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Greetings, it’s Jeff again and I am going to be writing a review of episodes 1-14 of  Sailor Moon Crystal!!

*Magical girl team is back, witches!!*

Sailor Moon was created by Naoko Takeuchi. She created the manga series back in 1991 along with the following year, the Sailor Moon anime came out and both lasted until 1997.

If you were a kid of the 90’s than you might have heard of this “Chinese cartoon” that introduced 5 girls wearing short skirts and fighting for love and justice. I actually discovered this when I was like 10 and became fascinated by this! It was different from what I usually watched and enjoyed it immensely.

Actually if memory serves me I did yell out the attacks randomly along with the transformation phrases in class.

Ah, my chuunbioyu days were fun.

*My kids will never know…*

This was one of the leads into anime besides Dragon Ball Z  or other anime that you watched on VHS or Sci Fi channel, in introducing fans to Japanese animated shows back in the 90’s.

Hell, I didn’t even know this was anime at first when I first watched it as a kid before it hopped on Toonami.

The original anime, which everyone remembers, was dubbed by DIC, a company in Canada which they showed in the United States.  Along with (infamously) known for editing out the content to make it appear to the masses to be a regular American cartoon show.

*befuddlement of finding out about editing*

Boy I was shocked when I realized they edited stuff given one example when in the preview where Sailor Moon was revealed to be the Moon Princess, I saw Mars slap Moon!

I waited in anticipation to see that moment but it never happened. I thought I might have turned away or blinked and waited for the rerun to happen some months later and nothing.

Confused me to no end until I realized that they edited it.

Actually many scenes in Sailor Moon (along with other anime that appeared on American television) got chopped to keep up censorship given the parental system thought kids seeing a friend get slapped by another would cause them to end up with psychological problems.

Ironically (In my view) even though things are far more politically correct nowadays kids find out more than they should know thanks to the beloved internet.

When I was younger the internet was just starting and not many people had access to it.

Boy and everyone thought my generation was bad?

*Chandler’s the best!*

The series did good but like everything had backlash, more particularly with it being considered “girly” for some of the “cool” kids who liked DBZ or Batman the animated cartoon and given views that the former is considered for boys while SM is for girls.

You know the typical boy/girl formula we did as kids. Boys find burps and farts funny while girls like drinking healthy drinks and play Barbie.

*Not that I still hold that view as an adult. Nope not me*

 It’s a cherished franchise now with male and female fans but since its part of the “Magical girl” movement their were fans of anime that didn’t give it the time of day due to it being “for girls and not boys”.

Of course I didn’t know many who were into anime back than. But I digress, their was a kind of “anime cold war” about what you could watch and was hype.

This was all before social media hype.

It’s also considered the mother of all female oriented anime where the girls battle evil and lead the charge.

It brought ones like Girl Revolution Utena & Magic Knight Rayearth to the forefront given the same kind of trope of females being the lead role.

Also lack of fan service. Even thought when the Senshi “got naked” to transform they had color palates over them and did not show any kind of nipples or their uterus so that was a plus. Even though some parents didn’t like that.

I’ll never understand that mindset even if I become one someday.

Anyway Sailor Moon continued until it abruptly stopped as they didn’t have the rest of the dubs. Than in 97 Toonami got the rights to show the last episodes of R.

Than in 2000 or so Toonami got the right to show season’s 3 and 4 of Sailor Moon respectively called Super and Super S. However this time around the dubbed for those were crappy…I mean it sucked ass!

*Senshi are shocked by the results*

Ok it wasn’t that bad but still they could have done better.

Unforunatly the 5th season never got dubbed due to the fact that this one dealt with males turning into females. Yeah, you heard me. Technically they are really females that used male disguises on Earth but…

*Sailor Starlights, stage on!*

*Male idols*

Anyway it didn’t hit America’s shores. You’d have to hope someone uploaded it on Youtube or something to see the entirety of the series but now, VIZ announced they got the rights to the entire Sailor Moon franchise last year.

