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Greetings readers!

I’m back and today I continue another character corner from a favorite show of mine, “Once Upon A Time” and it’s all about Regina Mills. Or as she is known in the Enchanted forest residents “Evil Queen Regina”.

*Welcome to Storybrooke. Now get out of my face!*

Previously I did a character review about Emma Swan and seeing how there are other characters that make this show I decided to do one an a fan favorite.

I call her a “fan favorite” given all the reviews and fans praise Regina’s character; someone who starts off innocent enough before life kicks her in the ass which conforms to the image of being “evil” with all her actions and what drives her.

Initially I had a black/white view on Regina given she was the main antagoinits, besides Mr. Gold, in the first and second seasons of the show. She’s what you expect, devious, manipulative and down right cruel to the ones that threaten her happiness.

She also has a tantalizing wit as well which adds to my love/hate relationship with her.

That is until I started learning more on her back story and character development and as someone who roots for the underdog, I started appreciating her as she is a leading power in the show besides Emma.

Before I start with her character review let’s begin on who plays the strong willed, dark haired beauty!

Lana Parrilla plays the witty queen of darkness nee twilight. I say that given how her character changes to the point that she might still be “dark” she is trying to achieve redemption which makes her “twilight”, a combination of light and dark.

*Think of her like Riku from Kingdom Hearts of stepping into darkness but finding the light.*

The actress has starred in various shows in her career, one in particular is “Spin City” where she played a secretary for one season. Along with 3 episodes in “Lost”, another  popular show (which I never watched).

She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, which adds to Lana’s portrayal of her character.

From what I read on Twitter sometime last year she is actually closest to Jared S. Gilmore (Henry Mills) who plays her son on the show as they took a picture with each other and it was awesome.

She is also married and a step-mother to her husbands kids.

Now with that time to start!!

*Regina Mills; cunning, confident and tenacious. Don’t fuck with her!*

*Enchanted Forest personae; Evil Queen; probably drown a bag of puppies. That hair and outfit is boss!*

The quote from our evil queen is, “Evil isn’t born; it’s made” and it’s true when you examine Regina.

Yes she has committed genocide on a small scale, made the kingdom’s residence miserable and tried killing her most hated foe, Snow White, but she wasn’t always like this (please no gasping).

Regina was born as royalty to Prince Harry and Cora, who was once a peasant girl.

*I want to make them bend down and watch as their knees crack on the cold cobblestones*

Growing up as Cora’s daughter was a downhill battle given she wielded magic (a trait that she passed down to Regina).  She wanted nothing but perfection from Regina and would do anything to keep power.

That word becomes a center point for Regina’s character.

Flash forward some years when our pre-evil queen was riding on horseback, which she taken a strong liking too, with the love of her life, Daniel, who was a stable boy.

She kept quiet of her secret relationship with him from her mother knowing she wouldn’t approve of her only daughter philandering with “the help”.

Destiny soon intervened when Regina heard the cry of a girl screaming for help and soon saw Snow White clinging to dear life. Regina immedietly went after her and stopped the horse.

This didn’t go unnoticed by Snow White’s father, King Leopold, who was the king of that land (not sure how that hierarchy of many kingdom’s in that world works) and was grateful to Regina.

Regina was just happy to have done the right thing (something she will regret in her mind later) and got to know the young and innocent Snow White and the king, who grew to love her.

While being wined and dined Regina grew uncomfortable with all the attention given she hadn’t seen Daniel in sometime along with the fact the king asked her hand in marriage which her vulture of a mother swopped in and said yes in her stead, and all Regina wanted was to live her own life.

*She kind of reminds me of Ariel in that respect of wanting to go out on her own.*

One night of feeling lonely and angry Regina snuck out of the castle to see Daniel. The two lovers longed for one another and Daniel soon proposed of taking her away from it all.

Regina was overjoyed by this but knew her mother’s wrath would be 2 fold.

*In a nutshell. Head into the shelter!!*

The two kissed but unknown to them little Snow White saw them and fled. Regina raced after the girl and tried to explain the situation.

Yeah sweetie that will work with someone who is either 8 or 10 years old.

Regina explained and had Snow promise not to tell a word to what she was planning on doing.

The day (or before) the wedding Snow was crying her little eyes out and like an angel of mercy (or vulture) Cora appears.

*I’m what the boogie man fears*

Snow soon reveals the info too Cora and she is beyond distraught; her daughter that she raised so she could get into power was going to throw it all away for the puny, insignificant, placid word for love?

Not in her house (castle)!

