upset about I decided to get over it and move on. Social media can be a good thing but don’t let one thing be your entire world or you will fall in the rabbit hole hard.

*You always learn something from the worst of situations*

As you are reading this I decided to blog. I actually had my first one last year but due to me either forgetting the password or getting locked out (which I have a suspicion why it happened) I made this one currently and make damn sure I’m on point with this.

I was able to copy my posts from that one to put on here. You should check them out to give a better understanding what I’m into if you are curious.

Besides personal improvement many things happened this year; unfortunately it dealt with either tragedy or social unrest. 

*Here it comes boys and girls. Get the smokes and beer ready.*

I guess it began in February when the uprising in Baltimore occurred. That is something that should never have happened however the ones living in there and destroying random places in uncalled for.

The Black Lives Matter movement happened which you hear about them in half the news outlets these days if you happen to watch Melissa Harris on MSNBC.  Now when it comes to this and everything else in the news dealing with political material I’m strictly neutral or choose not to say anything given anything can be taken out of context.

I know what I dislike about the world and don’t agree on some stuff but you won’t see me act out on impulse. 

My mind goes blank to some other stuff that happened but the most tragic was the Paris bombing last month. Hearing it, like everyone else, was heartbreaking.

This world is not built on happiness and love; bad things happen to good people either through circumstances or even politics but even through it all I still hold out hope for humanity. It’s easy to give into anger but I think it takes something more, an ideal, to choose to continue having a belief in. If there wasn’t anyone holding out for a better tomorrow than what’s the point?

I choose to hold onto that there will be some change in the social structure of the world.

Speaking of which same-sex marriage got a approved this year which sent half of the political structure (conservative Republicans) into a tail spin. Love/hate/content it’s an event that should not be ignored. For anyone who has a significant other/family member who is (latter for me) that happens to be in a same sex relationship, kudos and enjoy!

*Haruka: Love wins, right?

Michiru: Yes, as always my dear.*

Pope Francis arrived in DC this year which was a big thing for ones who are Catholic along with ones who jus t plain likes him. He does seem cool so I got no complaints.

The metro was indeed crowded but it wasn’t that bad given I had already left work that evening and it was pretty light so thanks Pope Francis! Yes, I’m thanking a sacred figure for making my commute from work an easy one but hey, if it isn’t broke as they say.

*Not getting old*

For pop culture, the boom was big as well but given I’m not into it as I once was (I’ll write about it sometime if I remember) I’ll go by memory or at the very least the fabled internet to jog my memory.

Let’s see…ah, Bruce Jenner decided to pull a Chaz Bono, formerly Chastity, and get a sex change. That was something of an eye opener. I did watch the special on ABC this year to get a better understanding of why Bruce wanted to do it. She is now named Caitlyn Jenner.

After that and seeing the transformation…all I’ll say is if she is happy than God speed. Apparently on twitter Drake Bell had a tweet which was controversial which caused a ruckus. I vaguely read up on it but it didn’t hold my interest.

I honestly can’t say I will understand anyone changing their sex. It’s not like its Ranma 1/2 where when the main character (Ranma) is splashed with cold water he turns into a she and the process is reversed with hot water; if you are one sex and want to date a female/male than just do it but hey, that’s just an opinion.

Bill Cosby has officially been put under and the legacy will never be the same again. That was shocking, finding out he drugged those women. The thing about that was they were just coming out of the wood work!!  No one will see him the same way again, sadly. Along with the father from 7th Heaven got in the news earlier this year; Stephen Collins!

*Them ideal feels hurt*

Finding out about these TV father’s and how their personal lives are just hitting the ideals we hold for them is a jagged pill to swallow. And if you caught that small ref right there, than congrats! Even Shonda Rhimes, creator of shows Greys Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder, made an episode on Scandal about it.

Now when the next “Oprah” is doing that you know said person is screwed! Just remember don’t eff with Shonda or she will kill off your character.  Okay that’s not true but there have been rumors…


Game of Thrones was a big season this year as well given what happened at the end of it. As someone who has read 5 books I can tell you we are already far away from what’s going on in the books now with the season finale. I did hear though the new season will be getting into Bran Stark’s storyline for Dance of Dragons however it’s going in another direction so even when the 6th book comes out and find out the show has already gone on ahead.

I enjoyed talking to some friends/co-workers about the goings on but have told them that after this season I won’t be very reliable and say “well this happened,” etc.  I’m just as blind for your information.

