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Greetings everyone!

I’m JGoten30 and today I am going to review a character from a favorite show of mine called Once Upon A Time.

Now FYI, I did have an “Emma Swan” review earlier but felt it was lacking with some important facts and info. I actually was editing my entry before I somehow wound up deleting new content and it was replaced with the old one!

Fucking frustrating and it was getting good too!!!  So with a heavy heart I am doing a brand spanking new one!! And this time I won’t go into abridged detail and all over the place commentary (hopefully).

So here it is, the review of Emma Swan. Lead and focal point of Once Upon a Time! Let’s do this!

*Emma Swan; daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming*

*The savior*

 To begin this, who is Emma Swan? Besides being the daughter of heroes, Snow White and Prince Charming, she is also the savior; a term of someone who can break the dark curse placed upon the residence of Storybrooke, Maine.

You’d think with her being special that Emma’s story would be clean cut?

That’s where you’d be wrong; Emma might be someone who is blasé to some of the fans and not really adding anything to the story or lacking common sense to “just believe” very quickly to the situation despite seeing with her own eyes, however I see something more to her.

*Other fans reaction*

Yes, she can be hard-headed and hold grudges when it comes to something personal but I think she brings a sense of realism into the story. Would you just believe automatically if you were in said position?

But I’m getting ahead of myself so here is a rundown of key parts of her history; before she was born, after the birth and being whisked away by fate in order to become the person she is now and what awaits her in the coming season…

The “lost girl” is potrayed by Jennifer Morrison, who has been in other television shows. She was in “House” for a season or two to a couple of episodes in “How I met your Mother”.

Jennifer is also good friends with Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow White in the show.

Emma Swan’s own characteristic is based off the tale “The Ugly Duckling”, and as the story goes the duck is trying to find her way home given she is so different from the other ducks (along with find her ugly) until she finds her flock along with blossoms into a beautiful Swan. And that’s no coincidence given that is Emma’s last name.

She could also represent the character in “Swan Lake”, Princess Odette, by being blond and rather ambitious.

So Once upon a time (yeah I know, sorry) at a beautiful wedding, Snow White and her destined lover, Prince Charming, have just gotten married and all the residence are happy at the exchange.

Everything is all puppies and rainbows until an unexpected guest arrives, the current queen and evil sorcerous; Regina aka the Evil Queen.

She is the, rather attractive in a dark way, stepmother to Snow White along with pupil of Rumpelstiltskin.

Everyone is shocked by this as Charming and Snow confront the diabolical queen and demand why she’s come here!! Regina smiles and says that even though they have won the battle it doesn’t mean that she has given up and warns that a dark curse will soon tear asunder the realm and everyone will be miserable.

*Bitch knows how to make a statement!*

This puts everyone in awe and shock as our dashing prince grabs a sword and throws it at the queen! Unfortunately enough she escapes with magic and the wedding comes to a close.

Other adventures that is revealed through the progress of the show of how they got to this point along with better understanding behind motives but this is about Ems so I’ll stick with that.

Eventually it is revealed that Snow does indeed get pregnant and the couple is overjoyed but with the dark curse threat looming over their heads, our heroes are vigilant in trying to find something to counteract it or at least protect them. Their journey leads them to some places and one key part is how Snow and Charming meet up with Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula.

*Evil never looked so good*

The Witches of Eastwick were also looking for a way to stave off the curse but nothing came about it; except the fact Maleficent figured out Snow was pregnant and she gives a warning, something that truly sets a path for the upcoming parents, that even though their child has the potential for great good it also has an equal amount to going dark as well.

Snow was adamant that would not happen but she knows in her heart that is the case.

To confirm that fear Snow and Charming go to another place where they are shown possibilities of what could happen to their child; Charming saw his beautiful daughter as a baby and he’s holding her while Snow gets the not so happy route where her daughter denounces her and takes out her heart!!

*Couldn’t find the right pic but you get the gist*

*Mom not now; having a moment*

This gets complicated as they travel (a lot of walking they do) to the apprentice wizard, who isn’t young by the way, he tells them that their child’s dark potential can be taken but it had to be put in another vessel. What occurs after this is another key to Emma’s story but I’ll get to that when it’s time.

*I’ve seen some shit!*

As months go by no solution for the curse is happening and in a war council meeting the Blue Fairy also warns them that nothing can stop it except for a prophecy; that the child of lovers will be able to release the curse from the residence but the only way for the child to do that was to not be here when the curse descends. They make a plan for Geppetto to carve a wardrobe out of special wood for the baby to escape into.

A heavy pregnant Snow is against this; she wouldn’t give up her child but in order for this to work the upcoming parents would have to do this. Unknown to them Blue left out important information but more on that soon.