When Regina and Daniel were about to go Cora appears (it’s her go to motif) and is rather calm and says if she want to go with the stable boy and not make a name for herself (you know giving her the guilty speech) than so be it.

Don’t trust a snake. Cora, in not shocking turn heel move, rips out Daniel’s heart to the disbelief and sorrow filled Regina!

The love of her life is gone??? By the gods, how can they and fate be so cruel?

Regina lashes out that all she wanted was to be happy and she took it from her!!! Cora just brushes it aside like a boss and says the fabled words which will make up the 2nd season in a nutshell “Love is weakness”.

She soon reveals that Snow told her….yeah this is where Regina’s character turns to a stone cold, snarky-ass bitch.

Regina: …I should have let her die.

Her eyes were cold and her voice could cause terror in to one of those emo-teenagers listening to their dark, lonely music!

Regina soon started thinking of scenarios where she killed Snow but never did anything and became married to King Leopold and becoming “Queen Regina” to all the known land.

This isn’t where it ends though. She grew discomfort with her status and her mother’s dictatorship was becoming too hard to bear until a figure appeared to alter her destiny to the darkness.

*I’m here bitches and I am honored to be in this review!*

Rumpelstiltskin or “The Dark One” appears and reveals to Regina that he had trained Cora in the ways of magic, along with stated that she inherited an aptitude for it as well.

But in order for him to teach her, Regina had to get rid of her mother. Unknown to Regina, Rumpel and Cora had “history” in the past but ended up swindled by Cora at the end of it which left him bitter.

So he gave her a magic mirror for Regina to give a little push to Cora when the opportunity arised…and it did. And she felt great!

That’s when he started teaching her magic and boy howdy she got the hang of it. Of course I’m not going into the many shit Regina had to go through to get to her current platou but it’s pretty self-explanatory given she uses the dark curse to send all the residence of the Enchanted Forest to our world.

Regina wielded her authority as queen and magic with an decotant iron hand where she threatened anyone with burning them to bits or slaying people who looked at her the wrong way.

And like the fabled story of Snow White, Regina does send the huntsman to get her step-daughter so she could kill her due to the fact Snow broke the promise that could have spared Daniel his fate.

All of this over the fact she lost the love of her life. Regina would sink lower and lower with every transgression she made as queen.

But like everything in a fairy tail (with hardships and character development from the good guys) they succeeded in overthrowing Regina’s regimen.

Again I’m abridging some info but it’s self-explanatory on some ends if you watch the show or read the actual story to get a heads around it.

When that happened Regina fell on hard times. Even though she still lived in castle, any day Snow and her band of heroes would come and overthrow her. Even with cursing Snow and all her magic, David and Snow’s love proved unbeatable.

That is until good old Rumple appeared and gave her info on something that would give her exactly what she wanted; control and her happily ever after. That came as the “Dark Curse” which would torn asunder an entire area.

The curse happened on the day Emma was born and sent away before the curse hit the residence of the forest.

Once the dust settles, Regina is in a different place. A place where magic doesn’t exist. A place where dreams don’t always come true…our world.

Regina checked herself and saw she had a fancy for the pants suit and short, dominating hair. When she stepped out all of her enemies were unaware they were under a curse and she was the mayor and they tip-toed around her.

You’d think this would make her happy but as Rumple once told her before enacting the curse “Magic always comes with a price!”

That price was a hole in her heart; take it as a figuratively notion since her heart was still linked to her chest and by God she is good at taking out hearts.

She wanted a baby and no one was willing. This came to past due to one of the “frozen” time period when she met a boy and his father and got to know him (he becomes a focal point in the 2nd half of Season 2 as an adult) before Regina fucked it up.

Yes, Regina fucks up a LOT of her social interactions since feeling screwed over for too long in her world she would have her cake, eat it than slap it around for all the folk in Storybrooke to gawk.

Eventually with Mr.Gold’s help (Rumple in this world) used his underground connections to find a baby boy who was put up for adoption (ironically enough Emma’s son).

Regina tried her mantle. Sure she was oohing and ahhing at the baby, which she named Henry, which is significant since that was Regina’s father’s name but motherhood wasn’t easy.

Henry was a fussy baby and Regina didn’t know what to do. She snapped at people more often than she already did and Mary Margret (Snow, Henry’s grandmother) was the only one who could calm him down.

She would have returned him when she found out that Henry was the “Savior’s” son and she wanted no part of it.

Regina is aware of a savior ridding her of her curse on the residence of the town but soon had a change of heart that she would be all but abandoning her son.