Now you can experience Sailor Moon as it should be; uncut, new VA’s and streamed on the VIZ website via HULU.

It was a good time to be a SM fan and currently the first season is out along with the second season with part 2 of R coming out this October!

I’ll say I am enjoying the new VA’s cause we have Stephanie Shea as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon!

*In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!*

Cristina Vee as Rei Hino/Sailor Mars!

*Burn baby burn!*

Amanda C. Miller as Makoto Kino/Jupiter!

*Herculean strength!*


Kate Higgins as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury!

*Strategic mind!*

Cherami Leigh as Minako Aino/Sailor Venus, my favorite Senshi!!


*You go girl!*

With new comer Robbie Daymond as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask!

*Sexy and I know it!*

It was also announced this year that the Outer Senshi have chosen!!

*Hype is real!*

Erica Mendez will be voicing Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus!

*Can’t touch this!*

Lauren Landa as Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune!

*Savage as the seas!*

Christine Marie Cabanos as Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn!

*Tether between life and death*

Veronica Taylor as Setsuna Meioh/Sailor Pluto!

*Timeless woman!*

 Last but not least, Sandy Fox as Princess Usagi SL Serenity (Chibiusa)/Sailor Chibi Moon!

*Future guardian and princess*

Along with a handful of good VA’s from anime nowadays voicing the villains and other secondary characters.

The manga originally came out in a total of 18 Tankobon in Japan and came out on the shores as well.

In 2011 the manga got re-published with a more accurate setting which went for a total of 12 manga’s along with 2 more that are side stories to the main story along with a prequel to the Sailor Moon genre with Sailor Venus the main character which went into her tenure as the masked vigilante Sailor V which is set a year before the events.

*The first Sailor Guardian activated; Sailor V!*

Now to the main topic of this blog!

This new anime came as a surprise when it was revealed like 2 years ago that Sailor Moon would be having a reboot which would be following close to the manga.

There would be new animation for this series along with new Seriyu for voicing the characters even though Kotono Mitsuishi reprised her role. The other roles went to some other seriyuu who are well known in Japan and the American anime community (I mean if you pay attention to the Japanese).

With it being going by the manga this Sailor Moon actually is a lot more mature than her 90’s counterpart, along with emphasis on the fact she is a reincarnated princess with her destined lover, Endymion.

The Inner Senshi this time around feel more duty bound than their counterparts given this is deep stuff. Interesting enough the four have a subplot with the 4 Generals that used to protect Endymion as well.

Ok, the show begins with a new opening theme, “Moon Pride” sung by  MOMOIRO CLOVER Z.

Yeah I like how it sounds however I think the lyrics are misconceiving given when they say “won’t depend on the prince” and trust in their own power it kind of is a cop out given how they act in the fights with the Shinterrou! XD

Overview 1-14

Episode 1 begins with Usagi being late, as the norm, and runs out of the house! This is where we are given her name and brief bio about her.  You notice anything strange? She is limber side along with the coloring of her hair.

Apparently this was another gripe for the pissed off fans, which I had no beef about! I mean She and the rest of the characters look all mature in the manga illistrations so why not this brand spanking new anime?

*See, nothing wrong with being glammed up!*

I digress, our klutzy protag is running to school and doesn’t stop a group of brats from bullying a poor helpless cat on the ground. No siree, she actually steps on poor Luna!!

Being freaked by this and the kind-hearted girl she is, Usagi checks on the cat and has a bandage on her forehead. Knowing that goes into some animal abuse our blonde bunny takes it off and is met by a sight; a golden crescent mark on the forehead?

This is surprising to her and ends up scratched as the cat runs away.

So after being late, detention, and even bumping into Mamoru, the male love interest, which goes as expected as they don’t like each other, Usagi goes home along with getting bitched by her mother.

Who’d have thought, they never mentioned that in the old dubbed!

So Usagi is given the brooch by Luna (who is shocked that a cat can talk) and after yelling the patented phrase every fan probably has shouted, “Moon Prisim Power, Make-up!”, she changes to Sailor Moon.