Still with me readers? Yeah I’m not trying to make this an essay but dammit, if I’m going to do this I better well make sure I do it right!

*I am determined!*

D-day is upon them and on this day Snow goes into pre-mature labor! That’s right; our blonde heroine is a preemie baby!

Unfortunately enough Regina’s Black Knights (not like they were going to be called Regina’s knights) attack the castle as the sneering queen had started the dark curse and it was slowly enveloping the kingdom!!

After excruciating minutes of labor Emma is brought into the world but is bittersweet as Snow and Charming knew what they had to do. With tears in her eyes Snow gives up her baby to go into the strange land through the wardrobe.

*The joys of childbirth*

Just stopping briefly, this whole wardrobe scenario reminds me of “The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe” book and movie.

I think Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz got inspiration from that besides their show is represented by ABC which is owned by Disney.

Her father carries her to the room where the wardrobe is located but black knights attack him! Being the skilled swordsman Charming fends off the attackers while holding his precious girl but ends up with a grievous wound.

Upon putting Emma in there he says one thing before closing the door, “Please find us!”

And that’s how Emma is transported to our world (the land with no magic). She will never know her true origins nor that she is a princess. However just because Emma will not know that till she is an adult, it doesn’t mean things from her world won’t make her grow in character.

Unknown to our pre-hero, other residence, not influenced by the curse and not living in Storybrooke, are here as well and will greatly influence Emma as a person and woman.

In the forest outside Maine, a little boy is also confused about his whereabouts and it is Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who became a real boy by accomplishing various tasks to get to that point.

As I mentioned Geppetto is a stupendous crafter with wood the Blue Fairy tasked him with making it however there was a snag; he wanted his little boy to escape the curse first and needed her promise that he could use it!

Blue was against the idea given the original plan was for Snow and the baby to go in there so the former could explain the destiny placed upon her shoulders but Geppetto was adamant. He wouldn’t do it even if everyone got cursed.

I have to give praise for this a little, he is a parent and it’s any parent’s job to ensure the safety of their child however this would also come at a price and one that Pinocchio would pay.

The boy is in awe on where he is until he hears a baby crying in the wardrobe he just came from and low and behold it’s Emma! Holding the baby and soothing her he promises everything will be ok.

*Like this*

Soon the two are drafted into the system and placed in a home where he was with her for a time however the temptations of our world is far more broader than the home the tyke is used too, more opportunities to get in mischief.

Pinocchio, who goes by August Booth in our reality, is pretty much the awkward kid at the place and known for caring for Emma. Whenever she got fussy he always made faces to calm her which truly shined in the interaction however he got teased for it.

*Like a big brother*

The other kids were going to play and asked if he would come too or will he just stay with some baby? Pinocchio is beside himself; even though he knows he should stay with her, given she is from where he is from, August is also a child and the responsibilities for caring for another life is a big adjustment.

With a sad look he gives the ok that he’d go with them. As they leave he sneaks in one last peak on Emma and sadly gives her a goodbye.

*The feels!!*

The irony in this situation is that this is/could be Emma’s first taste of betrayal and this wouldn’t be the last of it. Even though one can argue that Pinocchio should have stayed with her, some forget or choose not to acknowledge that he is also a child and like I said, this is a big responsibility.

Not only was he adapting to being a real person he still is in the process of actually growing up. Yes, it would have been easy for everyone if he stayed but what kind of show would this be if everything went as planned?

Years past and Emma grows up in the system.

The one thing she yearned for was to have a family and belong but it never came to be. At one point while being on the run, Emma chanced upon another girl while she was stealing food a store and this girl is named Lily.

*Bad girls club*

Unknown to the girls they are intertwined by fate and choices dictated by Emma’s parents. The two got along swimmingly and even became best friends but Lily wasn’t actually honest on her own circumstances.

Lily wasn’t a foster kid, she was already adopted by parents as a baby and just decided to run away. The house the two just broke into and forged their pact was actually Lily’s house.

Lily’s father soon catches them and spills the beans. Emma is left betrayed and disgusted that her best friend would do this and wanted nothing to do with her!! Lily tried explaining that she did feel lost herself and wanted to find where she belongs as well!

She tries reaching out to her but Emma, being stubborn like a certain gallant prince, rides off.

Of course this wouldn’t be there last meeting.

Emma’s next encounter happens in another foster house where she is located and Ingrid is the woman’s name.

*Snow Queen/Dairy Queen*

Ingrid is also a resident of the other world but her location is from Arendelle.

Yeah you heard right, Ingrid is from the same place where Frozen took place!