With this act and to put her fears aside she used the little bit of magic she had bestowed upon her (it’s still finite in season 1) and made a potion in her vault and to erase her unease of the savior from her mind.

In this I can respect Regina in raising Henry. Coming from a single parent home with no father figure myself I greatly admired Regina for going it alone.

However no matter how much I can respect that, Regina still did all this do to a lost love. She lashes out without comprehending or caring that her actions have consequences.

Shift ahead 28 years later and soon Emma appears to change the status quo of the entire story and move time forward for the residence.

With Emma’s presence Regina is seeing the cogs of fate move as the savior continues helping the residence she abused or tormented in the Enchanted Forest.  Along with seeing Henry grow closer to his birth mother.

This has a profound effect on Regina’s character in the first season and a nice symbolic theme; nature vs. nurture.

The struggle still continues on for the next 3 years of OUAT where we see Henry in the middle of Emma and Regina’s feud.

There are points where it seemed like the first season favored Regina (to an extent) since her crimes went unpunished and I for one applauded when Emma punched Regina in the face.

Regina’s machniations continued from Emma to her feud with Mary Margaret and keeping her from Charming (David in this reality) and my heart ached for those two.

It’s justice for Regina since if she couldn’t be with the one she loved then neither should Snow.

Mostly her character was a whiny bitch in the first season but, once again, her motherhood proved true when it came to her son being cursed by an apple pie she made for Emma to eat but he ended up doing since he wanted to convince Emma that Regina was the evil queen.

Despite Regina’s many flaws I do believe (and proved true) that she is a mother even if not by blood when it comes to her interactions with Henry. He’s the one thing she dearly loves with all her heart and she was a major force in saving Henry from Peter Pan in the first half of season 3.

Regina’s character grows a little in 2nd season when it came to Emma and Snow being flung back to the post-cursed Enchanted forest as they tried finding a way home and the coming of her mother, Cora.

Regina still has her issues with her mother but it has been confirmed that all Regina ever wanted was her mother to love her. Cora wasn’t good on the “affectionate” mother but Cora just wanted what was best for her.

I forone thought Regina would always be evil and no form of redeeming her due to her callous, insensitive, sarcastic (which is funny), nature due to what had happened to her but soon I started seeing a person who truly wanted the one thing we all want; love.

Regina is a figure who is denied love and being loved by other people. She has little to no friends along with her magic makes her even more arrogant but behind everything (and I say this with reluctance) she embodies love in the purest sense.

Sure she’s a hard ass however she was dealt a bad hand by fate, circumstances, etc. But I wonder if she had a couple of people in her life would it have changed?

Would she have become this way if her own mother realized that having power is no way as satisfying as being loved?

Regina also relies heavily on magic to get her ways as well. Now I’m not saying she does it for house hold chores but more with getting her way.

Given that she was trained by Rumple it’s been confirmed to be one of the strongest practitioners.  She mostly treats her former master with contempt since during their time in Storybrooke there was a power play on who really controlled the goings on in the background.

Weather she is up to par with her teacher/foe/ally is speculation among fans and before Emma learned her magic from Regina, the snark wonder had her beat in that department.

Her interactions with the residence of Storybrooke and the main cast is interesting and strained all in one given people wanted Regina’s head on a platter.  Granted if that happened I’d have been part of it too; taking out of my world into another one?

She treats them like they are beneath her or with distrust. However Emma does learn to talk with her and for good or bad the two are linked by fate, circumstances and family due to the blood feud really began with Cora and Snow’s mother.

*Season 1 where Emma saves Regina when the former being a heartless bitch*

 The two eventually become friends down the line, to Regina’s shock since she’s never had a friend before.

*When Elsa is walking into town freezing the ground. Regina: Here we go again. Emma: Ugh really?!*

The Charmings and her began as a strained link due to the fact they (Snow and Charming) are heroes and Regina is a villain and the main one who tore them and their family apart to start all this.

She doesn’t think much of David (at first) but grows to accept his presence and with Snow…complex. Snow and Regina began with innocent awe but turned to hatred on what Snow did to Regina.

Granted Snow was a little girl and didn’t understand or knew how Cora was truly diabolical but Regina didn’t see it that way.

*Regina trying to convince Snow to eat the apple and sacrifice her happiness*

In a way that’s whens our sorcerous of darkness learned not to trust.  Eventually the two reach a common ground, more in the 2nd part of season 4 where Snow revealed a big secret about Emma and how everyone would see Snow.

