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Hey, what’s up readers?

I’m here today to blog about the end of the Fantastic Four comics. Yes, you heard me correctly; after 50 some years publications with 645 issues, Marvel’s first family of pioneers, saving the world and family unit has ended.

*The beginning of the end*

The news came out last year in 2014 when I first heard about it and I was very sad. As I mentioned in my blog about FF, they are my favorite team in all Marvel or in comics in general.

In 2014 I downloaded the bundle comics of the Fantastic Four when they appeared on Amazon since I have no comic books stores close to me and it was convenient. A total of 4 compiled bundles came out which is cool due them being a team of four. The last one came to Amazon a couple of days ago so I had to get on that.

Before I get into the overview and my last thoughts on it I have to say Marvel ending the title is rather surprising and not in good taste.

Sure the Fantastic Four haven’t had any big storylines since Johnny Storm died, the Future Foundation happened where Spider Man was part of it than a year or two later the blonde came back to reestablish the Fantastic Four or anything big like Avengers vs. X-men (except for the Thing who was on the Avengers side) but they still had interesting storylines from my perspective.

I’m not sure if the Fantastic Four grew lack luster for some fans or the fact that since Fox owns the rights to the team (and X-men) Marvel made the choice to end the line.

That’s just a rumor but I’m not sure I can dissuade the notion.

Besides the fact Marvel trying to get the Inhuman’s as “A” status due to them still owning the rights to that franchise and Agents of SHIELD bringing their existence to the small screen which surprised many comic book fans that a franchise coming on TV that was scheduled for a movie release (Inhumans movie is scheduled for 2018 or 19) it seems calculated.

Of course that could be my ire talking (which it is). I’m still lamenting that it ended.

A team that explored different dimensions along with saving the world from either Dr. Doom, Annihlus or Galuctus or some renegade Skrulls, it’s hard to believe that there won’t be the FF to continue to do what they do.

Now the comic has ended not the team itself; they are (will) still exist within the Marvel universe (even after Secret Wars 2015 ends sometime in the late summer/early fall) but won’t have issues out.

I’ll get to that after this overview! Let’s get started!

For this story it began in 2013 and the entire arc was written by James Robinson and illustration by Lenard Kirk.  I never pay attention to who writes any of the comic book stories (I’m ignorant, I know) but I found the writing good with the drawings of intriguing.

FYI I do know of or names of the “big time” writers (fathers of Marvel) like Chris Clemont, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko just to name a few.

Now given this is the teams’ last hurrah we have to find out why all this happened in the first place and it’s kind of straight forward so I hope I’m getting this right!

The first arc of this is called “The Fall of the Fantastic Four” and it begins with Susan Storm aka The Invisible Woman writing out a letter to Franklin and Valerie on the events that transpired when the family and team fell apart.

From what she says Reed was working on science stuff, Ben Grimm was in prison and Johnny Storm was parting up at clubs and bars but why?

A week or so before all that happened the FF were alerted to another crisis in Manhattan due to Fin Fan Foom rampaging; he’s a giant green dragon monster robot thing. I think he’s mostly an Avengers villain (way to fuck up Avengers).

The team keeps the big lizard distracted while Mister Fantastic gets some blaster that is attuned to the bodily structure ready.

Susan uses her force fields to protect the residence of the city from falling debris and multitasking keeping Foom contained (and joking about being a good wife) with the Human Torch using his flames to expand the lizards skin and Thing using his super strength to knock him out.

After that SHIELD comes to pick him with Reed wondering about the circumstances of the attack but soon states he could be over thinking it.

Oh Reed you never overthink anything in that big, rubbery brain of yours.

We soon zip forward to the Baxter Building where Reed and Sue discuss how Valerie has left home to stay with “Uncle Doom” due to the lies that her father said when the FF were on a “Family” vacation in the previous storyline about how their powers were acting up (which got resolved when it’s revealed that they inherited the powers of other versions of them due to unexpected death).