The transformation phrases for her and the rest are all CGI and this is the entire fans problem; it looks too different from the old animation they are used too!

*All that pink!*

Granted I don’t really see a problem; sure it was a wide-eyed moment but you get used to it. I will go into my own thoughts after all this though!

After the cluster fuck of ribbons and posing, Sailor Moon is born!! This leaves the girl flustered and wants to ditch it like yesterday’s hairdo!! But like any plot a battle needs to happen and it does!

Sailor Moon and Luna go to Naru’s or as the old fans know her as Molly!


*Boston accent “Maxfield Stanton!”*

Another note Naru isn’t really used in this series. She pretty much becomes a secondary character to an extra until we just forget she exist. Poor girl won’t be kidnapped or talking about her lost love this time around.

Sailor Moon soon finds this monster who is in desperate need of a make up job!

Her face is dried up! I know a girl who does wonders, shout out to @lipstickxzombie and fellow moonie!!

Our heroine, who is more skinny and beautiful, does her trademark speech with her gangster signs jumps into action! Well…I mean she fights but you know, dodging and soon when all seems lost a mysterious man wearing a tuxedo makes his appearance!

She is instantly smitten and giving her a cool smile points out that she can defeat this monster!  After some instructions from Luna, Sailor Moon uses her “Moon Tiara Boomerang” and soon the evil negaverse monster (yes shout out to the 90’s!) is moon dusted!

Luna briefly explains her mission and the lone Senshi is wondering who that man was.

You’d think it would go into filler after this; build up her character some more and do stand alone missions?

Sorry y’all but we go straight onto meeting Sailor Mercury for episode 2 along with Sailor Mars in episode 3! That’s right, these two get their time to shine in an instant!!

Episode 2 is all about Usagi befriending Ami Mizuno, who turns out to be Sailor Mercury. Everything happens in (almost) the same way like it did in the anime except Luna didn’t confuse her for being an agent, the cat just sensed the energy from Ami. The dark kingdom strikes by using CD-roms and not the beloved diskettes of the 90’s to brainwash the masses.

Ami, believing in her own hard work discards the disk but ends up targeted due to her that choice. Sailor Moon comes in and helps her but needs back up and Ami transforms to Sailor Mercury to aid her along with Tuxedo Mask.

Ami is still the genius of the group but in this incarnation, her attacks actually have power behind them and not just her bubbles.

She actually uses full on water attacks which is something given in the original anime Ami was always considered the weak one in the 1st part of season one before getting her patented attack “Shine Aqua Illusion” for the Dark Moon arc.

Even though blue-hair had “Shabon Spray Freezing” for that alien tree but some don’t acknowledge the filler. Personally I did enjoy the aliens but that’s just me.

Ami is still the same egghead and I can enjoy her quiet but smart nature since she is pretty cool. That episode plays out as the original anime and manga so I got no complaints.

Episode 3 is all about Rei Hino/Sailor Mars and this was a twist to some of the nostalgia fans with her personality. What Rei was portrayed in the old anime as a kind of boy loving, fiery temper who likes reading manga and getting into arguments with Usagi, that has been canned.

This time around she is more refined, elegant but firm in her beliefs. She is mature and a loner (more so than in the anime) and greatly embodies the typical priestess motif and her spiritual power is evident.

From what I saw through the course of the entirety of the 1st season Rei doesn’t argue with Usagi or stick out her tongue when aggravated; she treats her very well but is not above to critiquing the moon bunny. Actually she is more closer to Minako Aino but I’ll get down to interaction in the next blog.

So we see Jadeite trying to find the Silver Crystal which leads him to the Hino shrine where mysterious abductions are occurring and the local populace is blaming the shrine.

After the local plot it comes to head as Sailor Moon and Mercury are fighting Jadeite. Yes you read right, he is the one taking the passengers and not some skinny dried up youma.

Rei is given her transformation stick by Luna and with an impressive attack sends him fleeing!

See, awesome right? Also note worthy is Jadetie having a yearning for Sailor Mars.