*Me during the red wedding fiasco*

Larry David left the Tonight Show which I ended up watching. I did enjoy it even though I never watched it. I just thought if I didn’t capture this as part of pop culture than I would end up regretting it.  Steve Colbert ended up becoming the new host and he’s doing an extraordinary job from what I saw the first couple of nights of watching it.

Another show that went through a change was The Daily Report with Jon Stewart. I watched that finale as well and it was awesome; filled with so much jokes it was enjoyable.  The successor to that golden gate is Trevor Noah. 

Actually I wound up watching one of his comedy specials on Netflix and he’s funny as well so that show looks secure as well!

Now again I don’t watch much night shows since I’m either in bed or doing something (looking at you twitter) but if I happen to catch randomly it’s always interesting.

My television viewing has been good, which is sad given I have so much time on my hands after a hard day of work.  Once Upon A Time, Agents of SHIELD, The Flash, American Horror Stories: Hotel, How To Get Away With Murder, Blacklist and Grimm are my favorites to watch with Arrow, Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal coming in next.

As of November, Adele came roaring back with vengeance with her hit cd and song “Hello” which have already spawned memes for kids/teens to use for trolling.

*Come on it’s funny! LOL!*

The WIZ, which aired in December, was a good watch as well. I also was going between that and the Video Game awards online, which I never watched before.

I got into more Youtube anime/comic reviews this year like Emergency Awesome, Bobsamurai, ComicPOP, Professor Thorgi to name a few. I’m also enjoying Team4Star’s abridged series of DBZ. 

Book wise, I’ve read some Xanth series by Piers Anthony, two books of the continued Shannara series made by Terry Brooks and a mystery novel series that my mom got me into, A Family Skeleton, novels.  For the latter I have fallen hard for that series!

Down the line I will go through what books I read or have read but cliff notes; I mostly do Fantasy novels. I have read John Grisham’s “The Client” which I enjoyed and some thriller novels by Stephen King however I’ve never read mysteries.

The Family Skeleton series got me on the get go with Sid, who is a living skeleton through circumstances, lives in the attic with our main character, Georgia Thackery’s, parents house. She winds up moving back to her home town with her teenage daughter and the fun begins.  I’ll say about Sid is he is an otaku!! Yup, the male skeleton likes anime/manga and is all up with the Internet stuff! The books left me laughing on the metro which is surprising since I try not to make a scene.

I also got into reading light novels and I’m enjoying them as well. For that I’m reading SAO (the dreaded series) A Certain Magical Index and my favorite, Accel World.

For August I did enjoy going to Otakon with my friends John and Julian. Yes, it’s something knowing I know people with J for names. It was fun; got pictures, anime/manga paraphilia for all my otaku needs and some interesting memories.

This year was the graduation for another good friend and little sister of mine, Emily. She was someone who was a student worker for a school and gaining experience. I met her when she was a freshman in high school and we always got her (except for her Junior year) but she finished off her tenure at the job I’m at and it was big deal. I saw her grow up and we were close like that of siblings even though she did know how to twist my arm with having more sense when I got goofy.  We still keep in contact and she’s adapting to college life. I continue hoping for her success.

Anything else I need to add?


I’m still single which is always a blessing knowing my older cousin is married with his own “white-picket fence” syndrome. I say that with sarcasm by the way.  I just think about the fact I don’t have a girlfriend and I’m older.

I have this self-perceived notion I need to be married already with a kid but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Besides I have had daydreams if I was a parent and it ends with me being like that dad from that Chevy Chase movie.

I won’t let it get to me though. I know it will happen just not in what way. 

*Come on, should have seen this coming.*

For the big holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas they were pretty chill; I got to relax and not worry about family. I did see them on Saturday and they were doing fine. Seeing The Force Awakens in 3D was something to behold though, planning on typing up a review which will be added to my list of things to blog about for 2016!

Well that’s everything I wanted to say for the most part. I think I got everything off my chest.  Sorry, my memory with the year isn’t the best cause some thing s was just so mundane that it really wouldn’t have fit so this is just highlights I remember, unless you want to know what lewd stuff I do on twitter; nah, better not.  FYI it’s just lots and lots of oppai (boobs) pictures of anime chicks.

*OH YEAH!!!!!*

So that’s it! I hope 2016 will be a good year. I hope it’s a good year for you too! Happy New Year and let’s hit it off everyone!

*I wish you a safe holiday*


Later days!

*Till the new year!*