What’s up readers? I’m Jeff and I’m going to do a little review of the recently released Marvel movie, Ant-Man!

*The world just got a little smaller*

So what is there to say about this tiny treasure of whimsy? It’s Marvel’s 12th movie as a whole and an unexpected one since I never thought there would be a movie about him.

This is part of Phase 1 or pre-phase 2 of Marvel movies coming out the next couple of years.  What we thought would be single movie in it’s own universe, like Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, it was a big frenzy when it was revealed that these characters would eventually make The Avengers, which came out in 2011.

*Together we stand*

This linked up the entire movies that came out previously and it was fun!! With Joss Whedon, king of the nerds and Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator, doing the directing of the film it was revealed there would be an Avengers 2, which met with similar, if not minor, success as a whole, with Thor 2 & Captain America, the Winter Solider, set before A2.

Ant Man takes place after the Age of Ultron, which set the tone of the movie with clearnly placed Easter Eggs.

*Divided we fall*

But before I get into my review, I got to add some fun stuff!

While I wasn’t really planning on seeing it given it was Ant Man and even though I knew about him from comics, along with 2 of the ones who held that title (Hank Pym had it first before moving to Yellow Jacket than Goliath to Giant Man, and Scott Lang, who holds it currently) Ididn’t see much value in just shrinking or getting big but decided to give it a chance.

In my review of Avengers 2, I mentioned I went to see it with a good buddy of mine Mike or as he goes by on Twitter, @mmorse1017, we made plans on seeing it and on the opening weekend which made it even more cool.

So we both met up at a nice movie theater in Arlington and had it. Now I’ll get started with the movie review and my own personal experience with it.

To begin the film we begin in 1989 where we see Hank Pym, played by Michael Doughlas, in a SHILED building with two other central people, Peggy Carter and Howard Stark and it is explained that Pym severed ties with the secret agent group due to him discovering a particle that could shrink l dubbed”Pym Particles”, which he explained could cause chaos in the world.  They are what make objects and apparently people, shrink to the size of an ant but Pym wasn’t telling them how he created the formula.

After knocking out some jerk who said something, which was funny and made me and Mike laugh, he walked on out. 

An added note detailed the possibility of a man doing missions while the size of an insect with super strength which became an urban legend but Hank denied that as well.

I like to add that was one easter egg given we see Peggy Carter, since she stars in the recent hit, Agent Carter, which got slated for a second season.

*Secret Agent Gal*

Move 20 some years later and we meet Scott Lang, played by Paul Rudd. Yes, THAT Paul Rudd from Clueless and other films that deal with his tongue and cheek sense of humor.

*He played Claire (Alica Silverstones’) step-brother*

He’s in a brawl with some black dude and it looks like some animosity but really it was a goodbye fight; Scott got some cred while being in the slammer after committing a heist.

That’s right our main character is a former criminal but is trying to turn his life around…but it ends up being hard for him given he has a record and we all know how that is hard in this day and age.

Scott is also a father and loves his 5 year old daughter, Cassie Lang (who goes by Stature later in the Marvel comics) and wants to do her proud but is met by opposition from his ex-girlfriend’s new fiancé.

The fiancé is a jerk and I actually wanted Scott to punch him in the nads!

Movie soon shifts to him and his group of friends, who also have records for doing some shady business.  These guys bring humor into the movie, especially the hispanic guy with his voice overs of telling Scott how he got information.

An added note T.I, the rapper, is in the movie playing one of Lang’s gang and he’s actually good in it. I don’t listen to his music but I give him mad props.

I don’t want to spoil anything more so I’ll give some synopsis. Hank does have a daughter with Janet, Hope Van Dyne, and she’s rather fearless in this movie.

*Don’t mess with, ok Scott?*

She actually trains Scott in self-defense and actually reminds me of Black Widow with the move she did.

 *You spin me round-round-round baby*

Her performance by Evangeline Lilly is done splendidly. I enjoyed her reactions to Scott’s playfulness along with her interactions with her father, which is an added plot (especially in the last scene).

There is an explanation about Janet Van Dyne being “The Wasp” and I was happy that was part of the movie, even though it was a flashback.

The bad guy in the film is Hank Pym’s former disciple, Darron Cross, played by Corey Stoll, starts the main plot of the film in trying to unlock the secrets to shrinking and using it for military warfare.  He has a relationship with Hope but the audience knows that she is just using that as a way to spill info to her father and Scott.

As bad guys go he wasn’t the best and quite frankly…he was lack luster. Granted he was entertaining to continue the plot but nothing else. And I’ll sand down the fact he experimented on baby goats while trying to break the code to shrinking (that hit me right in the feels).

The character is an important for the Ant Man comics but I neglected to look up the history of sad person cause I’m lazy.

Another good moment deals with Ant Man going to the new Avengers headquarters due to it being a former Stark Warehouse…and that’s all you will get from me. That scene holds up.

The graphics were one of the main highlights of the movie, besides the humor, and at times it felt like you were on an acid trip for the most part. Action is decent and can get away with it given the exposition. It’s no Avengers battle scenes let alone Thor but like I said it can deal.

There are plenty of goodies of reference involved however which was really cool to hear or see. I actually had to ask Mike about seeing Peggy Carter and some random other tidbits as well.

I did enjoy the movie and if you are looking for some laughs then that’s to go to movie. 

Paul Rudd is a good Scott Lang and I have full confidence he will do well in the Marvel universe movies.

He and Evangeline have signed up for multiple appearances so don’t be surprised if you see a sequel down the line. I’m kind of hoping for giant man to happen.

Having Mike there was a blast; it’s amazing what two men in their 30’s laugh and act like a couple of teenagers while “geeking” out over a comic movie.  Man, I actually made jokes this time around while watching the movie.  Yeah I’m kind of a troll.

So I think that does it. I will say that Ant Man will be involved with Captain America: Civil War, which I don’t think is a spoiler. If it is sorry but with how they (the director/writers) is trying to build the ultimate team (for Marvel studios) for the fight against Thanos in 3 to 4 years, they got to add more characters into the mix.

Marvel seems to be going strong with what they are putting out and Civil War will be great since that will be the turning point on where the future of the Marvel movies will take.

So this is Jeff, signing off.

Later days!