Episode 4 is more for character interactions between Usagi, Ami and Rei along with Mamoru and Usagi’s plot of feeling connected along with trying to find the Silver Crystal. Due to the rumor mill a princess was going to display it.

Luna thought it could be the Moon Princess but we all know that’s not the case. They also end up fighting a shadow of Nephrite and defeat it.

To be specific it was Sailor Moon who used the moon’s light to refract the light off her tiara.

Yeah I was surprised that she only used it once in this entire series. Now the mysterious princess was just an average one from this world who is a genderbent, carbon copy of Melvin, who strangely looks better without her glasses but pops them on again.

Geez…I always found that rather odd.  By the end of this however we get to see an image of the next Senshi, Sailor Jupiter/Makoto Kino. Episode 5 is all about Makoto Kino and her becoming Sailor Jupiter and befriending the others. She is rather tall for a Japanese girl and has a bad reputation due to getting into alleged fights. Even though that’s the case she is the most girly and dreams of opening up a floral/cake shop along with Betty Crocker incarnate with her culinary skills.

The plot details of Motoki going by that he reminds Makoto of her old senpai and Nephrite uses that to his advantage to use a youma to gather females energy (give or take).

The three Senshi confront the nefarious foe and Mako-chan is able to snap out of her hypnotic state. Giving him a speech not to toy with a woman’s heart and an impressive display of her strength the mark of Jupiter shines on her forehead and Luna gives her a transformation pen to change to her alternate personae, Sailor Jupiter.

She ends up battling Nephrite and the latter also has a moment of realization about Jupiter and potential feelings for her. With the general fleeing Luna gives Sailor Moon the Moon Wand which signifies the leader of the Senshi, which is our beloved Moon guardian.

For episode 6 it is about Tuxedo Mask and his search for the Silver Crystal. He actually gives news to media outlets to exploit any kind of information but the Dark Kingdom also hear about this and want to take advantage.

Zoisite, who is NOT in a relationship other than platonic with Kunzite, is the go to bad guy this time around. One plot details Usagi’s growing frustration/attraction with Mamoru given they are always bumping into one another. It’s like fate is trying to tell them and the viewers something?

*Yes we’ve known for 20 years*

Their is also some backstory regarding the girls hidden memories which will only come to the surface when they have awakened as true Sailor Guardians.  Hmmmm, what does that mean? Due to a spell placed by Zoisite the populace is searching high and low for the Silver Crystal and the Senshi are the only ones not affected by it.

I presume it’s because they are somewhat protected by their guardian planets? Ok it’s more to do with the fact they are the protagonists and they are just automatically not put in that kind of situation.

Ami, Rei and Makoto transform to stop Zoisite while Usagi is on her way but ends up affected (yeah blows my theory but not much) and with a kiss gives her the will to get up and transform. She also feels warm in his arms.

The trio actually are going to town with utilizing their elements at their disposal more than they did in the original anime so I can conclude they are stronger than their 90’s counterparts.

However Queen Beryl ends up coming and uses a spell to drain some of their stamina and gives a speech who she is and what she wants. Beryl isn’t the cackling woman we knew from the 90s as she is calm and I think more intimidating.

Moon finally arrives and drives off the queen with her light magic by using her moon wand and healing the populace before fainting with Tuxedo Mask taking her to his place.

Before it ends Usagi wonders where she is and sees the tuxedo man before taking off his mask gently to see….

Episode 7 is more about Mamoru and Usagi as he explains to her that he has amnesia and finding the Silver Crystal can restore them. After some talking and the obvious attraction between the two as he gives her the patented nickname “Usako”.

Zoisite is given anther chance to battle the Senshi later in the episode. Along with Amy asking about the mysterious Sailor V and if she is one of them. The cat never really thought of that concept and brushes it off.

More stuff with Usagi’s growing feelings for Mamoru and he with her as they yern for one another. They actually like sniffing their objects because they have each other’s scent but that’s completely normal for ones falling in love. Right?

Mysterious shit goes down (as always) in Juban as everyone in Usagi’s school has DVD’s with a coded message of finding Sailor Moon.