Her circumstances are unique and short version; she has magic that matches Elsa. Ingrid came to this world to find a “sister” and that is Emma.

Ingrid took immediately too Emma but she wasn’t feeling being in a new place along with getting bullied by some chubby douche.

“Dairy queen” however offers some advice along with something to take care of the bully in a sardonic manner and this cemented their bond. When the two are out Emma finds out that Ingrid has some papers and misinterpreted them for her being transferred but our snow queen tells her they are adoption papers for her to care for Emma! Emma is speechless but happy!!

Ingrid and Emma did grow close and the latter thought, once again, that she has found a place to call home but that too doesn’t come to pass. On their way home they chance upon a crane game and little Ems tries her luck but doesn’t get a prize.

Damn things are rigged by the way; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, they are!!

Anyway Ingrid tells her to relax and just concentrate on what she wanted. Unknown to Emma she tapped into her reservoir of magic and got the prize to the two’s delight. It’s noteworthy given even though our world is the “land without magic”, Emma is able to use a little of it. This cements that Emma is indeed special.

*Girl power*

However this doesn’t boat well for “Dairy queen”, Ingrid pushed too hard and explained that she had magic. This was a red flag for the girl as she found her crazy.

Ingrid tried explaining but Emma didn’t want anything to with her and ran off! That’s another person who will become an enemy to Emma when she becomes an adult.

Boy, you’d think all the disappointments and lies would stop but as the old proverb goes, it comes in 3’s. And boy howdy the third time will be the charm to set the stage!!

Around the time Emma is 17 years old she got out of the foster care system and is now a young woman finding her way in the world; as in she is a thief.

She apparently got that from her mom given she was a thief in there world but that was more circumstances than for bad, Emma is just doing whatever she wants.

Not finding a family and experiencing broken promises and friendship has crafted her to becoming independent and determined. No one would stand up for and she has to do it herself!

One day she is breaking into a yellow buggy, which will be her patented car later, and another person is in there! His name is Neal and he will be one of the key parts. You know where I’m going with this; he is also part of the other world along with the son of Rumpelstiltskin. This truth won’t be revealed to the duo for years.

*Yes she wore glasses*

He is also doing stealing and the two hit it off. Both are good with the wit and they enjoy each other’s company. This would become a young love for them. They do scamming for a time and then Emma, on whim says they should find a permanent residence somewhere; she chooses Tallahassee and he likes that idea.

They end up doing some more scams until it’s revealed that Neal is wanted for looting watches and there is a warrant for his arrest.

They decide to do one more and just go. Neal explains the plan and Emma agrees. Unknown to her, which always seem to happen, Pinocchio has also appeared to Neal and informed her of Emma’s destiny and telling him to not lead her down a path where she couldn’t accomplish it. Neal, who has fallen in love with the blonde, didn’t want to leave her hanging but knew this was important.

So he made a call to the police and informed them of the plan and leaves Emma high and dry!

Emma has the loot but the police come and she is left shocked and stunned. She asks them if someone else was with them but they inform her that no one was there waiting for her. Emma is taken to jail to do her time.

Two surprises are in store for Swan that will be another asset to her development. A child!

Emma is even more bewildered that happened! I’m guessing it took 3 seconds before Neal fell asleep, eh Ems?

Anyway months pass and soon Emma finds herself in the same spot her own unknown mother experienced; the joys of childbirth!!

*I know I’m happy too!*

After the pain passes, she gives birth to a healthy baby boy! Yeah, she has a son!! He’ll be a mischievous little tyke!! Not really.

Emma, as soon as the baby passed, says she couldn’t be a mother and wants him given up for adoption. Apparently she made plans for her child to be put up in closed adoption; she wouldn’t know any of his whereabouts nor he. She can’t see herself being a mother, she doesn’t know how!

Holding back tears and not even holding him, the baby is taken and Emma is hurting on the inside despite her holding back her tears.

*Saying goodbye is hard to do*

This situation parallels her own mom’s choice of wanting to give Emma her best shot and our pre-savior did the same for her own son, even though it was from doubt. With Emma’s life she doesn’t know how to love nor give it in return due to fearing she will be betrayed by everyone.

Her second gift, baby notwithstanding, is the keys for the yellow buggy and a swan keychain, something she admired before the bust went down. I believe Emma figures Neal did this beforehand but her feelings for him are rocky at best; not only did he betray her, the bastard got her pregnant!

What kind of thirty second man does that?!

*Afterglow baby*

With everything that’s happened to this point Emma decided to change her life around, the straight-narrow kind and became a bail bondsman and she did that for a decade.

Now with her backstory finished this will now be broken to her character interactions.