While Sue laments about Val a little the Future Foundation make their appearance causing mischief (something about Bentley making a chocolate ray gun) and the hilarity continues.

Ben is with Alicia and wondering if they should hook up once again with the blind sculptures also thinking the same thing and they share a moment.

For Johnny he was busy being vapid and starting some singing career (yeah it hurts).

Than in the middle of the night Franklin screams which alert Reed and Sue who check on him and the other kids with him proclaiming something is wrong…something is sick in the universe he made when the FF, Avengers and other non-mutant heroes went into during the onslaught event back in the mid 90’s.

I actually applaud the reference for that since it was big.

Anyway Manhattan is (once again) being attacked by weird bug like creatures and the FF, with the Avengers help fend off the invaders while Reed soon discovers how to get rid of them with something from the Negative Zone.

They have to spread the mutagen in the sky to get rid of them which Johnny does and goes supernova to spread the toxin but something unexpected happens; he is falling through the sky?

The 3 catch Johnny who soon reveals that his powers are gone. Mister Fantastic says he will find a way to get Johnny’s powers back which the blonde doubts since he couldn’t even figure a way to get Ben back to his human form except for one time in the year.

Life seemingly goes back to normal as Reed is doing more tests with Fang’s involvement along with the attack on Manhattan, Susan taking the Future Foundation to the bottom of the sea with Namor, Ben with Alicia worried for Johnny and flame head thinking about how he doesn’t have his powers.

That peace is shattered when the Frightful Four appear; lead by The Wizard with 3 from the Wrecking Crew (Thor baddies I believe?) and Johnny without his powers in the middle of it.

Johnny is about to do his patented “FLAME ON” but realizes he has no powers. Thing shows up than Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman, with her proclaiming “Nobody messes with my baby brother!”

The battle goes well until the bad guys get the upper hand and than the intervention of the sub-Fantastic Four (Ant Man, She Hulk and Ms. Thing) help them out with the Frightful four.

I’d like to add during that Future Foundation run Medusa was also in that team with her son, Aluha before she went back to lead the Inhumans.

Anyway after the teams beat Wizard and his tough flunkies (and more collateral damage) they head back to the Baxter Building and see a strange sight…it’s locked off by SHIELD.

The head, Maria Hill is there and slams them with a subpoena that they need to go to court!


This leaves the team shocked that they got “served” and the next day go to court where Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) is their defensive attorney.

It doesn’t go well, a guy named Toliver, being the one to press issues over the course of the years of the FF history; from Reed using a flare gun get the team to him and having the Ultimate Nullifer, Ben getting angry and throwing a taxi cab that put a guy in a depressive state due to that was all his money, the hulk fighting him, Johnny’s connection with the Inhuman, Crystal and how the FF didn’t alert the authorities that they knew where they were, Susan’s time as Malice which caused her fare share of damage and her link with Namor and his armada of almost starting war with the air breathers.

He also issues Reed and Sue of being negligent parents due to the fact that their only daughter is with a man like Dr. Doom and chose to go with him.  Reed tries saying that Val is very smart and Victor would never hurt her but (and I agree with this) Toliver refutes saying “Mr. Richards, your daughter is still 3 years old!”

Many things are brought to light by Toliver to bring them lower and lower. From the various invasions from the Negative Zone, temper tantrums, etc.

Susan whispers to Reed about the property damage and saying how they shouldn’t have left some stuff with the lawyers of emotional damage for some stuff they might have done which Reed agreed whole heartily.

After the trial it was issued that the children be taken away which Susan almost beat the crap out of the lady wanting to take them away from her.

The Baxter Building was also closed off to them due to the “dangerous” stuff Reed worked on with all their clothes and stuff in their.

The Avengers appeared (Steve Rogers is still Captain America at this time) came to make sure they didn’t get anything from the building.  Reed and Johnny are taking it with stride (if not anger) but Sue is in a different position.