Zoisite’s plan goes off without a hinge as the girls transform to fight Zoisite once again. Surprisingly Sailor Moon makes it to the scene first and about to use her “Moonlight Twilight Flash” attack but is interrupted with the general “flash stepping” (flicking out) and grabbing her as if she were a damsel in distress.

The trio come and try to use their attacks but Zoisite uses his own version of “backlash wave” like Inuyasha minus a sword on the girls are unconscious. Who can save the moon bunny?

It is Tuxedo Mask as he punches Zoisite in the face. You heard right, punch. As in Tuxedo got more manly and not using a damn rose!  Moon gives her speech of saying he isn’t useless and how he wont’ give up.

We are finally showing that Tuxedo’s true wish is to be with Usako as memories flash through his head of her and the time they spent together, which spanned some episdoes to this point.

Zoisite shoves Sailor Moon away out of righteous anger of getting in his way. I guess hearing supposed lovers cry for one another is rather annoying so I can see the logic in this.

Creating an icicle he prepares to impale Sailor Moon and make her a Moon-cicle. Get it, cause she’s…never mind.

But what deus ex machina can help our moon bunny this time? It’s not like some blonde, red-mask super heiorine who has kept tabs on the Senshi through a certain game consol at the arcade is going to show up with a crecesnt boomerang to destroy the attack and smile in the moonlight as her long Revlon hair blows in the night wind.

Episode 8 is all about my girl Sailor V, who is really Sailor Venus! Ok, it’s not that exciting given we all know her deal with her being the first activated Senshi out of the Inners a year previously as she was dealing with monsters from a fraction of the Dark Kingdom with her white guardian cat, Artemis.

What you didn’t know that? Go read her manga!!

All the Senshi soon realize that Sailor Venus is the last guardian and the supposed Moon Princess given she has a crescent moon sign on her forehead.

Even though it is obvious that VENUS is not the MOON PRINCESS (it’s in the name!) the blonde girl is able to convince them she was thanks to Artemis testimony to the charade.

They have a reason for not telling the truth. If you need more proof on the matter, Sailor Venus happens to give Sailor Moon a keen glance when speaking about her “status” as the Moon Princess and the whereabouts of the Silver Crystal.

Tuxedo Mask is understandably confused on the matter given he is looking for the Silver Crystal (Moon princess, whatever) but has feelings for Usagi.  Granted if the show wanted to have a love triangle they could have done it but that’s not the case.

Venus reveals her civilian identity to the others as Minako Aino and she is rather serious and does put too much of the responsibility on her.  The general that attacks the populace this time around is Kunzite, the leader of the Kings of Heaven.

*Evil never looked so fabulous*

He challenges Venus to a duel which she accepts but during the battle eludes to the man that if this is something he should be doing. They share a brief moment as he too feels nostalgia for Venus…

Moon and the others soon arrive which the former declaring that the princess should trust them more to fight. The other 3 agree that it was Sailor Moon to bring them together as friends and to believe in her.

I’d like to stop right there. Come on the elephant is in the room and the girls should realize that it’s Moon who really is the moon princess! What do they need a shiny-pearl jewel glowing to make them realize?

The five Sailor Guardians use their attacks on Kunzite but it doesn’t work.

Yeah nakama power can only take you so far. Screw you Pirate Ship crew and your logic!


*Friendship power-ups can only go so far*

Soon the general attacks the girls with Moon falling until Mask saves her and the moon bunny declares her love for the Lupin-like guy with a kiss. Kunzite preps up another energy blast to wipe out Moon until Mask takes the blunt of it!!!

Sailor Moon: TUXEDO MASK!!!!!

Episode 9 details the revelation of Sailor Moon really being the princess the Senshi are meant to protect and what it means for all of them.  Tuxedo Mask is also revealed to be Prince Endymion and the star-crossed lovers history is briefly touched on.

With her memories flooding to the surface and seeing her lover die in her arms the seal which is a combination of Moons’ tiara with a blue inverted crescent seal breaks which brings out the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon’s teardrop.