Emma & Henry

One of Emma’s key figures in her life along with finding her place to call home; he is the child she gave up and his name is Henry.

The inquisitive kid was able to locate her along with informing her that he was the child she gave up. Granted he seemed perfectly fine with it given he was 10 at the time.

It’s shocking to discover a kid pop up on your doorstep, especially on your 28th birthday. It seemed to not be coincidence given she did make a wish on her cupcake candle of not wanting to be alone.

Kid soon tells her that she is needed to break a curse. Emma is stunned and immediately says he needs to go home however Henry didn’t want to go without her. He pretty much strings her along with the fact he’s a kid and the authorities could think she kidnapped him.

Yeah, don’t you hate it when kids use logic?

He soon explains the mysterious Storybrooke and how the residence are actually fairy tale characters brought into this world by Regina, the Evil Queen and his adopted mother.

Emma doesn’t believe this and thinks he has an active imagination but she does take him back home. Upon meeting Regina and the fear she has afflicted in the town, Emma decides to stick around but more for Henry’s sake than the residence.

She does go along with his plan and thanks to him Emma is able to start helping out in the town, as a bystander than a deputy sheriff to head sheriff after Graham, the huntsman, died after Regina killed him by crushing his heart.

Emma does grow close to Henry, given that is her kid and he too her but there is doubt within her heart. She gave him up because she felt that she wouldn’t be a good parent and seeing how Regina treats him she can’t help but wonder what if.

The duo does get in some trouble and at first it did start as make-shift friendship until they do grow close. Henry does see Emma as a mother just like Regina which adds conflict to the two women’s interactions but the core of the matter; they would do anything to make sure Henry is safe from the goings on in Storybrooke.

This is proven true in the season 1 finale where Henry, to prove that everything in he is saying is true, eats an apple turnover made for her by Regina and ends up in a coma.

Emma goes through his belongings and finds the storybook, one of his treasures and what revealed to him about the secret of the town. Upon holding it Emma instantly sees all the images of the tale and how it shows proof that she is indeed the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

The birth of the savior has arisen!

She has helped the residence of this town in small ways which might have started out as a ripple but now made a conceivable wave!

Emma soon attacks Regina and demands she admit the truth about everything!! Regina tries to say that she needs to be there for her son but Emma slams her against the wall! I liked this cause after the frustrating shit Regina pulled it’s as if Emma is channeling all the fans rage at that instant!!

Soon they go to Gold who reveals there is a way to save the young man but it’s buried under the town. Emma does go and he gives her Charming’s sword; her father’s blade.

Even though she is reluctant to use it along with the fact everything is true she goes down there and battles Maleficent in dragon form.

The battle is pretty straightforward; she’s dodging and hiding pretty much. I mean she was raised in a logical world where science is the norm and magic is fantasy. But when she figures a gun isn’t doing the trick, Emma uses her sword and in a cool moment throws it to pierce the black dragon’s heart and Mal turns to dust!

After getting conned by Gold, Emma unties Regina and the latter snaps about letting the imp get that magic object! The duo is soon alerted about Henry and rush to the hospital where they need to give their last goodbyes.

Regina, of course, has to go first and then it’s Emma’s turn.

She doesn’t know what to say, the time they spent was up to a year and even though it was short she does love him as any mother would and kisses him on the forehead.

That one moment was all that was needed given the curse lifted! True love’s kiss broke the curse of 28 years! Emma succeeded in her destiny as the savior to break the curse!!

This shocks her as Henry gasps loudly and is proud of her. She is happier he is alive but soon it dwells that she broke the curse and this would be the game changer!

Season 2 sees her and Henry separated for a while given she and her mother are sucked back to the post-Enchanted Forest. Henry is pretty much a focal point for Emma to get back to him. He is also a key point in figuring out where they are given the curse he was put under made him be in a certain place with Princess Aurora.

The second half details the duo finding Gold’s son and it’s Neal!

Henry bonds with his dad but he also grows distant with Emma for a while due to her lying about his dad! Emma is torn by this and regrets this action. The two eventually heal and upon the finale of this season Emma has to tell him about what happened to Neal.

But soon Henry is kidnapped and taken to Neverland by agents of Pan. This incorporates to season 3 where Emma, Regina, Snow, Charming, Hook and Gold try to save Henry


This part of the story shapes all the characters along with some of Henry’s own insecurities about Emma. It’s revealed by Peter Pan that Henry does hold anger and resentment to Emma for giving him up which she doesn’t believe but eventually accepts. She did do that as her parents did to her.

However love proved true as after all the adventuring the adults are able to save Henry.

Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the end of it; at the end while traveling back to Storybrooke Peter switches bodies with Henry and no one is the wiser except Emma who feels something is different.