Not only could she get her valuables she lost her children, the ones she swore to protect and goes postal on the Avengers. Yes, she single handily brought down that team (even though they didn’t go all out but still note worthy) before she comes to her senses.

I believe some days past after this. Again during this arc other events were going on with the other Marvel comics, one in particular “Who killed the Watcher” in which someone killed old big head and some bad buy has one of his eyes and releases a pulse bomb of “truth” to expose all sorts of dirty secrets and Ben was helping out the Avengers at this point and got something revealed to him.

He visits Johnny at some house and threatens his life. Why you ask? It is shown in a flashback in the early days of the FF that Reed did make a device that could have reversed Ben’s transformation to go back on and off again!

Johnny was “flamed on” when he sat on Reed’s device when he went to retrieve Ben which altered all the data. After the device failed and blue-eyes left disgruntled Johnny revealed his fault on what he did.

Reed was furious and asked why he didn’t tell him; he could have fixed the problem and Ben wouldn’t be sad once again! He starts blasting his brother-in-law that while he still had his looks, Ben had to walk on pins and needles. This made Johnny tear up with Reed telling him that it’s fine and they wouldn’t tell Ben.

Ben was still furious on what the two kept from him and pretty much told him he never wanted to see him again! This left Johnny shaken.

Soon Ben got a call from Alicia who was frantic to come to her house, her father, the Puppet Master was there.

Soon Reed also got there per Ben’s request and Alicia explained what she heard. Reed had to squeeze into a metal door since that’ where Ben and the Puppet Master were last heard and this left Reed shocked; the puppet master was dead?!

Ben was soon sent to prison. Johnny was in his own funk; without his powers where did that leave him?

Reed and Sue were headed to a place called “Eden” on recommendation of Tony Stark where the science nerd would feel at home.

Mister Fantastic has to fend off the Salem 7 when Susan has upped and dispersed and would have been beaten until the Scarlet Witch helps him.  After the fight Reed soon dumps all his frustration; it’s been hard on him too being apart from his family, Ben in prison and he lost his confidence.

Wanda gives him sound wisdom that everything will get better which makes Reed wonder if Wanda is speaking in general or is seeing the future to his actual fate with a all that magic she has.

She doesn’t answer and vanishes…this is why fans call her the “the crazy witch”.

The Future Foundation were in SHIELD care with the first Human Torch would protect them. And back in New York Kyle Wingfoot with She-hulk discusses all the bad luck that’s befallen the FF.

They soon think it’s a conspiracy; not only with all the battles but the fact the courts got in the paperwork through the juridical system is also fishy.

With all that happening Susan takes an airship to invade Latveria to get back her only daughter from Doom.

While in Latveria Val is enjoying her time there and trying to help her “Uncle Doom” do more for humanity.  That is until her mother crashes the castle.

Dr. Doom is aware of what’s happening with Richards and the rest of his clan and insist that Susan leaves; she has nothing to give to Val given the legal situation of the other kids being taken under government custody along with reminding her it was Val’s decision to come to him.

Susan refutes that by saying “I want what’s mine!”

Being the generous host Doom soon ask to speak to the young Richards. Val soon states she wants to remain with Dr. Doom which is shocking to Susan!

The Invisible Woman tries sweet talking her daughter into coming back by saying she and her father are proud of what she is doing and tells her that she’s been unhappy with Franklin and the FF gone from her life.

Valerie continues listening until it’s revealed that was a doombot in disguise which put Sue in a tail spin! Her only daughter did that to her? Doom isn’t helping when he brings up what he’s offering to his “god daughter ” is a better situation for her at the moment.

The real Valerie shows up saying how her mom’s speech was moving but won’t go due to the fact that even though they are down now they will move on from this and what she’s doing with Dr. Doom is helping Latveria and will remain.

Now at this point (or even before) a parent would not let their own child talk like that of staying with someone else, let alone a 3 year old girl.

By this point Sue has had enough and with a firm look….well I’ll let Susan’s words speak for itself.