It radiates with such magnificence and transcendence that withered flowers bloom with new life and the people are showered with the light and feel happy.

This is the first step to immortality…

*Believe in me*

The evil queen appears to try and take the crystal but the guardians are able to prevent the crystal going into the bad guys hands but Endymion gets kidnapped along with Princess Serenity crying a river of tears.

Endymion is taken to the Dark Kingdom where Beryl will revive him as her servant by using the dark energy of Metalia.

A day or two passes before the four guardians go to Usagi’s house where they see a sight; the blonde’s hair is growing at an astounding rate.

*Long glorious hair!*

Her past is catching up with the present.

Development between all 5 comes to pass as they remember their glory days living on the moon with Usagi being worried that if her princess incarnation is slowly changing her from “herself”.

It’s an interesting prospect but I’ll dive into that soon.

They soon decide to return to the place where it all began, the Moon along with relieve Usagi’s anxiety over Mamoru and his whereabouts.

Episode 10 is the whole “return to the past” kind of thing where the Senshi use their powers to teleport to the moon where they meet a fragment of Queen Serenity, or as she eludes to being Selene (or based off the mythos by various outlets).

Upon arriving they see a sword in the stone and come to the conclusion they have to pull it. They do.

*Thou who pull the sword from the stone shall be king of all Britannia/Moon Kingdom*

She helps them remember what transpired along with give advice to her daughter about the Silver Crystal and how to utilize it. They soon return to earth.

Meanwhile the 4 generals are slowly remembering their memories as well upon seeing Endymion getting corrupted by the dark power.  They are almost at the point of revolt until the wraith woman Beryl approaches and uses her powers to strengthen her hold on them.

The four soon start a small battle in the streets of the city where the Senshi intervene. Words get said with Venus telling the others that they weren’t always this way.

Another brief revelation hits them that the 4 generals were protectors of Endymion and that they had some intimate knowledge about them.

Yeah this show is going heavy with the past potential lovers spiel.

The 4 Inner Guardians briefly fight the Generals in a melee of water/fire/lightning attacks with Venus running up the wall.

It’s a cool fight IMO.

Soon the girls worry about their loves as they see them suffering due to the influx of power they have and waver in their desire to free them which was a mistake due to them getting blasted by said lovers.

*Take a note from Samantha Jones girls*

That is until Moon comes from the wood work.

She gives her speech of protecting her friends and this world and uses her moon wand to heal everyone in almost all of Japan!! The 4 guardians soon use their “Sailor Planet Attack” on the generals and it is actually  purging the darkness from them! Until Queen Beryl transports them away leaving the girls disheartened.

Pause. Go listen to the opening theme and, once again, watch the lyrics.

Episode 11 is more about Mamoru’s return but under a different name which greatly confuses our moon bunny to no end. Everyone tells her not to go around him but she doesn’t listen until she realizes something and stops.

Soon Endymion controls Motoki and is able to access the Sailor Chamber by Makoto who ends up bewitched by the latter.

Girls head to the chamber and knock out Makoto before Endymion and Motoki come waltzing in. Girls transform with Venus using her chain to purge the evil from Motoki.

I’m getting the feeling they have access to grander schemes than in the original anime? Did I already state that? Sorry.

They briefly battle Endymion who holds them off with Luna trying to convince Moon to fight but the girl is in denial.

The black cat, who is lamenting that she might be the cause of her moon princess strife attacks Endymion but her weak body breaks upon impact which is the kick in the pants she needs to use her powers and heal Luna and take the fight to Endymion!

The episode ends with Beryl appearing in the center, radiating with the powers of darkness!

*Did somebody say darkness?*

Episode 12 is Beryl’s swan song. Makoto wakes up during the bad girl speech and helps out. They use their attacks to no avail before Venus soon remembers Beryl. She slayed her during the Moon Kingdom war after what she did to Princess Endymion and Princess Serenity.