This is pretty cool as even though she didn’t raise him she had an instinct that something was wrong, unlike Regina, who was thinking Emma wanted him for herself by giving the warning.

The truth is revealed and Emma asks Pan (who is really Henry) a personal question that he knows and answers with flying colors. That was all that was needed for the hugging moment between the two.

After that the two are offered a chance to live together since Regina had to break the curse to send all the residence back to their world. This made Emma want to go with them but couldn’t do to being raised in this one along with Henry being born here as well. Regina offered to give them fake memories; where Emma didn’t give up Henry.

Even though it was a fake it gives us a time of reflection of what would have happened if Emma never gave up Henry. Of course they are soon called back to Storybrooke when the infamous Wicked Witch of the West makes her appearance and everyone returns a year later!

Emma was very strict during this period with Henry of not wanting him involved given that he had no memories of his real life along with he was getting antsy about being in a weird town he knew nothing about.

Emma snaps at him that every choice she does is because she is his mother and this leaves him speechless (along with her parents and Regina). This proves her commitment to her son.

Eventually he does remember and with the coming of Emma’s soon to be sibling, Henry wanted to stay. She didn’t want too on the other hand. With Zelena dead (for the moment) it seemed like Emma would whisk Henry out of their home but in the 3rd season finale she winds up with the past along with the storybook, which is now blank thanks to an action she did.

Emma and Hook do return to the present after fixing destiny and she soon tells Henry that they aren’t going anywhere. She puts it best when she discovers what she truly wanted when she and Hook were in Rumpel’s dungeon where he put unpredictable magic.

Emma Swan: You don’t have a home until you just miss it.

We soon see somewhat less interactions between the mother and son except for when Emma’s magic was unstable due to her own self-doubt.

Henry tried going to her hoping that he could do something for her but a powerful blast pushes him back which leaves her distraught. By that she makes a premature choice to getting rid of her powers. Of course that doesn’t happen thanks to Elsa and importantly Emma herself.

The Queens of Darkness caused havoc and Cruella kidnaps Henry which puts Emma in “tiger mom” mode. She does get him back but at the cost of her own mental disposition.

Even with all the changes going on her bond with Henry does remain strong and this is proven when the author and Gold change reality; where the villains get the happy endings and heroes are bad guys. When Henry is able to get inside the book he does try finding Regina but she doesn’t really believe him about his reality but does tell him of a certain savior. He goes there with Hook and saves his mother.

Emma is overjoyed that he found her. There adventure in the book continues as they stop the makeshift ending from the author to come to pass and Henry being made the new author. She is proud that her son was able to fix things.

Emma and Henry’s interaction is a good symbol in the show; where you can be given a second chance at something and despite the bumps in the road it can be worthwhile!

Emma & parents

Her parents are another important factor in her life along with what the passage of time can do to a family.

As mentioned they gave up Emma and they don’t see her for 28 years until she appears in Storybrooke where they are living different lives. For the majority of the first season they have interactions but as friends or assocites.

However she does grow fond of Mary Margaret (Snow White in this world) and become roommates.

They do discuss about sex and the stuff going on in their lives when it came to Mary Margaret having an affair with David (Charming) after he woke up from his coma. The two do have some resemblance with coco mixed with cinnamon along with how they bond.

Emma does see Mary as a friend at first and a key part is when the mad hatter kidnaps them. That’s when it’s discovered that old parts of Snow’s life are still a part of her when she kicked him out a window to the shock and awe of Emma!

Emma: Do you take tae bow or something?

Mary Margaret: I don’t know; I think it was just instinct!

After the curse is lifted from the residence Snow is ecstatic that she remembers everything along with that her daughter has come back and saved them all! Mother and daughter soon wind up in post-Enchanted forest where they experience highs and mostly lows of their relationship; Emma is Snow’s daughter but due to the curse the latter never aged so they are physically the same age.

Snow does show regret of the circumstances, she wanted to raise Emma and see all of her life but she was denied that by Regina’s curse and it shows through the interaction. Emma isn’t used to someone putting her first and grows distant with her with Snow still holding out for hope. The bridge is slowly mended but Emma still does call her by her name along with David.

David’s interaction with Emma is pretty small at best as you don’t see it much in the first two seasons. Yeah, you know he loves her but it seems their bonding came at crisis moments and not like Snow’s moments with her.

In season 4 however there is an episode dedicated to Charming as he also has the same fears as Snow; wanting to be a part of her life.

He is her father and doesn’t know the line of what he can cross with her; she is an adult but I think more of him is in Emma’s blood. You see how Emma can be fearless and stubborn so I think she gets that from David! The two are straightforward as well and Emma isn’t afraid of getting dirty, which would make any dad proud of his daughter.