Susan: No your not! I’m your mother and you’ll do as I tell you to. I should have dragged you back the moment you got it into your head to run away (which she did) The trouble is you’ve been coddled. Sending a robot out to see me? What, were you too busy? You little brat! Did you learn that kind of behavior from ‘Uncle Victor”?  You’re father and I cut you so much slack–too much–because of your intelligence but let me remind you…YOU’RE THREE YEARS Old! you’re a kid!!!”

This soon starts a battle between her and Dr. Doom, who reminds Sue that she is a guest. That statement puts her even more on edge by declaring Doom as a “sociopath with a mother complex”.  Along with stating she didn’t forget what he did to her future-self (he killed her) and she hasn’t forgiven him of it even though he was part of the Future Foundation some years back.

Sue places Val in bubble and sends her flying away from the castle as world war mother was about to start and Val trying to race back to stop her mother from killing Doom.

The battle at hand destroys half of Doom’s castle with the Invisible Woman using the full extent of her fantastic abilities bestowed upon the cosmos all those years ago. She also diverts blast from the Latveria army to destroy parts of the village as well.

I have to say that the moves she’s doing at this point puts me in awe given she is a mother of 2 yet she keeps in shape. I’ll say Susan is 34 to be safe! LOL.

After awhile the battle ends with Susan actually claiming victory by putting an invisible force field in Doom’s armor and threatening to shatter it and him to death! She’s showing a sadistic nature that is unbecoming of her normal, kind personality?

Val soon appears and tells her she was acting weird. Victor confirms this with his magic in seeing another personae in her psyche. It was Malice after all this time?

This leaves Susan even more distraught; she almost killed Doom, brought upon destruction to his kingdom and decimated a village. She soon leaves broken hearted over what happened.

The Daily Planet put it best about the FF “The Fall of Camelot”, which it is.

Ben is in prison and dealing with the fact his powers are dampened by a collar and soon is met with Sharon Ventura, She-Thing. The two were once lovers. She reveals that she fell on hard times and he never called.

Ben feels like a heel and she soon says that she runs this joint.

Kyle Wingfoot tries figuring out more with the mystery of the FF but is met by an arrow by Hawkeye? What might seem to be his death card Spider Man saves him and takes him to SHIELD to get answers.

Soon the duo find Johnny to get his head out of his ass and start helping his family, powers or no powers. They start going over the situation with Johnny thinking something is amiss and goes see Ben at the maxim security prison.

The two stare each other down and Ben soon forgives Johnny over what happened at his makeshift house.

Thing: Told ya I didn’t wanna speak ta ya again

Johnny: Yeah but you were angry when you said all that. You still angry?

Thing: …Not at ya so much anymore.

Johnny: So you love me again, buddy?

Thing: Maybe.

Soon they discuss the goings on and Ben comes up with a plan to get him out of the prison but he’ll need help from Sandman, who is also in there and helped Ben while in there.

Back in Latveria, Val soon starts thinking on returning to her family; they needed her and she did miss them, even Franklin.

Doom accepts and gives her a ship to take back to New York (she can fly a ship due to her intelligence). What we think is a rehabilitated Dr. Doom was only for Val’s benefit. He pretty much used her for his own ends by making tech. He also revealed that her 3 year old naiveté was becoming tiresome.

Yeah Dr. Doom still a son of a bitch, even to his own niece/goddaughter.

Back on Eden Reed is figuring out the mystery as well along with the strange benefactor he is with, John Eden.  Stretch figured something was off with Eden and confronted him.

Eden soon turns out to be a fake as the real Eden appears; it was the assistant helping Reed in the lab! He knocks him out and soon put on a machine, stretched to the limit.

John Eden soon appears with the Avengers but alternate versions of them along with explain he has his kids; the future foundation, that ended up kidnapped from a secure SHIELD location where the Wizard is using AU Vision trying to siphon off Franklin’s vast powers with his clone/son Bentley watching albeit with hesitation.