The Crystal series actually gets Moon to slay Beryl with the others help even though in the manga Venus was the one to step up and just kill the bitch.

*Stab through the stomach!*

*Did V-chan wrong in this incarnation*

*A damn necklace and gave Moon the glory*

Beryl laments her life and how she wanted to be with Endymion. She soon turns to dust.

Moon goes after Endymion as he takes the sword with the girls yelling her name.  The Senshi go to where they are where they take on the 4 Generals once again but…

Moon confronts Endymion who tries to convince him to return to normal but he continues his “need to kill Sailor Moon” rambling.

Someway or another the Senshi hear their leaders voice giving them the resolve to woman up and take their lovers by force by combining their powers and banishing the darkness.

Kunzite and Venus share a brief glance at one another before they are killed by Metalia. This leave the girls devastated along with the fandom seeing that the girls will be old spinsters now without that development!!!!

Soon Moon gets ahold of the moon sword and with tears in her eyes makes her choice. She slashes Endymion’s chest and in one final act she stabs herself in a lovers suicide.

The Senshi and Luna (who is at the chamber with Artemis) scream in agony at what happened!

Episode 13 sees the consequence of Moon’s choice as the Silver Crystal grows around the lovers which is shocking toe the Senshi along with Metalia coming in the wings as she grabs ahold of the delicious power of the sacred rock!

The Senshi realize that they need to stop her due to the negative energy is affecting everyone in Japan (and I presume the world) and causing anarchy.  The girls choose to believe their princess is safe and sacrifice their lives via their power sticks, which is the equivalent of the life apparently.

The burst of energy with the sword enter the black void where it does reach Moon who realizes that she’s not dead; the locket that she got from Mamoru protected her along with Tuxedo being fine as well due to the stones of his former guards were in his chest pocket.

The lovers discuss the goings on and soon realize that Metalia is going out of control and need to stop her. They are busted out with the power of the sword and Moon sees her fallen friends on the floor.

She’s about to have a breakdown but Tuxedo Mask takes her by the shoulders to shake her out of that. She needs to step up and he will be the rock she needs in their stead!

With that love and loyalty in her heart along with the words of her past mother, Serenity, Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity utilizes the Silver Crystal and swears she will seal up the evil in the name of the moon!!

Episode 14 sees the conclusion of the dark moon arc with Moon using the crystal and after a pep talk with Mamoru she uses the fullest power of the crystal as it overcomes Metalia and is destroyed but Moon’s locket is destroyed along. That means she can’t be Sailor Moon again.

Another note is that during the beam struggle between light and darkness, Luna is able to give Sailor Moon a boost as well as she prays to the Moon Tower and it offers up it’s power to help her and Luna takes on a human form!

Back to the episode; Luna and Artemis tell the duo to come to the moon kingdom, which now has been restored and the cats tell them they can live here.

Usagi and Mamoru are bewildered and happy but the former tells her cat that even though that’s nice she wants to still live life as a human since she has been reincarnated as Usagi Tsukino, where she befriended her guardians as friends in this time and found love with Mamoru Chiba.

Luna takes this to heart and in a way tells the viewers that the same tragedy won’t be repeated. Luna gives Usagi a new pink locket to hold the Crystal and even though it has lost half of it’s power it will give enough for her to transform along with prevent enemies from perceiving while sealed.

Sailor Moon returns as she showers the world in a brilliant light banishing Metalia’s darkness along with reviving her friends. They share a moment as they run together on a bridge with them being happy that Usagi is safe and they can live their lives in peace.

Yeah not so much and it’s due to a certain pink-hair twin tail devil who pops out of the sky when Mamoru and Usagi share a kiss after a full day passed.

*Who is she?*

And with that I end this blog! I was going to go for all 26 but I thought it best (in hindsight) to break it down and not do some massive info dump. Typing for some hours can get exhausting and a guy has to eat and drink.

So I’ll be back next time with episodes 15-26 of Sailor Moon Crystal with my take on the interactions and what the future holds for this beloved or infamous (for nostalgia fans) show.

Later days!

*Till next review!*