The parents together though it is interesting along with frustrating with Emma; when it came to her magic Snow was pretty much the deciding factor of worrying about that while David was pretty chill about it.

I found it very mean how Snow treated Emma during that time thanks to what the Snow queen (Ingrid) said to her. She needed her parents to accept that but they couldn’t (more of Snow carrying that hammer) so you can see they are adjusting along with being new parents to there just born son, Neal.

*In a nutshell*

There past sins also come to head in season 4 part B where it is revealed the extremes they went to make sure Emma never turned dark when she got older; they placed the potential darkness from her and put it in Maleficent’s baby (which was a dragon’s egg).

Emma was beyond livid and cut out her parents for doing that do her in the womb. They endangered another life especially about the ethics behind their reasoning, that just because a baby is born to someone bad they assumed the baby would be bad as well.

For that I can agree that they let prejudice blind them. As the quote by Regina goes, “Evil isn’t born; it’s made!” and it holds water.

This sets the tone after that but like everything they found their way back to each when Emma forgave them both.

Another note; Emma eventually starts referring them as mom and dad. I do like how this goes with them and it shows that no matter how old you get your parents will always be a factor in your life.

Emma & Regina

Fire and oil is how you can describe these two’s interactions and development. One is the biological mother who gave up a baby while the other is the adopted mother who raised him. These two have butted heads from the get go.

Given Regina’s history with Snow White it is not surprising that she has issues with Emma along with the latter being the savior and the one who can break the curse. Regina was aware that a savior would come but didn’t know who it was until Gold tips her off.

Regina did everything in her power (the non magical kind) to get her out of the town and away from Henry however Emma grew up in this world along with dealt with growing up without parents so she is more than a match. Sure, it seemed that the first season favored Regina and her connivining ways but the blonde wonder also showed her grit by sticking to her path and eventually does break the curse.

Season 1’s ending came to point when Henry’s life was endangered and Emma dragged the truth out of Regina to admitting everything. Season 2 was the starting point of Regina’s redemption and Emma accepting her as a factor in her son’s life as well.

The two do share similar traits which makes them good comrades; when it came to stopping a powerful blast of energy from destroying a town to the two combined their magic to cause an eclipse to get to Pan’s hideout in Neverland but Regina’s trust issues and other assets prove to put a halt on things. Emma isn’t afraid to refute some stuff that Regina does. Regina does have a tendency to place blame on Emma for various things even though they aren’t justified.

*Season 3 where everyone figures out what Zelena’s plans are*

*Regina speaking to Snow*

Regina: That means you would have never been born!

Emma: And I’m guessing this is where your help ends?

That was a well needed burn! Come on, no matter if you are a Regina fan, we all were thinking that!!

As time goes on however Emma and Regina do reach an understanding with the savior promising to help her get the happy ending she deserves. Regina is a cynic about it but goes along with it.

At the end of season 3 however it is what you can consider a reset; Emma brought back Marian from the past (unkowngly) which made her and Robin reunite.

Regina tore Emma a new one for doing something she wasn’t supposed to do. Season 4 did see Regina reverting to her old ways of getting rid of her competition for Robin but once again Emma swore she would find her ending.

The interactions are strained until they battle a snow monster made by the Snow Queen; Ingrid. The two prove their powers are a good combination along with the blonde telling Regina she considers her a friend.

This changes Regina’s tone quickly given she’s never had friends before. I have to roll my eyes given it took Regina that long to figure it out?! Soon Emma is made aware of Henry and Regina’s plan of operation Mongoose and she is part of it.

Regina does prove her worth when it came to Gold revealing to Regina that Zelena is still alive and masking herself as Marian. She actually stands up to the imp with an impressive rebuttal.

*Season 4*

Regina: You made me a monster; but I won’t let you do the same to Emma!

Kick ass right?

Another milestone is after the incident with Cruella; Regina helped Emma with dealing with her “darkness” and giving her the pep talk needed when it came to them finding Lily and almost about to kill her.

Regina: Put the gun down Swan. If you pull that trigger you will be the one who ruins your life this time. And Henry’s, your parents and everyone ele’s!

Yeah I’d say this is another redeeming factor for Regina and putting someone else first.

And the grand finale of season 4 is a biggie; Emma sacricing herself to protect Regina from the darkness.

Regina: No! There has to be another way!

Emma: There isn’t, you’ve worked too hard to have your happiness destroyed!!

These two represent that enemies can, at times depending, find some common ground and have a decent friendship. No matter what though Regina and Emma’s bond will never be easy but there is always light in darkness.