He also is the reason behind all the string of events happening with the FF; manipulating everything in their lives up to this point.

Of course I have to stop him right there cause that really isn’t true; Eden couldn’t have known about Onslaught getting his hands on Franklin or the FF dying to be reborn in the kid’s universe or the fact the alternate version of Valerie came to the present as Marvel girl.

So yeah dude, you aren’t omnipotent. I give you some shots with bad guys but not the entire history of the FF (except for Psycho Man but more on him in a bit).

Back to Ben he is talking to Jennifer Walters and they begin their plan which relies on Ant Man to shrink to sub atomic size to use a pulse bomb to break the security systems for Ben and Sandman to escape; it goes off without a hitch and soon old blue eyes is free.

Sharon sees this and lets him leave, the two share a sad look.

When they get outside Medusa and the Inhumans are ready to retrieve and take them to a safe house in California where Susan and Johnny await to escape the prying eyes of SHIELD (Ben is technically a fugitive on the run).

Sue expresses her own failure not to be there with Ben while dealing with her own fall out which the big lug understands, he didn’t want to add to her baggage.

The trio soon discuss on how Reed is missing which Sue still believes her husband is alive.

Another reference is made where Ben states he remembers the whole deal with Hyperstorm and Reed being tossed in time where everyone thought he was dead but Sue and would believe what she said.

Johnny has a minor emo moment before our Yankee Street friend tells him to snap out of it, he’s still a part of the team and the duo are about to put on the red costumes.

Sue than grabs a suitcase with new outfits but not just any new colorful suits; blue ones! That’s right they are back to where it all began.

I think it’s nice being there biggest battle after all these years. To win back Ben’s freedom, to get back the kids and the family united along with figuring out John Eden’s end game!

*Volume 3 title is “Back in Blue!*

They get on their suits, with Susan cutting her hair to short, and head back to New York.

The story behind John Eden is revealed; he was a student at the same university as Reed but they never crossed paths back than. He loved Susan from the moment he met her, thinking about her, knowing she existed made him happy.

However he was always one step behind Reed. From getting the spare room at Sue’s aunts house to winning her heart when she and Reed dated. He saw those two everywhere he went and it drove him insane that he couldn’t be with her!

Reed is left speechless by the fact all this happened due to him getting Sue first?

John doesn’t deny this but won’t acknowledge it as well as he continues his story. He soon faded into the background (in a figurative sense) and started tinkering around with his creations (he’s a big brain as well), made shell companies of shell companies to have financial stability and made a facial reconstructor; which he could change his image to anything he saw fit.

He reveals his name as “The Quiet Man”. QM was also Toliver, the attorney to get all those charges with the FF to stick!

The dastardly man also reveals his makeshift Avengers; they are from Franklin’s pocket universe. They are the essence or former shells of that world and not really human. Or are they?

Eden (or Quiet man) soon tells him that he will use Franklin’s power to cause another invasion where Reed will be powerless to stop and when all hope is lost the quiet man will be the hero of the entire city.

Damn, he is insane.

Back to the kids Bentley is still kind of enjoying being by his “father” but the FF kids are sad that their friend won’t help Franklin. Bentley silence’s them by saying he always wanted to be a villain but his fellow FF still believe he will do the right thing.

The AU Avengers soon start an attack in the city which leaves police baffled, Johnny and Spider Man are doing recon while Ben and Sue head back to the Baxter Building…where the Avengers (our Avengers) and SHILED are waiting for them.

The volume ends with the Invisible Woman screaming “ABSOLUTE MAYHEM!!”

Whew, that’s quite the bit of typing I did but it’s not over.  Now we enter the last issues of the series and arc called “The End is Fourever”

Let’s get it started!!!

it begins with SHIELD and the Avengers stopping the Invisible Woman and Thing from entering the Baxter building.

By this time a new Captain America (Foster) has taken up the mantle and the Hulk is there (a smart one apparently), Namor there as well and Ben trying to keep the peace but Sue once again doesn’t want them stopping what they are trying to do and knocks them back with a force field.