Another important aspect of her character comes from Robin Hood.  You know “steal from the rich to give to the poor” dude? Yeah, I was shocked too.

*Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest*

What began as arguing between the two turned into something more along with how he is linked to Regina in a symbolic sense. What I mean is the four letter word that begins L and ends with E.

 My favorite row between the two is when Robin, Regina, Snow and Charming were trying to storm their castle from underneath the ground since the Wicked Witch (get to her in a minute) had usurped the castle while it was empty.

When Regina was about to touch a door to mosey on through Robin released an arrow to show her that a spell had been placed over it and could have hurt her (I can’t say kill since she’s a major character).

Regina: *turns towards him in a huff* That arrow could have taken my head!

Robin: I just saved your life! We say “thank you” where I come from!

Regina: *sneers* Where you come from? You bathe in the river and use pine cones for money!!

LOL! My favorite line from Regina!

The two eventually fall in love with one another and it’s revealed during season 3 that Regina’s “true love” might not have been Daniel the stable boy. If you want to be accurate than “great love”.

They do have trials they need to go through as well and given what’s happening now…it’s something but the fans are all for Robin/Regina pairing.

I’m more intrigued by it but I do wish them the best in the coming 5th season in September.

*Will it turn to love?*

Regina with her mother is complex; it borderlines into acknowledgment from Cora which did happen before her mother died in her arms due to Snow pouring dark candle wax onto Cora’s heart and whispering her name.

As I mentioned Cora has great aptitude for magic which she passed onto Regina and her other daughter (getting there) along with all 3 being trained by Rumple in the magical arts.

So Regi had “mommy issues” that she never got over.

Now the biggie; Regina has a sister and it’s the…Wicked Witch of the West!  DUN-DUN-DUUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

*I’m wicked…and wicked always wins*

Yes you heard right, green-skin is her older half-sister! Her name is Zelena and Cora had her before Regina out of wedlock.  Apparently Cora was scheming even back than to try and muck it up with the royals due to her status as miller’s girl, fancied a guy who she thought was royalty but proved false as he was a gardener.

After the pregnancy and having Zelena, Cora rushed her away into the forest and telling her about if she had her than she’d never get what she wanted and that fate is cruel.

Than a mysterious twister appeared made by Zelena’s magic and swept her away. Long story short Zelena revealed herself to Regina after the residence returned from Storybrooke when the Regi destroyed the scroll to bring them all back to the Enchanted Forest due to Peter Pan casting his own curse (yeah cluster fuck, I suggest y’all watch season 3).

Regina was shocked and didn’t believe Z was her sister but realized it was true due to a diary her mother kept.  The two did not get along as Z would make R her main target for her vendetta of all that was taken from her and what she never got.

This battle swept through the 2nd half of the 3rd season where Emma, Hook, Charmings, Henry were involved along with new residence like Robin Hood.

It pretty much ended by the finale when Z is stopped to trying to change the past and killed by Rumple.

Of course that’s a troll.  She is revealed to be alive in the 2nd part of the 4th season which put everybody on edge and fans in a tizzy. I laughed when she appeared.

Regina’s relationship with Henry is as followers; mother and son. Henry thought Regina didn’t love him at all due to knowing the truth about her from his storybook that he got from Mary Margaret and the fact that no one changed and he did.

Unfortunately Regina actually fucked up by making it seem that Henry had an over active imagination which pushed him to finding his birth mother and savior, Emma.

But Regina loves Henry immensely and he does too given she raised him and the kid believes that Regina can be the hero he knows she can be and find redemption.

Her character hits a crescendo in the 4th season finale where she’s having a nice time with Robin until the darkness, which has escaped from Gold, went to her due to her affinity with that side of the spectrum.

I’ll say I thought Regina would have gotten screwed again which would put all her supporters in a flame war on the net but Emma stepped in to take the darkness from her.

Regina: Don’t come any closer!!

Emma: No, you’ve come too far to go back!

*Emma sacrificing herself for Regina.*

And indeed she has; Regina has a resilient heart and even though she has caused many hardships for others she isn’t evil. Well not in that aspect.

The way Lara portrays her is absolute genius since you remember what Regina does in the series; it sticks out for the most part.

Her character is fun, invigorating if not a pain in the ass when it comes to putting people first but I can enjoy watching where her character goes in season 5.

And seeing what Emma did for her will have an impact on her personality as a whole (which I see happening).

That’s that for this character overview and hope it was at lest entertaining?

Later days Regina fans! 😀

*Leaving Storybrooke I see? I hope to see you again my regalites?*