Emma & villains

Even though she is reluctant about her status as the savior, Emma is committed (even to a fault) to end any that threatenen the happiness of those she loves and protects. And that comes true with the villians.

With Gold and her interations with him Emma has no doubt that he is a trickster but even she can have the rug taken from her when it comes with him. He knew of her coming thanks to his claiyvoance and made many plans that incorpated her.

In a way Gold/Rumpel made the savior possible with using Snow and Charming’s love to make the dark curse and she, being the product of true love (along with her baby brother) is the only on that can break the curse.

Of course they are family (in a way) given she had a relationship with Neal (Rumpel’s son) and had Henry, making him the grandfather of Henry. Gold never underestimates Emma (at times) and has stated (in not so many words) that she is a worthy adversary given her own lineage and deductive reasoning with being in this world.

He has tried making her go dark and it never came to head thanks to the heroes but at the season finale of 4 that has changed. Rumpel is the dark one and he has accumulated power for centuries (how time works in the Enchanted forest is beyond me) and that same darkness is what went to Emma. So he did accomplish it but not in the way anyone expected.

Emma has dealt with Captain Hook (a villain but not evil), Peter Pan, Zelena, Ingrid and the queens of darkness & Lily.

Even though she has reformed some (Hook and even Ingrid) the trio of women proved to be a little more tactful with what they did; especially with Cruella De Vil and how she pushed Emma too far to the edge.

Ingrid or as I love to call her “Dairy Queen” is personal for Emma given she met her as a kid. Emma did love Ingrid but, as mentioned, it didn’t work. When it came with Ingrid Emma did clash with her and the two went back and forth until the truth was revealed about Ingrid’s past. Even though (spoiler alert) Ingrid died in the end, her actions were never out of evil purposes. She wanted what was best for her “sister” (in magic sense) and was happy being laid to rest.

*What you call me?!*

Peter Pan was straightforward; he kidnapped Henry which brought the wrath of mothers/grandma on his ass.

Yeah Hook, Neal, Rumpel and Charming were there but come on, the women ran that ship!

Lily soon comes into the picture and she is the opposite of Emma; she is the darkness to Emma’s light (literally) due to Em’s parents putting the darkness in her. Lily and Emma did clash as adults and currently they reached a truce.

*Sizing each other up*

This whole storyline was confusing given that even though “the darkness” in Emma went to Lily it doesn’t fully hold water given the savior has made bad deciesions growing up.

Wheather it is “darkness” in an actual sense or figurative is up to interpretation I guess.

Emma’s choices/magic

Emma grew up in our world but it shaped her to the woman she is. Even with all her noble intentions she has made bad calls when it came to various things in the past 4 seasons. She is stubborn, snarker, close minded and can hold a grudge.

She also isn’t the most open person which makes it hard to get close to her. Given she wasn’t raised by her parents she grew to depend on nothing but herself which is cool but bad at the same time. Emma has a hard time asking for help from loved ones.

Emma also reverted to childish behavior when it came to dealing with what her parents did to her; she wasn’t like herself and denouanced them for a couple of episodes before reconiling with them.

The blonde has also neglected the fact she has magic for a time. When Regina trained her Emma did make a joke about it which proved she isn’t open minded. She has a vast amount of potential and yet she has let it go to waste for all this time?

Of course eventually she does learn to use it. Which brings this to her magic; her innate powers are light and the strongest one there is.

Emma has had a hard time grasping her magic though in the beginning and grew to fear it after Ingrid laid the ground work for her doubting herself and causing those around her (namely Snow White) to fear her.

That was the fuse for Emma to deciding (foolishly) to try and give up her powers which doesn’t go as planned thanks to Elsa (more on her in a bit).

With enough practice (which by the middle part of season 4 she has practiced to conjuring a decent page) she can be up to par with Regina in the magic department but needs more battle experience.

Her magical blasts non-withstanding I would like to see Emma tap into her greater resources of her magic, to be honest. By Henry’s observation he calls Emma “the strongest user of magic in the hemisphere” by the end of season 4.

Emma and allies

Emma has made friends and allies of the residence of Storybrooke; she helped out Cinderella when it came to her deciding to keep her baby and have enough grit to standing up to what she believes in, Hansel and Gretel finding their father, Riding Hood and her own issues with her granny, the dwarves, Blue, Tinkerbell, Gepetto and August (Pinnochio) and the other residence she could have possibly helped off screen.

She is their hope but Emma gives them the courage to stand up for themselves and that’s important. She does interact more with Grumpy, Granny, Red, Jimeny at times.

I believe her most important bond comes from Elsa from Frozen.