Hell breaks loose with everyone attacking somebody, Sue makes the new CA her bitch, the first Human Torch is burning Hulk and Namor is fighting Ben (the winged man wanted to stop Sue as well).

As that’s happening Val comes flying in and sees what’s going on. What do you think she does?

I’ll give you a moment.

…she rushes into the mayhem and screams for her mother.

As a stray blast is accidently shot towards her by an incompetent SHIELD agent Jonny swoops in with Spider Man and rescues his beloved niece!

Soon Sue and Val reconcile which stops the fighting. The Avengers soon reveal they were looking into the stuff with the FF as well (yeah other characters were doing that and y’all come in all late?)

Val soon states she came back and gives her theory that the main root is Franklin and his powers along with needing to fix Frank’s nightmare which was spilling into reality.

Soon the Human Torch (1st) arrives at a average guys house needing his assistance with what is about to happen; they need the Sleep Walker.

Reed once again is talking to the Quiet Man and an exposition of all that transpired.

It’s also revealed that QM got Psycho Man involved in this which Reed considers as a clue. Finding out everything he needed to know Mister Fantastic proves why he’s just that by breaking free of his restraints with his enemy escaping.

Back with the Future Foundation Bentley proves where his loyalty lies; with the ones he considers his family and actually blast the AU Vision with his ray gun (which he revealed in the beginning of the story) which turns the AI into chocolate and freeing his friends.

The Wizard is baffled by this but not angry at his clone; he wonders if he had friends-no family like this would he have gone down the wrong path. The two acknowledge each other as the bad guy leaves.

Back on the streets the invasion of the broken universe continues with Ben and the Avengers holding them off as they battle the AU Avengers.

The Baxter building is packed with them about to get their plan started; Johnny and Wyatt gear up to hold the fort. Sue is soon introduced to Night walker for the first time (apparently Johnny, Ben and Reed know about him a little) and wonder if they can do this, they need Franklin for he is the key in all this.

Soon Reed appears which Sue is ecstatic to see him and Franklin and the other kids appear.

The team and family are back together but soon it’s down for business.

Reed soon explains what will happen; Sue, Franklin, Namor, Human Torch (1st) and Sleep Walker will go into the dreamscape of the omega mutant to fix the cancer there while Johnny and Wyatt be back up.

Mister Fantastic and Valerie will handle Quiet Man. The plan goes underway! Reed also tells the Future Foundation to stay in the Baxter Building for safety which Bentley agrees too until he and the rest go into the chaos to watch and try to help.

Johnny and Wyatt defend the Sleep Walker’s actual body from the swarm of monsters appearing.

More AU Avengers keep popping up, with an AU Scarlet Witch which would make things even more complicated for Ben until the Frightful Four make an appearance to help them in this time of need.

Reed and Val soon arrive where the father tells Val to remain in the ship which she does and goes to confront the insane man who started this.

Back with dreamscape team they arrive to the heart of Franklin’s dream world and everything is in a degenerate state, it really was sick.

Before they can do anything though a blast from the past shows up which shocks Susan; Psycho Man appears and he is a giant!!!!

Battles on all fronts is happening! The dreamscape confront Psycho Man who is revealed to have been working with QM and made this world his. The Invisible Woman confronts him, with an invisible mace to the face which shatters skin but is revealed to be a robot.

He soon uses his tech against Sue to start making her doubt. With encouragement from Namor however she is able to break free. Nightmare and Human Torch continue battling the remnants of the dreamscape while they tell Franklin to use his powers to fix it.

Only problem is Frank is getting gun shy.

The battle on Earth isn’t faring better until the Scarlet With (ours) appears and makes mince meat out of her doppelganger and comes with reinforcements; the Salem 7.

Reed confronts QM about his plant to be the hero and reveals to him a fatal flaw he didn’t think about. He soon tells Eden to check his calculations to close off the portal.