*The cold bothered Emma anyway*

The two understand each other given they have magic and just learning to deal with it. Elsa and Emma could be like sisters given they have blonde hair as well.

I know that’s a weak point but give me a break!

There bond is shown in a good view in the first part of season 4 where Emma is helping Elsa deal with this world along with find Anna. Emma is quick to defend the ice princess from Regina and the choices she makes and even though she is morbid about holding out hope for the search she sticks by Elsa regardless as any good friend would.

Elsa helps Emma understand the value of loving and accepting every part of herself when her magic went berserk. Her power doing that was a reflection of Emma’s heart of not caring about it and finding an outlet to get out. After a tender moment of Emma trusting Elsa to hold her hand (and it gave me feels on there bond) the savior’s power calmed down.

Everything comes to a close when Elsa, Anna and Kristoff return to their world not before Elsa and Emma hug. I was saddened to see them part given I could see more adventures of the two growing as friends. I do hope she makes a guest appearance down the line.

Emma also has a baby brother that she adores. Given all the bad guys running rampant it seemed she never seen with him much (given he’s a baby) however when Ingrid’s curse came sweeping through the town her parents trust the safety of Neal to their oldest daughter so I liked seeing that.

I can see Neal (baby) looking up to his cool older sister and who knows, he might have magic too?

Emma’s love life

Emma’s love life is not the smoothest; she got pregnant by Neal who left her, had Graham until he died by Regina and even a potential suitor with August (Pinochio) but they have a symbolic brother/sister relationship.

Her and Neal is what everyone says as the first love. They had their share of ruff patches but have said they loved each other but their story doesn’t have a happily ever after. It felt like fate was more involved with that circumstances.

Emma has admitted that he was a great love and she will never forget him.

Hook on the other hand (and fan favorite for the ship fans) is, I feel, great for Emma.

They met in season 2 and even though their relationship is antagonistic Hook does fall in love with Emma. This put everyone in a tizzy given he is a pirate but that could what the blonde needs.

Come on, even though Neal is “Mr. Right” for the next door neighbor kind of quality, Hook gets her in a different way.

Yeah I’m biased with those two together so forgive me. She also calls him his real name, Killian, overtime.

As mentioned Emma has been burned by love so it’s hard for her to open up but seeing her enjoy the time with Hook is great seeing. The two have very good chemistry with one another and Hook as indeed stayed on the good side thanks to Emma.

However with the finale in 4, we have to see if that will hold. I know he will do everything he can to save Emma but will it come at the expense he makes foolish choices?

I believe these two will find a way since I believe they are destined for one another. Yeah it’s a cop out but Neal damaged Emma for love!

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

And no, I do not believe in the fandom for Emma/Regina.

Not sure why that caught on but seriously you see for yourselves they are straight; let’s not change their orientation. Nothing wrong with same couple pairings however these two together? They are just friends.

 Emma’s character

As a whole I stick by Emma Swan through thick and thin. Though I question her choices I do find the good in the long run (her bringing back Marion for example) she is the savior and wants to help people.

Even if the choices are damaging she finds a way to improve it and make things right.

I don’t believe Emma is “lack luster” as a character for the show. Sure I have friends that think she’s nothing and “she’s got nothing on Regina” and that’s cool for an opinion but let’s not deny that Emma is anything but a “Mary-Su”.

*Savior got a sword!*

She makes her own way without needing a man and has grown considerably.


Yeah she ignored Regina’s warning about magic; so what, Emma grew up in a world where science and rational thinking is the norm! And it’s that wit that has slapped the fairy tale characters in the faces do to common sense!

I don’t agree with the writer’s way of dealing with Emma’s portrayal in the Queens of Darkness scenario though; they completely forgot the fact Emma could have made the gun come to her hand with magic and that would have avoided her killing Cruella.

Along with the holding grudge thing but again, she doesn’t know how to deal with parents given she wasn’t raised by them.

Just because she’s “no Regina!!” doesn’t mean she is lacking in anyway. I think Emma has a subtly way of changing things for the better and her character is one of unification; she is a single point in the lives of everyone (not Henry…sorry).

She stumbles and falls but isn’t that what being a person is all about? We can grasp like if fairy tale characters come from another world but not how they live given we don’t know how they do the things they do, like magic.

Her portrayal is logical thinking and stubbornness’s which incorporates well into the whole story along with her becoming the new dark one for season 5, we will see how she will develop more.

I hope you enjoyed this blog of my favorite character. If you want some Regina love, I dedicated a blog about her on my blogpage!

Until next time “ugly ducklings”, this is JGoten30 signing off!

Later days!

*Take care of yourselves out there ugly ducklings!*