He goes to do so but is locked out. Reed soon explains that Psycho Man wouldn’t have helped him for nothing; he ruled an entire dream scape and wouldn’t let that be stopped his own machinations.

With Val’s help the genius soon figure out how to close it. Reed soon punches QM in the face.

As it gets hectic Sue tries to reason with Frank to use his powers until she gets hurt. Well that was the push the little guy needed as he told everything to “GO AWAY!!!”

That was all that was needed as the world starts breaking down in a white void and they dreamscape team have to escape since there was only little time the portal would stay open.

In a very cool moment Susan keeps Psycho Man from escaping with them with a 30 foot field to keep him contained.

Johnny gets some air time by saving the Human Torch for being trapped in the void and than a massive explosion happens with destroys the top of the Baxter building.

As the dust settles everyone wonders what happened to Jim and Johnny? Until we see that Jim appears to be in good shape and Johnny?

He got his powers back and is flying like nobody’s business!!

Soon the invasion stops with the AU Avengers and monsters dropping dead and the Quiet Man escaping to parts unknown.

Later on the same night the FF is lamenting the loss of their home (again) but Reed says they will rebuild once again.

Ben is clear of charges of murdering the Puppet Master; it was really the AU version and it was already dead by the time Ben got framed. The real puppet master was locked away by Eden and freed by Reed and Val.

Some more talking about being a family and it ends with Johnny doing the patented number four sign in the air for all to know the FF are back and will stay that way.


And that’s it, the complete tale of the end of the Fantastic Four line.

The last of issue (which is double sized) with side stories of Johnny not needing his “rock career” and having a past flame as his new girlfriend (not Crystal), Susan and Franklin having a moment about having the ones you love and rebuilding a home, Reed and Val having a mother daughter moment at the beach and Ben doing some clean up in the city while stopping some goons from robbing a bank.

It’s bitter sweet knowing that no more issues will be released but I can deal with it.

Now due to the current events happening in the Marvel universe the team and everyone in that place are dead.

Not joking.  After that issue there was something else happening called Incursion; when one world destroys another wiping out each existence.

Pretty much the Marvel universe had a gun pointed at it’s head and all the genius in the world tried finding a solution (The Illumanti they are called). From using the Infinity gauntlet which ended up destroyed all 6 stones shattered except Time, to using some cube and even trying to use Franklin to create another pocket universe; none held up.

This once again shattered the FF due to the fact Reed was part of that group and Steve Rogers (old now due to the serum in his body giving out) and after them for erasing his memories of them doing whatever it takes to save their world.

It’s convoluted so check Google if you want more of the story but the universe and the Ultimate one collide and both destroy themselves. Yes everyone, save a few, are dead.

Reed’s family died during the incursion and are now wiped from existence, he’s the only on from that team who is alive and was devastated when he couldn’t save them.

Secret Wars 2015 is still going all and all summer with a total of 8 issues and with the re-launch of Marvel in the fall/winter. The FF might not have their own comic but they will still exist or be involved.

From what I gather Ben will be with the Guardians of the Galaxy while Johnny will be with the Inhumans.

No word on what happened to Reed, Sue or the children currently.

The Fantastic Four might have ended it’s run but it will never be over for them.  I did enjoy reading this entire arc and I did have some problem with the drawings (one in particular with Valerie) but it’s all good.

The story had a decent pass and it did keep to some humor and more importantly; the family unit be it by blood or not (future foundation) and I hope sometime in the future the series gets another go at it.

To not make this all “feels” the new reboot of Fantastic Four is coming out this August!

*Looks awesome!!*

I’m very excited for this!!! The characters look awesome and their outfits are on point! The trailer is good too and fans were mighty impressed with it.

So after al there adventures it ends. May they live on through eternity.

This team will always be my top in any comic book I read and I have no regrets every getting into this.

Fantastic Four; I salute you!

Stay Golden!


*Black & White*

*In Red*

*Always better with blue.*